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Forecasting 4G Fortunes
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/30/2008

In an ultra-competitive and over-supplied wireless infrastructure market, is there any future for smaller 4G vendors?

CableLabs Stamps Panasonic TVs
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/30/2008

Panasonic gets the green light to market two tru2way-powered HD screens at retail in time for the 2008 holiday season

Fujitsu Brings Flashwave to Europe
News Analysis | 9/30/2008

With Verizon as its flagship customer, Fujitsu tries its Flashwave hand in Europe, though it knows it has its work cut out

On a Lighter Note...
Monkey Bidness | 9/30/2008


Huawei Raises the Optical Stakes
News Analysis | 9/30/2008

Chinese vendor unveils two new optical boxes, including a 1.28 Tbit/s DWDM switch and a 10 Gbit/s GPON prototype

Nokia Goes to OZ
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/30/2008

This isn't Kansas, anymore – Nokia announced plans to buy Montreal-based mobile messaging specialist OZ

Huawei, VOD Go Soft in the RAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/30/2008

Huawei and Vodafone unveil development of a software-defined radio for a multimode GSM/WCDMA base station

Predictable Survey Says…
The Bauminator | 9/30/2008

People don't like consumption caps. Sorry, Comcast

Broadband Users Oppose Bandwidth Caps
News Analysis | 9/30/2008

But survey says some may be willing to pay for guaranteed QOS for applications

Don't Tap My Phone, Don't Tap My Internet
Column | 9/30/2008

Deep packet inspection threatens a fundamental right to privacy

Cellular Empire Strikes Back – With Marketing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/30/2008

Cellular operators, laptop makers, and chipset suppliers join forces to promote devices with embedded 3G mobile broadband

A XOHM Timeline
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/29/2008

How Sprint's WiMax plans got here from there

PMC's Wireless Connection
Craig's A-List | 9/29/2008

An old optical name takes to the air

DirecTV Wins AT&T Sweepstakes
TelcoTV Thoughts | 9/29/2008

What’s next for Dish Network?

TiVo Goes PC
The Bauminator | 9/29/2008

And pre-empts the 'CablePC?'

XOHM WiMax Is Finally On
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/29/2008

Sprint finally launches first WiMax network in Baltimore

DPI (Hearts) LTE
Craig's A-List | 9/29/2008

Preparing for the flood

CDNs Coming Together
News Analysis | 9/29/2008

Consolidation in the content delivery space could be imminent, according to attendees at Streaming Media West last week

DirecTV's Gain Could Result in Dish Losses
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/29/2008

Analyst says Dish Network is in store for a rough ride in 2009 after AT&T picks DirecTV as its long-term satellite TV bundling partner

Big Ben Plays It Safe
EuroBlog | 9/29/2008

AlcaLu's Ben Verwaayen fails to thrill

Telecom Italia Tunes In Cisco for Web TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/29/2008

Broadband service provider is powering Yalp!, its free Internet video hub, with a Cisco platform that cooks in Adobe's Flash platform

ADVA Unleashes WDM-PON
News Analysis | 9/29/2008

ADVA unveils a WDM-PON system that aggregates backhaul traffic and enables symmetrical 100 Mbit/s broadband access

Hello XOHM
Wireless Bits | 9/29/2008

Big day for Baltimore

Web Video Audience Doubles
Contentinople | 9/26/2008

Percentage of people who watch broadband video streamed through a Web browser doubles

The Friday Five
The Bauminator | 9/26/2008

Calling attention to a handful of other cable-related things that happened this week

Zeugma Spins a Remix
News Analysis | 9/26/2008

The startup has laid off some hardware staff but says it's hiring on the software and applications front

Nokia Siemens Shares Ethernet Secrets
News Analysis | 9/26/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks expands its carrier Ethernet portfolio with new products and reveals a 'secret sauce' development

P2P Still Behind in Video Distribution
News Analysis | 9/26/2008

Despite some growing acceptance, peer-to-peer still isn't a go-to technology for video distribution

RIM Posts $492 Million 2Q Profit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/26/2008

BlackBerry maker is still the dominant leader in US smartphone sales and is making headway around the globe

OSS Company Considers Content
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/26/2008

CSG is pitching a Silverlight-based system designed to help studios, TV nets, and other content owners sell and promote videos via the Web

Lifting the Fog on RFOG
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/26/2008

Will the cable industry's coming 'Radio Frequency over Glass' standard drive MSOs to put more fiber in their diet?

