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Six Dead – Or Dying – 'Cable Killers'
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/31/2012

Joost and ivi are just two purported cable killers that failed to outlive cable, which, at last check, is still around

SPIT Bits: M&A Matters
News Analysis | 8/31/2012

The wave of mergers and acquisitions in service provider IT (SPIT) continues ... plus other news from the likes of Openet and Huawei

9 Wireless Quotes of Note
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/31/2012

The summer news lull was filled with hot talk and hot air from the world's top wireless executives and, mostly, their lawyers

HBO, Netflix Set for OTT Video Clash
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/31/2012

Also: Arris prototypes super-fast D3 modem; Google shuts down TV ad biz; more Olympics postmortem; bomb scare at Charter St. Louis HQ

OS Watch: Samsung Beats Nokia to Windows 8
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/31/2012

Also: Huawei gives Android a facelift; Sony has an Ice Cream Sandwich party; Samsung threatens 4G payback to Apple; Amazon puts out the Kindle Fire

Latin America Mobile Data Pricing Landscape & Trends
Research Rewind | 8/31/2012

8:00 AM This week: Mobile data pricing trends in Latin America and your daily telecom fix

Euronews: BT Banks £159M From Stake Sale
News Analysis | 8/31/2012

In today's roundup: BT's Indian stake sale; DT dances with Spotify; SDH/Sonet over Packet developments; Iliad's mobile success; and more

Burnt Ciena: Optical Stock Falls After a Tough Quarter
News Analysis | 8/30/2012

CEO Gary Smith wasn't hit by fruit during today's pow-wow with investors. See? There's still a good argument left for conference calls

Sprint & Verizon: This Note's Not for You (Yet)
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/30/2012

3G CDMA carriers in the US will have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, according to the vendor's announced specs

When Will Cable Turn Up TiVo Stream?
The Bauminator | 8/30/2012

5:30 PM A TiVo cable partner says there's lots to like about the new video transcoding sidecar, but is still noodling how and when to offer it

VMworld, Virtualization, Violence – v0dgeball!
Slide Shows | 8/30/2012

A pre-VMworld dodgeball match featuring the biggest names in networking? You bet we brought a camera!

Sprint Launches 4 LTE Markets for Labor Day
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/30/2012

The operator hints that it's also now doing its 3G and 4G 'Network Vision' upgrades in Boston and Washington

Cable on Cusp of Winning Video Security Battle
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/30/2012

Also: U-verse friends Facebook; Adobe makes progress with TV Everywhere; Comcast outlines nDVR storage plan; WatchESPN expands

Comcast's Set-Top Accelerator Gains Traction
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/30/2012

As Comcast's Reference Design Kit (RDK) finds support, it could create a new, open environment for developing IP set-tops and gateways

Euronews: BT Offloads SPIT Shares
News Analysis | 8/30/2012

In today's roundup: BT sells stake in service provider IT firm Tech Mahindra; the latest on NSN; TeliaSonera bypasses the set-top box; Ireland's broadband dream

Is NSN Close to BSS Sale?
EuroBlog | 8/30/2012

5:45 AM Report suggests NSN's latest asset sale could be close

Photos: AT&T's New Chicago Playland
Slide Shows | 8/30/2012

AT&T's flagship experience store sets up shop across from Apple on Michigan Avenue to show customers all they can do with what AT&T offers

Google Taps Barclays to Shop Motorola Home
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/29/2012

But you already knew that, right? Now it's time to begin narrowing down the likely suitors for Moto's cable unit

Photos: VMworld 2012
Slide Shows | 8/29/2012

The show that's about to become big on software-defined networking took to San Francisco this week

Will the iPhone 5 Be a North American Roamer?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/29/2012

Business deals will probably squelch local roaming, but the next iPhone should hop most international markets with ease

Who's King of M&A?
News Analysis | 8/29/2012

There have been some major mergers and acquisitions during the past year, but who will make the Leading Lights Best Deal Maker shortlist?

