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Content tagged with OSS/BSS posted in October 2013
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TM Forum Sees Catalyst Role in NFV
News Analysis  | 
10/31/2013  |  4 comments
Day-long session with NFV ISG highlights major management challenges for virtualization, some of which the Forum plans to tackle.
Digital Disruption 2013: Snaps From San Jose
Slide Shows  | 
10/31/2013  |  18 comments
What does Digital Disruption look like in pictures? Easy. There's panels and speakers (the digital) and zombies, flamenco dancers, and drinks galore (the disruption).
Look Inside T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier' Transformation
News Analysis  | 
10/31/2013  |  10 comments
For the IT department, T-Mobile's new 'uncarrier' tactics took a lot of difficult, SPIT-driven changes inside the company.
Carriers Say SDN Won't Save Capex
News Analysis  | 
10/30/2013  |  18 comments
CenturyLink and Sprint agree that virtualization will get services to market faster, but it won't initially pay off in lower costs.
Australian Govt Confirms Huawei Ban
News Analysis  | 
10/30/2013  |  5 comments
Good news runs out for the Chinese vendor as Australia's attorney general says the ban must remain in place.
Why Your Klout Score Really Matters
Que Sera Sarah  | 
10/30/2013  |  13 comments
The more influence you get in the social media world, the more likely your service providers are to pay attention to you.
Verizon's Massive Integration 70% Complete
News Analysis  | 
10/30/2013  |  2 comments
Using cross-functional teams, Verizon Enterprise has found about 400 back-office systems to shut down in a push to be more efficient.
For APIs, Codes Trump Specs
News Analysis  | 
10/30/2013  |  3 comments
API and OTT giants Apigee and Netflix stress that if you release the code, the rest of the industry will follow, specs or not.
Cut Products, Add People, Incubate
News Analysis  | 
10/29/2013  |  2 comments
Two normally highly paid consultants offer free advice to telcos at Digital Disruption on how to be more agile
Healthcare.gov Outage Scars Verizon Terremark
DOS Attack  | 
10/29/2013  |  11 comments
An outage at a Verizon Terremark datacenter causes more problems from Healthcare.gov, while embarrassing Verizon in the datacenter market.
Will TM Forum Disclose Role in SDN/NFV?
Rewired  | 
10/28/2013  |  12 comments
This week's event in San Jose will be the perfect place for the forum to explain what it's doing and how it might extend Frameworx.
BBWF 2013: Picture Wrap
Slide Shows  | 
10/26/2013  |  2 comments
More pics from Amsterdam.
A Big Week for NFV
Shades of Ray  | 
10/25/2013  |  11 comments
The carrier-led network functions virtualization (NFV) group must build on its recent success and not be deflected from its core ideals.
Ixia Chief Fails Veracity Test
News Analysis  | 
10/25/2013  |  10 comments
Test and measurement vendor's CEO gets bumped for bullsh***ing but, fortunately, founder and figurehead Errol Ginsberg's still in town.
Location Intelligence Is the New Black
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/25/2013  |  5 comments
Three recent acquisitions show that location analytics and intelligence is the hot ticket in the service provider IT (SPIT) space.
Big Data, Sans Hype
Que Sera Sarah  | 
10/25/2013  |  6 comments
A light Reading live chat cuts through the hype to offer up some actual big data use cases and the biggest challenges holding operators back.
TR-069: Still Sexy After All These Years
Column  | 
10/24/2013  |  6 comments
The technical specs for CPE management might be long-in-the-tooth but they're as relevant as ever.
Huawei Clears Danish Security to Oust Ericsson
News Analysis  | 
10/24/2013  |  11 comments
Chinese vendor eats Ericsson's lunch at TDC following a 'hard core' check by Denmark's security services.
Euronews: Merkel's Mad as Hell at NSA
News Analysis  | 
10/24/2013  |  6 comments
Also in today's EMEA roundup: Ericsson's under pressure; testing times for Spirent; Telkom investigation; ADVA's numbers; iPlayer on the go.
Ericsson Suffers Sales Pressure
News Analysis  | 
10/24/2013  |  2 comments
As the company reports its third quarter, the CEO warns that revenues might start to slip, though margins are up and there's 4G hope in China.
AT&T's Device Mix Shifts Away From Postpaid
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2013  |  6 comments
More customers than ever are on smartphones, but AT&T's postpaid smartphone subscriber growth slowed as AT&T turns its attention to tablets, M2M, and prepaid.
Ericsson's Network Slicing: It's Far Out, Man
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2013  |  10 comments
Vendor's CTO lays out his company's vision for the SDN-enabled cloud networks of the future, complete with "network slicing." It's a bold vision that's a long way from reality, say analysts.
AirPlug Boosts Capacity With LTE/WiFi Blend
News Analysis  | 
10/23/2013  |  14 comments
Startup claims that its Multiple Access Optimization technology can choose the best mobile network or combine WiFi and cellular for an extra boost.
BBWF 2013: Pictures From Amsterdam
Slide Shows  | 
10/23/2013  |  2 comments
Snaps from the first day of the Broadband World Forum in the Dutch capital.