Chambers: $3 Million Man
Craig's A-List | 9/26/2008

Judges give him a 1.28

G1 Is Just the Start for Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/26/2008

The Android phone won't be alone for long, as other vendors are believed to be working on devices

Fuzzy Bailing
Monkey Bidness | 9/26/2008

'We just wanted a really large number'

CableLabs Chief Bows Out
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/26/2008

Dr. Richard Green is to retire in late 2009, meaning CableLabs will be seeking a new chief for the first time in its 20-year history

Level 3 Increases CDN Capacity in Asia/Pac
News Analysis | 9/25/2008

Also adds encoding to suite of services

Verizon Talks GMPLS, 100-Gig
News Analysis | 9/25/2008

It's a big optical week for the carrier, which is releasing some trial results

Carrier Ethernet Thunder: ESE & CESR
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/25/2008

Recent months have seen a sizzling Ethernet service edge market and a dazzling array of carrier Ethernet switch/router product news

iPhone Myopia & Google Android Euphoria
BelkBlog | 9/25/2008

Look at the bigger picture

FCC Considers 700 MHz D Block Price Drop
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/25/2008

Originally priced at $1.3B, the 700 MHz D Block of spectrum is used by police and firefighters

Maverick Twists & Turns
Monkey Bidness | 9/25/2008

News-hounds befuddled, but impressed

Comcast Covering Its Bases
TelcoTV Thoughts | 9/25/2008

NetVideo investments provide a hedge for the future

Ethernet Pro Joins AlcaLu
EuroBlog | 9/25/2008

Former Atrica stalwart joins AlcaLu's IP division

Sling Places Hi-Def Bet
The Bauminator | 9/25/2008

New place-shifting device can send hi-def streams outside the house – provided you have a relatively beefy 1.5 Mbit/s upstream connection

Huawei Seen as Likely Nortel Suitor
News Analysis | 9/25/2008

Who might buy Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks division? We surveyed executives from the carrier Ethernet sector – they said Huawei

Android on WiMax in 2009?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/24/2008

Analyst report adds more color to talk that Android devices could be available for WiMax networks in 2009

Roku Opens Up
Contentinople | 9/24/2008

Roku's not just for Netflix any more, ISP execs warn of tiered pricing, The AP goes with thePlatform, and teens ditch TV for the Web

Harris Does WiMax
Wireless Bits | 9/24/2008

Microwave transport specialist gets in the WiMax game

Sweet Music for Overture
EuroBlog | 9/24/2008

Ethernet player lands COLT gig

Que Syrah Sarah
Monkey Bidness | 9/24/2008

Chile's wine industry takes a hit

Cheap Femto Chips
Wireless Bits | 9/24/2008

DesignArt chip busts barrier to $100 femtocells

ISPs Eye Tiered Broadband Pricing
News Analysis | 9/24/2008

Some execs say service providers may have to implement tiered pricing to deal with the explosive growth in streaming video

Breakfast Update
Monkey Bidness | 9/24/2008

Bob Evans is trying to kill you

Nortel's 40G Euro Win
EuroBlog | 9/24/2008

Belgium gets a better backbone

Xilinx Chases 100 Gig
Craig's A-List | 9/24/2008

With help from some friends

PBT: Alive 'n' Kicking
News Analysis | 9/24/2008

While some companies are determined to bury PBT, the connection-oriented Ethernet technology refuses to lie down

Whistling BICSI
The Bauminator | 9/24/2008

Former SCTE chief John Clark has found himself a new gig

Cable Mobile, Eh?
BroadBananas | 9/24/2008

Researcher says cable MSOs are poised to wage a wireless war in the Great White North in the coming years

ECOC: Remote Report
Craig's A-List | 9/24/2008

Guessing from the sidelines

Slideshow: Switching On Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/23/2008

Picture this: A data-friendly phone for the rest of us

Moonves at MIXX
Contentinople | 9/23/2008

CBS's Moonves talks CNET and the power of the Internet at IAB's MIXX Conference

FCC No Longer Inquiring About Interactive TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/23/2008

Commission scuttles a fact-finding mission originally triggered by the AOL-Time Warner merger and the now-defunct AOLTV service

Santur Girds for Battle
News Analysis | 9/23/2008

With a 100-Gbit/s transmitter and aims on pluggable modules, Santur tries to fend off the tunable-laser competition

Verizon Opines on Grounding Gripes
News Analysis | 9/23/2008

Carrier says concerns about its FiOS network are 'considerably overstated'

Ike Aftermath
The Bauminator | 9/23/2008

Comcast and Insight report progress in the wake of last week's big storm

Reding's Roaming Rampage
Wireless Bits | 9/23/2008

European Commissioner reveals data roaming cuts

Your Tax Dollars at Work
Monkey Bidness | 9/23/2008

I feel more secure already

Live Android Event Stream
Jonestown | 9/23/2008

Photos and more

Sprint Joins PBT Club
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/23/2008

