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Cloudera IPO: 14 Things You Need to Know
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

Big data company Cloudera filed its long-awaited IPO Friday, looking to raise $200 million.

IP Video Not Yet a Slam-Dunk for Cable
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

Costs associated with replacing STBs, creating storage and prepping networks are slowing the IP video transition, but the transition continues nevertheless.

Pai's FCC Makes Access Regs Flip-Flop
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

Business Data Services are back on the FCC docket but instead of more regulation to promote competition, Pai is pushing fewer rules.

Killed By the Cloud
Wagner’s Ring | 3/31/2017

A little online community called SFF.net can't keep up with cloud economics.

SVA: Pay-TV & OTT Must Come Together
LRTV Interviews | 3/31/2017

Streaming Video Alliance's Jason Thibeault explains why pay-TV and OTT providers should team up more to deliver a better online video experience over managed private networks.

Former Ericsson CEO Vestberg to Be Verizon's King of Networks
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

US operator says it will restructure its business along three lines and puts former Ericsson CEO in charge of networks and technology.

Cloud, IoT Help Drive IT Salaries – Dice Report
Scott Ferguson | 3/31/2017

While Dice's annual salary report finds that although overall IT pay remains, those with networking and storage skills are in need at enterprises undergoing digital transformations.

Eurobites: Ofcom Closes In On Openreach
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia wins big in Mexico; Sky buys content creator; Microsoft opens machine-learning lab in Munich.

Upskill U on Analytics With Princeton & AT&T
Kelsey's Grammar | 3/31/2017

Upskill U launches a new four-part series on Analytics, beginning in April.

Ericsson Must Hit M&A Trail to Boss B/OSS – Analyst
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

The Swedish vendor must quickly acquire B/OSS capabilities in several key areas if it is to thrive in this market, says a Heavy Reading analyst.

Huawei's Sales Soar but Profit Growth Grinds to a Halt
News Analysis | 3/31/2017

Huawei continues to mop up business with carriers, enterprise customers and consumers, but it runs into a brick wall on profits.

WiCipedia: Best Cities for WiT, Born to Code & Dancing Backwards
WiCipedia | 3/31/2017

This week in our WiCipedia roundup: What's the best city for women in tech?; maternity leave policies by industry; girls need to learn to code; and more.

EXFO's Mixed Bag: Sales Up, a New CEO, Stock Slumps
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Test vendor has plenty of positives to talk about but investors were expecting better, it seems.

Verizon Takes IoT Network Nationwide
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

The big question: Is Verizon's new 4G LTE Category M1 network for IoT applications cost-competitive?

Vodafone: The Pricing Isn't Right
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Global operator about to announce some major vendor deals, but it's still looking for better pricing models in the cloud era.

Ekinops Eyes $64M Takeover of OneAccess
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Optical equipment specialist says the deal will open up virtualization opportunities and give it access to Tier 1 service providers.

Brocade's Other IP Assets Find a Home
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Rejuvenated Extreme Networks picks up routers and switches that Broadcom is divesting.

Colt Reveals SDN & NFV Next Steps
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Enterprise-focused network operator says its next Novitas-based service will be an Internet-access-on-demand offering.

Vault 7, Yahoo Hack Cast Doubt on Cloud Security
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

The recent Wikileaks Vault 7 documents, combined with the massive scale of the hacks at Yahoo, are raising concerns about how secure enterprise is in the cloud.

Indian M&A Forces Telcos Into Workforce Overhaul
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

With many telecom-sector employees set to lose their jobs during the current wave of industry consolidation, India's service providers need to think hard about retaining and attracting the right kind of talent.

Eurobites: Telenor, Huawei Claim E-band Breakthrough
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: IoT and VoIP bolster postal services; ETSI bitsy teeny weeny name change; exec changes at Virgin Media; Swisscom cuts roaming charges.

Ford Driving $200M Into New Data Center
Scott Ferguson | 3/30/2017

The iconic car company is acting more like a cloud provider these days, and is planning to invest $200 million in a new Michigan data center.

MLBAM: Live Sports Streaming Will Be Big
LRTV Documentaries | 3/30/2017

MLB Advanced Media EVP and CTO Joe Inzerillo explains why live sports streaming will take off over the next few years despite major technical challenges.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to Kickstart 'Gigabit LTE' Race in US
News Analysis | 3/30/2017

T-Mobile is already boasting about the performance of the forthcoming Samsung phones.

Extreme Splashes $55M for Brocade Data Center Biz
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Extreme is now touting itself as the only pure-play enterprise end-to-end networking player.

About That Broadband Privacy Vote
MariNation | 3/29/2017

Warning: opinion piece ahead.

Amzallag, Vodafone's SDN & NFV Man, Leaving in June
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Parts of the transformation effort David Amzallag led for two years are ready to go live, but he's ready to move on.

I Skipped Google's Cloud Conference to Ride the Hotel Elevator All Day
Wagner’s Ring | 3/29/2017

'Shabby chic' was the design motif at my hotel. Great elevator, though.

TalkTalk Tunes Into CSG for Its TV Reboot
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

UK competitive quad-play operator is deploying a cloud-based multiscreen content management platform from CSG that's already being used across the Atlantic by the likes of Comcast.

China's ZTE Comes Off US Trade Blacklist
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Chinese vendor will be free to use equipment from US suppliers after saying it broke export rules and agreeing to pay a hefty fine.

Comcast May Go All IP by End of Year – Rumor
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Speaking on stage at the ACA Summit, NCTC CEO and President Rich Fickle reported that he's heard Comcast will be delivering all-IP video service to all new customers by the end of the year.

Manage Your Career Pace to Ensure Impact
Column | 3/29/2017

Time is your biggest asset if you use it to get you where you want to go.

Eurobites: Clouds Descend on Project Lightning
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: MTN trials 4x4 MIMO; Telecom Italia concerned about its French connection; Ericsson lands Canadian IPTV deal; BT's bad month continues.

Phazr Set to Stun With High- & Low-Band 5G RAN?
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

The startup is developing a system that supports both mmWave and low-band for 5G, for fast downloads and uplink coverage, with trials underway in US & Europe.

Cisco Takes Bold Software Step to Counter White Box Threat – Report
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

Network equipment giant is reportedly set to launch an operating system that it will sell on a standalone basis.

The Year of Fat & Skinny Bundles
LRTV Documentaries | 3/29/2017

In this fireside chat, Roku's Andrew Ferrone predicts that 2017 will be the year of multichannel OTT video bundles and spells out other trends in the OTT and pay-TV markets.

Does Oracle Have the Hots for Accenture?
News Analysis | 3/29/2017

CIOs get nervous following speculation that Oracle is sizing up a potential bid for global systems integrator Accenture.

Cloud Foundry Foundation Looks to Fill Enterprise Skills Gap
Scott Ferguson | 3/29/2017

To bring more developers to its open source platform, the Cloud Foundry Foundation is offering its first ever certification program.

Uber Employs 15% Women in Tech Roles
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Uber has released its first-ever diversity report, outlining a number of ways it vows to improve its culture and diversity.

The Skinny on Comcast's Skinny Bundle
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Don't call it OTT.

Network Operations Filled With Unplanned Activity
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Network operations spends vast amounts of time reacting to events. What does that mean for your organization and its people?

ON2020 Plots Future of ROADMs & T-SDN
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/28/2017

The ON2020 association held its first public workshop last week at OFC, focusing on directions for ROADM development and the future of transport SDN and optical networking.

Amazon Connect: The Day Traditional Contact Providers 'Dreaded' – Analyst
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

AWS is looking to break enterprise dependency on complex and expensive call-center solutions with its own cloud offering.

