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Infinera: Making Optical Interesting Again
The Philter | 9/30/2019

The vendor's new XR Optics technology could cut carrier opex and capex in service providers' metro networks. But can the company get everyone else to buy into coherent optical sub-carrier aggregation?

ECOC 2019 Preview: Beware of the Irish Goodbye
Column | 9/11/2019

The optical networking industry has seen its fair share of customers show up to the party and then leave without warning. One analyst ponders what's going to be different in the next 12 months.

Podcast: Ciena's CEO Sets Sail for Growth
CxO Spotlight | 9/10/2019

Ciena CEO Gary Smith said that M&A is always a possibility as the company looks to build its software business while managing the growth of its optical platform sales to web-scale companies.

Ciena CEO: Carriers No Longer Hooked on Huawei
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

International operators are set to ween themselves off Huawei, claims Ciena CEO Gary Smith.

Web-Scale Business Fuels Ciena's Growth but Stock Takes a Hit
News Analysis | 9/5/2019

Transport gear and software vendor reports year-on-year revenue growth of more than 17% to $960.6 million, with a hefty chunk of revenues coming from web-scale customers, but investors reacted negatively to outlook.

CenturyLink Adds Fiber to Fuel Datacenter, Cloud Growth
News Analysis | 7/23/2019

Why more fiber? Cloud data center demand from webscale service providers, says CenturyLink's CTO.

Podcast: ClearSky Data CEO Ellen Rubin Knows Where Your Data Is
CxO Spotlight | 7/16/2019

Ellen Rubin joins the Light Reading podcast to discuss edge computing and the new need for data management in more places as the world goes from static storage to mobile, multicloud madness.

Cisco Looks to Acacia for Optics & Flexibility
News Analysis | 7/10/2019

Acacia's pluggable optics help Cisco's routing business stay competitive and make its customer networks easier to operate, according to the head of Cisco's optical business.

Cisco to Buy Acacia for Pluggable Optical Goodness
News Analysis | 7/9/2019

Cisco said it would buy Acacia and the components vendor's current optical transport customers need not worry. The move is seen as positive overall, but one analyst explained why Arista should probably be more concerned than ADVA.

Cybersecurity Expert Sees Opportunity in Internet Growth, Consolidation
The Philter | 6/14/2019

The way to defend against DDoS and other attacks is changing, says Nokia's Craig Labovitz. That's because the Internet is getting bigger and smaller at the same time.

Huawei Slaps Verizon With $1B+ Patents Bill – Reports
News Analysis | 6/13/2019

Chinese vendor ups the ante in battle with the US by reportedly demanding more than $1 billion in patent payments from the US carrier for the use of technology it has in its networks, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Ciena Keeps Its Foot on the Gas in Q2
News Analysis | 6/6/2019

For its fiscal quarter ended April 30, Ciena showed more growth and some customer diversification, while continuing to add to its software portfolio.

A Coherent Take on NGON & DCI World
LRTV Interviews | 5/23/2019

Heavy Reading's optical guru Sterling Perrin highlights some key trends from the NGON & DCI World event in Nice, including 'Beyond Coherent,' what 400ZR really means for the market, the latest on 5G transport and the FUDfest that is Huawei.

Optical's Shifting Sands
Shades of Ray | 5/21/2019

The global optical networking market has been worth in the region of $15 billion for the past year, but while that number has varied only slightly year to year, what has changed is the nature of the investments and who's splashing the cash.

Big 5G Event Keynote: Fireside Chat – Andrew Dugan, CenturyLink
LRTV Documentaries | 5/16/2019

CenturyLink CTO Andrew Dugan shares his views on 5G transport technology at the Big 5G Event in Denver on May 8, 2019.

Verizon's Wellbrock: RAN Is Fancy Radio That Rides on Fiber
LRTV Documentaries | 5/15/2019

The radio access network receives plenty of attention in 5G discussions, but Verizon's Glenn Wellbrock says those "fancy radios" require a strong fiber backbone.

Ciena: We'll Stop 95% of Network Outages
News Analysis | 5/14/2019

Ciena's Proactive Network Operations is a closed-loop automation platform that service providers can use to predict and prevent service disruptions.

Light Reading Hall of Fame 2019
LRTV Documentaries | 5/6/2019

We've added four names to the Hall of Fame this year. Find out who they are...

Leading Lights 2019 Finalists: Most Innovative Telecoms Product
News Analysis | 5/4/2019

There are 11 (yes, count them!) shortlisted entries in this year's category for Most Innovative Telecoms Product (Optical/IP/Carrier Ethernet/FTTH).