Ciena scores an Ethernet backhaul win as Sprint selects the vendor's PBB-TE-based Ethernet gear for its Xohm WiMax network

Clear Talk
LR Mobile Column | 9/22/2008

It's debate season: my debate with Clearwire

DECE Frees Digital Music
Contentinople | 9/22/2008

DECE takes on digital music distribution

CableCARD Update V
The Bauminator | 9/22/2008

8.17 million and counting…but the market for one-way CableCARD products remains predictably stagnant

China's Mega CDMA Tender
Wireless Bits | 9/22/2008

The monster tender looks even bigger

Comcast Details Net Management Moves
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/22/2008

MSO supplies FCC with details about Comcast's new network management system and a plan to install it everywhere by year's end

NEC, Ubiquisys Win Softbank Femto Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/22/2008

Japan's Softbank selects the NEC femtocell solution with the Ubiquisys home access point and will launch services in January

Extreme Goes for Ethernet Glory
News Analysis | 9/22/2008

Major league bigness is a big part of Extreme's big new carrier Ethernet switch, which is big, real big

AlcaLu Plugs Its Backhaul Hole
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/22/2008

Alcatel-Lucent fills out its wireless backhaul portfolio with the launch of a single-unit multiservice edge aggregation box

2Wire's BT Coup
EuroBlog | 9/22/2008

BT pulls 2Wire into its FTTx plans

Driving Multiplatform Entertainment
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/19/2008

The newly formed Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium could have far-reaching implications for technology vendors

VZ Verifies FiOS Grounding Failures
News Analysis | 9/19/2008

A new report suggests that Verizon is slow to get its grounding fixes off the ground

Slideshow: Gadget Geek-Out
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/19/2008

A holiday spectacular brings the RIM Bold

India's Mobile Data Explosion
The Philter | 9/19/2008

India: land of extrapolation

DECE Gets It Right
Contentinople | 9/19/2008

DECE may be more than just a publicity stunt – the group's formation signals the acquiescence to multiplatform content consumption

Talk Like a Pirate Day
Red Panda | 9/19/2008

But avast! One wench threatens to ruin it all

ONO! Another Docsis 3.0 Story!
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/19/2008

Spanish cable operator joins the growing European Docsis 3.0 club that's piling broadband pressure on the telcos

Interactive TV Is Coming
TelcoTV Thoughts | 9/19/2008

Maybe it's finally time to pay attention

Sex & Drugs & Oil
Monkey Bidness | 9/19/2008

Prepare for global hotness

Cisco Gains Presence With Jabber Purchase
News Analysis | 9/19/2008

Cisco is bolstering its unified communications arsenal with the acquisition of presence and messaging applications specialist Jabber

ATCA Finds Its Stride
News Analysis | 9/19/2008

The latest Light Reading Live! conference has ATCA vendors discussing what's behind the growing adoption of the standard

Vignette Targets Media
Contentinople | 9/18/2008

Vignette intros industry-specific CMS platform

How Times Change
Jonestown | 9/18/2008

4G today, gone tomorrow?

Will E-MTAs Reign Supreme?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/18/2008

Shipments of E-MTAs have been rising steadily and could eclipse cable data modem shipments for the first time this year

As Android Nears, T-Mobile Boosts 3G Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/18/2008

The wireless carrier said it will have 3G networks in 21 markets by mid-October, and 27 markets by the end of the year

Amazon Goes Into the CDN Business
News Analysis | 9/18/2008

Amazon.com announced its entry into the content delivery scrum with a service it expects to launch by the end of the year

IBC 2008: Clogs, Canals & Virtual Heads
Slide Shows | 9/18/2008

There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat in Amsterdam, and we photographed a few of them at IBC

Good News for Nortel!
EuroBlog | 9/18/2008

Nortel's 4G reputation gets a boost

The Heavies Weigh In on Nortel
News Analysis | 9/18/2008

Heavy Reading analysts react as Nortel announces plans to sell its optical and carrier Ethernet businesses

Brocade/Foundry Readies Ethernet Invasion
News Analysis | 9/17/2008

As the Foundry acquisition nears, Brocade is talking up big plans for data center Ethernet

Spotlighting Energy Efficiency
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/17/2008

Energy consumption has emerged as a major concern for telecom and data center network operations

Good News!
Jonestown | 9/17/2008

On the super collider thingy...