WOW Makes Its Case for IPO
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

WOW is looking to raise $100 million in an initial public offering.

Ekholm's Vision of Slimmer Ericsson Lacks Detail & Dazzle
Morris Lore | 3/28/2017

Ericsson's new CEO is trimming fat and focusing on core business activities, but does the new strategic plan pack any punch?

Amazon Prime's Hand of God Creator on Producing for OTT
LRTV Interviews | 3/28/2017

Ben Watkins is the creator, writer and producer of Hand of God, a series on Amazon Prime. At Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen conference in Denver, he explained the advantages of producing for an OTT platform versus traditional TV.

IBM's Big Hybrid Cloud Plan Calls for Big Infrastructure Investment
Scott Ferguson | 3/28/2017

IBM is looking to get deeper into the public cloud game and talking about the advantages of hybrid cloud. Investment in infrastructure is key.

Silver Peak Adds Routing, Analytics to SD-WAN
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Silver Peak Systems' SD-WAN solution now includes SD-WAN, WAN optimization, BGP routing protocols, stateful firewall and analytics.

Eurobites: 'German Cloud' in Demand, Says DT
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ooredoo upgrades network with Ericsson; Clavister wins Nokia order; Spotify looks to improve its ads focus with acquisition.

Trump, Taxes & What It Means for Cloud
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

The new Trump administration is looking to change tax policy, and that could change what enterprises spend on cloud computing. Here's what you need to know.

Ericsson Tightens Focus, Warns of $1.7B Q1 Hit
News Analysis | 3/28/2017

Swedish vendor hints at a likely sale of its media and cloud hardware assets and sets a target of doubling its profit margins.

The ABC of OTT
LRTV Documentaries | 3/28/2017

At Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen conference in Denver, Ben Watkins, creator of Amazon Prime's Hand of God show, explained how producing content for an OTT platform differs from producing content for traditional TV.

Unlocking China's $194B Telecom Market
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

It is time to tear down China's telecom wall.

Masergy Unclogs Pipes to Cloud Apps
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

New partnership makes it easier to tie together UCaaS and cloud-based apps, knitting up smarter services to support business needs.

Google Fiber's Video Growth Drops
Alantown | 3/27/2017

In a sign that Google Fiber has all but abandoned ship even in its existing markets, the Alphabet unit reports notably slower video subscriber growth in the second half of 2016.

Cable's DAA Moment Is Here
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

Cisco is rolling out its Remote PHY product in volume this month, an indicator of the momentum behind distributed access architectures in the cable industry.

The NB-IoT Train Is Delayed
Morris Lore | 3/27/2017

NB-IoT was supposed to take the industry by storm and sound the death knell for LPWAN rivals, but it has not quite gone according to expectations.

Eurobites: BT 'Fesses Up to Compensation-Fiddling on Ethernet Services
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia has change of heart on IoT; mobile device infections rising; UK minister slams encrypted messaging in wake of Westminster Bridge outrage.

Drones Drive New Revenue Streams for Mobile Ecosystem
Column | 3/27/2017

The use of drone technology is changing the game for wireless operators, argues AUVSI's Brian Wynne.

Digital Transformation: Why IT Culture Matters
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

In a world of cloud computing and Agile development, companies need to change their IT culture to make a digital transformation work.

Security, Cloud & the SBC
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/27/2017

Despite all the current hype surrounding 5G at the moment, it's cloud and security technologies that are fundamentally driving business growth opportunities for communications service providers.

What Drives Intel's Connected Car GM
Mentor Monday | 3/27/2017

Kathy Winter has always wanted to stay on the cutting-edge of technology, even when it means letting the car itself take the wheel.

Data Centers Go Power Crazy
Lightreading Videos | 3/27/2017

One of the more interesting areas of development around data center technology is the innovation underway in the way power is sourced, used and even re-used to help reduce carbon emissions.

Why Analytics Is the Tech World's Digital Glue
Shades of Ray | 3/27/2017

It was obvious at the massive annual CeBIT enterprise tech trade show that the foundation for tech innovation right now is real-time analytics.

SAS Warns Enterprises to Be Careful of Open Source – It's Satan's Playground
Wagner’s Ring | 3/27/2017

SAS warns that a little open source is OK but too much will send you straight to the bad place.

Hutchison Bids for Global IoT Role With Cisco Deal
News Analysis | 3/27/2017

Operator teams up with Cisco to provide IoT services for enterprises active in its European and Asian markets.

Metaswitch Thinks NFV With UC, Contact Center
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

Metaswitch had NFV in mind when it added new features to its UC and contact center platforms.

Cloud Is Taking Budget Away From IT
Scott Ferguson | 3/24/2017

The advent of cloud computing, combined with other technologies, is giving other parts of the enterprise the ability to buy technologies. At the same time, IT has less control over its budget.

Comcast Stacks Up National TV Rights – Report
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

Comcast is reportedly working to extend its video distribution rights nationally, though the company says it's still not planning on offering an OTT service.

Welcome to the Wild West of Privacy
Rewired | 3/24/2017

The Senate's vote to cut privacy rules for ISPs just means there's no longer confusion on Internet privacy protection because there isn't any.

Orange Kicks Off 'Universal CPE' Trials
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

Orange Business Services has taken a step closer to the launch of a universal CPE that could support new service offerings for its enterprise customers.

Eurobites: Brits In Line for Cashback Over Fixed-Line Fails
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson and SoftBank trial 28GHz 5G; Proximus rolls trucks on fiber program; EU treads carefully in Google case; Deutsche Telekom monkeys around with 4G and VR.

SD-WAN Market Soaring to Nearly $3B, Report Finds
Scott Ferguson | 3/24/2017

The market for SD-WAN is growing, with a new report finding that it will hit $2.9 billion by 2021.

WiCipedia: Supergirls, No More Excuses & Media Monitoring
WiCipedia | 3/24/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: A Down Under competition celebrates superhero girls; tips for how to find female execs; Motorola celebrates women in engineering; and more.

OFC & Hyperscale: A Good Mix?
Craig's A-List | 3/24/2017

Cloud and telecom players want different types of equipment for their networks, as the chatter at OFC reveals.

Cable Sees Wireless Opps in Partners, Smart Services
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

Cable companies are already wireless providers with in-home WiFi but they have the opportunity to partner with wireless operators to build an inside-out model of service.

A BSNL-MTNL Merger: The Pros & Cons
News Analysis | 3/24/2017

A merger between India's government-owned telcos would hold lots of attractions, but it also faces many hurdles.

With ROADMs in Place, Next Step Is Software
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Big achievements in ROADM hardware are here. Now we need software and automation to help run these newly complex networks.

Virtualization a 'Tough Sell' to Finance Teams, Says PCCW
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Could finance departments wedded to old-school business models be one of the chief barriers to the rollout of virtualization technologies?

IBM's Watson Tracking IoT, Fighting Twitter Trolls
Wagner’s Ring | 3/23/2017

IBM makes a deal with AT&T to use Watson for Internet of Things analytics, and Twitter describes how it's using Watson to combat abuse.

FTTH No Slam Dunk for Cable
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Skills shortage just one of the gating factors making it likely cable selectively uses home-run fiber to combat competitive challenges.

Microsoft Using Patents to Gain Edge in Connected Cars
Scott Ferguson | 3/23/2017

Microsoft is planning to use its wide array of patents to muscle its way into the connected car space. Toyota is the first to sign up.

Is Google's Big Enterprise Bet Paying Off?
Wagner’s Ring | 3/23/2017

Is Google on track to hit its self-proclaimed goal of cloud revenue exceeding ad revenue by 2020? Enterprise Cloud News looks at the chances in a special report.

