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Indian Mobile Revenues to Hit $37B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/3/2008

Gartner predicts Indian mobile revenues to exceed $37B by 2012 as subscribers are projected to grow to 737M

FT's Notable New Friend
EuroBlog | 7/3/2008

France Telecom has a powerful new ally - Microsoft. Watch out...

Acme Packet Gets Jittery
News Analysis | 7/3/2008

Acme Packet says its second quarter earnings will fall well below Wall Street expectations due to order delays

Atish Gude, SVP, Business Operations, Sprint Nextel
LRTV Interviews | 7/3/2008

Sprint-Nextel’s Atish Gude gives us a preview of what kinds of devices and services will be coming to Baltimore and other markets starting in September. He also elaborates on Sprint’s claim that WiMax will be a game-changer in terms of broadband pricing and availability

Vodafone Buys Into Ghana for $900M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/3/2008

Mobile giant takes a 70% stake in Ghana Telecom for $900 million, a move that draws fire from the Ghanaian government's opposition

Stimulus Working
Monkey Bidness | 7/3/2008

Economy now engorged

Reliance, MTN Update
EuroBlog | 7/3/2008

Speculation suggests a shift in M&A approach

Huawei Preps $2B Handset Handshake
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/3/2008

The company is narrowing its list of potential buyers for a near 50 percent stake in its handset unit

DirecTV VO-Whenever
The Philter | 7/2/2008

Satellite VOD is not quite instant gratification

It's Only a Phone
Jonestown | 7/2/2008


Future of Web Video
Contentinople | 7/2/2008

Contentinople chats with Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire

Comcast Expands SDV Test Pool
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2008

Cisco and Motorola get the call for switched digital video pilots taking place in Minneapolis and St. Paul

IPTV QOE: Picture Imperfect
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/2/2008

With telcos pouring princely sums into IPTV, they had better make sure the picture quality is as good as cable or satellite

Tata Nears Mobile WiMax Vendor Picks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2008

India's Tata is weeks away from selecting new mobile WiMax infrastructure suppliers for its $500M wireless broadband network

Cisco Ogles Russian Startups
News Analysis | 7/2/2008

Cisco's pumping hard cash into a Russian VC fund

Fun With Femtos
Wireless Bits | 7/2/2008

Can somebody turn on the light?

DirecTV Could Win Big at AT&T
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2008

The terminated Dish-AT&T partnership could aid DirecTV and put more pressure on Dish subscriber growth heading into 2009, analyst says

PacketFront Takes On AlcaLu, Cisco
News Analysis | 7/2/2008

Swedish FTTH equipment vendor will use new €26M cash injection to go head-to-head with Cisco and AlcaLu in the FTTH market

One Dam Good Spliff
Monkey Bidness | 7/2/2008

Dank u, health police!

Swedes Slam Snooping Law
EuroBlog | 7/2/2008

Swedes protest against new spying law

SFR’s Femto Riposte
Wireless Bits | 7/2/2008

French operator sets the record straight

Siemens Faces More Charges
EuroBlog | 7/2/2008

Further corruption problems for Siemens

Clearwire’s WiMax Overlay
Wireless Bits | 7/2/2008

Operator plans to maintain pre-WiMax network

Operators Feel Femto Frustration
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2008

Commercial deployments for home base stations are not expected until next year as operators wait for standards

Broadband Safety Net
Jonestown | 7/1/2008

McCain supports national safety broadband network

Verizon Claims First Amendment Foul
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/1/2008

Cable may have won the latest round at the FCC, but Verizon is appealing its phone customer 'win-back' case in a DC court

UTStarcom Sheds Some Wireless Weight
News Analysis | 7/1/2008

A $240M sale continues UTStarcom's shift away from (most) wireless and more towards higher-margin areas like IPTV

Flash Exposes Itself... to Search
Contentinople | 7/1/2008

Contentinople says, 'Happy Canada Day!' and 'Pass the Labatt, please!'

Jonestown | 7/1/2008

Wave 2

Tru2way Glass: Half Full or Half Empty?
The Bauminator | 7/1/2008

Or maybe it's a bit of both, according to a new forecast that appears to hit and miss on a few important things...

Evolution Created
Monkey Bidness | 7/1/2008

Happy Anniversary, Charles D.

i vs. Instinct
Jonestown | 7/1/2008

A neat video comparison of the Sprint Instinct and iPhone

Wireless Standards 101
BelkBlog | 7/1/2008

Or, the 32 steps to 4G

Vyyo on Life Support
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/1/2008

The 3 GHz spectrum overlay specialist says it could be lights out if it's unable to raise more funds in the next three months

More Pole Positioning
The Philter | 7/1/2008

AT&T lowers itself for public safety

WebEx's Next Step
Craig's A-List | 7/1/2008

Aiming for the managed services bucket

Middle East Gets First MVNOs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2008

Jordan and Oman to see the region's first MVNOs

AT&T Finalizes iPhone 3G Pricing Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2008

Customers will have to pay more to use Apple's new handset

Cooking Up Next-Generation Services
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/1/2008

Creating next-generation services is a bit like cooking: Just mix the basic ingredients, figure out the timing, and serve

Docsis 3.0 Gear Tracker III
The Bauminator | 7/1/2008

It's time to refresh the list of equipment that has passed muster at CableLabs

Orange Vision Lacks IPTV
EuroBlog | 7/1/2008

'Together we can do more' – just not IPTV, yet

Vodafone Gets Social
Wireless Bits | 7/1/2008

Operator launches new MySpace service

Investor Letter Takes Swipe at Sonus
News Analysis | 7/1/2008

Sonus's largest shareholder blames the company's stock performance on management

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