Nortel 4G Plans Up in the Air
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2008

Nortel's looking for an exit out of 4G, as well as getting out of the carrier Ethernet and optical markets

Brocade Grabs for Silver
Craig's A-List | 9/17/2008

The battle with Juniper begins

Microwave Gets Respect
Craig's A-List | 9/17/2008

Backhaul gets ready for its closeup

Naughty Kiwis
Monkey Bidness | 9/17/2008

Single-handedly hampering productivity

Blyk Bits
Wireless Bits | 9/17/2008

Mobile ad-funded startup has a good first year

WiFi an Optimum Weapon
BroadBananas | 9/17/2008

Cablevision trumps Verizon with WiFi

What's Nortel Worth?
The Philter | 9/17/2008

Short answer: About as much as Tellabs

Nortel Plunges on New Forecast
News Analysis | 9/17/2008

Shares slide 40% on Nortel's new look for 2008

Cisco Cuts Loose
Craig's A-List | 9/17/2008

Telecommuting vs. tethers

Nortel to Sell Carrier Ethernet, Optical Biz
News Analysis | 9/17/2008

Nortel issues a profits warning, plans further cost cutting, and announces plans to sell its Metro Ethernet Networks division

Bobby Johnson's Greatest Hits
News Analysis | 9/17/2008

As Foundry prepares to get glommed by Brocade, here's a trip down memory lane

Liberty Takes 120 Mbit/s to the Dutch
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/16/2008

Liberty Global's UPC Netherlands has launched a 120 Mbit/s broadband service based on EuroDocsis3.0 gear, and plans further European deployments

Super Hi-Vision Rocks HD
Contentinople | 9/16/2008

HD is no longer that high-def, BitTorrent rakes it in, and Next New Networks gets a new CEO

Finisar Tries 'Two in a Box'
News Analysis | 9/16/2008

The latest Light Reading interview examines the optical company's dual-CEO plan

BitTorrent Raises $17M Series C
News Analysis | 9/16/2008

The P2P-technology company pulls in a third round of funding

Android Lands in London
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/16/2008

Google demos the Android operating system on a handset for the first time in Europe at the Google Developer Day event in London

Japan Tops Broadband Quality Ranking
News Analysis | 9/16/2008

Broadband quality is as important as penetration when considering the value of high-speed Internet access to a country's e-health

Europe Waits for 4G Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/16/2008

European regulators meet today to start work on frequency plans for the digital dividend spectrum that will be key for future 4G networks in the region

The Emergence of the Session Border Media Gateway
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/16/2008

Genband's acquisition of NextPoint heralds the arrival of the integrated SBC/media gateway

Nokia’s Emerging Problems
LR Mobile Column | 9/16/2008

Folks surprised by Nokia’s recent market share warning just haven’t been paying attention

Genband Scores NextPoint
News Analysis | 9/16/2008

Media gateway masters now seek God Box grandeur

Juniper's Designs on Packet Design
News Analysis | 9/15/2008

Routing giant takes a $2M stake in an analytics company founded by two Cisco biggies

Verizon Wireless: Rise of the Machines
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/15/2008

90% of the devices being certified on Verizon's 'open' network project are machine-to-machine gadgets

Studios Form DECE
Contentinople | 9/15/2008

Apple and Disney are left out in the cold

Cisco Shares Another Big Day
News Analysis | 9/15/2008

Amid a raft of announcements, Cisco takes a bold move toward vendor accountability

Rose Shows His Thorns at Thomson
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/15/2008

Thomson's new CEO Frédéric Rose has axed the executive in charge of the company's telecom and cable business within days of joining

Cisco Raises Ethernet Backhaul Stakes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/15/2008

Cisco announces a new and improved cell site router for IP/Ethernet backhaul

Leap Wireless Reveals Ambitious Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/15/2008

The regional carrier is seeking to double its coverage by 2010, and is pushing new features like prepaid wireless broadband

IBC 2008
LRTV Documentaries | 9/15/2008

Fritz Nelson gets all loved-up in Amsterdam for IBC 2008. It’s not all clogs, cheese, and canals though. IBC is the biggest broadcast show in the world and now has real relevance to the IPTV market. Ericsson’s Eugene Sarmiento and Peter Linder, Akamai’s Suzanne Johnson, Accedo’s Fredrik Andersson, and Open IPTV Forum’s Monika Gadhammar take us by the hand to guide us through the maze

Puzzling Out India
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/15/2008

India represents the world's biggest telecom opportunity, but broadband penetration continues to proceed at a snail's pace

Stormy Monday
Craig's A-List | 9/15/2008

Anyone got a nuclear winter shelter?