LR Readers Trash Trump Travel Ban
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

In our latest community poll, Light Reading readers strongly oppose US President Trump's (mainly) Muslim travel ban as both unconstitutional and bad for the comms and tech sector.

Cloud Boom, Virtualization Benefit Data Center Vendors
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/23/2017

The vendor community is responding to the need for greater innovation both within and beyond the data center.

Airtel Acquires Tikona to Fill 4G Gaps
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

India's biggest service provider plugs gaps in its 4G footprint with another takeover deal.

Chinese Telco Capex to Fall 13% This Year
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Update from the country's biggest mobile operator confirms that total capex investment levels will dip this year.

Eurobites: 3 UK Threatens Lawsuit Over 5G Auction
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: EU scrutinizes Facebook's response to charges over WhatsApp deal; Dusseldorf trials digital health system with ZTE; Onecom boss cleared of manslaughter charges.

Is Oracle Right? Is Security in the Cloud a Solved Problem?
Wagner’s Ring | 3/23/2017

Oracle says its cloud is more secure than enterprise on-premises infrastructure. Are they just blowing smoke?

WiC: Beware the Glass Wall
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Some jobs into which women can be pigeon-holed will not lead to the executive-level positions they want.

Why Do Content Creators Like OTT So Much?
News Analysis | 3/23/2017

Ben Watkins, creator and executive producer for the Amazon series Hand of God, says OTT is still the Wild, Wild West, and that's very appealing to a content creator.

China Set for Optical Rebound – Analysts
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Good news for the optical components community – there's talk that China's optical market is set for an upturn.

AT&T Could Cover 98% of US Pop. With FiberTower '5G' Spectrum
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Although questions about how much 39GHz bandwidth it could muster in specific markets remain up in the air.

How Optical & Wireless Could Build the 'Internet of Skills'
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

In an OFC keynote, Professor Mischa Dohler discusses what it would take to let the Internet transmit surgery or piano-playing skills.

CenturyLink Delivers DSL Using CORD Platform
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

CenturyLink is transforming its legacy central offices with next-gen virtual functions to speed the delivery of residential and business DSL.

BT: Telco Mindset Could Negate Container Benefits
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

BT's Peter Willis says operators will have to start treating their network functions like expendable cattle, rather than much-loved pets, to benefit from container technology.

Security Takes the Stage at Oracle Industry Connect
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Security is a supporting player at Oracle Industry Connect. Is it hero or villain to the assembled customers and partners?

No Regrets: Cox's Finkelstein on Fiber & More
LRTV Documentaries | 3/22/2017

At the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event in Denver, Cox's Jeff Finkelstein examines the cable capex conundrum.

ONAP to Release Code to Public Imminently, Says AT&T
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

AT&T executive says open sourcing should ultimately allow operators to onboard VNFs in fewer steps than it takes today.

Cable Next-Gen: The 'Mile High' View From Denver
LRTV Documentaries | 3/22/2017

Alan Breznick kicks off the Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event in Denver, casting his thousand-yard stare over cable's current competitive landscape.

IMS: The Faithful Bedfellow of MNOs Everywhere
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/22/2017

IMS hit the top of its hype curve a long time ago and now it's delivering on its promises – but it still needs sophisticated test tools to keep it honest.

Eurobites: A1, Nokia Turn It Up to 11
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: biometric sensor firm's warning hits shares; Plusnet fined for bad billing; Swisscom hooks up with Swiss Post for IoT; Sky Q gets voice search.

Tata, Colt Take Vendors to Task on SD-WAN Interoperability
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Vendor interoperability, a persistent bugbear in the SDN and NFV community, is a particular concern for operators investing in SD-WAN technology.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Eventually, We'll Get Them All
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Oracle's Mark Hurd sounds notes of long-term cloud optimism at Oracle Industry Connect 2017.

Why Being a Person in Tech Comes First
Column | 3/22/2017

Sometimes your day job has to come before championing the women in tech cause, but that can be equally as beneficial, inspirational and productive.

HPE: We're Not Dumping OpenStack & Cloud Foundry
News Analysis | 3/22/2017

Though HPE sold OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets to SUSE this month, it says it's still committed to the technologies.

Social Live Streaming: Killer App, or the App That Kills?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/22/2017

If social live streaming becomes as popular as the Zuckerbergs of the world anticipate, it could become the mobile operators' greatest challenge.

AT&T & IBM Partner for New IoT Analytics Tech
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

AT&T and IBM partner on delivering new IoT analytics technology to enterprise customers.

Russia's MTS: There Is No 5G Business Case
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

Russia's biggest telco has nothing positive to say about 5G technology during an investor presentation in London.

CenturyLink to Resell NetApp Managed Storage Solutions, More
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

CenturyLink joined the NetApp Unified Partner Program offering NetApp storage solutions designed for enterprises and SMBs in multiple market segments, including the public sector.

High-Band 5G: Let's Address the Range Question, Shall We?
Jonestown | 3/21/2017

There's one important thing still up in the air about 5G.

Comcast Has a New Timeline After 4K Delay
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

There are a lot of reasons Comcast's 4K video service rollout hasn't gone according to plan.

A Global 5G Platform
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/21/2017

A wide body of 5G players, including operators, vendors and industry bodies, remain committed to developing a single, global 5G standard.

Cox's Finkelstein: Lots of Fiber, No Regrets!
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

The guy in charge of advanced access architectures at Cox says DOCSIS 3.1 is essential but so is planning ahead for fiber deployment.

Cable Gaining in a Shrinking Pay-TV World
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

Cable not losing video subs as fast as its competition, and also picking up broadband subs as well, notes Heavy Reading's Alan Breznick.

Nokia & Facebook Push Undersea Fiber to 32 Tbit/s
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

As web-scale players like Facebook install their own undersea cables, Nokia Bell Labs shows a way to more than double fiber capacity.

Eurobites: Altice Bags Video Ad Firm for €285M
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: 3 UK suffers fresh data breach; eir makes management changes; Google searches its soul after ad storm; buzz around NB-IoT.

InterDigital's Role in the 5G, IoT Era
LRTV Interviews | 3/21/2017

Alan Carlton, managing director and VP for Europe at InterDigital, talks about the company's role in 5G projects in Europe and the prospects for the company in the IoT market.

Lessons Learned From Digital Transformation
LRTV Interviews | 3/21/2017

Ravi Palepu, global head of Telco Solutions at Virtusa, talks about some key takeaways from telco digital transformation experiences during the past couple of years.

Cloud Upends Traditional Security Borders
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

Cloud computing, along with the mobile workforce it has created, is changing the way security works within the enterprise. Here's what IT should know about the challenges.

China Telecom to Cut Capex by 8% in 2017
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

While hardly a surprise, spending cuts by the Chinese operator will add to the pressure on equipment vendors this year.

Ciena Bags Backbone Deal at India's RJio
News Analysis | 3/21/2017

India's disruptive 4G operator Reliance Jio has turned to Ciena for its packet-optical backbone gear.

NetNumber's CMO Shares Her Diversity Do's
Women in Comms Introduction Videos | 3/21/2017

NetNumber CMO Kim Gibbons shares why diversity and being authentic is a do amidst all the don'ts women in comms often hear.

Top Priorities for B/OSS Transformation
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/20/2017

Fast time to market and customer experience are the highest priorities for leading OSS/BSS vendors and service providers when it comes to B/OSS transformation.

Vodafone to Miss NB-IoT Launch Targets
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

UK-based operator says commercial NB-IoT services will go live in Ireland and the Netherlands in the summer, several months later than originally planned.