Huawei Adds to Its SDN Arsenal
News Analysis  | 
10/22/2013  |  6 comments
Unveils management system to go with SDN controller, but it's all a bit woolly.
BBWF 2013: What's It All About?
Shades of Ray  | 
10/22/2013  |  9 comments
In the greenhouse of Amsterdam's RAI, broadband is just part of the equation.
Allot Goes Deep in Big-Data Analytics Game
News Analysis  | 
10/22/2013  |  2 comments
The DPI and mobile video optimization specialist is using its network position to offer operators granular data analytics to improve their services and marketing.
Live Chat: Big-Data & the Customer Experience
News Analysis  | 
10/21/2013  |  2 comments
Join us Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST (9:00 a.m. PST) for a live chat with the TM Forum's Nik Willetts about where big-data analytics meets customer experience management.
When Size Matters
Rewired  | 
10/18/2013  |  6 comments
Dramatically larger DDoS attacks call for a serious change in how service providers prepare for network threats.
The SDN/NFV Integration Challenge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/18/2013  |  2 comments
Can software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) be 'operationalized' in existing networks?
Getting the Best out of Big-Data
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/18/2013  |  7 comments
Big-data can revolutionize the way telecom operators build, run, and market their services, changing the nature of what they sell.
NFV Group Finds Its Feet
News Analysis  | 
10/17/2013  |  2 comments
After initial struggles, the ETSI NFV group is aiming to deliver some meaningful guidance for the industry and figure out what OSS is needed for programmable networks.
SDN Wakeup Call
LRTV Documentaries  | 
10/17/2013  |  3 comments
Deutsche Telekom has issued a wakeup call for its operator peers.
SDN in Pictures!
Slide Shows  | 
10/17/2013  |  11 comments
A quick snapshot of what's going down at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Bad Homburg, Germany.
NSN Unveils New 4G Small Cell
News Analysis  | 
10/16/2013  |  7 comments
NSN ups the ante in the small cell arena with claims for the smallest, fully functional LTE basestation.
Cisco: Cloud Traffic Booming – Except Between Datacenters
News Analysis  | 
10/16/2013  |  2 comments
The Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasts 35 percent compound annual growth for cloud traffic, while data center traffic growth is driven by intra-datacenter applications.
Deutsche Telekom: A Software-Defined Operator
News Analysis  | 
10/16/2013  |  10 comments
We're on the path to being a software-defined operator, says Deutsche Telekom executive as he shares the German giant's SDN/NFV progress.
Ericsson CTO Bangs SDN Drum
News Analysis  | 
10/16/2013  |  2 comments
Ericsson is keen to remind the market it has a software-defined networking (SDN) story too.
Hate Passwords? You'll LOVE This!
Rewired  | 
10/15/2013  |  12 comments
Verizon wants everyone to adopt a second layer of security but admits it's a hard sell in a password-weary world
Colt a Significant Win for Cyan
News Analysis  | 
10/15/2013  |  4 comments
Largest non-US carrier to date adopts Blue Planet orchestration software as key to managing multi-vendor, multi-service network.
Can Mobile Networks Cope?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/15/2013  |  7 comments
As data volumes grow, mobile network outages are a growing concern and can have a major impact on customer relationships.
Leading Lights 2013 Highlights
LRTV Documentaries  | 
10/15/2013  |  2 comments
How entertaining was this year's Leading Lights awards dinner? Here's a quick review of the fun, frolics, and faces from the New York shindig.
Infinera: SDN Can Master Optical Layer
News Analysis  | 
10/15/2013  |  Post a comment
The latest demo with ESnet and Brocade uses digital abstraction of analog properties of light management to enable multi-layer control.
The Managed Services Post-Mortem, Part 2
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes  | 
10/14/2013  |  2 comments
Here's a look back at some more predictions for the managed services market made by Heavy Reading in 2010 – how accurate were they?
Leading Lights 2013 Winners Video
LRTV Interviews  | 
10/14/2013  |  1 comment
Backstage at the Light Reading Leading Lights 2013 awards, the winners, and a Hall of Fame inductee, deliver their acceptance speeches.
Euronews: Facebook to Buy Mobile Analytics Firm
News Analysis  | 
10/14/2013  |  1 comment
Also in today's EMEA roundup: Tieto cuts jobs; Vodafone completes Kabel Deutschland acquisition; Nokia board gets its skates on.
NSN, Juniper Strengthen Mobile Ties
News Analysis  | 
10/11/2013  |  2 comments
The partners have cooked up some new joint offers for wireless carriers, including mobile network security and packet backhaul offerings. But what's under the hood?
Big-Data's Not So Big Without CEM
Que Sera Sarah  | 
10/11/2013  |  5 comments
Big-data monetization is important, but it should be part of a larger customer experience management strategy.
Euronews: NSN, Juniper Get Tighter
News Analysis  | 
10/11/2013  |  1 comment
Also in today's regional roundup: M&A action in Russia; Telecom Italia denies asset sale rumors; 4G roaming prospects improve for Italians heading to Brazil.
Big Data Attracts Big Dollars, New Faces
News Analysis  | 
10/10/2013  |  2 comments
The opportunity to turn customer and network analytics into dollar signs is attracting more startups with fresh funding and some big-name customers.
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