Cricket Trades Cheaper Data for Music for All
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/29/2012

Pre-paid operator lowers the cost of data and offers its unlimited music service to all its smartphone customers in hopes of driving up APRU

Crunch Time for Google Fiber
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/29/2012

Also: TiVo Stream nears launch; Cox talks about CDNs; cable op goes rural with FTTH; ThinkAnalytics fuels up recommendations engine

Pay TV's Existential Crisis
Rewired | 8/29/2012

10:00 AM Content owners may realize the current pay-TV model is broken, but that doesn't mean they'll give it up, says Heavy Reading analyst

Vodafone Joyns Fight Against OTT Threat
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/29/2012

Vodafone is first to launch Joyn-branded Rich Communication Suite (RSC) services in Germany in a bid to fend off threat from OTT rivals

How the Courts Came Up With Verizon's $2.74 FiOS TV Tax
The Bauminator | 8/29/2012

8:00 AM Verizon should've worked something out with ActiveVideo when it had a chance

Euronews: Royal Rumpus at Telefonica
News Analysis | 8/29/2012

In today's regional mish-mash: Strained relations at Telefónica; Slim makes his mark; Bouygues feels Iliad's heat; and more!

Cox Braces for Hurricane Isaac
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/28/2012

Cox has suspended normal business operations and activated its 'business continuity process' as the storm bears down on southeastern Louisiana

How Wireless Operators Get Hurricane-Ready
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/28/2012

How major carriers are preparing for Hurricane Isaac and steps you can take to stay online with your cellphone

Cisco Preps 'Arista Killer'
News Analysis | 8/28/2012

The Insieme team's fingerprints are on Cisco's next low-latency Nexus switch

TW Cable Strings More Fiber in NYC
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/28/2012

Also: OnLive's CEO is ousted; Comcast unit creates video storefronts; AT&T to target ads across screens; another Google TV partner

Samsung's 4G Breakthrough
Wireless Bits | 8/28/2012

10:40 AM Vendor adds Europe to its list of LTE conquests

Meet the Next 4G: LTE-Advanced
Jonestown | 8/28/2012

8:00 AM LTE-Advanced is a tech buzzword you'll need to know in 2013, so get a head start with this primer

Euronews: Operators Merge Their CDNs
News Analysis | 8/28/2012

In today's roundup: Operators combine media distribution assets; MasterCard's latest partnership; NSN builds in Brazil; and more

Courts Keep ivi's Internet TV Service Off
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/27/2012

An Internet TV service provided by ivi must stay off following an appeals court ruling on Monday. The ruling could factor in to Aereo's fight with TV broadcasters

VMware Looks Into the Network
News Analysis | 8/27/2012

The company's VMworld conference kicks off with a big software release and nibbles of news about networking and Nicira

Suddenlink Puts Broadband Overage Fees on Ice
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/27/2012

Suddenlink has suspended its usage-based broadband policy after an 'unusual' circumstance caused an inaccuracy in its byte meter

Apple Patent Win Puts Carriers in Driver’s Seat
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2012

The ripple effect of the Samsung/Apple trial will be far reaching, but it could have operators taking a more active role in accelerating a third mobile operating system ecosystem

Apple vs. Samsung: Who Is the Biggest Loser?
iBraue | 8/27/2012

2:10 PM Apple’s device competitors have been knocked to the mat, but mobile operators have been staggered, too

Verizon Avoids FiOS TV Injunction
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/27/2012

But an appeals court affirms that Verizon is on the hook to make royalty payments and shell out millions more in damages to ActiveVideo

FTC Puts Dish in Hot Water
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/27/2012

Also: Apple exec downplays pay-TV plans; TW Cable streams Fox News everywhere; Panasonic, MaxLinear connect on DVB set-tops

Tracking T-Mobile's 4G Advance
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2012

T-Mobile is preparing for LTE-Advanced in 2013 with an eye on 12 major cities in the US. Here's here's what faster 4G might mean for you

Verizon Manages Its Own Data Destiny
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2012

While the carrier keeps the policy management of its Share Everything plans private, policy vendors suggest more pricing changes are to come

Broadcom Switches Push Into Terabit Range
News Analysis | 8/27/2012

As Cisco (supposedly) works on its next switching ASIC, Broadcom continues to push merchant chips forward

Jury: Apple Guilty, But Samsung Much Guiltier
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/24/2012

It's mostly a win for Apple, as a jury says the South Korean vendor owes the iPhone maker more than $1 billion in damages

Cisco's Insieme Building Massively Scalable Switch
News Analysis | 8/24/2012

The Cisco spin-in isn't just doing software-defined networking, sources say

Huawei, ZTE Look to Handsets for Growth
News Analysis | 8/24/2012

With carrier spending tightening, Huawei and ZTE have focused more on consumer and enterprise handsets to find growth in developed markets

Comcast Streams More Disney
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/24/2012

Also: CWA blasts Verizon/cable deal; ESPN may cover Clemens's return to the mound; Cox hires regional GM