Infinera Adds Business Smarts to Its Instant Network Pitch
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

Infinera has a lot to say about its latest 'software-defined capacity' management capabilities and plenty to say about Ciena.

Dell, HPE, Cisco Top Cloud Infrastructure Market – Analysts
Scott Ferguson | 3/20/2017

The newly formed Dell EMC is now a major player in the cloud infrastructure equipment market along with HPE and Cisco, according to a new report from Synergy Research Group.

YouTube Packs VR Mesh Key in 4KB Payload
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

YouTube's new Projection Independent Mesh technology seeks to define how best to render 360-degree video on a rectangular surface.

IBM Cloud Targets Financial Services Developers
Scott Ferguson | 3/20/2017

At its InterConnect show, IBM unveiled developer tools for creating cloud applications in the financial services market. Big Blue also rolled out other cloud technologies.

ADVA Sets 600G Benchmark
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

New terminal adds 50% to wavelength capacity for single rack system of 3.6 TB, all aimed at the booming DCI market.

Eurobites: Scots Pump £15M Into Fiber Expansion
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom pushes IoT at CeBIT; Openreach turns to VR for recruitment help; RAD promotes rowing titan; Proximus sells off real estate.

Ciena Sets Its WaveLogic Free
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

Vendor hands over its WaveLogic coherent tech to Lumentum, NeoPhotonics and Oclaro for product development and teams with all three on 400G R&D.

Vodafone, Idea Strike $23B Deal to Form India's Biggest Telco
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

A merger between India's second- and third-biggest operators gets board approval and looks set to become a new market leader if it can sway regulators.

Cisco's Kanouff Kick-Starts the Multiplier Effect
Mentor Monday | 3/20/2017

Yvette Kanouff is issuing a challenge to other comms execs: sponsor one diverse person to advance to the next level, creating a multiplier effect to improve the pipeline.

Blockchain: Can It Solve the Identity Crisis?
News Analysis | 3/20/2017

IBM and SecureKey are partnering on an identity application to help consumers prove their identity to banks, phone companies, real estate rental management and a variety of other businesses and government services.

Indian Govt to Hold 5G Auction This Year
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

Government plans to auction new 5G spectrum this year are likely to meet resistance from the industry.

Cablecos Gain From Era of Telco Transition
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

The cable industry is benefiting from a tough period of technology transition in telecom.

Voyager Trial 'Very Cool' for Telia Carrier
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

Test of white box optical solution proves open multivendor approach works but it will require internal optical networking expertise.

ON2020: Driving Innovative Optical Network Solutions
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/17/2017

The cloud era brings new challenges and opportunities to the optical networking community.

Mulesoft IPO Hits Wall Street
Scott Ferguson | 3/17/2017

The enterprise tech IPO market is not the same as it was, but Mulesoft's offering is looking to change that.

5G Faces a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Morris Lore | 3/17/2017

Despite growing hype, the rollout of the next-generation network technology is unlikely to happen quickly or have an immediate impact on telco business.

The Cloud Descends on OFC 2017
Shades of Ray | 3/17/2017

The annual optical fest that is OFC is about to open its doors at the LA Convention Center and, like most networking industry events, cloud cover is very evident.

Equinix & Callr Highlight New Cloud Comms Opportunities
LRTV Interviews | 3/17/2017

Equinix CTO Ihab Tarazi and Callr CEO Taoufik Zagdoud explain how cloud architectures are enabling new business opportunities for competitive communications services providers.

Eurobites: Italy First Pasta the Post for 5G
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Interoute's container breakthrough; T-Systems peddles AI; ADVA's edge NFV device passes muster; consumer watchdogs bark at online giants.

SUSE Getting Into Platforms
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

After acquiring cloud assets from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SUSE plans to branch out to offer platform-as-a-service technology later this year.

Nokia to Split Mobile Biz, Rejig Management After Mobile Boss Quits
News Analysis | 3/17/2017

Finnish vendor hopes latest restructuring efforts, which include a carve-up of its mobile networks business, will better position it for new growth opportunities.

WiCipedia: Eradicating Pay Gaps & Squashing Bro Culture
WiCipedia | 3/17/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: We've got the pay gap prognosis; tips galore for eradicating bro culture; how working from home encourages diversity; and more.

Nokia Primes Its Optical Switch for DCI & Demarc
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

The 1830 PSS heads into OFC with new hardware for optical demarcation and data center interconnect, taking advantage of the PSE-2 chipset.

Intel Brakes for Autonomous Car Data Sharing
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

Kathy Winter, Intel's autonomous cars GM, says regardless of who owns the data inside the cars, she wants it to be shared and licensable to increase safety.

Huawei Targets Revenues of $150B Within a Few Years
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

CEO tells Light Reading that further dramatic growth is expected and that the company is targeting annual revenues of more than $150 billion within the next five years.

Is UHD Ready for Primetime?
Alantown | 3/16/2017

Despite strong sales of 4k-ready TV sets, the emergence of UHD content and some progress on technical standards, several obstacles remain for the UHD transition.

Orange's Africa Targets in Doubt After Sales Slowdown
Morris Lore | 3/16/2017

The French operator's last earnings report reveals a troubling slowdown in a region that is supposed to be an engine of sales growth.

Leading Lights Awards Deadline Looms
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

Time is running out to get your entries in for the industry's most prestigious awards.

MetTel: Market Skips PoCs to Hurry SD-WANs
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

MetTel has been seeing a tremendous growth in SD-WAN, particularly in the beginning of this year.

Incoming! Comcast Eyes SmartOffice Launch
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

Light Reading has uncovered details about a new Comcast video surveillance service for the business market.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom Hosts NB-IoT Olympics
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange rolls out its brand in Burkina Faso; MegaFon net profit slumps; Telia trumpets TIP role with Facebook; Proximus refinances.

DevOps Struggles With Legacy Systems, Culture
Scott Ferguson | 3/16/2017

DevOps might be in your enterprise's future, but getting there is not easy. A new survey shows how legacy systems and company culture can hurt your plans.

ADVA Commercializes DCI Direct Detect
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

New option on its ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect is direct switch-to-switch DCI, including an open optical line system and an aggregated option.

VNFs Draw Attention to Testing Needs
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/16/2017

As the infrastructure to support the onboarding of virtual network functions (VNFs) emerges, so the need for supporting test tools becomes increasingly apparent.

Making 5G New Radio (NR) a Reality
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/16/2017

Listen to Dr. John Smee, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm, talk about the tremendous progress the industry is making towards making 5G NR - the global 5G standard - a reality. Hear about the latest demonstrations and technologies Qualcomm was showcasing at Mobile World Congress.

Jio, Google Planning Affordable 4G Phone for India – Reports
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

A tie-up between Jio and Google aims to develop a low-cost phone for Indian consumers.

SXSW Pics: Women, Weirdness & Waiting in Austin
Slide Shows | 3/16/2017

Highlights from 2017's SXSW, including tons of great content for women, people who are definitely helping keep Austin weird and a lot of waiting in long lines.

US Indictment Says Russian Spies Were Behind Yahoo Hack
News Analysis | 3/16/2017

Two officers of the Russian Federated Security Service (FSB) were among four people indicted for the 2014 hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts.

DOJ Charges Russian Agents in Yahoo Breach
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

Officers of Russia's FSB led the 2014 intrusion into Yahoo's network, according to grand jury indictments.

Oracle's Cloud Transition Pays Off
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

Cloud is poised to pass new software license revenue for Oracle, the company said in its quarterly earnings call.