Nokia Suffers 5G Blues in Q1, Stock Slumps
News Analysis | 4/25/2019

When the CEO and CFO say the quarter was 'weak,' you know it was bad: investors agreed.

Who Else Should Be in the Light Reading Hall of Fame?
News Analysis | 4/16/2019

Know your role. Take our poll. Help our editors finish arguing which set of executives, inventors and luminaries will be among this year's inductees into the Light Reading Hall of Fame.

Leading Lights 2019: The Finalists
News Analysis | 4/10/2019

Light Reading is delighted – nay, pumped – to announce the finalists for this year's Leading Lights Awards program, which is now in its 15th year.

Eurobites: Telenor Buys DNA for Finnish Foray
News Analysis | 4/9/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telekom Srbija and Ericsson virtualize the core; Cisco scores in Italy and France; Vodafone Egypt goes with Red Hat for cloud-based customer service upgrade; Three UK calls on Callsign for fraud prevention.

In Search of Optical Networking's 'Holy Grail'
Column | 3/25/2019

The optical networking industry is at another inflection point, writes James Kisner, and the chalice some companies drink from next could point the way to everlasting revenue growth.

Optical Networks for the Next Decade
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/18/2019

The ON2020 group is looking to address the optical transport challenges presented by the predicted surge in user traffic on carrier networks.

Had a Great Year? Then Enter the Leading Lights Awards
News Analysis | 3/15/2019

Not entered yet? Then get a move on… there are only days left to submit your entries.

Optical Networking Gets the Football Pulled Away Again
Column | 3/13/2019

Like Lucy always does to Charlie Brown, 5G is likely another new technology that teased optical networking vendors with massive, sustained spending, then quickly yanked back expectations.

5G Transport, 400ZR Star at OFC19
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2019

Heavy Reading's optical expert Sterling Perrin discusses some of the major trends in transport network technology at this year's OFC event in San Diego.

Optical M&A: OFC 2019 Is a Couples Retreat, Not a Singles Cruise
Column | 3/6/2019

More acquisition activity in the optical space is inevitable, but it might not happen for a while until some newly coupled companies get to know each other just a little bit more.

As Sales Boom, Ciena Hits the 800G Transmission Mark
News Analysis | 3/5/2019

As it ramps its first quarter revenues by more than 20%, Ciena shows off its WaveLogic 5 programmable coherent modem, capable of up to 800 Gbit/s transmission, at OFC 2019.

Vodafone Deal a 'Huge Step' for Sedona Systems
News Analysis | 2/21/2019

Transport network visibility and multivendor management startup Sedona has landed a breakthrough deal with Vodafone Group, adding to its Tier 1 successes.

Juniper: Our Finances Aren't All Bad, Really!
News Analysis | 1/30/2019

Revenue slumped due to weakness in cloud and service provider market, but the company said enterprise and security are doing well, and it's looking forward to a late-2019 turnaround.

The Leading Lights Awards Are Back!
News Analysis | 1/11/2019

Yes, it's that time of the year again already, folks! Get cracking on your submission for Light Reading's annual awards before you catch MWC fever – there's a category (or three) for everyone!

CenturyLink CEO: Outage Could Have Been Bigger
News Analysis | 1/10/2019

CenturyLink's President and CEO Jeff Storey, in a meeting with investors this week, said his company's December 2018 network event was minimized, in part, because of the carrier's network architecture and how it integrates acquisitions.

Why CenturyLink's Network Suffered a Christmas Hangover
News Analysis | 1/2/2019

A 'bonkers' network management card had too much eggnog and caused a wave of service outages, including 9-1-1 service, in several states for several days during the last week of 2018.

Eurobites: Analyst Upgrades Ericsson as Huawei Backlash Intensifies
News Analysis | 12/20/2018

In today's regional roundup: Huawei's troubles could be good news for Ericsson; Enea lines up another acquisition; Orange Business Services lands smart meter IoT deal; Ciena heads to the UK countryside; and more Ericsson.

Podcast: Ciena CEO Gary Smith Plans for More Growth
The Philter | 12/19/2018

With its competitors stumbling, its largest customers remaining stable and its markets outside of telecom growing, Ciena is enjoying relatively smooth sailing in CEO Smith's 17th year at the helm.

Cisco Sees Optics Innovation, Manufacturing Automation in Luxtera
News Analysis | 12/18/2018

Why spend more than $600M on a company that makes optical transceivers? It wasn't just one product, but an entire automated manufacturing process that may help Cisco stay ahead of future bandwidth bottlenecks.

