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Smart-Phone Users Drive M-Banking Demand
LR Mobile Column | 1/31/2011

After a sluggish start, mobile banking will grow exponentially in the US market through 2015

Intel's Billion-Dollar Mistake
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Costly flaw found in support chip for Sandy Bridge, a new processor that will deliver protected HD streams to tablets and other devices

Rumor: Akamai Got Kicked Out of France
LR Cable Rumors | 1/31/2011

Android Dethrones Symbian Globally
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2011

For the first time in 10 years, Symbian is not the global OS leader. Google has taken the crown, and the regime of Android will rule in 2011

Best Name EVER!!!
EuroBlog | 1/31/2011

10:40 AM M2M vendor's chief has a name you'll never forget

Amazon May Target Netflix With Streaming Tilt
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Elsewhere: Comcast's staying in Philly, Charter bumps broadband speeds, bidding for Germany's Kabel BW heats up and Boingo's IPO may bounce

Huawei Acquisition Under US Review
AsiaBlog | 1/31/2011

9:55 AM Committee on Foreign Investment probes Huawei purchase of virtualization specialist

Chongqing Telecom Creates a Wi-Fi Ruckus
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2011

A unit of China Telecom will roll out more than 4,000 Wi-Fi nodes to blanket China's largest province with indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage

What's in Store at MWC 2011?
LRTV Interviews | 1/31/2011

Michael O'Hara, chief marketing officer at the GSM Association, tells Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre what's in store at this year's show in Barcelona, and talks about operator/app developer relationships

PrimeSense Makes a Cable Kinect-tion
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/31/2011

The company behind the Kinect device for the Xbox 360 says at least one US MSO will deploy its gesture-based technology this year

Huawei Annual Revenues Hit $28B
News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Chinese vendor puts its unaudited 2010 revenues at $28 billion, not far behind market-leader Ericsson

Euronews: Jan. 31
News Analysis | 1/31/2011

The Egypt situation, Telenor versus VimpelCom, and the data deluge top the bill in today's roundup of headlines from the EMEA region

Talking Smack on the WAC
Que Sera Sarah | 1/31/2011

4:00 AM Openwave director says the WAC is wack

OpenWave Amps Up Browser Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Vendor announces Amplicity, a development platform on which operators can offer browser-based mobile apps

10G Ethernet Switches Pass the Test
News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Tests by analyst Nick Lippis show that 10GE switching is truly entering a new phase of development

Docomo Pours $426M in LTE Capex
News Analysis | 1/31/2011

Japanese giant sets out its LTE growth plans for the next four years as it reports its latest financials

Comcast, NBCU Seal the Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/30/2011

Former Comcast COO Steve Burke takes the helm of NBCU after Comcast sews up its $30B deal to take control of the media giant

LightSquared Grabs More Spectrum, Customers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2011

LTE startup speeds up next phase of its spectrum agreement with Inmarsat, and hopes to reveal its wholesale customers soon

The FCC Strikes Back
The Bauminator | 1/28/2011

3:45 PM Did Verizon and MetroPCS jump the gun? Does it really matter?

Brocade's Data Center Hunt
Craig's A-List | 1/28/2011

3:05 PM Brocade's Victor Garcia gets ready to build data centers in Europe and India

OS Watch: Samsung Tabulates a Record Quarter
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Samsung's riding the success of its Android Tab, ZTE has displaced RIM in handset shipments and CostCo gets the Atrix in this week's OS digest

Infinera's Looking at a Tough 2011
News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Jilted 40G might have its revenge, as Infinera's downbeat forecast looks like it could last a while

Bracing for the Comcast-NBCU Clincher
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Reactions are pouring in ahead of the Comcast-NBCU closing, including takes on the new logo, the expected culture shock and the cable perks

CableCARD's Mid-Course Correction
The Bauminator | 1/28/2011

11:35 AM FCC tweaks new rules so IP interfaces on hi-def DTAs can't be used for MSO-supplied VoD and DVR services – or did they?

Will Verizon Kick Off a Cloud Feeding Frenzy?
News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Acquisition of Terremark could send other global service providers seeking global data center assets

Will Concurrent Wield Its New nDVR Weapon?
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Vendor scores a key nDVR patent tied to the rapid ingest of video. But what's next? Licenses or lawsuits?

NSN 'Has No Interest' in Huawei IPR
News Analysis | 1/28/2011

As it looks to close its acquisition of Motorola unit, Nokia Siemens responds to Huawei's action against Moto

Euronews: Jan. 28
News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Egypt shuts down the Internet, Nokia takes Ovi Maps to China and NSN spruces up O2 in today's roundup of telecom news in the EMEA region

Egypt Unplugs From the Internet
News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Reports say the country appears to have deliberately severed its ISPs from the global Internet, while mobile operators have suspended services

ZTE Sees Mobile Growth in the US & Europe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2011

Chinese vendor is targeting the US and Western Europe for an onslaught of low-cost, Android-based smart phones

Microsoft WP7 Shipments Start Slow
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Company shipped 500,000 Windows Phone 7 devices in December. That's a lot, but the growth is nowhere near Android's quickening pace

Verizon Taps Terremark for $1.4B
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Verizon aims to advance its enterprise cloud-computing story with a rare acquisition

Netflix Shames ISPs
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Netflix rankings of US and Canadian ISPs raises the question: Does your ISP suck?

Tweet Danger
Rewired | 1/27/2011

4:50 PM Verizon uses social media like Twitter to remind FiOS customers how to cope during power outages – a good idea but more is needed

TW Cable Has 15,000 WiMax Subs
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2011

MSO to continue investing in wireless while acknowledging the early results 'are not very impressive and pretty inconclusive'

AT&T: Getting the User View
Jonestown | 1/27/2011

2:35 PM What's your experience of AT&T's 3G network now?