Marcus Liassides
LRTV Interviews | 9/15/2008

The founder and CEO of triple play service provider Inuk Networks talks about Igloo, the virtual set-top box for PCs and Macs

Suzanne Johnson
LRTV Interviews | 9/15/2008

Akamai’s Suzanne Johnson talks about global content distribution and the increasing use of high-definition video on the Internet

Eugene Sarmiento
LRTV Interviews | 9/15/2008

Ericsson’s head of IPTV sales development talks about the company’s new middleware offering and how it can help operators converge telephony, PC, and television services

Juniper Strikes at Security's Core
News Analysis | 9/15/2008

Security gets the 'virtualization' treatment as Juniper rolls the flexible SRX platform into the carrier security services sector

IBC Curtain Call
EuroBlog | 9/15/2008

From bombsite to DreamWorks

CTIA: Clearwire Talks Android & More
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2008

Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff sits down for a cozy chat with Unstrung at CTIA

Countdown to Contentonomics
Contentinople | 9/12/2008

There are only three weeks to Contentinople's second live event, Envivio gets $25M, and Inuk goes with Move to stream video on PCs

Packet-Optical Transport Confusion Is on the Rise
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/12/2008

Widespread confusion and uncertainty in the packet-optical transport market will cause delays in deployment

CTIA Slideshow: Flippin' Out, Part II
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2008

Brain death? Pshaw! Have another dose of photos from this week's wild and wooly CTIA

IBC: Microsoft Adds Ads to IPTV
News Analysis | 9/12/2008

Microsoft stakes a pitch in the IPTV targeted advertising platform market with additions to its Mediaroom platform

IBC Day 2: Square Eyes
EuroBlog | 9/12/2008

It's a hi-def screen lover's dream here...

Envivio Closes $25M Round
News Analysis | 9/12/2008

Round was led by HarbourVest Partners and Atlantic Bridge Ventures

Thinking Makes You Fat
Monkey Bidness | 9/12/2008

Or fat makes you smart...

The Spin-In Lottery
Craig's A-List | 9/12/2008

Even at Cisco, life is unfair

Future Trends in IPTV
LRTV Documentaries | 9/12/2008

A collection of industry heavyweights from opposite sides of the ring give us their own opinions on what the future of IPTV will be over the coming year. Topics include convergence, 21st-Century networking, targeted advertising, 4G, net neutrality, and the 100G network.

CTIA Slideshow: Flippin' Out, Part I
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/12/2008

We laughed, we cried, we rode around in a broadband van

Apple, Operator War Averted (for now)
LR Mobile Column | 9/12/2008

Microphone still missing from the iPod Touch

InnoPath Branches Out
Craig's A-List | 9/12/2008

Mobile ideas for the enterprise

Indian Carriers Commit to GPON
News Analysis | 9/12/2008

BSNL and Bharti Airtel unveil their FTTH plans at Light Reading's broadband strategies event in New Delhi

TI Flexes Docsis 3.0 Muscle
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/12/2008

Texas Instruments' 8-channel Docsis 3.0 chipset to converge a cable operator's high-speed data offerings with video services

IBC: So Protect Me!
News Analysis | 9/11/2008

The content protection players have converged on the IBC show in Amsterdam, with Verimatrix leading the DRM news charge

Google Takes Over Video
Contentinople | 9/11/2008

Company's share of online video keeps growing

Charter Talks Docsis Costs
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2008

Charter's estimate of Docsis 3.0 costs gives some insight into what Comcast might end up spending

CTIA: There's a Man
Jonestown | 9/11/2008

With a phone in his hand

CTIA: RIM Confirms October for the Bold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2008

October un-surprise! CEO Basilie confirms expected US launch date for 3G phone

RS-DVR Debut: 'Early Next Year'
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/11/2008

Cablevision COO says 'remote-storage' DVR will debut commercially in early 2009, but isn't ready to reveal pricing and packaging options

More Calls for Help
The Bauminator | 9/11/2008

The FCC reports on Wilmington

New Faces at NSN
EuroBlog | 9/11/2008

A new CFO and a former Groovester...

Phone Subs Happier Not Talking
BroadBananas | 9/11/2008

For customer service, they prefer to crawl the Web

CTIA: Steady Rollin' Clearwire
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/11/2008

Clearwire takes WiMax for a spin in the streets of San Fran

IBC Day 1: WIP
EuroBlog | 9/11/2008

The broadcast/IPTV show in Amsterdam is still a work in progress

CTIA: First Look
Jonestown | 9/10/2008

I left my hat in San Francisco

BT Preps FTTC Trial
News Analysis | 9/10/2008

BT exec says there's only one way to find out if its planned FTTC/VDSL model will fly, and that's to get on with a deployment

CTIA: McCaw Tilts at Windmills Again
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2008

2.5GHz spectrum allows McCaw to take on the big boys again

Cable Worried About 'White Space' Tech
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2008