Infinera Restructures as It Absorbs Coriant
News Analysis | 12/14/2018

The optical networking vendor said in a filing with the SEC that it will take a charge against earnings related to severance and other related costs.

Ciena Signals Steady Growth & Smooth Sailing Ahead
News Analysis | 12/13/2018

The optical networking specialist is benefiting from 5G buildouts and webscale traffic monsters, and doing what it can to avoid sitting on a lead.

MEF Executing on SD-WAN Specs, New APIs & Enterprise Council
News Analysis | 10/30/2018

Organization kicks off its annual conference with three key announcements showing progress on multiple MEF 3.0 fronts.

Arista Promises New 400G Switches for These Cloudy Times
News Analysis | 10/23/2018

Before the end of this year, Arista said it will be shipping at least one new 400G switch aimed at helping cloud and data center providers handle the growth and sheer number of enterprise workloads.

Ciena: Scale for the Future, Support the Legacy
News Analysis | 10/17/2018

New initiatives bring IP onto the platform for end-to-end services up to Layer 3 but also support remaining base of TDM offerings better.

Colt Ready for Major NFV Push
News Analysis | 10/12/2018

After years of developments and incremental advances, Colt is set for a major three-stage telco cloud deployment that will be a big step in its migration from a legacy hardware architecture to virtualized functions.

Verizon's Glenn Wellbrock: 5G Becomes the New Home Broadband
LRTV Interviews | 10/12/2018

Verizon's director of optical transport network architecture, design and planning talks about why millimeter wave technology works so well to deliver a home broadband service, and how Verizon intends to reach more places with 5G even where adding new fiber isn't feasible.

ECOC 2018 Optical Workshop Delivers Compelling Vision
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/9/2018

Further innovation is needed if optical transport networks are to support traffic growth and there was plenty of evidence at a recent ECOC workshop that key work is already underway.

The New Infinera Is Already on Edge
The Philter | 10/1/2018

Infinera closed its acquisition of Coriant today, creating one of the world's largest optical networking providers with 600 customers around the world. But talk of a major account challenge mounted by Ciena sent the company's stock tumbling more than 15%.

Eurobites: ECI Unveils IPO Plans
News Analysis | 9/21/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica reboots its startup incubator; Inmarsat strikes in-flight WiFi deal with Panasonic; UK considers Internet regulator.

Will Coherent DSP Control Reshape the Optical Vendor Landscape?
Column | 9/20/2018

Coherent DSPs for 400Gbit/s and beyond could be the catalyst for a re-shaping of the optical vendor landscape, believes Serge Melle.

Upgrades & Upheaval at the Service Provider Edge
The Philter | 9/11/2018

Cisco announces a stronger, better, faster version of its edge routing platform, the ASR 9000 series and, in doing so, reminds us that there's a lot at stake with the arrival of 5G networks.

5G Is Shifting the Packet/Optical Tectonic Plates
Shades of Ray | 9/6/2018

Ericsson's 5G transport partnership picks are telling.

Ciena CEO: We're Killin' It!
News Analysis | 8/30/2018

Sales are up 12%, stock is up more than 13% and CEO Gary Smith's excitement level is through the roof.

Eurobites: M&A Rumor Links ADVA With ECI
News Analysis | 8/24/2018

Also in today's regional roundup: Gigabit broadband battle in Poland; Russians mull non-domestic Internet company tax; Dutch payment venfor on the tear; IBM's coffee drone.

Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer: The World on a Fiber
CxO Spotlight | 8/16/2018

One way to look at how much the industry is changing is to spend some time with an executive – and a company – that has stuck to the same formula and industry view for almost 20 years.

Dumb Networks, Not Just Dumb Pipes
The Philter | 8/9/2018

The CEO of one of the largest ISPs in the world isn't so keen to use artificial intelligence to manage its network. He just doesn't need it.

Acacia Spies Return of ZTE Revenues
News Analysis | 8/6/2018

With the ZTE sales ban now lifted, optical components specialist Acacia is expecting a bump in second half sales and that's given its stock a welcome boost.

Infinera's Integration Situation Needs More Explanation
The Philter | 7/25/2018

Infinera's proposed purchase of Coriant for $430 million sounds like a small price for lots of upside. But the integration will be a challenge – this tasty-sounding deal could go together like mustard and pancakes.

Infinera, Coriant Hear a $430M Siren Song of Synergy
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Infinera has offered to acquire Coriant for $430 million in cash and stock but the deal is truly complementary, not just a cost-cutting exercise, both companies say.

