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US Won't Work With Countries That Use Huawei, Pompeo Warns
News Analysis | 2/21/2019

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says risk posed by use of Huawei in critical IT systems could cause US to curtail the colocation of American resources, including embassies and military outposts.

Amid Global Turmoil, Huawei Still Counts at Least One American Supporter
News Analysis | 2/12/2019

While Huawei faces sales bans from carriers and governments worldwide, the company still counts at least one supporter: James Valley Telecommunications. 'I'm a believer in being innocent until proven guilty,' said the CEO.

Samsung's Top US Executive Is Leaving
News Analysis | 1/29/2019

Tim Baxter announced on social media he is retiring from the company and will be replaced by Young Hoon Eom.

Amoroso: Act Now on Virtualizing Security
LRTV Interviews | 12/15/2016

The security industry has been talking about virtualizing security so it can be distributed to protect assets, but it's now time to start acting.

Demand, Virtualization Reshaping Security Landscape
LRTV Interviews | 12/14/2016

There's a boom in security services, driven by demand from businesses and shaped by the ability to deliver security as a virtual network function.

Fixing IoT Security Is an Ecosystem Challenge
LRTV Interviews | 12/9/2016

Level 3 Communications' Chief Security Officer Dale Drew says service providers, manufacturers and even consumers must combine to halt botnet woes.

Level 3's Drew Sees Liability Issues in IoT Botnets
News Analysis | 12/2/2016

Neither consumers nor device manufacturers are motivated to act to halt IoT-based botnets, but ISPs likely are and they are going to need help.

Amoroso: Expect Devastating US Cyber Attack
News Analysis | 12/2/2016

Former AT&T security chief urges telecom security industry to speak up now and insist on greater understanding of what's at stake and more resources.

Verizon: Unknown Assets a Hacker's Playground
News Analysis | 12/1/2016

M&A activity in particular helps fuel security problems when 'unknown' network resources are left unprotected.

Amoroso Not the Retiring Sort
Rewired | 9/8/2016

AT&T's former security guru is taking his expertise to a much broader audience – and this time he's giving it away.

My Most Memorable Moments of 2015
Rewired | 12/29/2015

Here's a look back at the highlights from the live events Light Reading held last year, including best keynote and best event.

Broad Threats Require Network-Based Security
News Analysis | 12/22/2015

Building on different tools including virtual functions, service providers are using the network itself as a security device.

Polymorphic Attacks Reshape Security Landscape
News Analysis | 12/17/2015

A review of network security threats shows growth in attacks that use DDoS and other methods as smokescreens for data breaches and extortion.

In Defense of the Security Team
LRTV Documentaries | 12/16/2015

Heavy Reading Chief Analyst Patrick Donegan defends network security experts as being more able to properly assess the risk of change than top carrier management.

Enterprises Seek Help on 'Day-to-Day' Security, Says Telefónica
LRTV Documentaries | 12/15/2015

Managed security services can handle the complexity of network security, while giving enterprises information they need for strategic decisions.

Facebook: Cultural Change Needed for Better Security
LRTV Documentaries | 12/11/2015

As an industry, security folks tend to play things close to the vest, but increasingly they need to be sharing information in the fight against a common enemy.

Level 3: Enterprises Have Frayed Approach to Data Protection
LRTV Documentaries | 12/10/2015

Most enterprises today don't know where their most critical data is stored or how it moves through their networks, making controlling risks much harder.

Verizon: Cyber Attacks Hit New Targets in New Ways
LRTV Documentaries | 12/9/2015

Manufacturing and production environments as well as critical infrastructure are being targeted by polymorphic attacks intended to embarrass.

AT&T's Amoroso: Taking Security to the Cloud
LRTV Documentaries | 12/8/2015

Matching workloads or apps with their own security, provisioned alongside in a mixed-cloud environment, could make virtual networks safer.

Level 3: Security Is Company-Specific
News Analysis | 12/7/2015

Enterprises need to know what their specific risks are and therefore what they need to protect and the best way to do that, says Level 3's SVP of security.

AT&T's Amoroso: Build Botnets of Security
News Analysis | 12/3/2015

The distributed, diverse and resilient architecture of botnets is actually a good approach for security in the virtualized world.

CSP Network Security Becomes White Hot
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/18/2015

Network security is becoming an ever bigger deal for communications service providers and the vendor community is reacting accordingly.