The NCTA warns that a new breed of wireless broadband devices can wipe out digital cable services

Concurrent Not in Comcast's VOD Future
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/10/2008

The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look elsewhere for future VOD gear

NBC, iTunes Changing the Game?
Contentinople | 9/10/2008

NBC and iTunes's reuniting may signal a shift to a market-based system

CTIA: Open Is the New Frontier
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2008

But CEOs from Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon can't agree if that frontier will spell a gold rush or the bad ol' days of the wild west

Japanese Femto Rules
Wireless Bits | 9/10/2008

Time for a policy change

Hosted Applications: Riding the Growth Curve
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/10/2008

New Heavy Reading survey shows that hosted applications continue to promise future growth opportunities

T-Mobile Backs Femto Chip Startup
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2008

T-Mobile makes a strategic investment in Israel-based femtocell chip startup Percello

Cisco Gets Virtual
Craig's A-List | 9/10/2008

The latest in Ethernet services rumors

Climb in the Handbasket
Monkey Bidness | 9/10/2008

We all goin' to Hell

Red Panda | 9/10/2008

The old 'spilled beer' excuse no longer works on traffic cops

'Surgical' Strikes
The Bauminator | 9/10/2008

TWC reaffirms it will deploy Docsis 3.0 methodically

More Blogging, Bay Area-Style
The Philter | 9/10/2008

Text updates from a two-day quick visit to the Bay Area

Supercomm Reborn!
News Analysis | 9/10/2008

No, seriously. They're changing the name back... We're not kidding

RIM Reveals the Pearl Flip
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/10/2008

Canadian device mavens intro first ever flip phone

IPTV Goes Dutch
EuroBlog | 9/10/2008

It's square-eyes time in Amsterdam for us Europeans

Ericsson Takes On IPTV Giants
News Analysis | 9/9/2008

The Swedish giant challenges the likes of AlcaLu, Microsoft, and Thomson with a new IPTV middleware solution

Comcast Doctoring Digital in Detroit
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/9/2008

The MSO has started to trim back analog channels in the Detroit area, as it did last year in Chicagoland

AT&T Launches Whole-Home DVR
News Analysis | 9/9/2008

The other big US telco beats cable to the punch with a home-networked digital video recorder

NBC & Apple Reunited
Contentinople | 9/9/2008

NBC and iTunes are back together again

CTIA Photo Contest
Jonestown | 9/9/2008

Submit CTIA shots to our slideshow for a chance to win all the coffee you can drink... for $25

Report: US Lags in Broadband
News Analysis | 9/9/2008

But the US is slowly catching up to the rest of the world, according to a new report by Akamai

Ethos Claims First
Craig's A-List | 9/9/2008

A PBT box gets an ATCA rebirth

Blogging, Bay Area-Style
The Philter | 9/9/2008

Text updates from a two-day quick visit to the Bay Area

IndiaWatch: Tender Times at BSNL
News Analysis | 9/9/2008

All the latest news and rumors from India, where BSNL is set to open bids for its monster $9B, 93M-line GSM/3G gear tender

Calls for Help
The Bauminator | 9/9/2008

Lesson No. 1 from the early DTV transition in Wilmington: People procrastinate

Finisar Enjoys Optium Growth
News Analysis | 9/9/2008

Growth is at least a quarter away, but that doesn't stop the stock from climbing 14%

Colao Revamps Vodafone Team
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/9/2008

Vodafone split its emerging markets business into two units and hires a new CEO for Europe

Google Backs Backhaul Startup
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/9/2008

Google makes another infrastructure play, and this time its dollars go to a satellite backhaul startup targeting emerging markets

The Farting iPhone
Wireless Bits | 9/9/2008

When Apple cuts the cheese...

BigBand Plays It Personal
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/9/2008

BigBand is targeting cable MSOs and telcos with a video platform that envisions a personal, 'unicast' world of the future

Are You Ready for Some Football?
Contentinople | 9/8/2008

NBCU, NFL stream Sunday Night Football live with Adobe Flash

AudioCodes Rakes Netrake
News Analysis | 9/8/2008

Sources within AudioCodes say the company has reduced the headcount at its Netrake session border controller significantly

Wilmington Flips the Digital Switch
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/8/2008

The nation's 135th largest market gets the prized position of digital TV lab rat

FastSoft Wants CDNs
News Analysis | 9/8/2008

The startup with yet another TCP fix has landed some big customers and is eyeing the CDN camp

Heavy Reading Unveils Cable Next-Gen Technology Tracker
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/8/2008

Heavy Reading has put together its first quarterly market tracker devoted to the cable industry's next-gen video, data, and voice initiatives