ECI Reportedly Planning a London IPO
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

After 10 years of private ownership, Israeli media reports suggest optical transport specialist ECI Telecom is planning to list its stock again in a move that would value the company at about $650 million.

Coherent Optics Get Close to the Edge
Column | 7/17/2018

Why it makes sense for cable operators to distribute coherent packet-optical technology to the cable network edge.

5G Backhaul Vendors Have Opportunity, Work to Do
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/6/2018

More than half the communications services providers surveyed for this report expect to have 5G backhaul ready by 2020, even though they still do not know which vendors they plan to use for this step.

NGON: The Software Tide Creeps Up on Optical
LRTV Documentaries | 7/2/2018

Quick, someone move those damn sunbeds further away from the water! Ray Le Maistre hits the beach in Nice to wax lyrical on what this year's NGON event has been all about: transport for 5G and the deployment of software in optical networks.

Ciena CTO: Next Optical Transport Leap Rides on Analytics & Network Intelligence
CxO Spotlight | 6/27/2018

Ciena's Steve Alexander explains Ciena's strategy for injecting analytics and intelligence into the network, why the company acquired Packet Design and why Ciena is setting its sights on the Indian and Asian markets.

5G Transport – Where Do We Start?
Shades of Ray | 6/21/2018

There's a helluva lot to talk about in terms of the key role that transport networks will play in a 5G world, says Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin.

Ciena CTO Says No to Skynet, Advocates Adaptive Networks
CxO Spotlight | 6/14/2018

Ciena CTO Steve Alexander explains why some operators are leery of fully autonomous networks, and how Ciena is collaborating with carriers to prepare for 5G deployments with platforms like the Adaptive Network.

Ciena Snaps Up Automation Expert Packet Design, Suffers Margins Glitch
News Analysis | 5/31/2018

Ciena announces disappointing fiscal second quarter margins and the proposed acquisition of automated IP network optimization and analytics specialist Packet Design.

Leading Lights 2018 Finalists: Most Innovative Telecoms Product
News Analysis | 5/8/2018

The shortlist for the Most Innovative Telecoms Product (Optical/IP/Carrier Ethernet/FTTH) category features 12 impressive contenders.

ONF Cracks Open Optical Networking
News Analysis | 5/2/2018

Latest initiative, ODTN Project, takes aim at integrated optical networking gear with disaggregation, open source software.

ZTE in Existential Crisis as It Slams 'Unfair' US Ban, Considers 'Judicial Measures'
News Analysis | 4/20/2018

ZTE hits back at US Dept. of Commerce's 'denial order' that bans US component firms from selling to the Chinese vendor for seven years, raises prospect of 'judicial measures' and questions its own survival.

US Govt. Bans Domestic Component Sales to ZTE
News Analysis | 4/16/2018

As part of an ongoing dispute, the US Department of Commerce bans component sales to ZTE.

Optical on the Up: OFC 2018
News Analysis | 4/2/2018

The optical community was buzzing at this year's OFC event, fueled in part by 5G expectations and developments from the likes of Ciena, Coriant, Infinera, Nokia and NeoPhotonics.

Why You Need to Join Me in Austin for BCE
Shades of Ray | 3/27/2018

Austin, Texas, is the place to be May 14-16 when Light Reading will host BCE 2018 and dig deep into automation, security, machine learning, the impact of open source, intent-based networking, 'the edge', SD-WAN, IoT and more... Join me at the Big Communications Event (BCE) -- for more information, click here.

Looking to the Future With ON2020: An OFC Perspective
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/27/2018

The ON2020 panel at this year's OFC provided insight into the challenges faced by network operators and the technologies that will be required in future optical networks.

Leading Lights: Only Days Left to Enter!
News Analysis | 3/19/2018

Never mind the days, there are only HOURS remaining before the door closes on this year's Leading Lights awards deadline...

#OFC2018 Recap: 600G & Beyond
LRTV Interviews | 3/16/2018

As one of the optical industry's key jamborees drew to a close, Heavy Reading senior analyst and optical networking industry celebrity Sterling Perrin discussed developments in 600G transport, probabilistic constellation shaping and other key trends from this year's OFC.

Lumentum Sweeps Up Oclaro in $1.8B Deal
News Analysis | 3/12/2018

It was the PIC of the bunch! Lumentum sends the OFC crowds into a frenzy with a $1.8B optical components marriage.

Infinera Shifts Up a Gear With Its Latest Optical Engine
News Analysis | 3/12/2018

Vendor unveils the latest iteration of its Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) and ramps up its R&D cycle.

Cisco on the Packet-Optical Prowl – Rumor
News Analysis | 3/8/2018

There's talk swirling the optical transport sector that Cisco is window-shopping for a packet-optical transport systems specialist.