Surprise! The Cloud Has Security Advantages
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

Security in the cloud may not be the bugaboo that it's made out to be for mobile carriers.

AT&T's New Security Strategy
LRTV Documentaries | 12/10/2014

AT&T's Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso explains how his company is wrapping virtual security layers around micro network domains.

Palo Alto Urges Prioritizing NFV/SDN Security
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Speaking at Light Reading events, Christer Swartz cautions against trying the bolt-on security approach after-the-fact.

Ericsson Calls for Data-Centric Security Approach
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Ericsson says data security must move beyond a perimeter-centric approach.

AT&T Adds Virtual Layer of Security
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Carrier now using software-based security to 'shrink-wrap' micro-domains inside its broader network perimeter.

Mobile Ops Must Hike Security Spending
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

With network and device threats, infections and attacks all on the rise, Heavy Reading Chief Analyst Patrick Donegan urges mobile operators to boost spending on security measures.

AlcaLu Virtualizes Mobile Malware Security
News Analysis | 12/1/2014

Vendor's rebranded mobile malware software, Motive Security Guardian, is now being offered in the cloud.

New Juniper CEO Can Be Thankful for $14.5M
News Analysis | 11/25/2014

Rami Rahim's compensation package is smaller than his predecessor was eligible for.

Mavenir's Stoke Buy: Cheap at Twice the Price?
News Analysis | 11/18/2014

Mavenir is shelling out just less than $5 million in cash and debt for Stoke, a company that grabbed $92M in VC funding in under a decade.

Mavenir Buys Stoke for Security, Small Cell
News Analysis | 11/14/2014

The buy also gets Mavenir high-profile Asian customers like NTT DoCoMo and SoftBank.

Cloudmark Adds DNS Protection to Security Kit
News Analysis | 10/7/2014

Messaging security vendor sees an opportunity to steal market share from Infloblox, Nominum and others as it tweaks its security platform for DNS.

AT&T's Amoroso: Perimeter Security No Longer Enough
News Analysis | 6/12/2014

AT&T's chief security officer explains why a whole new approach to mobile network security is needed in a world of smartphones, the cloud, and virtualization.

AT&T's Ed Amoroso on Mobile Security
LRTV Documentaries | 6/11/2014

AT&T Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso outlines his vision for the future of mobile network security and discusses the topic with colleagues from AT&T Labs. This video was produced by AT&T and is available to the Light Reading community courtesy of AT&T.

Citrix Architect Heading for NFV Role at Intel
News Analysis | 5/23/2014

Citrix's Mike Bursell revealed at Light Reading's Security Show in London that he is heading to an NFV role at Intel.

Security in a 4G, M2M World
Shades of Ray | 5/23/2014

The technical and strategic considerations for securing today's mobile networks are legion.

Slide Show: Mobile Network Security Strategies London
Slide Shows | 5/22/2014

Following success in New York, the Mobile Network Security Strategies conference debuted to London.

Telenor Connexion: Securing the Internet of Things
News Analysis | 5/21/2014

M2M-focused operators will need to think how to secure multiple networks as IoT evolves.

Securing EE's 4G Network
LRTV Interviews | 5/21/2014

EE's director of technical security Peter Erceg talks about EE's approach to securing its LTE network, how it can benefit from that, and what vendors need to be doing to help operators.

Operators Take Network Security Seriously
LRTV Documentaries | 5/21/2014

The major mobile operators are taking network security seriously and even see it as a business opportunity.

Heavy Reading: Telcos Should Be Vocal on Security
News Analysis | 5/21/2014

Carriers need to be more vocal on the mobile security they already provide customers, says Heavy Reading senior analyst Patrick Donegan.

Orange France Hacked
News Analysis | 5/8/2014

Customer data stolen in security breach that could lead to phishing attacks on subscribers.

Data Loss Is the Worst Security Issue – TeliaSonera
News Analysis | 4/28/2014

Nordic operator's chief security officer discusses the increasing security threat to communications service providers in a complex, smartphone-dominated, IP-oriented world.

Deutsche Telekom Aims for Security Advantage
News Analysis | 4/15/2014

Deutsche Telekom is looking to profit from the heightened awareness of data security issues post-Snowden.

Arbor Unveils a Network Security 'DVR'
News Analysis | 3/18/2014

Also: NSN and DT open security center; CSG offers crime-fighting software; Heavy Reading hosts a security show.

