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The Unlocked Nexus One
Jonestown | 1/5/2010

4:10 PM Will You Buy?

CIOs Not Sold on Managed Service Value
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

A study done for BT shows CIOs need help in the IT arena but aren't sure about network-based offers such as cloud computing

Breathing New Life Into the CableCARD?
The Bauminator | 1/5/2010

3:40 PM Microsoft's Steve Ballmer reportedly to highlight a new CableCARD tuner that feeds digital cable to the PC

ESPN Jumps Into the 3DTV Game
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2010

ESPN 3D to offer at least 85 live events during its first year, but the network will shut down between 3D events to ensure it's not a bandwidth buster

Nexus One Won't Support AT&T's Fastest 3G Data Services
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2010

But the Google Phone is available unlocked and on T-Mobile, with Verizon Wireless and Vodafone coming soon

Nokia Goes Solo in Barcelona
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Handset giant sets up shop outside Mobile World Congress 2010, and it isn't the only one shunning this year's show floor

Google Introduces 'Nexus One' Phone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Company also opens up Web store to sell phone with and without service plans from partners

Do Delays Really Hurt Stimulus Funding?
Rewired | 1/5/2010

11:05 AM So what if the NTIA is three months behind giving out money? Getting it right matters more than doing it quickly

Aircel Plans Mobile App Store, Tower Sale
News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Indian operator unveils plans to open India's first mobile apps store, with help from Infosys, and readies the sale of its mobile towers

Skype on TV
Contentinople | 1/5/2010

10:10 AM Skype teams up with Panasonic and LG for video calls on TV

Cox, CableLabs Give DECE More Cable Cred
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/5/2010

Cox and CableLabs join Comcast in the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, a move that may allow MSOs to get a cut of the lucrative retail DVD market

What Cisco Won't Buy
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2010

5:45 PM Not a rumor, just an idea. One that won't fly, though

Google Leads CES Device Cavalcade
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2010

The Nexus One isn't the only news this week, however – there will be gadgets at CES proper in Las Vegas

Consumer Groups Want 'TV Everywhere' Probe
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/4/2010

Group alleges that MSOs and programmers may be colluding on 'TV Everywhere' in an attempt to kill off Internet-fed video competition

China Mobile Exec in Corruption Probe
AsiaBlog | 1/4/2010

1:05 PM Serious financial irregularities cited

Twilio Banks $3.7M
EuroBlog | 1/4/2010

12:40 PM Cloud VoIP apps firm bags some cash

CES Starts Up
Contentinople | 1/4/2010

NOON Expect to see developments in 3DTV and green tech

Huawei Claims 2009 Revenues of $21.5B
News Analysis | 1/4/2010

Chinese vendor estimates its 2009 revenues at $21.5 billion and predicts further growth in 2010, but at a slower rate

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