AT&T's Answer to the Verizon iPhone: Android & Friends
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2011

AT&T says the Verizon iPhone could make smart-phone sales in the early in the year 'volatile,' but is confident it will grow its base in 2011

ZTE Increases Annual Sales by 17%
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

2010 preliminary numbers show a near 17% boost in revenues for the Chinese vendor

Tellabs Could Seek Optical Redemption
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

It's been a long wait for another optical transition, and Tellabs has a chance not to blow it this time

Chasm Commentary
EuroBlog | 1/27/2011

11:45 AM What do telecom IT experts think about Bridging the Chasm?

Hulu: 'Virtual MSO' in the Making?
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Elsewhere in cable land: Canoe expands interactive ad footprint and some DirecTV subs may miss Super Bowl

AT&T Plans Slight Capex Dip in 2011
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Spending on wireless to go up, but overall capex to go down

Elop Promises Nokia Will Change Faster
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Handset maker's market share drops in the fourth quarter, as its new CEO urges the company to change faster and teases a new OS for Nokia

Stimulus Winners Get Active With Ethernet
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Rural telcos are bypassing GPON to build 'future-proof' networks that deliver bigger bandwidth punch over longer distance

Netflix Fears by-the-Byte Tiers
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Netflix is growing by leaps and bounds, but the specter of ISPs charging by volume remains a big worry

Signs of Growth at NSN
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Equipment vendor reports an increase in fourth-quarter and full-year revenues and a significant reduction in operating losses in 2010

New Trends in Service Provider IT
LRTV Interviews | 1/27/2011

Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Ari Banerjee tells Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre about some of the latest trends in the telecom software sector

TM Forum Brings 'Sanity' to SP Clouds
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

The TM Forum wants service providers to adhere to best practices for cloud computing to avoid 'confusion and intimidation'

Euronews: Jan. 27
News Analysis | 1/27/2011

Nokia's profits fall as BSkyB's profits rise, Level 3 adds in Europe and Everything Everywhere does mobile money in today's regional news digest

OSS Architect Is an iWinner
EuroBlog | 1/27/2011

6:35 AM Fortune favors 3's Andy Dede

Honey, I Shrunk the Femto
Wireless Bits | 1/26/2011

8:30 PM It's a teeny-tiny femto for your iPhone

Moto Hangs in Mobility Limbo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Moto Mobility's first earnings report as an independent company were so-so as it waits for its new advanced devices to hit the market

LightSquared Confident in Q3 Launch Schedule
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Says it needs to work with FCC and industry to test for interference among its L-Band base stations and GPS receivers without sufficient filtering

20 Million for Netflix
The Bauminator | 1/26/2011

5:30 PM Company hits a big milestone while noting that subscribers find that Charter is the best US ISP for Netflix streaming

FCC Lets LightSquared Pass 'Go'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2011

But the nascent 4G provider must work with the agency to ensure that its hybrid satellite system doesn't interfere with GPS and other systems

Motorola Xooms Out Next Month
Que Sera Sarah | 1/26/2011

4:20 PM A leak suggests the Xoom will be coming to Best Buy Feb. 17 for $700 to $800

NCTA to FCC: Call Off 'AllVid'
The Bauminator | 1/26/2011

3:05 PM NCTA chief says more mandates aren't necessary amid rise of broadband-connected TVs, set-tops, tablets and other 'smart' video devices

New Bill Gives Net Neutrality Some Teeth
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Sen. Cantwell's bill looks to shield the FCC's rules from court challenges while applying a stricter ban on pay-for-priority access

VoLTE to Drive IMS Renaissance?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/26/2011

VoLTE could set the stage for a more fundamental transition to real-time, rich-media services powered by IMS

Rumor: RIM Bringing Android Apps to QNX
LR Mobile Rumors | 1/26/2011

Netflix Turns Up Heat on HBO
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Elsewhere: Comcast close to clinching NBCU, Epix builds app for connected TVs, and Demand Media's IPO goes gangbusters

SK Telecom Picks LTE Vendors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Korean mobile carrier selects three LTE equipment suppliers

Virtela's New CEO Brings Apps Expertise
News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Jagadeesh intends to accelerate new strategy based around delivering outsourced IT services through local cloud centers

The Mobile State of the Union
Jonestown | 1/26/2011

10:00 AM How could Obama encourage deployment of high-speed wireless to '98% of all Americans' in the next five years?

Apple to Support China Mobile's LTE?
LTE TDD News Analysis | 1/26/2011

China Mobile chairman says that Apple is 'moving forward' to support domestic 4G standard in future models

fonYou Branches Out
LRTV Interviews | 1/26/2011

At Light Reading's Service Provider IT (SPIT) event in London, fonYou CEO Fernando Nunez Mendoza talks about the development of his company's cloud-based mobile services platform and a deployment in South Africa

Juniper's Stratus, Falcon Go Beta
News Analysis | 1/26/2011

This is supposed to be the year for both projects. So far, so good

Patent Troll Targets Cable's Big Guns
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Pragmatus AV goes after six major MSOs, including Comcast, TW Cable and Cox, over claims they are infringing on patents tied to VoD

Euronews: Jan. 26
News Analysis | 1/26/2011

Ericsson modernizes at O2 UK, Swisscom does Davos and KPN brings home the (Dutch) bacon in today's roundup of Euro telecom news headlines

Nokia's Q4 Shrinkage
EuroBlog | 1/26/2011

6:10 AM Analysts expect handset giant to report a Q4 earnings flop

AT&T: Mobility Key to Retaining Small Biz
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/26/2011

New bundles, applications target small businessman on the go in effort to ward off cable, CLEC encroachment

LTE: Smooth Ride or a Bumpy Road Ahead?
Jonestown | 1/25/2011

5:30 PM Verizon results suggest that LTE has got off to a steady start, but there are bumps in the road ahead

MetroPCS Joins Fight Against Net Neutrality Rules
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2011

MetroPCS follows Verizon in challenging the FCC's new network-neutrality rules amid complaints about its LTE pricing plans

FCC Votes to Make LTE a Public Safety Standard
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2011

But where will the government find the spectrum to actually implement a nationwide public safety network?

