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Content posted in July 2001
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Lucent Looks for More Cash
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2001  |  1 comment
Lucent has announced it plans to raise $1 billion in convertible stock, but is the market willing?
Asia: Optical Boom or Bust?
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2001  |  2 comments
Will equipment companies' reliance on Asian sales come back to haunt them? The pattern looks familiar
Cisco Picks New Marketing Exec
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2001  |  3 comments
Latest scuttlebut: Sameer Padhye is new VP of service provider marketing; Kevin Kennedy chills talks with Redback
Motorola Deals for RiverDelta
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2001  |  1 comment
Motorola agrees to shell out $300 million in stock to boost its cable equipment business
OnFiber: Bottoms Up!
News Analysis  | 
7/31/2001  |  10 comments
Danny Bottoms has taken over as the startup service provider's fourth CEO, ending a period of strange goings-on
MRV: Wait 'Til Next Year...
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2001  |  3 comments
MRV's losses widen, but the company predicts better times ahead
The Coolest Router on Earth?
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2001  |  17 comments
Irvine Sensors bets $55 million that superconductor technologies will be the next wave for high-speed routers
Kymata Sold for $119 Million
News Analysis  | 
7/30/2001  |  25 comments
Alcatel Optronics has (finally) agreed to buy the Scottish AWG startup
OMM-inous News
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2001  |  37 comments
OMM has halted development of 3D MEMS subsystems, casting a pall of gloom over other MEMS startups
Sizing Up JDSU's Massive Loss
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2001  |  7 comments
JDSU's whopping $50.6 billion loss speaks to the sector's inflated expectations
Corvis's Future Brightens
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2001  |  30 comments
Q2 results were on target, and two new customers and a reduction in spending should pay off in 2002
Nortel to Grab Koch?
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2001  |  9 comments
The latest scuttlebutt says Roland Koch, fresh from Siemens ICN, could be Nortel's next CEO
VCs Turn to Triage
News Analysis  | 
7/27/2001  |  13 comments
With investment slowing and returns down, VCs are turning their attention to maintaining their strongest portfolio members
Corning Touts China, Rips Analyst
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  1 comment
Execs air their grievances with Morgan Stanley, saying fiber prices are stable and China is optical's future
Cisco's Kennedy Ready to Leave?
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  9 comments
'Atrocious' relationship with John Chambers has prompted exec to look at CEO position with Redback, sources say
Report: Next-Gen Gear Replacing Sonet
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  5 comments
Frost & Sullivan says the market for traditional Sonet/SDH gear is giving way to next-generation optical systems
Nanovation Files for Chapter 11
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  9 comments
It's got 100 days to restructure and relaunch or get bought before it goes bust
Sycamore: Sick No More?
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  13 comments
Not yet, but today's announcements of a significant new customer and product enhancements might help
New Focus Sees New Losses
News Analysis  | 
7/26/2001  |  Post a comment
New Focus sees growing revenues, but losses pile up as the company's orders plummet
Nokia Nabs Amber for $421M
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2001  |  43 comments
Finnish wireless expert says it will use Amber's fault-tolerant router to build pure IP wireless networks
Cisco's Kennedy: Recruiter's Dream?
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2001  |  15 comments
Cisco's service provider boss, Kevin Kennedy, is rumored to be in the running for top posts at Redback and Nortel
Procket Bulks Up
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2001  |  1 comment
Router startup Procket recruits refugees from the public market, including former Extreme CFO Vito Palermo
Harmonic Earnings Fall Short
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2001  |  Post a comment
Losses are greater than expected but management assures that things will improve in the next two quarters
Levy's Lucent Call Boosts Stock
News Analysis  | 
7/25/2001  |  9 comments
Insight or insanity? Lehman Brothers' analyst Steve Levy, an early Lucent critic, says shares may have hit bottom
Lucent's Hopes Dimming
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2001  |  48 comments
Execs say Lucent's future depends on restructuring its credit facilities, paving the way for up to 20,000 more layoffs
Gennum Gets Dense
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2001  |  Post a comment
Company says it can boost the speed of electrical backplanes to 10.7 Gbit/s
What's Cooking at Kymata ?