OS Watch: Apple, Samsung Both Guilty in Korea
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/24/2012

Also: Nokia and Microsoft's first handsets coming soon; Amazon heats up more Fires; Android owners clamor for iPhone 5; RIM plans a Canadian re-debut

Cable's 3 Wireless Whiffs
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/24/2012

Cable has taken three recent swings at wireless and missed, but it's not out. The Verizon Wireless deal gives it one last shot at mobile

China, Bulgaria & Integrated Switch Chips
Research Rewind | 8/24/2012

8:00 AM This week: The telecom industries of China and Bulgaria; terabit upgrades for chipset makers; and your daily telecom news fix

Euronews: Vodafone Eyes Middle East Expansion
News Analysis | 8/24/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Vodafone looks to do a deal with Zain; TeliaSonera's mea culpa; BT engineers on the march

Qualcomm Snaps Up Small Cell SoC Designer
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

Chip giant says it will acquire DesignArts to bolster its standings in the heterogeneous network

Verizon Wireless's Spectrum Deals Sail Through
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

The FCC stamps Verizon Wireless's spectrum deals with four cable operators and Leap and T-Mobile, with a few minor conditions

Suddenlink Defends Its Broadband Bit Counter
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/23/2012

Some users are complaining about discrepancies with Suddenlink's byte-counter, but the cable company claims its meter is 'consistently accurate'

Apigee Unleashes an API Free-for-All
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

With a fresh $20M, the WAC's technology and an API acquisition under its belt, Apigee is offering its platform for free

TV Streaming Startup Nets $2.5M in Seed Cash
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/23/2012

Also: Arris lands another Moxi DVR deal; Barry Diller goes after BarryDriller.com founder; Evolution and Rovi team on DTA guide

Nokia, 21 Others Explore the Great Indoors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

New In-Location consortium plans to improve indoor location accuracy and launch new apps to make mall walking more fun

PCCW, Not Chinese Gov't, Is Keeping Syria Online
News Analysis | 8/23/2012

The Hong Kong telco is now the biggest supplier of bandwidth to Syria, according to reports

Verizon Wireless's Cable Cold Zones
The Bauminator | 8/23/2012

9:25 AM Here's a high-level view of where Verizon Wireless is banned from bundling its mobile services with cable TV and broadband

Euronews: Sony Mobile Begins Exit From Sweden
News Analysis | 8/23/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: 650 jobs go at Lund mobile phone plant; Ericsson upgrades in Austria and Croatia; Slim in Polish position

Telefónica: A New Breed of Telco
EuroBlog | 8/23/2012

By directing energy toward startups, partners and new IT ideas, the Spanish giant is showing it's possible for a Tier 1 to reinvent itself

T-Mobile's Unlimited: Tablets Not Included
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

T-Mobile's return to unlimited data waters involves only phones, not the tablets that it also sells

Russo 'Tickled Pink' by Ericsson, Calix Deal
News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Calix CEO Carl Russo says his company's two agreements with Ericsson help both companies focus on what they do best

Motorola Still Tight With Comcast
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Moto is the latest vendor to snag a license for Comcast's reference development kit for set-tops, because, let's face it, it sort of has to

AT&T Plays FaceTime Defense
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Dismissing the 'knee-jerk reactions' that limiting Apple's video chat service to Mobile Share plans is a net neutrality violation, the carrier says it's in the clear

Vecima May Seek a Sale
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/22/2012

An asset sale is one option the longtime Cisco cable tech partner will consider as it vets a range of 'strategic alternatives'

MRV Takes Packet-Optical Path
News Analysis | 8/22/2012

A year after re-examining its business, MRV decides to stick with networking, driven partly by a strong play in service provider IT

T-Mobile Tosses Data Caps & Speed Limits
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/22/2012

T-Mobile brings back unlimited data plans to take on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and more

Verizon Close to Clinching Cable Spectrum Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Also: Cox gets serious about home security; Ericsson gears up for HEVC; Zeebox's Comcast connection; Leno slams Comcast

MetroPCS Looks to Video Chat Across Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Carrier will likely be first to implement Rich Communication Services in the US this fall, paving the way for simple video messaging between 4G networks

Euronews: OnLive Resurrection Bad News for BT?
News Analysis | 8/22/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: BT could lose stake in OnLive following gaming firm's near-death experience; EE's rivals are disgruntled; goal!