BT Changes Its DNA With Customer Experience
LRTV Interviews | 1/25/2011

At Light Reading's Service Provider IT (SPIT) event in London, BT's Group Customer Experience Director Jo Upward talks about how and why the operator introduced a company-wide customer-focused initiative

Global IPv4 Counter Hits Zero
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

It's the next step toward IPv4 depletion and sets off another call to arms for IPv6 deployment

LTE Needs a Bunch of BSS
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Operators don't have to throw out their billing systems for new LTE services. That's the word at Light Reading's SPIT event in London

Podcast: Cablevision's Network DVR
The Philter | 1/25/2011

1:05 PM It saves some DVR hardware costs, but is it efficient enough to work in a major market?

Tellabs Tanks in Q4
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Even the pessimists were outdone, as Tellabs misses guidance and delivers a weak forecast

Verizon Aims for 'Everything as a Service'
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Cloud services are just a means to the greater end of going deeper into the enterprise and SMB realm

Microsoft Sues TiVo Again
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Elsewhere: Virgin expands its 100-meg footprint, Hughes's broadband satellite biz is for sale, and AT&T targets Netflix with new VoD moniker

thePlatform Gets Flashier
The Bauminator | 1/25/2011

11:25 AM Aliance with Adobe will factor into the online video strategy of the cross-MSO In Demand JV

Verizon Grows on Data Deluge, Even as Subs Fall
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Verizon saw its subscriber growth slow as consumers waited on the iPhone, but it had its best quarter ever for data growth

Telcos Shift Their Focus
EuroBlog | 1/25/2011

9:30 AM Network operators have been talking about customer experience for years, but now they're actually doing something to improve it

Huawei Wins Restraining Order Against Moto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Huawei gets a temporary restraining order against Motorola to prevent the vendor from sharing its intellectual property with Nokia Siemens

Juniper Raids Microsoft
Craig's A-List | 1/25/2011

6:45 AM Lots of free-agent signings. Do they have to give up draft picks?

Euronews: Jan. 25
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Ericsson reports Q4, Vodafone eyes potential new chairman and Ciena does Middle Eastern backhaul in today's roundup of EMEA telecom bits

Ericsson, Arris to Aid Charter-TiVo Hook-Up
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Their help is required to link Charter's VoD service with TiVo, though the MSO is eager to add Netflix streaming when rights are obtained

Disruptive Telcos?
EuroBlog | 1/25/2011

5:55 AM Telecom Italia says it's time for carriers to shake up service models

Ericsson Q4 Sales Surge, Margins Shrink
News Analysis | 1/25/2011

Ericsson reports strong sales growth and increased profitability but its gross margins took a hit in the fourth quarter

Comcast's Program-Guide Chief Exiting
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Gerard Kunkel, Comcast's SVP of user experience and product design, is leaving the company at the end of February

Apple Breaks 10B Apps Threshold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Apple continues to lead the pack in mobile apps, the little widgets that will increasingly make or break a mobile phone for consumers

Vitesse Moves Up to Layer 3
News Analysis | 1/24/2011

The company's still pumping out Carrier Ethernet chips and expanding its ambitions

Qualcomm, Nvidia Face Off in the Core
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Smart phones are going dual-core in 2011 for a faster, better Web experience, and chipmakers are going head-to-head to get inside

Charter Throws In With TiVo
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Also making cable news: ivi's big setback, the net neutrality battle heats up, WOW gears for wideband, and reviewers torch Sony's Google TV

Huawei Sues to Block Moto Sale to NSN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Huawei says Motorola will illegally transfer intellectual property to Nokia Siemens Networks if the planned $1.2B acquisition is completed

Telecom NZ Takes Back Its SPIT
AsiaBlog | 1/24/2011

9:30 AM Operator brings service provider IT (SPIT) management back in-house as outsourcing deal with HP ends

Cablevision's Network DVR Debuts in the Bronx
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/24/2011

MSO soft-launches 'DVR Plus' service, starting off with 160GB of storage for $10.95 a month

Euronews: Jan. 24
News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Telefonica and China Unicom are in each other's pockets while Orange wants a slice of YouTube-style action in today's regional roundup

First NDS 'Snowflake' Falls on ZON
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/24/2011

Portuguese MSO first to roll out the new UI, but NDS hopes to port it to legacy and tru2way boxes, tablets and other portable devices

Telefónica, China Unicom Fortify Alliance
News Analysis | 1/23/2011

Operators agree to invest $500M more in each other and work more closely on technology and services

Starbucks' Mobile Brew
Que Sera Sarah | 1/21/2011

3:40 PM Starbucks is serving up mobile payments, a brew carriers are wise to order

Charter's TV Everywhere Rollout on Hold
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/21/2011

MSO says it lacks the programming rights to launch a broad TV Everywhere portal similar to Comcast's Xfinity TV Online offer

OS Watch: Google Sees Dollar Signs in Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/21/2011

Android could be Google's mobile ATM, T-Mobile takes the blame and AT&T breaks it off with Nokia as this week's OS watch unwinds

Bond. Channel Bond
The Bauminator | 1/21/2011

11:25 AM Get and Cisco raise the Docsis 3.0 bar by kicking the tires on a 32-channel bonded downstream

Joost Returns!
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/21/2011

And it plans to be bigger and badder than ever. Elsewhere: Al Franken says cable wants to kill Netflix, while Verizon seeks a home court advantage

NTT Still Keen on Startup Vendors
News Analysis | 1/21/2011

Exec says innovation welcome from any corner, but fewer vendor newbies come knocking these days