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2001  |  8 comments
Is the Scottish startup paving the way for a sale at a knockdown price?
Qwest Profits Shrink
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2001  |  Post a comment
Qwest's losses increase with a $3.75 billion charge, but data services revenue jumps
IPOptical Fades, Hyperchip Feasts
News Analysis  | 
7/24/2001  |  2 comments
Hyperchip scoops up more engineers as fellow core-router vendor IPOptical goes out of business
ONI Meets Estimates, Boosts Guidance
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  Post a comment
ONI matches Wall Streets expectations and raises its revenue estimates; pricing pressure evident in margins
Agility Packs Three Into One
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  1 comment
Unveils a tunable laser, amplifier, and modulator on a single piece of indium phosphide UPDATED 7/24 1:00 ET
Onex to Offer 'God Chip'
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  Post a comment
Startup outlines plans for a single programmable chip that handles circuits, cells, and packets natively
Street Numbed to Lucent Fiber Talk
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  12 comments
The deal is close -- again. Does Wall Street care anymore?
Startup Has a Crystal Ball
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  2 comments
Photonic Materials gets $15 million to develop crystals for future optical components
Atrica Tags Ragavan for CEO
News Analysis  | 
7/23/2001  |  Post a comment
Redback's ex-CEO has joined the optical Ethernet startup
Sorrento Picks Up Brokerage Coverage
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  4 comments
Baird initiates coverage on Sorrento as the company hits up banks for more funding
Startup Touts 'Tunable Demultiplexer'
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  14 comments
Sparkle Optics reckons it can outdo AWGs with its diffraction grating technology
Avici's Quarter Is All AT&T
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  16 comments
Avici trims losses and grows revenue but still has only one paying customer and continues to burn cash
Has Nortel Hit Bottom?
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  38 comments
Despite $19.4B quarterly net loss, execs say they've finished cost-cutting measures. The rest is up to the customers
PMC-Sierra Fights Inventory Glut
News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  Post a comment
Posts record second-quarter losses, as supply-chain inventory buildup begins to slowly burn off
AT&T Launches GPRS
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
7/20/2001  |  Post a comment
How much for the little packet? A question heard throughout Seattle.
Exar Teams Up on 10-Gig Chips
News Analysis  | 
7/19/2001  |  Post a comment
It's put $40 million into a network processor startup in an effort to grab a share of the OC192 market
Fiber Utilization Figures Challenged
News Analysis  | 
7/19/2001  |  79 comments
A TeleChoice study contradicts the view that many carrier networks are under-utilized
Tellium Feels Alright
News Analysis  | 
7/19/2001  |  2 comments
Just one quarter into their life as a public company, Tellium executives get bullish. They even raise guidance for 2001
Is Lucifer in Lucent's Debt Details?
News Analysis  | 
7/19/2001  |  6 comments
Lucent's complicated credit agreement is now Wall Street's focus, as the company aims for recovery
Extreme Looks East
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2001  |  19 comments
Extreme sees revenue growth in Asia, returns to pro forma profit after two difficult quarters; net losses continue
PMC Offers 'Cerent Chip'
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2001  |  13 comments
Its latest silicon could help the competition get a leg up on Cisco's ONS 15454
Degrees of Twaddle
Column  | 
7/18/2001  |  9 comments
Degrees of Twaddle – Peter Heywood
Nortel Finds New Marketing Chief
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2001  |  1 comment
Alan Kember, Nortel veteran, steps into the place evacuated by Anil Khatod last week **UPDATED**
Level 3 Earnings Disappoint
News Analysis  | 
7/18/2001  |  1 comment
Excluding dark fiber sales, growth disappeared -- and so did customers. What's management excited about?
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