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Meet AT&T's New Communications Division Leadership
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

AT&T's biggest business unit now has a new leadership team. Here's a look at who is likely running the company's wired and wireless networks, and its overall mobile and wired Internet offerings.

Comcast sparks streaming app for LG TVs
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Beta of Xfinity Stream app for LG supports Comcast's live TV, VoD and cloud DVR services and works on 4K and HD models from 2017 to 2019.

5G Is Not Among Trump's R&D Priorities
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

5G is no longer named as one of the nation's R&D priorities for federal spending. The White House last year specifically pointed to 5G as a technological priority.

Ciena CEO: Carriers No Longer Hooked on Huawei
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

International operators are set to ween themselves off Huawei, claims Ciena CEO Gary Smith.

Is There a Payoff for Free Wireless?
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Several wireless providers, including Sprint, T-Mobile and FreedomPop, have toyed with 'free' service offerings. However, the freemium business model appears tricky to implement.

Altice Mobile Expects to Be in the Black Within 12 Months
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

'We wouldn't be in this business if we didn't think it would become a profitable standalone business,' Altice USA CEO Dexter Goei says.

AT&T, Verizon Perfect 5G Showboating With NFL Stadium Deployments
DanoVision | 9/5/2019

Both AT&T and Verizon said they will show off 5G services in NFL football stadiums. But the details of their announcements highlight the fact that it's still early days in the 5G space.

Web-Scale Business Fuels Ciena's Growth but Stock Takes a Hit
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Transport gear and software vendor reports year-on-year revenue growth of more than 17% to $960.6 million, with a hefty chunk of revenues coming from web-scale customers, but investors reacted negatively to outlook.

Altice Mobile debuts $20 per month 'price for life' to Optimum and Suddenlink subs
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Altice USA's new 'Unlimited Everything' offering, underpinned by its MVNO deal with Sprint, will be sold for $30 per line per month to non-Optimum and Suddenlink customers in or near its 21-state footprint.

Eurobites: MTS Gets 2.1 Gbit/s From Samsung Device in Trials With Nokia & Qualcomm
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: MegaFon microwaves with Ericsson; Vodafone enters Oman with OFT; Gorgeous Gavin turns up at Salesforce.

Deutsche Telekom finally gets to launch 5G
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

The German operator has been given the spectrum it needs to provide 5G services three months after the country's 5G auction wrapped up.

Eluvio Aims to Elude Video Transcoding & the CDN
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Startup led by former Aspera CEO Michelle Munson enters the global OTT scene with a low-latency 'Content Fabric' designed to disrupt the streaming video market.

Amazon Stokes Up Fire TV Platform as Active Users Surpass 37M
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

Amazon introduces 15 smart TVs that run Fire TV, alongside a new 'Cube' device with 4K and Dolby Vision support.

Samsung Intros First Chipset With 5G Built-In
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

Samsung intros an integrated 5G processor as manufacturers prepare a new wave of 5G silicon.

America's First Big 5G Midband Spectrum Auction Will Be in June 2020
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

The FCC said it will auction 70MHz of 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum starting on June 25 of 2020. That's likely a relief to companies like AT&T and Verizon that have said they need more midband spectrum for 5G.

TiVo Hones 'Edge' DVR Ahead of Company Split
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

New family of connected devices for cable TV customers and cord-cutters will reportedly pack six tuners, 2 terabytes of storage and support 4K and Dolby Atmos.

Deconstructing the Telco Cloud
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/4/2019

The term 'telco cloud' is used often, but it can mean different things to different people.

Getting Ready for the Visual Cloud
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/4/2019

In a half-day conference at IBC in Amsterdam next week, Intel and partners will show off the visual cloud and demonstrate how it can deliver rich, immersive, interactive video experiences and graphics-based workloads.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: SVoD, Content Investment & Ericsson
LRTV Documentaries | 9/4/2019

Ovum's Ed Barton is the special guest this week, bringing SVoD insights and more. Also: What's going on at Ericsson?

New 5G Chips Put Huawei at the Forefront
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

China's biggest network equipment vendor is now emerging as a 5G chip powerhouse.