Orange Adds SD-WAN to Hybrid Net Strategy
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

Orange Business Services taps Riverbed's SteelConnect software as an SD-WAN VNF on its universal CPE, as part of Easy Go Network.

Cloudbleed Lessons: What If There's No Lesson?
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

'There's nothing to be done,' isn't an encouraging lesson from a security disaster, but that may be the biggest takeaway from Cloudbleed.

Can Major Surgery Rehabilitate DT's Smart Home Platform?
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

With a new boss and a radically different proposition, Deutsche Telekom's smart home business is reaching out to prospective European partners.

Ciena Adds Apps for Optical Network Flexibility
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

Combining Wavelength Ai, Blue Planet MCP and a handful of SDN-like applications, Ciena creates a portfolio it calls Liquid Spectrum.

Tivo Takes Wurl for a Whirl
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

The Wurl TV streaming network that combines linear and on-demand video is now accessible on Tivo boxes sold at retail stores and leased by pay-TV operators.

AT&T Expects Mobile 5G Services in 'Late 2018'
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

The acceleration of the 5G NR spec is bumping up AT&T's mobile 5G plans.

March Madness: Redefining a 'Live' Event
Column | 3/15/2017

As a month-long, multi-city, 12-hour/day, multi-time zone, multi-device extravaganza, the NCAA basketball tournament poses unique streaming video challenges.

Why DOCSIS May Never Die
Alantown | 3/15/2017

Whether it's the new DOCSIS 3.1 spec or the forthcoming Full Duplex DOCSIS spec, cablecos are still mainly counting on DOCSIS to rule the broadband space.

AT&T-Time Warner Merger Gets European Approval
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

AT&T clears one of the regulatory obstacles to its planned $85 billion takeover of Time Warner but still needs approval from the all-important DoJ.

Hottest Cloud Skills for 2017: Exclusive Special Report
Scott Ferguson | 3/15/2017

When it comes to cloud computing, the right set of skills can make all the difference. Enterprise Cloud News has exclusive research to find out which ones matter the most.

Eurobites: KPN Fears 5G Freeze-Out
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Megafon pushes smart home devices; ADVA supports Exaring network in Germany; UKTV rejigs YouView portal.

Canonical's Founder on the Key NFV Challenges Facing Operators
Lightreading Videos | 3/15/2017

Canonical's founder, Mark Shuttleworth, highlights the key NFV challenges facing network operators and discusses the impact of cloud, IoT, open source and more on enterprises in all manner of verticals.

Silicon Valley Writer Foresees End of Bro Culture
News Analysis | 3/15/2017

It may be too late for the Ubers, Facebooks and Googles of the world, but author Dan Lyons says the next crop of tech startups will solve the diversity challenge and end bro culture for good.

A Brief History of Cloud Computing
Wagner’s Ring | 3/15/2017

It's a great new idea that goes back a ways.

Gigabit LTE: Sprint's MIMO Gras in New Orleans
Slide Shows | 3/15/2017

Sprint, Motorola & Qualcomm show off the dawn of 'Gigabit Class LTE' in the US at The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

Welcome to Enterprise Cloud News!
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

A new era in enterprise computing tech journalism.

Returning to a Cloudy Software World
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

After a few years away, I'm back at Light Reading – and I've returned to a strange new world of clouds and software.

Real-Time Analytics Serves Multiple Functions
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/14/2017

Analytics capabilities are enabling companies to expand beyond their traditional market boundaries.

NYC Charges Verizon With Fios Fraud
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

New York City has filed suit against Verizon for failing to live up to its Fios promises.

Moto Phones Could Get Modular With 5G in Future
Jonestown | 3/14/2017

Motorola CVP says the vendor could get to 5G through Moto Mods modules.

OrbTV: EdgeConneX CTO on Prepping for 5G, IoT
LRTV Interviews | 3/14/2017

Don MacNeil, CTO, EdgeConneX, talks to Liz Coyne, managing editor, Light Reading, at Mobile World Congress about how edge data center operators are preparing for a future of 5G, IoT and more.

Eurobites: UK Agencies Fuel Cyber Fears
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Chancellor Merkel on cyber alert; Nokia takes the train in Malaysia; 'fit and proper' test for Sky; WiFi kiosks for London's Southwark.

CEO Chat With TEOCO's Atul Jain
Between the CEOs | 3/14/2017

TEOCO Founder and CEO Atul Jain talks to Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders about the challenges around cost control and service monetization in the mobile and IoT sectors.

China's ZTE Gets New Chairman – Report
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

The roles of chairman, president and executive director will no longer be held by a single individual as ZTE looks to burnish its corporate image.

Vodafone's Ocean Floats Nokia's Boat
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

Carrier chooses Nokia's Nuage Networks to provide SDN technology for its Vodafone Ocean transformation project.

Nominate Your WiC Leading Lights NOW!
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

There's only a few days left to nominate a new class of worthy women for 2017's most inspiring woman in comms, female tech pioneer of the year and female-led startup to watch.

Accelerating C-V2X Toward 5G for Autonomous Driving
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/14/2017

Listen to George Tsirtsis, Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm, describe the critical role Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) will play in the autonomous car of the future. And hear about the outstanding momentum toward making C-V2X a reality.

OrbTV: AT&T CMO & the 'Digital Mindset'
LRTV Interviews | 3/14/2017

AT&T Business Solutions' chief marketing officer, Steve McGaw, sat down with Light Reading's CEO, Steve Saunders, at Mobile World Congress to talk about how CSPs need to get into the "digital mindset" in order to succeed in a cloud-based future.

Mitel CEO Plots Cloud Future
Scott Ferguson | 3/14/2017

Following a turbulent 2016, Mitel's CEO Rich McBee looks to refocus the company on UCC in the cloud.

Intel, Mobileye $15.3B deal has cloud under the hood
Scott Ferguson | 3/14/2017

The deal between Intel and Mobileye is touted as a big one for autonomous vehicles, but under the hood, the cloud is its driving force.

Tech Leaders: Diversity Critical to Product Dev
News Analysis | 3/14/2017

Everyone has biases, but diversity in your product development team varies biases, which is critical for innovation, top tech product developers say.

LR Exclusive: Cisco's Davidson Talks Turkey
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Newly returned from Juniper to run Cisco's service provider business, Jonathan Davidson says transformation isn't changing basic business principles.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Gets $23M Kiss-Off
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Additionally, Yahoo Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Utzschneider gets $16.5 million walking-away money, and CFO Ken Goldman gets $9.5 million.

LTE-Advanced Pro: Creeping Into Networks Near You
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/13/2017

LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro) trials are underway, and vendors are gearing up to offer the next stepping stone before 5G.

OrbTV: AT&T's CMO Details $40B Spend
LRTV Interviews | 3/13/2017

Steve McGaw, chief marketing officer of AT&T Business Solutions, details out the 2016 and 2017 $40 billion capex outlay in part one of an interview with Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, at Mobile World Congress.

$100M at Stake in US Wireless RFP
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

The National Science Foundation has tasked US Ignite and Northeastern University with managing an estimated $100 million in funding set aside for advanced wireless networking research.

Intel Buying Mobileye for $15 Billion
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Intel is making a big bet on autonomous vehicle technology with a $15 billion deal to acquire Israel-based Mobileye.

Eurobites: Turin to Be Shrouded in 5G
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone creates UK call center jobs; TalkTalk hack fears; UHD content for Swisscom TV viewers; DT's cloud gets new features.