Operators Eye WiMax Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2008

Femtocells could be the way for WiMax operators to cost-effectively deliver high-capacity data services, finds a new Unstrung Insider report

FCC Mulls Spectrum Auction for Public Safety
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2008

The agency is expected to take up at its Sept. 25 meeting Martin's proposal that the entire D block be eligible for sale for $750 million

WiMax Providers: Get Moving!
LR Mobile Column | 9/8/2008

The mobile WiMax market shows positive signs of growth on a worldwide level, partially due to lower technology costs

The Symbolic Switch
The Bauminator | 9/8/2008

Wilmington, NC, flipped the DTV switch today – here's a pic

GOP Crosses Heart
Monkey Bidness | 9/8/2008

Putting lipstick on a barracuda

Tata Enters Global CDN Market
News Analysis | 9/8/2008

Using technology from its strategic partnership with BitGravity, Tata is ready to take its content delivery network services global

Digeo Update
The Bauminator | 9/8/2008

CEO says new HD-DVR box for cable MSO distribution is on track

Panasonic Plays With Live Ammo
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/8/2008

At CEDIA, CE giant demos a tru2way-enabled TV running off Comcast's cable system

Finisar vs JDSU
Craig's A-List | 9/8/2008

An early look at the new look

Report: UK FTTH Would Cost $50B
News Analysis | 9/8/2008

Hooking up every home in the UK with point-to-point fiber would cost £28.8 billion ($50.8 billion), according to a new report

Sycamore Shrinks in Q4
News Analysis | 9/5/2008

Sycamore withers further with a $15M quarter, but is sticking to its packet/optical guns and continuing to increase its R&D spend

Akamai Expands in Korea
News Analysis | 9/5/2008

Akamai has opened an office in Seoul and hired industry veteran Chung Yun Yeon to lead market development there

Nokia Feels Market Share Pinch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/5/2008

The world's largest phone vendor warns it will lose market share in Q3 in the face of price slashing competition

Portal Strategies: Partner or Build?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/5/2008

Partnering for an online portal can get operators all the content they need, but could lead them into the dreaded 'dumb pipe' role

Christy Quits AlcaLu
News Analysis | 9/5/2008

Cindy Christy, head of AlcaLu's America's Region, resigns for personal reasons

SeaChange Shows VOD Valor in Q2
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/5/2008

Higher cable VOD spending helps server and software firm beat Wall Street expectations and post a year-over-year profit

And Now… We Wait
The Bauminator | 9/5/2008

Delay in the TiVo-Dish spat causes TiVo shares to dip

Martin 'Disappointed' in Comcast Appeal
The Bauminator | 9/4/2008

'I give you Adelphia and this is the grief I get?'

America the Bold?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/4/2008

Not yet, but the RIM 3G device could hit these shores in October

Amazon Streams VOD
Contentinople | 9/4/2008

Amazon will allow users to watch movies instantly

Comcast Strikes Back
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2008

The P2P case takes a predictable turn as Comcast appeals the FCC's order

Hot or Not?
Jonestown | 9/4/2008

Coverage is king, but his reign is a spotty one

FCC Details Small Cable DTV Exemption
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2008

Just-published order says systems with limited subscriber bases and plant capacity will get a reprieve from dual must-carry requirements

Femtocells & Notspots: Coverage Is King
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/4/2008

Improved coverage to eliminate 3G 'notspots' is seen as the single most important driver of the business case for femtocells

NYAG-ing Verizon
The Philter | 9/4/2008

The New York State Attorney General has taken an interest in FiOS

Ciena CEO: Slowdown Looks Shortlived
News Analysis | 9/4/2008

Ciena's CEO Gary Smith believes the Tier 1 carrier capex hiccup that has hit his company's outlook won't last long

Greeks to Fund Fiber Net
EuroBlog | 9/4/2008

Greek politicians tout $3B fiber network

Fancast Does Downloads
The Bauminator | 9/4/2008

In case you have a pile of cash to burn on rentals and buys, here's what you can load up on before hitting Comcast's 250 GB ceiling

Put a Cork in It
BroadBananas | 9/4/2008

Arris gets more than a bit of luck from the Irish...

