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What Analysts Do
Nearpoints | 5/3/2006

Well, duh, we analyze. But events sometimes remind us that we really should disclose to everyone how we do it

Vicki Warker, VP Marketing, Sprint Business Solutions
UNTV Interviews | 5/3/2006

Vicki Warker, VP of Marketing for Sprint Business Solutions, talks about Sprint's latest services and the evolution of its wireless network.

Now, That's Naughty!
The Philter | 5/3/2006

They call him 'Mr. Teats.'

Verizon: Wireless Funds Fiber
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/3/2006

Q1 profits fell slightly, as wireless gains were offset by costs associated with buying MCI and rolling out a fiber network

Dan Lowden, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Wayport
UNTV Interviews | 5/3/2006

Now with more than 10,000 strategic locations worldwide and more than 12 million customer connections, Wayport Inc. weighs in on where the WiFi business is going next.

Brits Healthier Than US
Monkey Bidness | 5/3/2006

Gotta be the tea.

Craig Farrill, CEO, Kodiak Networks
LRTV Interviews | 5/3/2006

Craig Farrill, CEO of Kodiak Networks, talks about how the right kind of voice applications can drive mobile minutes usage up and give carriers a big advantage over free calling services, such as Skype.

Huawei Lands Another Euro Deal
News Analysis | 5/3/2006

Local loop unbundler Opal Telecom taps the vendor for multiservice access platforms and Ethernet switches

Support Picture Still Fuzzy on New Video Bills
News Analysis | 5/3/2006

The Senate's version of a new video franchise law, introduced Monday, leaves much of the franchising power in local hands

TW, Siemens Show Fixed Mobile Convergence
Cable Guy | 5/3/2006

Score one for Time Warner Cable and Siemens Communications. The two companies announced earlier today that they have demonstrated the integration of VoIP, mobile and Wi-Fi technologies to deliver fixed mobile convergence.

We Suck
The Philter | 5/2/2006

PR pro declares us 'useless.'

Interop's Wireless Hits
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/2/2006

Real-world apps take the stage over pie-in the-sky technologies

Here We Go Again
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/2/2006

Same defendant (RIM), different plaintiff (Visto) UPDATED 5/3 5:10PM

Verizon: Wireless Funds Fiber
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

Verizon's Q1 profits fell slightly, as wireless gains were offset by costs associated with buying MCI and rolling out a fiber network

Vegas (Slight Return)
Jonestown | 5/2/2006

Can't get enough of this place.

Ubiquity Leads New Round of 21CN Deals
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

BT has started a new round of 21CN vendor engagements, focusing this time on service creation and development capabilities

Reliance Buoyed by Q4 Profits
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

Reliance sets its sights on broadband expansion as profits and subscriber numbers rise

Mission Not Accomplished
Cutting Loose | 5/2/2006

While cell phone games stagnate, enterprise users await mobile services

GLOBALCOMM: Call for News
Globalcomm News Analysis | 5/2/2006

We're looking for potential stories and interview opportunities for GLOBALCOMM™ 2006

Verizon's Mike Tighe on the Financial Benefits of Ethernet for Enterprises
LRTV Master Class | 5/2/2006

Mike Tighe, Director of Strategy and Development for Verizon Business, looks at the evolution of Carrier Class Ethernet, how Enterprise businesses are currently using it and the positive impact that it now offers on the ROI of their IT investments.

Telco Print Is Dead
Red Panda | 5/2/2006

LR survey proves it. Sort of.

Siemens Cuts Another 1,000 Jobs
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

Vendor to reduce its workforce by a further 1,000 staff as stiffening international competition continues to eat margins

Tut Tightens Belt in Tough IPTV Space
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

The IPTV headend player warns on sour Q1 results, names a new CFO, undergoes cost restructuring, and announces 'modest' layoffs

AT&T to Launch Lightspeed Next Month
News Analysis | 5/2/2006

AT&T will launch its great white hope, the fiber-based Project Lightspeed, in San Antonio next month

CableLabs Approves Four More Products
Cable Guy | 5/2/2006

In a quiet equipment testing round, CableLabs approved four more cable tech devices last month, including two voice modems, one cable modem termination system (CMTS) and one cable modem.

Both Sides Now
The Martin Chronicles | 5/1/2006

Visto wants to serve customers and sue competitors. Time to choose

Users Signal RFID Intentions
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2006

It's no longer just the likes of Wal-Mart that are looking at RFID technology

T-Mobile, Cable MSOs May Spend on Spectrum
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

An upcoming spectrum auction is expected to draw big bids from T-Mobile as well as several non-traditional bidders

Level 3 Takes TelCove
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

The buying spree continues, as Level 3 picks up competitive carrier TelCove for about $1.2B

Stalk a Stoner
Light Ranting | 5/1/2006

Surf the Internet, catch a stoner... get $50.

Meru-mor Mill
Jonestown | 5/1/2006

So what happened with Juniper?

Meru's Core Values
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2006

Startup unveils new products, CFO, $25M VC, and even utters the letters 'IPO'

10 Security Vendors You've Never Heard Of
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

Startups that look to fulfill a broad range of enterprise requirements

Foundry Claims Core Crown
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

The company claims its newest core router outdoes the Cisco CRS-1 and Juniper T640

Jury Vindicates Visto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2006

Sweeping judgment against Seven leads to new RIM patent suit UPDATED 4PM

The First Enterprise-Class MIMO AP
Nearpoints | 5/1/2006

Bluesocket has a new 'enterprise class' MIMO-based access point. Are things getting faster in the office?

Save This Blog
The Philter | 5/1/2006

Let's get political.

Aventail Eyes Mobile Security
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/1/2006

Startup looks to break away from the SSL VPN pack by locking down users' PDAs and smart phones

Spectrum for Safety: Is There Enough?
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

Nextel veteran Morgan O'Brien wants the FCC to set aside 30 MHz of valuable spectrum for public safety

CMP Launches Dark Reading
News Analysis | 5/1/2006

New Light Reading sister publication will be aimed squarely at covering enterprise security

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