Euronews: Jan. 21
News Analysis | 1/21/2011

The European Commission shows us how generous it's been with our money and AlcaLu heads way out east in today's Euronews digest

Making Google Less Creepy
Craig's A-List | 1/21/2011

5:30 AM If this is why they changed CEOs, they might want to think again

Verizon Fights Net Neutrality Order
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Verizon hits back, claiming that the FCC's recently approved network neutrality rules overstep the Commission's authority

Google Does the Executive Shuffle
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO as current chief Eric Schmidt slides into the executive chairman role

OTT Not Yet Impacting Global IPTV
News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Twice-annual MRG survey sees global IPTV growth in multiple regions

Analysts Unfazed by F5's Plunge
News Analysis | 1/20/2011

'It's just a flesh wound'

Chasm Conundrum
EuroBlog | 1/20/2011

2:30 PM BT has been Bridging the Chasm – will others follow?

4G? Don't Worry About It
Jonestown | 1/20/2011

1:35 PM Poor old '4G' has been marketed until it is utterly meaningless, so don't worry about it

T-Mobile Demos 42Mbit/s HSPA+ in NYC
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/20/2011

T-Mobile CTO says operator will have faster HSPA+ data sticks available in the first half of 2011, smart phones in the second half

HBO Would Cost Netflix Subs $20 a Month
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2011

In other cable news: Paul Allen dethroned at Charter, Boxee rolls VUDU HD movies and Google TV recruits academics

Customer Experience Key to BT's CXO Revamp
News Analysis | 1/20/2011

A strategy to improve time to market and overall customer experience is at the heart of BT's decision to collapse the CTO and CIO roles into one

Get Tests 1.4-Gig Speeds
The Bauminator | 1/20/2011

11:20 AM Norwegian operator touts speedy trial as it unleashes 100-Meg and 200-Meg EuroDocsis tiers

Sony Ericsson's Ups & Downs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Despite improvements, device vendor still has its work cut out

Why BT Has a Joint CTO/CIO
LRTV Interviews | 1/20/2011

As part of Light Reading's Bridging the Chasm coverage, BT's Clive Selley, who is the operator's CTO and CIO, talks about his job and explains why BT decided to have one senior management executive in charge of both networks and IT

Cablevision Makes its Security Deadline
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Deployment lets MSO keep its distance from the Moto/Cisco duopoly while giving the FCC something to consider as it pursues 'AllVid'

Euronews: Jan. 20
News Analysis | 1/20/2011

Sony Ericsson reports on 2010, Ofcom nibbles at BT, France Telecom goes to the movies and an AlcaLu man has a new Italian job in today's Euro roundup

Schwinging Britain
EuroBlog | 1/20/2011

5:50 AM UK minister fancies a Wayne's World, but is he also considering the regulation of OTT content?

Qualcomm Adds the Ching to ChaCha
Que Sera Sarah | 1/20/2011

5:40 AM Qualcomm Venture Partners invests $3 million in ChaCha's SMS search biz

Ceragon Goes for the Long Haul
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/19/2011

The acquisition of decades-old Nera Networks doubles Ceragon's size and gives it a broader outlook on mobile backhaul

NeoPhotonics Sets IPO Terms
News Analysis | 1/19/2011

Remember that whole 'going public' idea? Apparently, it's still on

Korean ISP Bonds With 800-Meg D3 Test
The Bauminator | 1/19/2011

3:00 PM SK Broadband approaches 1-Gig speeds using Arris CMTS and specialized modems that bond 16 channels

Comcast-NBCU Approvals Draw Fire, Praise
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/19/2011

Government stamps on Comcast-NBC merger drum up mixed opinions on how the deal will affect Hulu, Google, Apple and even ESPN

Cablevision Turns Up SMB Heat
The Bauminator | 1/19/2011

11:40 AM MSO stokes biz-services growth with campaign aimed at taking customers away from Verizon

LR Launches 'Bridging the Chasm' Campaign
News Analysis | 1/19/2011

Light Reading unveils editorial initiative to highlight major organizational challenge facing communications service providers

Comcast-NBCU Rules to Frustrate OTT Players
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/19/2011

Online video firms will have to cough up big bucks if they intend to offer NBCU programming over-the-top to growing crop of 'cord-cutters'

ZTE Blasts US Discrimination
AsiaBlog | 1/19/2011

9:50 AM Chinese vendor says it's not treated fairly

Why Bridging the Chasm Is Critical for Carriers
LRTV Interviews | 1/19/2011

Heavy Reading Chief Analyst Graham Finnie explains why carriers need to implement a Bridging the Chasm strategy if they're to avoid being marginalized

AlcaLu's Singapore Sting
AsiaBlog | 1/19/2011

9:20 AM Reports suggest Alcatel-Lucent is set to be slung out of its SPIT gig at Singapore's NBN

Apple's Sour Note
Wireless Bits | 1/19/2011

7:00 AM Its Q1 numbers are great, but there's trouble ahead in Europe

Euronews: Jan. 19
News Analysis | 1/19/2011

European carriers form a protective huddle against Apple's iOS and Android, while NSN ups the mobile ante in Austria in today's Euro digest

Apple Slams Tablet Rivals as its Q1 Soars
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/19/2011

COO Tim Cook calls Android tablets 'bizarre' and says Apple is ready to take on all-comers in the new market as it reports a stellar Q1

Cable Bridging CMAP's Migration Gap
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/19/2011

Engineers developing way for MSOs to bridge over to the Comcast-led, high-density architecture while preserving CMTS and edge QAM gear

Telcordia – Wassup?
EuroBlog | 1/18/2011

4:40 PM Is the SPIT giant on the block?

