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RAD Brews MPLS-TP Storm
EuroBlog | 2/6/2012

RAD Data CTO Yaakov Stein set to detail how Ethernet trumps MPLS-TP in the access network

It's Open Season for OpenFlow
Craig's A-List | 2/6/2012

Tired of hearing about software-defined networking? Too bad

Carrier Capex Could Rebound Quickly
News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Amid a season of weak forecasts, one analyst thinks carrier spending isn't going to be so awful

Sprint Details iDEN's Death March
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2012

A new Sprint site reveals when and where it will remove its iDEN towers, offering a hint at the company's initial LTE launch plans

Google Calls KC Fiber-Ready
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Google is ready to begin stringing fiber, getting it an important step closer to connecting live customers to its 1-Gig network

Verizon Finds New Path Into Health Segment
News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Business unit teams up with health care investment group to spur technlogy adoption by medical ecosystem

HTC: LTE Handsets Disappoint
Que Sera Sarah | 2/6/2012

12:30 PM Taiwanese handset maker is predicting a weak first quarter as it struggles to differentiate Android and attract interest in 4G

Mobile Network Security Becomes Key Issue
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/6/2012

Mobile operators are realizing they must take more steps to secure their networks against malicious acts

Verizon & Redbox Target Netflix
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Also: Time Warner plows cash into Conviva; Cisco exec heads to Comcast; Entropic checks into hospitality

Consolidated to Buy SureWest for $340.9M
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Consolidated believes the combined company can save $25 million in annual operations costs and as much as $10 million in capex

Optical Industry Adjusting After Thai Floods
News Analysis | 2/6/2012

It's looking like the disaster's impact on optical production has been kept under control so far

Honorable Mentions: Feb. 6
Matt's Mentions | 2/6/2012

This week's top telecom stories, as chosen by the readers of Matt's Mentions

Unsettling Times at NSN
EuroBlog | 2/6/2012

8:00 AM Although denied, speculation that one of NSN's parents has been looking for the next CEO of NSN will create uncertainty

What's Your Mobile Lifestyle?
Que Sera Sarah | 2/6/2012

7:00 AM Take Light Reading's survey on your own mobile life and learn how the rest of the industry uses mobility

Euronews: NSN Denies 'New CEO' Report
News Analysis | 2/6/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: NSN says that it's not looking for a replacement for Rajeev Suri; Huawei opens Hungarian optical-gear unit

Cox Cuts Staff Amid Wireless Shutdown
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/3/2012

As the wireless service reaches an end, Cox reportedly gets set for the expected layoffs

Ting: Bad Name, Great Idea
Que Sera Sarah | 2/3/2012

4:20 PM We'll forgive the new Sprint reseller for its dumb name, because its data-sharing strategy is really quite smart

Rogers to Kill Its Broadband Throttle
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/3/2012

MSO grudgingly agrees to reconfigure its Cisco traffic manager so all P2P traffic sidesteps traffic management

DirecTV Cuts WildBlue From Its Broadband Future
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/3/2012

Satellite TV giant is seeking out new broadband partners to aid its OTT video offerings, and WildBlue apparently won't be among them

OS Watch: Windows Phone 8 Specs Revealed
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/3/2012

Also: Android cracks down on malware; patent drama in Germany; iOS and Android take over; Facebook mulls mobile ads

M&A Train Reaches Tier 2 Cable Vendors
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/3/2012

Also: Ex-SeaChange pres has non-compete; DirecTV halts WildBlue broadband sales; shady sports streamers put on ice; PPV goes 3-D

Cable Ad Standards Get Star Treatment
Technically Speaking With SCTE | 2/3/2012

10:30 AM Move aside, entertainers – it's the SCTE's turn to share the Emmy spotlight

India in Shock as 122 Licenses Canceled
News Analysis | 2/3/2012

Supreme Court rules that 122 mobile licenses must be revoked, causing market chaos, plus other news from India's turbulent telecom sector

Carrier Bug Bypasses Infinera, Bites Acme Packet
News Analysis | 2/3/2012

One equipment vendor after another is predicting weak carrier spending, but there's a way to get around that

Euronews: Sales Down, Profits Up at BT
News Analysis | 2/3/2012

Operating margin improvement at BT, the sale of Orange Austria and Mobistar's customer experience focus feature in today's news potpourri

Sprint Gives LightSquared 'Til Mid-March
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2012

LightSquared gets another month and change to sort out GPS issues from LTE partner Sprint

HP Takes OpenFlow Commercial
News Analysis | 2/2/2012

It's not the first vendor to do this, but the it's first switch vendor to go this big with the technology

Light at the End of the Pipe
EuroBlog | 2/2/2012

2:30 PM At last, signs of a more compelling ROI case for Europe's network owners

Is Google Fueling BTI's Growth?
News Analysis | 2/2/2012

Transport system vendor BTI Systems is in growth mode and has secured new funding. Is Google helping to fuel its top line?

JDSU's Ready for Gridless ROADMs
News Analysis | 2/2/2012

Finisar's been there for a while, but JDSU says it's sampling gridless-ROADM devices now, prepping for 400G and terabit

Qualcomm Makes First VoLTE-to-3G Hand-Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/2/2012

In an important milestone for VoLTE, Qualcomm does a voice-call hand-off on an Ericsson network

TW Cable's $3B Insight Buy Gets FCC OK
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/2/2012

Also: Comcast exec to keynote SCTE shindig; Amdocs scores a big re-up; Cisco vet hops to Clearleap; Comcast home security is a Mile High

SMEs in Latin America Are Dancing to the Telco Beat
Research Rewind | 2/2/2012

This week: The telecom landscape in Kenya, Slovakia and Russia; SMEs and ICT in Latin America; the next-gen ROADM opportunity

Now SeaChange Loses Its President
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/2/2012

With the loss of another key executive, the video software vendor is living up to its name

Euronews: FT Goes Full-Tilt on FTTH
News Analysis | 2/2/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: FT CEO says he will double fiber access spend in 2012; Etisalat hit by Indian 'scam' backwash; PacketFront's CPE sale

Netflix Battles Bandwidth Caps
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/1/2012

Netflix taps encoding startup EYE IO to boost bandwidth efficiency by up to 50% and keep consumption caps and broadband meters in check

US Cellular to Play LTE Catch-Up in March
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/1/2012

Sixth-largest US carrier plans to cover 25% of its sub base with LTE next month, and offer them a Samsung tablet and smartphone

Cable-VZ Wireless Deals to Face Senate Grilling
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/1/2012

A hearing on cable's co-marketing deals and AWS spectrum sales to Verizon Wireless is said to be on its way

Comcast, VZ Wireless Bundle Up in the Bay
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/1/2012

Also: SeaChange cuts headcount; Comcast beefs up Internet Essentials; DTAs pay for Technicolor; SlingPlayer's on Fire

A New Battle Brews About Old Set-Tops
The Bauminator | 2/1/2012

The CEA objects to a plan that would let MSOs sell old set-tops, including HD-DVRs, and it might win a round for a change

Euronews: EC Probes Samsung on Patents
News Analysis | 2/1/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Brussels thinks Samsung may have 'distorted' markets through patents abuse; Euro roaming fees to go even lower?

Cisco Pitches MPLS Alternative
News Analysis | 2/1/2012

But it's only for certain enterprise cases, so don't go thinking MPLS's No. 1 fan has gone off the deep end

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