OrbTV: Orange & the NFV, SDN Opportunity
LRTV Interviews | 3/13/2017

Didier Duriez, senior vice president of Global Services and Solutions at Orange Business Services, talks to Ray Le Maistre, editor-in-chief at Light Reading, about the opportunities created by SDN and NFV, and the work it's doing with AT&T and its ECOMP MANO solution, which is now merged with OPEN-O and called ONAP.

How Rachel Kutz Went From ET to AT&T VP
Mentor Monday | 3/13/2017

Rachel Kutz, VP of supplier diversity at AT&T, may have envisioned herself in outer space, but a rewarding career in telecom was a nice consolation prize.

Vodafone, Idea Could Merge This Week – Reports
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Fresh reports suggest a 50:50 merger between India's second- and third-biggest operators is imminent.

Culture in Crisis: What's Next for Uber & Tech?
News Analysis | 3/13/2017

Gender consultants weigh in on how Uber can fix its toxic company culture if it's serious about making it a better place to work for women.

The How, What & Why of Accelerating 5G NR
Column | 3/10/2017

As the 3GPP agrees on plan to accelerate 5G NR -- the global 5G standard -- for 2019 deployments, a Qualcomm VP walks us through the reasons why.

OrbTV: Tele2 CEO on Industry 4.0
LRTV Interviews | 3/10/2017

Allison Kirkby, president and group CEO of Tele2, spoke with Ray Le Maistre, editor-in-chief of Light Reading, about the fourth Industrial Revolution, the impact it will have on businesses and society in general and the challenges it will bring for service providers.

OrbTV: NetScout's CTO on the 'Journey to the Cloud'
LRTV Interviews | 3/10/2017

Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, sat down with Bruce Kelley, senior vice president and CTO of service provider at NetScout, and Jim McNiel, CMO of NetScout, to talk about the challenges service providers are facing on their journey to the cloud.

Dish's 5G Plans Should Rouse Cablecos
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Dish's spectrum could pair well with cable companies' fiber.

CenturyLink: Changing the Security Mindset
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Businesses need to think of cyber security as more than an occasional investment.

OrbTV: EE Talks Emergency Services & 5G
LRTV Interviews | 3/10/2017

Tom Bennett, director of network services and devices for EE, talks to Ray Le Maistre, Light Reading's editor-in-chief, about the service provider's approach to emergency services and the move to 5G.

Microsoft, Salesforce Dominating SaaS Market, Report Finds
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

The SaaS market might not be growing at the same rate as IaaS and PaaS, but companies are still investing, and Microsoft and Salesforce are benefiting, according to a new report.

VeloCloud Scores Telstra SD-WAN Win & Investment
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Telstra is adding VeloCloud's technology to its SD-WAN technology suite in China, while Telstra Ventures invested in the vendors Series D funding round.

WiCipedia: Vodafone Rules, A Day Without a Woman & Reclaiming Ambition
WiCipedia | 3/10/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: Vodafone takes the cake for most positive campaigns for women under one roof; International Women's Day and A Day Without a Woman coincide; flexibility and mentorship reign supreme; and more.

Eurobites: Networking Project Aims for More Than Zero
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson restates its numbers; Google invests in Currencycloud; EU court reins in 'right to be forgotten'; eir renegotiates loan terms.

3GPP Approves Plans to Fast Track 5G NR
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Standards body approves a New Radio (NR) acceleration plan that could see the first standardized 5G services launched in 2019.

BT Agrees to Openreach Split
News Analysis | 3/10/2017

Networks business will become a legally separate entity within BT Group, with its own board and budget, following deal with regulator Ofcom.

SD-WAN Trends Underscore Need for Testing
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/10/2017

As SD-WAN grows in popularity with enterprise users, the need for testing and monitoring these services will be paramount

Shared Spectrum for 5G New Radio
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/10/2017

There are compelling opportunities for shared spectrum in 5G, but the industry must seize the opportunity in the specification phase to realize them.

Google Takes Fight to Amazon, Microsoft & Cisco
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Introduces new pricing options and collaboration tools to take the battle to the opposition.

New Tachyon Promotes Ad Hoc Security Queries
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

1E's new Tachyon EDR system is designed without a database for faster random queries.

OrbTV: ETSI Goes Sci-Fi With AI
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Luis Jorge Romero, director general of ETSI, sheds light on the organization's new AI group, and talks about the state of 5G standards.

OrbTV: IoT's Plusses & Minuses
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Samir Marwaha, vice president of products and services at NetScout, talks to Liz Coyne of Light Reading about the challenges and benefits of IoT for service providers.

OrbTV: DT's CTO on 5G Strategy
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Light Reading's News Editor, Iain Morris, sat down with Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, group CTO of Deutsche Telekom, at Mobile World Congress to discuss the company's newly announced strategy, commitment and timeline for 5G.

OrbTV: Orange & the 'Human' Side of IoT
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Orange Business Services' Olivier Ondet talks to Steve Saunders of Light Reading and Steve Bell of Heavy Reading about privacy, security and monetization issues around IoT.

Pushing Your Products to the Brink
Column | 3/9/2017

There is no substitute for testing under the most realistic conditions if you want to minimize the chances of network downtime.

NIA Preps NFV Certification Program
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

The New IP Agency (NIA), which already undertakes NFV interoperability testing, is adding a certification program to its 2017 plans, explains board member Axel Clauberg.

Comcast Gets Its IoT On With Icontrol Close
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Icontrol is now formally split between Comcast and Alarm.com.

Altice USA Sticks to High-Fiber Diet
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Even as it slashes its overall capex budget, Altice is still spending heavily to roll out FTTH networks and boost broadband speeds in its US territories.

Qualcomm's CTO on 5G Developments
Between the CEOs | 3/9/2017

At MWC 2017, Qualcomm's CTO Matt Grob talks to Light Reading's CEO and Founder Steve Saunders about the progress being made in the development of the technologies and standards that will underpin 5G.

OrbTV: DT on Cyber Defense
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Max Rottgermann, product manager of IP Transit and DDoS Defense Live at Deutsche Telekom, talks to Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, about security breaches and technologies that service providers can implement to protect against attacks.

Mobile World Cuteness
Slide Shows | 3/9/2017

Small and mostly odd touches of cuteness bring a whimsical lightness to the otherwise impersonal, vacuous, hard-edged Mobile World Congress.

Google: Still the New Kid in Enterprise Cloud
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Google showed it's gaining fast in enterprise cloud, but it's still just getting started.

Eurobites: SoftBank to Sell Chunk of ARM to Saudi-Backed Fund
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT lines up new chairman; Nokia and Deutsche Telekom look for AI innovation; Fujitsu to invest euro 50 million in AI; Andorra beefs up FTTH with Huawei.

Digital Transformation Grows Up
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/9/2017

Companies are reacting to the need for digital transformation with evolved strategies and supporting products.

OrbTV: It's an MWC17 Wrap!
LRTV Interviews | 3/9/2017

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre and Enterprise Cloud News editor Scott Ferguson discuss some of the trends from this year's Mobile World Congress and attempt a spoof of the Oscars.

Altice to Slash 2017 Capex Despite US FTTH Plan, French Rivalry
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Cable operator's 2017 guidance implies a sharp reduction on spending in 2016 while French rivals plan to maintain or increase investment levels.

AT&T Urges Women-Owned Businesses to Tackle New Tech
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

AT&T's move to virtualization at times makes it hard to find suppliers -- creating opportunities for women-owned businesses to move out of commodity tech and innovate on where the industry is going.

Google's Greene Swipes Amazon Over Outage
News Analysis | 3/9/2017

Google cloud boss Diane Green brags about Google Cloud Platform's reliability after Amazon went down for nearly half a day last week.