FCC Blesses Condition-Laden Comcast-NBCU Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/18/2011

FCC, in 4-1 vote, OKs $30B merger, but imposes a bevy of conditions aimed at protecting the budding online video market UPDATED 4:30 PM

Cyan Trumps Cisco, AlcaLu in Stimulus Deal
News Analysis | 1/18/2011

The Clearwave buildout might not be the biggest, but it's a sign that packet-optical startup Cyan is getting more carriers' attention

Verizon Soothes Non-iPhone Buyers' Remorse
Que Sera Sarah | 1/18/2011

1:45 PM Bought a Verizon Android and now have iPhone envy? Big Red will give you $200 to ease the pain

Stoke Stacks $17M More
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2011

Stoke raises $17M to support growing customer base and new LTE and 3G network optimization projects

Comes With Carriers?
Que Sera Sarah | 1/18/2011

1:00 PM As Nokia has learned, unlimited music packages, such as Ovi Music Unlimited (aka Comes With Music), are still a hard sell

Internap Uses OpenStack for Cloud Cred
News Analysis | 1/18/2011

Deployment of OpenStack platform intended to add credibility to beta version of Internap's cloud storage offer

Roku Scores First OTT Cable Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/18/2011

Also making cable news: FCC expected to approve Comcast-NBCU merger today, Cablevision rolls 3DTV promos, and Netflix angers subs

Sprint Raises 3G Prices to 4G Levels
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2011

Tacks on a $10 'premium data charge' to 3G Everything data plans as customers test the limits of unlimited data

T-Mobile to Join 3G Femto Fray
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2011

T-Mobile has plans to offer 3G femtocells in the US this year

Femto Firm Hits the High Street
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/18/2011

New femtocell with souped-up provisioning and management system targets small offices and shops

Euronews: Jan. 18
News Analysis | 1/18/2011

Nokia turns down the music, Vodafone Ireland shrinks the board and CableLabs makes friends in today's digest of Euro telecom headlines

Comcast-NBC Almost Wed
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/17/2011

Also in today's cable news are Shaw's usage-based broadband, the good ol' FCC, a poorly Steve Jobs and Samsung's TV Apps

Infinera Flexes Its Modulators
News Analysis | 1/17/2011

Infinera is claiming it's the first optical systems vendor to announce software-configurable modulation for 100 Gbit/s

Jobs Takes Medical Leave From Apple
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/17/2011

CEO Steve Jobs steps down to address health issues, hands over day-to-day running of Apple to COO

Boingo Preps $75M IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/17/2011

International Wi-Fi access service provider looks to raise $75 million from a public listing on Nasdaq with the ticker symbol WIFI

Vodafone's Femto Empire
Wireless Bits | 1/17/2011

6:30 AM Six markets and counting for Vodafone's femtocell services

NEC Makes LTE TDD Move
LTE TDD News Analysis | 1/17/2011

NEC teams up with Chinese vendor to develop LTE TDD products for China and other markets

Euronews: Jan. 17
News Analysis | 1/17/2011

More M&A maneuvers from VimpelCom, Telenor and Etisalat, plus the latest from Albania in today's digest of Euro telecom news

Technicolor's Sneak Peek
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2011

New line of video gateways for cable will sport Docsis 3.0 connections, network attached storage, and real-time transcoders

Eslambolchi: 10 Service Provider Pain Points
Column | 1/14/2011

Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi lists 10 things that are causing havoc in service provider networks

Verizon Looks Ahead With LTE
LRTV Documentaries | 1/14/2011

AT CES 2011, Verizon Wireless Executive Director of 4G LTE Strategy Lindsay Notwell talks about how the operator expects its LTE network to evolve this year

Opera Browses Tablets
LRTV Documentaries | 1/14/2011

Opera previews its new browsing experience for tablets at CES

OS Watch: iPhone Steals Moto's Thunder
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2011

Moto is getting the short end of the stick in this week's OS watch, as Verizon fawns over the iPhone and RIM projects to outsell it

Now That's A Set-Top!
The Bauminator | 1/14/2011

11:50 AM Abhor the size of your set-top? Check out the lug-worthy monstrosity that powered TWC's Full Service Network trial in the mid-1990s

Disney, Viacom Seek Comcast-NBCU Conditions
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/14/2011

In other news: Rovi sues Amazon, Level 3 could test FCC's new neutrality rules, and YouTube's movie rentals results are 'pathetic'

TMF to Service Providers: Get Moving!
News Analysis | 1/14/2011

Predictions for 2011 include lots of competition for revenues in key growth areas such as mobile ads, banking, cloud and smart grid

CxO Download: Tom Fallon of Infinera
iBraue | 1/14/2011

9:00 AM LR talks with Tom Fallon about his first year as CEO of Infinera

Ciuses For All!
Craig's A-List | 1/14/2011

6:15 AM There's an obvious, available test base for the Cius tablet

Euronews: Jan. 14
News Analysis | 1/14/2011

Trouble at eircom, Russian rumblings and plenty of pokes at Polkomtel in today's digest of Euro telecom news bites

Lenders to Lean on Eircom
News Analysis | 1/14/2011

Senior lenders are losing patience with Irish carrier eircom, which appears to have done little to deal with its crippling level of debt

Wireless in the Caribbean
Que Sera Sarah | 1/13/2011

4:05 PM What I did for my Christmas vacation

NTT Gears Up for More Trans-Pacific Growth
News Analysis | 1/13/2011

Trans-Pacific route a "canary in the coal mine" for what's to come for NTT networks globally

Podcast: Android Antipathy?
The Philter | 1/13/2011

1:20 PM More commentary on how Verizon's iPhone will change the game for the Android OS

Did HomePlug Give Intel the Boot?
The Bauminator | 1/13/2011

1:00 PM A read between the lines as the home networking technology battle continues to heat up (UPDATED 5:30 PM - Intel's response)

SK Dropping WiMax for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/13/2011