Mobile Security in a BYOD World
LRTV Interviews | 12/13/2013

Michael Singer, associate vice president of mobile, cloud, and access management for AT&T's business solutions group, talks about the security challenges resulting from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.

Pics From Mobile Network Security Strategies
Slide Shows | 12/12/2013

An AT&T keynote address dominated the proceedings at this year's Mobile Network Security Strategies event in New York -- see who was there!

The Role of Identity Management
LRTV Documentaries | 12/11/2013

Mike Wood of Verizon Enterprise Solutions talks to Light Reading's Carol Wilson about the role of identity management in security strategies.

Network Security in a 4G LTE World
LRTV Interviews | 12/10/2013

AT&T's chief security officer talks about the challenges facing network operators in an all-IP, 4G world.

We're Jamming: GPS Weakness Could Sink Wireless
News Analysis | 12/10/2013

NIST specialist worries about how intentional and unintentional GPS jamming could affect wireless networks and more.

Infoblox Makes DNS a Line of Defense
News Analysis | 12/9/2013

With network operators considering numerous ways to protect their networks, customers, and services, Infoblox integrates security tools with its DSN server.

Battling Malware & Madware
News Analysis | 12/6/2013

While both types of unwanted mobile device apps are growing rapidly, an industry expert sees hope in virtualization trends.

AT&T Readies Dual-Billing Toggle Update in Q1
News Analysis | 12/6/2013

Update to smartphone app that splits the device into work and personal containers will give the device two separate phone numbers and two separate bills.

Speaking Out on Security
Rewired | 12/6/2013

Senior Editor Sarah Reedy and I discuss what operators are doing -- and saying -- about security in a 4G, virtualized world.

DNS Attacks on the Rise
News Analysis | 12/6/2013

Infoblox's vice president of technology says operators need to fortify the DNS as attacks increase in number and sophistication.

2014: A VoLTE Security Nightmare?
News Analysis | 12/6/2013

In which Light Reading learns some new initials: TDoS, or telephony denial of service, a future threat to 4G voice services.

Protecting Mobile Data
LRTV Interviews | 12/5/2013

Protecting customer privacy is a growing challenge for mobile service providers, and it is among the legion of security issues they face.

AT&T's Amoroso: LTE, Virtualization & Cloud Mean New Security Challenges
News Analysis | 12/5/2013

Talking at a Light Reading event, AT&T's chief security officer suggests that all-IP mobile networks and data in the cloud should keep operators on their toes about mobile security.

US Senators Stir Up Huawei Security Concerns
News Analysis | 12/5/2013

Huawei once more faces opposition in Washington to its business with an important US ally, South Korea.

Small Cells Exposed! Securing the Mini-RANs
News Analysis | 11/27/2013

It may just be getting on operators' radars, but a combination of IPsec and encryption will be necessary to protect small cells.

M2M Creates Major New Security Challenge
News Analysis | 11/19/2013

New Verizon cloud-based service aims to authenticate devices, services as part of M2M value chain.

Mobile Ops Lose $15B Yearly to Network Outages
News Analysis | 11/14/2013

Wireless operators typically suffer around five network outages a year, and they may be underestimating the role malicious attacks play in causing them, Heavy Reading finds.

Android's Still a Malware Magnet
Que Sera Sarah | 11/13/2013

Sixty percent of mobile malware infections target Android, compared with less than 1 percent on the iPhone, Alcatel-Lucent finds.

LTE Brings Myriad Security Concerns
News Analysis | 11/12/2013

Latest LR poll suggests LTE users have a lot of concerns about the security of their 4G network.

Top 5 Worst Tradeshow Experiences
Slide Shows | 11/7/2013

Tradeshows can be informative and cutting-edge. They can also be boring as hell.

Can Mobile Networks Cope?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/15/2013

As data volumes grow, mobile network outages are a growing concern and can have a major impact on customer relationships.

Security Threat Intensifies for Service Providers
News Analysis | 9/25/2013

Comptel Plus panel warns that threats are more targeted and intelligent, meaning service providers need to get their heads out of the sand and be more vigilant.

Securing LTE: It's Worth the Capex
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/20/2013

New deployments of IPsec in Europe are allaying fears of fears of high costs and negative impacts on performance.

Cisco Adds Security in the Core
News Analysis | 3/8/2013

A deal with Arbor Networks should sound pretty familiar to followers of Alcatel-Lucent

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