The Digital Economy & GDPR
Column | 3/9/2017

Stephen Cameron and Chris Pinnock examine the implications of the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is due to come into force in May 2018 and which will affect every organization that uses the data of European citizens.

Microsoft, Qualcomm Bring ARM to Azure
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Microsoft and Qualcomm are bringing ARM chips to the Azure cloud platform.

OrbTV: DT Updates on NFV Progress
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2017

Axel Clauberg, vice president at Deutsche Telekom, gives Light Reading's Liz Coyne an update on the operator's NFV deployment, service launch dates and Pan-European Network.

UK Govt to Spend Loose Change on 5G
Morris Lore | 3/8/2017

The UK government's budget commitment to 5G is unlikely to advance the technology in any meaningful way, but it ticks a few important-sounding boxes.

Ciena's Q1 Growth Not Good Enough for Wall Street
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Revenue growth neared 10% but Wall Street was still disappointed.

OrbTV: EY on Demand for New Biz Models
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2017

Holger Forst, global telecom assurance practice leader at EY, tells Light Reading's Steve Saunders that operators are not far enough along in their transformation journey and new business models are required to find and secure their position in the rapidly evolving ecosystem.

OrbTV: Small Cell Forum on Road to 5G
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2017

David Orloff, chairman of Small Cell Forum, talks to Liz Coyne of Light Reading about the work the organization is doing to enable hyper-dense, ultra-high capacity networks to support 5G and IoT.

AT&T CFO: We're the Capacity Kings
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Stephens tells investment conference AT&T didn't want an unlimited data battle but is uniquely positioned to win one.

OrbTV: ETSI NFV ISG Plugtest Results
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2017

Diego Lopez, senior technology expert at Telefonica, and chair of ETSI NFV ISG, discusses the results of the organization's latest plugtest in Madrid.

8x8 Creates UC, Collaboration Cloud
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

New service combines existing UC and contact center services with integration to cloud apps and newly acquired messaging interoperability.

AT&T, Verizon Want to Wholesale IPTV
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

It's early days, but AT&T and Verizon are already looking ahead to licensing their IPTV platforms.

ZTE Suffers $340M Net Loss on US Fine
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Chinese equipment maker turns loss-making in 2016 but may have cause to feel more optimistic about its prospects this year.

Happy Women's Day: How Are You Being Bold for Change?
Que Sera Sarah | 3/8/2017

On March 8 we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, and maybe abstain from working. Tell us how you are being bold to bring change.

5G Spectrum to Cost Less Than 4G, Says Expert
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Telcos are unlikely to have to spend as much on 5G licenses as they did on their 4G concessions, says a leading spectrum expert.

Eurobites: Telenor Backs AI Brains Trust
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia milks 4.5G, sells managed services to VimpelCom; MTN's CEO resigns; in-flight broadband partnership wins its first customer; Blackadder goes over-the-top in US.

Avaya Offloads Its Networks Biz to Extreme for $100M
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

Extreme reckons Avaya's networks business will generate $200 million in annual revenues and open up new sales opportunities.

WikiLeaks Strikes Again
News Analysis | 3/8/2017

WikiLeaks has release thousands of pages allegedly from CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence. Just how bad is it?

How RJio Tore Up the 4G Rule Book
Between the CEOs | 3/7/2017

At MWC 2017, Reliance Jio's President of Network, Global Strategy and Service Development, Mathew Oommen, tells Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders how ruthless execution of its plans helped the Indian greenfield 4G operator attract more than 100 million subscribers in its first 170 days of commercial operation.

Sprint's Tech COO on Gigabit LTE
LRTV Interviews | 3/7/2017

In a special guest appearance on OrbTV at MWC 2017, Gunther Ottendorfer, COO of Technology at Sprint, talks about the three building blocks of Gigabit LTE, small cells, SD/NFV and more.

ZTE to Pay $892M Fine to Settle US Trade Dispute
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

Chinese vendor pleads guilty to charges that it violated US export controls and agrees to pay a hefty fine as a penalty.

CloudOptiX Restructures Transport Networks to Facilitate All-Cloud Network Evolution
News from Huawei | 3/7/2017

Huawei's CloudOptiX solution facilitates the cloudification of transport networks to both fulfill current demands and prepare for future challenges.

Huawei CloudCampus Empowers New Business Opportunities for Operators
News from Huawei | 3/7/2017

Huawei CloudCampus solution leverages cloud management technology to implement centralized multi-tenant management and scales to manage up to several millions network elements so that operators can take full advantage of their high-performance network platforms.

Charter Issues RFP for D3.1 Modems
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

Second biggest US MSO is seeking product information from tech vendors as it gears up for rolling out DOCSIS 3.1.

MWC: Who Does Cloud Best?
Slide Shows | 3/7/2017

If it wasn't about 5G at Mobile World Congress, it was definitely about cloud.

HPE Buying Nimble Storage for $1B
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

HPE's acquisition streak continues with a $1 billion deal for Nimble Storage, a maker of flash storage.

MWC17: A Big Year for Small Cells?
LRTV Interviews | 3/7/2017

Small cells have been around a long time but have never been deployed on a very large scale to date, but a number of market drivers suggest that more widespread deployments could be on the horizon, says Nick Johnson from ip.access.

Eurobites: Saudis Oil Wheels of Nokia's 5G Machine
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson secures $200 million investment in iconectiv subsidiary; BICS offers backhaul with Retelit; PoP life in Istanbul; Facebook caught out in Italy.

Iliad to Ramp Up Spending in France This Year
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

French telco plots a sharp increase in capital expenditure on the back of continued earnings growth in 2016.

3GPP Likely to Fast Track 5G NR Specs This Week
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

The standards body seems likely to approve plans to speed up the development of 5G new radio specifications, but does this spell trouble for the broader 5G standard?

Mentoring in the Mountains: Join WiC in Denver!
Que Sera Sarah | 3/7/2017

Join WiC's first networking breakfast event of the year on Wednesday, March 22, in Denver, Colo., to talk mentoring -- how to find one, how to be one and much more.

Mainframe Cloud? That's Nuts!
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

Insurer Chubb tapped IBM to move its Mad Men mainframe apps into the cloud era.

Verizon Says Its Fixed 5G Will Arrive in 2018, Mobile in 2020
News Analysis | 3/7/2017

Verizon moving fast with fixed – but not true mobile – 5G.

Why Is Verizon Offering Prepaid Fios?
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

A prepaid option may increase Fios penetration rates, but is it worth it for Verizon?

Trump & Consequences
Rewired | 3/6/2017

Under Ajit Pai, the FCC is doing what major telecom players have wanted by rolling back regulations. Now we'll see if this fuels innovation and consumer benefits.

What Does 5G Feel Like?
LRTV Documentaries | 3/6/2017

At MWC, Nokia staged a demo intended to showcase the difference between a 4G and 5G network. Light Reading stepped into the virtual cockpit to see how just a few milliseconds of latency can affect the control of a remote control car.

Have You Entered the Leading Lights?
Shades of Ray | 3/6/2017

Time is running out to get your entries in for the industry's most prestigious awards.

Comcast: Our Network's Ready for 5G
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

Comcast's Neil Smit says that independent evaluators have reviewed Comcast's network footprint and believe it's well suited for future 5G rollouts.

IBM's Quantum Computing Coming to the Cloud
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

IBM is looking to commercialize its quantum computer offering with a new API and SDK, as well as cloud support.

SKT Airs 28GHz Concerns, Eyes Mid-Band 5G
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

South Korean telco is keeping its spectrum options open as it looks at various ways of reducing the 5G spending bill.