Time's Running Out: Enter the Leading Lights Awards Now!
News Analysis | 3/7/2018

There are only a few weeks left to enter this year's Leading Lights awards, so don't delay!

GTT Snaps Up Interoute for $2.3B
News Analysis | 2/27/2018

There was significant interest in acquiring Interoute but the winning bid for the cloud-savvy network operator came from GTT.

Verizon Deployment Will Trigger Bids for Sedona – Analyst
News Analysis | 1/26/2018

Being deployed in Verizon's production network is a massive endorsement for network controller startup Sedona Systems, and one that will likely start a bidding war for the company.

Verizon Turns to Sedona for Transport SDN Management & Automation Smarts
News Analysis | 1/23/2018

Transport network management startup Sedona Networks is deployed and in production in Verizon's network, enabling the operator to introduce automated processes, the companies have confirmed.

Amzallag's Four Horsemen of the Telepocalypse
News Analysis | 1/23/2018

Vodafone's former virtualization chief highlights four key challenges for the communications networking and services sector in 2018.

Optical White Box? Fuggedaboutit!
LRTV Interviews | 12/20/2017

If you're going to talk to Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Sterling Perrin about optical disaggregation, be sure to light his touch paper by throwing in a reference to the optical white box phenomenon.

Optical Disaggregation Is Coming, but Do Carriers Care?
News Analysis | 12/8/2017

Web-scale players are enthused about the optical white box, but carriers have other priorities, as Sterling Perrin reported at 2020 Vision in Prague.

Blue Planet Shines for Ciena, as Vendor Digs Into Network Automation
News Analysis | 12/7/2017

CFO says acquisition to boost the software business could be a possibility in 2018.

India's Tejas Eyes Bigger Slice of Optical Market
News Analysis | 11/24/2017

A homegrown Indian hardware producer reckons its R&D focus and local expertise gives it a compelling advantage.

Facebook's TIP Expands Its Influence, Except in the US
News Analysis | 11/9/2017

The Telecom Infra Project is moving into areas such as AI and network slicing, as founder Facebook pushes universal connectivity.

Ciena Powers Up at the Edge
News Analysis | 11/9/2017

New edge access and aggregation boxes promise greater capacity and future-proof path to adding compute power.

TIP Touts Progress in Mobile & Optical
News Analysis | 11/8/2017

The second-annual Telecom Infra Project Summit opens with optimisim about cellular networks, emerging markets and startup funding.

Juniper Tries Its Hand at Optical Disaggregation
News Analysis | 11/1/2017

Software from BTI joins off-the-shelf ROADM hardware as Juniper tries to create a programmable photonic plane.

Transport SDN's Time Has Come
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 9/26/2017

Demand calls for another optical transport evolution, this time in the management of optical network resources.

2017 Storms May Mean Network Rethink
News Analysis | 9/21/2017

Data center operator says cables and landing stations aren't impacted but where the traffic goes next might be.

Ciena's Stock Dives 10% on Weak Forecast
News Analysis | 8/31/2017

Optical network equipment maker blames cuts in government spending for guidance that disappoints the financial community and gives its share price a short back and sides.

ADVA Feels Q3 Squeeze, to Cut 10% of Staff
News Analysis | 8/30/2017

As the vendor prepares to cut 10% of its headcount following the acquisition of MRV, lower than expected orders hit the vendor's Q3 sales and margin numbers.

Full Duplex, Coherent Optics Specs Advance
News Analysis | 8/24/2017

Cable R&D group sees both emerging technologies becoming full specs within the next year or so as the industry looks beyond DOCSIS 3.1 for bandwidth boosts.

Infinera Shares Sink Along With Q3 Outlook
News Analysis | 8/4/2017

Infinera can't wait for CenturyLink and Level 3 to finish that merger.

ADVA Takes a Haircut as It Warns of Tough H2
News Analysis | 7/20/2017

ADVA's share price takes a 15% hit following an earnings report that cited 'turbulent times' and a 'subdued' sales outlook but there won't be any job cuts, the CEO says.

ADVA CEO: How We Can Capitalize on MRV Deal
News Analysis | 7/3/2017

ADVA's CEO Brian Protiva believes the acquisition of fellow optical and carrier Ethernet vendor MRV can deliver key Tier 1 accounts, upsell opportunities and immediate bottom-line gains.

ADVA Swoops for MRV in 'Strategic' $69M Bid
News Analysis | 7/3/2017

Optical giant ADVA aims to gather more customers outside Europe.

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