Nortel Rolls On With 40-Gig
News Analysis | 9/4/2008

With Bell Canada on board, Nortel is claiming 21 wins for its 40-Gig technology in less than a year

Cablevision Plays WiFi Card
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2008

MSO completes the 'initial phase' of a WiFi installation that provides free wireless Internet access to its cable modem customers

Ciena Slumps on Q4 Outlook
News Analysis | 9/4/2008

A slowdown in Tier 1 carrier business has hit Ciena's fourth-quarter outlook, sending the vendor's share price down 16% in early trading

DVRs Improve American Life, Survey Says
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/4/2008

In a new NDS study, 70 percent of users say they 'can't live without' a DVR

Sprint Plots Dual-Mode CDMA-WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2008

Early adopters won't be prisoners of WiMax for long, as Sprint promises a dual-mode CDMA-WiMax card will let them roam by year's end

Nokia N96 Now Available
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2008

The powerful Symbian-powered smartphone features push email, WiFi, GPS, 16 GBytes of internal memory, and costs nearly $800

The Web Does Europe
Contentinople | 9/3/2008

CDN roundup, leadership shifts, and Google's Chrome are all on today's Contentinople

Verizon Goes Long(er) With 100-Gig
News Analysis | 9/3/2008

Verizon takes its 100G trials program to the next level with a 1,000km+ runout on its Richardson, Texas, network

Broadband-Enabled Education
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/3/2008

What role can the telecom industry play in helping to advance America's education goals?

Comcast's DTAs: Security Optional
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/3/2008

The MSO can activate Moto's 'privacy mode' in its digital terminal adapters, but that could stir up trouble with the FCC

Britney? Or Telcordia?
EuroBlog | 9/3/2008

Go to iTunes for music, movies, OSS podcasts...

Cox: We Didn't Start the Fire
The Bauminator | 9/3/2008

Counters report that blames it for starting one of the fires that raged in the San Diego area last year

BitTorrent Names Execs
News Analysis | 9/3/2008

The peer-to-peer technology company announced a few new additions and promotions

Philly WiSmax
Jonestown | 9/3/2008

Some denizens of Philadelphia are cynical about WiMax

Redknee Builds M&A Warchest
EuroBlog | 9/3/2008

Redknee arranges $10M facility to fund acquisitions

NebuAd CEO Steps Down
Craig's A-List | 9/3/2008

Juniper's former CFO gets a new day job

BSNL Preps New WiMax Tender
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2008

India's state-owned operator BSNL is ready to issue another mobile WiMax tender

Poll Says 'Big Ben' Is Right for AlcaLu
News Analysis | 9/3/2008

Early results from our new poll show that a majority of readers believe Ben Verwaayen is the right choice as the new AlcaLu CEO

DirecTV & TiVo to Play It Again
The Bauminator | 9/3/2008

Satco and DVR pioneer hope to make sweet hi-def music together... sometime in the second half of 2009

Camiant Commissions New Bandwidth Cop
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/3/2008

Vendor upgrades Universal Edge Resource Manager to support the on-demand architectures of Comcast and Time Warner Cable

Telco TV Speakers
The Philter | 9/2/2008

A speaker lineup leak courtesy of our events department

Symbian: Mobile OS Boss... For Now
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2008

Symbian is still the very top of the mobile OS pile, but unit growth is slowing

Sprint Reaffirms WiMax Targets
Jonestown | 9/2/2008

15M by the end of the year

New Apple Stuff!
Jonestown | 9/2/2008

Coming September 9th

Brace for Impact
Craig's A-List | 9/2/2008

What the geeks are drooling over this week

Convergys Mulls Billing Spinoff
News Analysis | 9/2/2008

Convergys's billing business could go it alone with its very own stock ticker

IBM Tempts Telcos, Secures BladeCenter
News Analysis | 9/2/2008

A new security blade for BladeCenter is the latest ammo in Big Blue's telecom push

China Mobile Flexes LTE Muscle
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2008

China Mobile wants to start LTE trials, but has to wait on chipset and equipment availability

Should BT Do LTE?
Wireless Bits | 9/2/2008

What if BT ditches WiMax for LTE?

This Explains a Lot
Monkey Bidness | 9/2/2008

Stay stupid, live longer

1 + 1 + 1 Does Not Equal 3
LR Mobile Column | 9/2/2008

Being bloated does not make one a 'world leader'

Google Launches Browser
EuroBlog | 9/2/2008

Google unveils beta version of its browser, Chrome

Verwaayen Takes the Helm at AlcaLu
News Analysis | 9/2/2008

Former BT chief Ben Verwaayen is the new CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, a role he has coveted for a long time, according to industry sources

Europe Gears Up for IPTV Showcase
LR Cable News Analysis | 9/1/2008

As some of Europe's leading operators enter the next phase of their IPTV deployments, the region's telco TV players head to IBC

Quigley Talk Boosts ALU
EuroBlog | 9/1/2008

AlcaLu's stock climbs as Quigley fever spreads

LTE Hopeful Runcom Pockets $10M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2008

Chip vendor Runcom raises $10 million to help bolster its current mobile WiMax business and fund its expansion into LTE and femtocells

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