Eurobites: Virgin Media Faces Multi-Million Retrans Bill From ITV
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Turkcell in joint research deal with ZTE; Google probed in Turkey; UK government to examine Fox's Sky bid.

BT Splashes $1.5B to Beat Sky in Latest Soccer Rights Battle
News Analysis | 3/6/2017

UK incumbent's appetite for lavish spending on soccer rights remains undiminished despite an array of business and regulatory challenges.

Cord-Cutting Hits New Heights
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

US pay-TV cord-cutting abruptly accelerated in the fourth quarter as DirecTV Now, Sling TV and other OTT skinny bundle packages signed up subscribers in droves.

Technicolor Table Lamp Runs on AWS
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

Technicolor shows how the future of the connected home could run through Amazon Web Services.

Snap, Crackle & Pop: $28B IPO Stokes 'Bubble' Fears
Morris Lore | 3/3/2017

The parent company of social networking site SnapChat is now worth an astonishing $28 billion following this week's IPO. Is this another bubble in the making?

Frontier Eyes OTT Video Options
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

Seeking to get out of the woods after another round of customer and revenue declines, Frontier is looking at jumping into the OTT video game.

Eurobites: EU Clamps Down on Helpline Call Charges
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone goes after career-break women; Tele2 Netherlands nabs Com Hem's James; EU tells the Donald to leave their Shield alone.

Amazon Web Services Outage Caused by Typo
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

Keyboard error caused an estimated $150M+ outage this week.

Tech Leaders: Gender Diversity Could Add Billions to Economy
News Analysis | 3/3/2017

Organizations must take more innovative approaches to address the issue of gender imbalance in the tech sector, said speakers at the inaugural Women4Tech summit in Barcelona.

WiCipedia: Uber's Catalyst for Change & Trump Signs STEM Bills
WiCipedia | 3/3/2017

This week in our WiC roundup: AT&T celebrates diversity; Trump signs two bills into place for women in STEM; women leave tech 45% more than men; and more.

EXFO Snaps Up Ontology for Network Visibility
News Analysis | 3/2/2017

Test and service assurance system vendor EXFO has acquired network visibility software specialist Ontology Systems in an effort to build a more rounded story for the virtualization era.

CenturyLink Ready to Roll on New Services
News Analysis | 3/2/2017

Internal digital transformation has company saying it's set to deliver series of new on-demand, rich-experience business offerings.

Cable One Doubles Down on Broadband
News Analysis | 3/2/2017

Still eschewing residential video services, rogue US MSO heightens focus on data and business services for growth despite slowing broadband engine.

Pay-TV Security Gets 50 Shades Darker
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/2/2017

Pay-TV providers are seeing new security threats and vulnerabilities every day, and are facing numerous challenges trying to tighten the security that protects organizations, as well as their customers.

OrbTV: MWC Device Recap
LRTV Interviews | 3/2/2017

Light Reading Mobile Editor Dan Jones joins us in the studio for a recap of his favorite devices and consumer products from MWC.

5G Shines New Light on Backhaul Testing
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/2/2017

Backhaul is crucial – and so is its testing.

Eurobites: Deutsche Telekom's Q4 Bottom Line Hit by BT Shares Slump
News Analysis | 3/2/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson teams up with Telecom Italia on 5G, brings its virtual network function to Egypt; Telefonica goes Nano with LTE, chooses Teoco for spectrum refarming; French regulator gets new director-general.

Telefónica CTO on the Path to 5G
LRTV Interviews | 3/2/2017

Telefonica CTO Enrique Blanco says his company is pushing strongly towards 5G but wants to adapt the network to the customer, and not the other way around.

Orange Also Objects to 5G NR Acceleration
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Technical strategy director at French incumbent says 5G is not just about new radio specifications.

Private Cloud Is Very Popular Yet Nobody's Doing It
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

On-premises server component sales are declining, even in the face of strong demand for on-premises cloud, Intel said.

Will YouTube TV Hit OTT Sweet Spot?
Alantown | 3/1/2017

Google unit spells out plans to launch its own OTT skinny bundle service for $35 a month but will face stiff competition in an increasingly crowded market.

All-Cloud Networks: Enabling Telco Business Success in the Cloud Era
News from Huawei | 3/1/2017

Huawei's end-to-end All-Cloud network, introduced at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC17), demonstrates how telecom operators can evolve their networks to innovate and grow in the digital era.

All-Optical Switching Supports Full Mesh Backbone Networks to Achieve One-Hop Transmission Between DCs
News from Huawei | 3/1/2017

Huawei's OXC all-optical switching solution has large-capacity switching and multi-degree optical-layer grooming capabilities, which can better meet requirements on full mesh connections on backbone networks.

Ericsson's CTO on 4G Innovation
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

At MWC 2017 Ericsson CTO Ulf Ewaldsson talks about the ongoing innovation in hardware and software that can enable Gigabit LTE as operators prepare for 5G.

Cable Ops Prep for Next-Gen Push
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

In a new study by SNL Kagan, more than 60% of cable operators plan to start virtualizing and distributing parts of their access networks over the next few years.

Amdocs CMO: We're Gonna Mint It in MANO
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Amdocs is very bullish about its revenue prospects from a productized version of the recently created open source management and orchestration (MANO) system ONAP.

OrbTV: Tata Goes Global for IoT
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

Anthony Bartolo of Tata Communications explains how his company is seeking to meet the need for global connectivity in the IoT space.

OrbTV: Wireless Broadband Alliance Shares Its Smart City Vision
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, explains how the Wireless Broadband Alliance is helping to shape the connectivity that will underpin tomorrow's smart cities.

Eurobites: Ericsson Brings 3G to Tanzania's Unconnected Millions
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT and T-Systems get closer; UK government trumpets new digital strategy; ARM has M&A ambitions.

VimpelCom to Pioneer 'Multivendor' NFV; Downbeat on 5G
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Emerging markets player wants to be at the forefront of developments in SDN and NFV but dismisses 5G talk as 'hype.'

OrbTV: Boingo's CTO on the Need for Convergence
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

Derek Peterson, CTO of Boingo, talks about the convergence manifesto that was released just prior to MWC 2017.

This Is the New Fios TV From Verizon
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Timing is still unclear, but Verizon has quietly revealed how its current Fios TV service will transition to all-IPTV.

OrbTV: Delving Into Tele2's IoT Strategy
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

Rami Avidan, managing director of IoT at pan-European operator Tele2 talks to Light Reading's Editor-in-Chief Ray Le Maistre and NetScout CMO Jim McNiel.

VMware Wants to Lead CSPs to Enterprise Cloud
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Deploying NFV and IoT tools to help service providers deploy new revenue streams.

Name That Acronym
LRTV Documentaries | 3/1/2017

From AT&T to ZTE, we hit the show floor at MWC to see how well attendees know their industry acronyms.

AWS S3 Goes Down, Internet Snow Day Declared
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Eleven-hour outage hits S3 Storage, used by nearly 150,000 websites.

The Social Network: An Update on Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project
LRTV Interviews | 3/1/2017

Liz Coyne interviews Jay Parikh, Facebook's Head of Engineering and Infrastructure, about the Telecom Infra Project, an initiative to reimagine the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

VMware Makes Major MWC Splash
News Analysis | 3/1/2017

Virtualization giant seeking broader role as strategic partner to telecom industry on multiple fronts.

CEO Chat With Cisco's Chuck Robbins
Between the CEOs | 3/1/2017

By 2020, Cisco estimates there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet. In this MWC 2017 interview with Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins provides an update on his company's vision, the exponential growth of the Jasper IoT network and service providers' disillusionment with virtualization technologies.

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