One of WiMax's most prominent supporters has apparently decided it's going to be an LTE world

Verizon's iPhone: Angst for Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/13/2011

Android was the growth story of 2010, but with the iPhone on both major carriers in the US, 2011 will be more competitive

TW Cable Sets Docsis 3.0 Expansion
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/13/2011

Also making cable news: VC splashes cash on PrimeSense, Sinclair and TW Cable near the 11th hour, and AOL shoots an interactive series

Carriers Need a Back-Office Revamp
EuroBlog | 1/13/2011

11:20 AM There's a lot of work to be done by operators on their BSS and OSS systems, finds Heavy Reading

RGB Relights Its IPO Fire
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/13/2011

Following a record 2010, video vendor aims to be 'IPO-able' by Q4 as it borrows a page from the Cisco and Juniper playbook

Euronews: Jan. 13
News Analysis | 1/13/2011

M&A rumors are rife in today's Euronews, while O2 fancies a piece of the managed services action and T-Mobile UK, erm, clarifies

Study: LTE Can Knock Out Cable TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/12/2011

OfCom study shows that LTE can interfere with cable services when the conditions are just right, so take a breather, Chicken Little

CES Operator Winners & Losers
Que Sera Sarah | 1/12/2011

3:20 PM RootMetrics rates the operators' wireless networks at the cell phone black hole that is CES

CES 2011: Will Consumers Pay Per Bit?
LRTV Documentaries | 1/12/2011

Not everyone hates the idea of usage-based billing for home broadband services

Cablevision, Verizon Brace for Court Collision
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/12/2011

The service providers are set to kick off a high-stakes hearing over set-top technology and key interactive TV patents later this month

Xplornet Plots Canadian 4G Network With Tellabs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/12/2011

Canadian operator is among the first to plan a WiMax network with a software-driven transition path to LTE

FCC May Force Comcast to Unbundle Modems
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/12/2011

Elsewhere, a Comcaster jumps to Disney, and a cable exec confesses to cutting the cord, and a report finds LTE can knock out cable services

CES 2011: Photos From the Show Floor
Slide Shows | 1/12/2011

We're putting a bow on our CES show coverage with a few more photos -- old and new -- from all the show floor craziness

Bite Into Our CDMA iPhone Coverage
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/12/2011

Read, watch and listen to what the Light Reading Mobile team and others had to say about this long-awaited launch

More Shots of the CDMA iPhone
Jonestown | 1/12/2011

6:30 AM Or, yee-hah, the SD card reader started working again

Euronews: Jan. 12
News Analysis | 1/12/2011

Ericsson eyes Volvo man, TP expects a windfall and T-Mobile UK slashes its monthly data allowance in today's Euro telecom news digest

BigBand Hits a Sour Note
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2011

Switched digital video specialist goes into cost-cutting mode via a 9% layoff and a facility consolidation exercise

Netflix & Net Neutrality
The Bauminator | 1/11/2011

5:30 PM Do the coming Netflix-branded remote controls violate the FCC's network-neutrality rules?

The LTE iPhone
Jonestown | 1/11/2011

5:00 PM Why the Verizon CDMA iPhone launch complicates things for Apple when it comes time to launch a 4G smart phone

Luxtera Exits Active Optical Cables
News Analysis | 1/11/2011

It might actually be a sign that the business has been doing well

IEEE to Blend MoCA, Powerline & Wi-Fi
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2011

The IEEE could one-up G.hn with budding '1905' standard that can manage and apply QoS to hybrid wired/wireless home networks (UPDATED 1/13)

Verizon iPhone Questions
Que Sera Sarah | 1/11/2011

4:30 PM Will AT&T customers switch to Verizon for the iPhone, and can Big Red handle it if they do?

The CDMA iPhone: What We Don't Know Yet
Jonestown | 1/11/2011

3:15 PM When will LTE arrive, how much will data plans cost and other unanswered questions

Podcast: Verizon's iPhone 4 Challenge
The Philter | 1/11/2011

2:35 PM LR Mobile's Dan Jones discusses what's different about an iPhone 4 on Verizon's network

Verizon Finally Gets the iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2011

The CDMA iPhone for Verizon has finally arrived and it's almost exactly the same as the AT&T iPhone 4, except for a few things UPDATED 5:50 PM

Intel, Nvidia Make Nice for $1.5B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2011

Fresh off its mobile dual-core processor coming-out party, Nvidia gets access to Intel's patents and vice versa

Comcast-NBCU Faces Full-Court Press
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/11/2011

Also, Verizon's iPhone deal could affect MSOs, Google TV is hacked, Comcast responds to modem vendor complaint, and Tremor gets cable cred

At Verizon Event
Jonestown | 1/11/2011

11:25 AM It's Apple!

2011: The Year of the Data Hog
Jonestown | 1/11/2011

11:20 AM It's time to start asking your carrier for more information on how much data you're using

Ericsson, Huawei Replace NSN in Norway
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/11/2011

TeliaSonera chooses Ericsson and Huawei to upgrade its 2G, 3G and LTE networks in Norway

Euronews: Jan. 11
News Analysis | 1/11/2011

More Scandinavian action as AlcaLu does GPON in Finland and Ericsson does LTE in Norway in today's sleigh-ride through Euro telecom news

Anite Adds to Its LTE Arsenal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Buys a piece of CommScope to bolster the LTE capabilities of its Nemo network testing business

Cable Resparks Retail Play, But Cedes Control
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/10/2011

New TV vector makes cable look like an app, but sets up MSOs to offer subscription services outside their franchise areas... someday

Apple's Next Big Move
The Philter | 1/10/2011

3:00 PM Will history be more accurate than hype?