Altitude TV says OTT doesn't make enough dollars or sense
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

The embattled regional sports network claims that the economics of a direct-to-consumer subscription streaming model don't add up.

Fastweb, Wind Tre take 5G network sharing to the limit
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

A 5G network-sharing agreement between the Italian operators could help to validate network slicing and provide a new paradigm for Europe's ailing service providers.

Qualcomm Looks to a Multimode – & More Competitive – Future
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

Qualcomm is planning for a multimode 5G future as it faces up to more competition and reduced sales to Huawei.

Eurobites: EE Trumps Rivals in UK Network Test
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: A1 replaces Vip brand in North Macedonia; MobileLinks increases capacity with Net Insight; Sky offers WiFi guarantee.

The Edge Is Coming but Are Networks Ready?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/4/2019

Edge computing brings high-performance storage, compute and network resources closer to users and devices than ever before.

Eutelsat Surprise Splits 5G Spectrum Alliance
News Analysis | 9/4/2019

European satellite operator Eutelsat said it is leaving the C-Band Alliance, but will still participate in the sale of C-Band spectrum for 5G - adding another layer of complexity atop an already complex situation.

AT&T's American Tower Deal Hints at Progress in Tower Play
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

AT&T inked a new, long-term deal with US tower giant American Tower. While the details of the deal remain unclear, it appears to signal some movement in AT&T's broader tower strategy.

Huawei: 'I Know What You Are, but What Am I?'
Wagner’s Ring | 9/3/2019

After years of defending itself against US spying accusations, Huawei claims the US government is spying on it.

OSTV Now Stalls on the Launchpad
The Bauminator | 9/3/2019

Countdown to the debut of a new video streaming service connected to Omniverse CEO Jason DeMeo featuring 50 'top' US TV channels starting at $50 leads to nothing... so far.

McElfresh Takes Over for Donovan at AT&T, Stankey Named COO
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

John Stankey and Jeff McElfresh are stepping up to take over leadership at AT&T in the wake of John Donovan's departure. McElfresh specifically will be in charge of AT&T's move into 5G.

US Broadband Subscriber Slowdown Could Spark ARPU Gains
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

A deceleration in broadband subscriber growth could amplify cable's focus on broadband with higher prices and even less emphasis on retaining less profitable pay-TV customers.

China's 5G Rollout to Reach 300 Cities in 2020
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

The ramp-up is set to accelerate next year as all three Chinese operators seek to sign up 5G customers.

Poland Gives Huawei, ZTE the 5G Cold Shoulder
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

Poland's prime minister and the US vice president have signed an agreement that effectively bars Chinese vendors from the European country's 5G market.

Eurobites: Iliad in Talks Over Fiber Joint Venture
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telia seeks to smooth path to Bonnier acquisition; VEON sets out its long-term strategy; Deutsche Telekom connects the car to the smart home.

South Korea Closed July With Nearly 2M 5G Subs
News Analysis | 9/3/2019

Government data shows SK Telecom with more than 41% of 5G users at the end of July; country's 4G subscriber numbers start to decline.

Pressure on Huawei Shifts Closer to Home
News Analysis | 9/2/2019

The US campaign to pressure others into snubbing Huawei has had an impact in Vietnam and has now also moved underwater.

For VMware, It's All About the Edge
News Analysis | 9/2/2019

VMware is looking to the edge to seize its 5G opportunity.

Eurobites: Nokia Lands 5G Deal With Iliad
News Analysis | 9/2/2019

Also in today's EMEA round-up: Sky linked to Liberty Global hook-up on fiber; Pence talks 5G security in Poland; 4G in Ethiopia; TalkTalk lands schools' MPLS deal.

Podcast: Orange Silicon Valley CEO Helou on Tech as a Social, Economic Game-Changer
CxO Spotlight | 9/2/2019

Mireille Hellou recently took charge of an Orange business unit bringing together Californian innovation and the European telco. She talked with Light Reading editor Mitch Wagner about how that focus can be about more than profits.

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