Streaming a Subset of Live TV?
The Bauminator | 1/10/2011

2:30 PM Until it can obtain more rights, Comcast may start off by streaming only a portion of its live TV lineup to tablets

MegaPath Chases Managed Security
News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Expanded offering targets companies with multiple small sites while pitting MegaPath against big boys such as AT&T and Verizon

Comcast, Networks Spar Over iPad App
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Some nets resist Comcast's iPad plans, Starz is in 'no rush' to re-up Netflix, while an analyst says cheap bandwidth spells trouble for Hollywood

AT&T Has FauxG Too
Que Sera Sarah | 1/10/2011

10:15 AM Now AT&T is calling its HSPA+ network 4G too, but why is it upgrading from 4G to 4G?

CxO Download: Jef Graham of RGB Networks
iBraue | 1/10/2011

9:40 AM Everything you ever wanted to know about Jef Graham, except where the second 'f' went

Service Providers See Big Billing, Cultural Changes
LRTV Interviews | 1/10/2011

Amdocs executives Tal Givoly and Gil Rosen discuss the dramatic technology and cultural changes surrounding service-provider billing. Also, the execs pinpoint collaboration happening in service-provider IT and network groups

Show & Tell: AlcaLu Signs On to CES
Craig's A-List | 1/10/2011

9:05 AM A CES booth tour in which we learn lots of future ways to spend more money

Ericsson Wins Euro LTE Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Ericsson lands a three-year deal to build an LTE network and expand the HSPA+ network for DNA in Finland

CES 2011: Vizio Shows Off Android Phone, Tablet
News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Vizio debuts a new smart phone and tablet based on the Android OS, while making sure the UI stays the same across all devices

Euronews: Jan. 10
News Analysis | 1/10/2011

Ay up, there's a broad Yorkshire accent in today's news from BT and Pace, tha' knows... (subtitles available on request)

CDMA iPhone Finally Happening Tuesday?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/8/2011

Verizon issues enigmatic invite to NYC event next week

CES 2011: Acer Demos Dual-Core Tablets
News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Acer's new tablet shows just how powerful the mobile devices are becoming, only increasing the need for more robust mobile networks

CES 2011: Verizon to Sling Video to LTE Phones
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Among other CES and cable tid-bits, Boxee teams with CBS, FCC chair wants more mobile spectrum, and ESPN eyes big NFL deal

CES 2011: Cisco Wants Videoscape to Play Nice
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2011

The TV platform announced at CES isn't a takeover of IPTV, execs say. In fact, Cisco says it's enlisted Microsoft as a partner

CES 2011: Hands On With Motorola's Atrix 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Motorola's Atrix 4G smart phone and laptop dock show how mobile broadband is becoming more important for personal computing

CES 2011: Skype Video on Verizon LTE Phones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Skype and Verizon have found a nice competitive response to Apple's FaceTime video chat app

CES 2011: Verizon Takes 10 With LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Verizon pumps up its LTE portfolio but stays quiet on data caps and device pricing

CES 2011: Samsung Puts MSOs in the Picture
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2011

MSOs will stream on-demand and live, linear channels to Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy Tabs starting later this year

CES 2011: OS Watch Goes Gadgets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Android was far and away the star of CES, but other operating systems got on board the gadget train too

CES 2011: Sitting Down With Cisco's Videoscape
News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Cisco announced Videoscape at CES 2011, and now we have a closer look at what the platform offers to pay-TV providers

CES 2011: Social Gaming on Tablets
LRTV Documentaries | 1/7/2011

Combine powerful tablet computers, wireless networks and invigorated developers and you get a new gaming marketplace

EchoStar Buys Move Networks
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2011

EchoStar expands its TV Everywhere assets by acquiring the struggling pioneer of adaptive bit-rate video streaming

CES 2011: Sitting Down With Cisco's Umi
News Analysis | 1/7/2011

CES 2011 was the perfect place to have a sit-down demo of Cisco's home telepresence kit, Umi

Euronews: Jan. 7
News Analysis | 1/7/2011

Broadband and IPTV, 2G spectrum re-farming, and the future of comm services revenue generation all feature in today's regional roundup

CES 2011: The Daily Tablet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

LR Mobile runs down the major releases so far at this year's tablet-crazy show in Vegas, as vendors try to outdo the iPad in 2011

CES 2011: TW Cable, Sony Make IPTV Connection
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/6/2011

With no tru2way or CableCARDs in sight, Sony is gearing up to deliver the MSO's video slate to broadband-connected TVs

CES 2011: Skype Steals International Scene
Que Sera Sarah | 1/6/2011

3:45 PM Wireless operators must cede their cross-border biz to VoIP giant Skype

CES 2011: Skype Buys Up Qik for Mobile Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Doubling up on video streaming and video calling will give wireless operators a powerful partner – or competitor – to contend with

Does Billing Have a Future?
EuroBlog | 1/6/2011

1:10 PM There are doubts about the sustainability of the current telecom service charging environment

CES 2011: Photos From the AT&T Developer Summit
Slide Shows | 1/6/2011

We document the big moments from AT&T's Developer Summit, featuring new Android phones from Motorola, Samsung and HTC

CES 2011: AT&T Wants Cheaper LTE RF
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

AT&T emerging devices maven suggests that simplification may be key to cost-effective LTE radios in 2011

UltraViolet to Open its Rights Locker in Mid-2011
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/6/2011

NBC premieres series on the iPad, TW Cable responds to E-911 glitch, while Sony doubles down on 3DTV as Suddenlink places its first bet

CES 2011: Take a Chill Tablet
The Philter | 1/6/2011

10:40 AM Tablet computers are great, but will all these new devices motivate service providers to step up their efforts in home networking?

CES 2011: Cricket Chirps About New Service
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Cricket says its $55-a-month Muve Music service will allow users to download and share songs with ease

CES 2011: Lenovo Swallows the Tablet Hype
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Lenovo's new 3G- and Wi-Fi-connected tablet prototype will arrive later this year, starting at around $500

Euronews: Jan. 6
News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Huawei, France Telecom, Vodafone, Belgacom and femtocells feature in today's regional round-up

Verizon's Bold Broadband Ambitions
News Analysis | 1/6/2011

New video and home monitoring services could become part of the national footprint Verizon is building with LTE

CES 2011: Alticast's Android Angle
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Alticast tries out an approach that preserves tru2way investments while allowing cable to pursue an Android-based app store play

CES 2011: Moto's 4G Gadgets Blur Lines
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/6/2011

Moto unveils an HSPA+ 'lapdoc' for AT&T, but Verizon gets both an LTE smart phone and a 3G-soon-to-be-4G Android 3.0 tablet

CES 2011: Microsoft... That's It?
Que Sera Sarah | 1/6/2011

5:00 AM Ballmer touts the growth of Windows Phone 7, but doesn't say how he'll keep it going

Cisco Puts It Together
Craig's A-List | 1/6/2011

4:40 AM Flip and Eos turn out to have roles in the big picture. Are you convinced?

CES Rumor: Verizon Connecting With Sling
LR Cable Rumors | 1/5/2011

Verizon may take its TV Everywhere to another level via a new partnership with place-shifting specialist Sling Media

CES: Cisco Unveils Master Plan for Video
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2011

Wielding the network as the ultimate weapon, Cisco says it can help service providers simplify the blending of TV and Internet content

Broadcom Launches 10G EPON
News Analysis | 1/5/2011

The Teknovus acquisition, plus Broadcom's favored position with foundries, yields the first 10G EPON chip

CES 2011: AT&T Accelerates LTE Push
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2011

Promises to complete its LTE rollout by 2013 and announces 20 4G devices for 2011, including smart phones from HTC, Motorola and Samsung

Microsoft's Rough Start
The Bauminator | 1/5/2011

1:05 PM CES attendees got a gander at a Windows glitch before they could even get out of baggage claim

Comcast to Stream TV to iPads, Android Tablets
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2011

But until additional programming rights get hammered out, the feature will be limited to in-home streaming of live, linear networks

CES: Cisco to Unveil Internet Video Set-Top
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2011

In other CES tidbits, Sony banks on swimsuit models to sell 3DTVs, VUDU streams in 3-D, and Netflix gets its own button on remote controls

Plastina Out, Prabhu In at Tekelec
News Analysis | 1/5/2011

Not such a happy new year for Tekelec as it hunts for a new CEO and warns of lower than expected 2010 sales

CES 2011: HTC 4G Phones for All!
Que Sera Sarah | 1/5/2011

10:20 AM Even AT&T, according to an ad in Rolling Stone

CES 2011: Mobile DTV Ready for Prime Time?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2011

Open Mobile Video Coalition uses CES to promote free-to-air ATSC-M/H digital TV devices and services, but will anyone tune in?

Is Cisco Spread Too Thinly?
News Analysis | 1/5/2011

The question comes to mind as Cisco, its stock still hurting from a November smacking, prepares a big-deal TV announcement for CES

Euronews: Jan. 5
News Analysis | 1/5/2011

Fitch sees hard times ahead for network vendors, NSN completes Turkish deal and Russian giant gets even bigger in today's Euro digest

Rumor: Qualcomm to Buy Atheros
LR Mobile Rumors | 1/4/2011

ActiveVideo Gains a Retail Foothold
The Bauminator | 1/4/2011

3:25 PM Funai is the first CE player to take the 'CloudTV' plunge

Cable Explores Next-Gen Video
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/4/2011

Cable operators worldwide are scrambling to deliver new, advanced video services, but are coming up against bandwidth constraints

TDS Tackles Access Bandwidth Challenge
News Analysis | 1/4/2011

VDSL2 deployment is the latest in a constant series of access upgrades that TDS hopes will help it stay ahead of consumer bandwidth demand

Aptilo Buys More Policy Control Smarts
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Aptilo bolsters its policy control strategy with the acquisition of Service Factory and adds a new private equity investor

Priority Care: AT&T Takes On Healthcare IT
News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Light Reading looks at AT&T's strategy for attacking the $34B health-care IT market

Boxee Preps a New Over-the-Top Box
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Also making the cable rounds: Microsoft may take on Apple TV, Dish raises and freezes rates, and USA Today fans cord-cutting flames

The Road Ahead in Cable Tech
Technically Speaking With SCTE | 1/4/2011

11:10 AM A slate of SCTE initiatives in 2011 is poised to help cable prepare for new technologies and a wave of fresh competition

Sprint Shifts to Next WiMax Phone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Sprint's third WiMax-powered smart phone, the HTC Evo Shift, got official today ahead of CES

AlcaLu Hires Senior BT Exec
News Analysis | 1/4/2011

BT's head of 21CN transformation joins his former boss at Alcatel-Lucent

Genband Snares Cedar Point
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Genband cements its cable play with deal to acquire VoIP gear and app specialist Cedar Point Communications

Euronews: Jan. 4
News Analysis | 1/4/2011

Ericsson, Level 3, Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom and BT all feature in today's news roundup

Verizon Gambles on Home Automation
Rewired | 1/3/2011

Home automation service still a risky bet, but Verizon's done its homework

Google TV Still Not Ready for Prime Time
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/3/2011

Google TV is panned, The Daily Show may return to Hulu, and Cablevision hikes some fees for programming and DVRs

MetroPCS Continues 4G Price War
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2011

MetroPCS wants to take on Sprint and Verizon with aggressive LTE pricing plans

Verizon 4G Androids Expected at CES
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/3/2011

LTE Android smart phones from HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola expected to be showcased at CES this week

Euronews: Jan. 3
News Analysis | 1/3/2011

Apple users sleep in, BT names FTTx competition winners, cable operator Unitymedia upgrades its broadband, and Technicolor completes asset sale

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