Telefónica: Digital Dreamer?
News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Telefónica's Digital division has been set up to behave in a non-telco way. Does that mean it won't make money? Not at all, says the operator

How Smaller Carriers Can Compete in a 4G World
Jonestown | 8/21/2012

6:10 PM Can clever applications and innovative services help, along with lower prices and unlimited data?

MetroPCS: AWS Could Be 4G Roaming Choice
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2012

Network SVP Ed Chao likes the AWS spectrum MetroPCS's on for 4G LTE roaming options between carriers in the future

Bill Gates Invests in Satellite Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2012

He's part of a group that's plowed $12M into Kymeta, a spinoff that's developing specialized satellite gear for mobile broadband

Google Fiber to Fix Apartment Snag
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/21/2012

Also: GCI picks TiVo; Cable-Tec Expo to spread some love to small cable; OnLive stays alive

LightSquared Names Doug Smith as CEO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2012

The LTE wholesaler and its new CEO are confident the company can solve interference issues and launch a nationwide 4G network

Sprint Nabs Its First Moto Phone for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2012

The $200 Motorola Photon 4G, packing a big-screen and a slide-out keyboard, arrives ahead of four new Sprint markets going live on Sept. 3

How to Lose Customers & Alienate People
Que Sera Sarah | 8/21/2012

9:10 AM Changes that AT&T and Verizon keep making to their data plans could send customers into their competitors' arms

Ex-Cisco Exec Takes Helm of iNovo
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/21/2012

Industry vet Michael Harney comes out of retirement to become CEO of a startup that's trying to take a serious run at cable's CPE market

Euronews: Orange/T-Mob JV Given 4G Head Start
News Analysis | 8/21/2012

In today's roundup: Everything Everywhere could launch 4G services in UK in 2012; AlcaLu faces demotion from blue-chip index; LTE parteee!!!

Big Switch Claims Its Place in SDN
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

The OpenFlow startup says it's playing a key role in spreading SDN to the masses

Nagra Envisions CableCARD-Free Video Streamer
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Nagra wants the FCC to bless a new class of 'headless' gateways that ship IP video streams to connected TVs and tablets without need for a CableCARD

Market Leaders Drive Investment in Switching
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/20/2012

Due to the demand on switching systems, switch chipset and integrated device makers are investing in terabit upgrades

Is AT&T Killing Tablet Subsidies?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Ma Bell is reportedly following Verizon in ending the offer of subsidized tablets with two-year contracts

Netflix Is a Hit in UK & Ireland
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Also: Futures of Hulu and OnLive are in flux; Comcast makes progress with HD channel-zappers; 3-D groups merge

Finding a Data Cap That Fits
The Philter | 8/20/2012

8:00 AM Consumers have to accept data caps as service providers find that tiered plans are the easiest way to slow consumption and raise revenues

5 Ways the Verizon Spectrum Deal Could Affect You
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Verizon's concessions on the AWS deal could help to unlock 4G device and carrier choices for American consumers in the coming years

Euronews: Mr. MeeGo Headed for HP?
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

In today's EMEA telecom news: Will Alberto Torres resurface at HP? Google closes Motorola Mobility Israel; sports news from Finland

Et Tu, Telefónica?
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

In developing Tu Me, the Spanish giant's digital division adopted an applications development model that's more Google than telco-like

Ethernet Group Starts to Talk Terabit
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Higher-speed Ethernet, be it 1Tbit/s or 400Gbit/s, gets one step closer to starting the IEEE standards process

AT&T Reserves 4G FaceTime for Data Sharers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/17/2012

Carrier won't charge for Apple's video chat service on its cellular network, but without a Mobile Share plan, you'll be stuck on Wi-Fi

Cable's MVNO Option May Speed Wi-Fi Rollouts
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/17/2012

Cable's deal with Verizon Wireless sets the stage for MSOs to create a 'disruptive' cellular/Wi-Fi service, an industry analyst says

Samsung: This Note's for You?
Jonestown | 8/17/2012

3:00 PM The Note 10.1 will win some fans with its pen-based input, but will it unseat the iPad as the top tablet?

Comcast Preps for Broadband Price War
The Bauminator | 8/17/2012

2:10 PM MSO is apparently chewing on some big cuts that would put more heat on FiOS and enter play as it tees up new usage-based broadband policies

Distracted Driving: Where's the Data?
The Philter | 8/17/2012

2:00 PM When wireless operators decry distracted driving, I'm reminded of what really kills people on roadways and how long we've lived with it

6 Ways Operators Are Mining M2M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/17/2012

All the wireless operators are keen on adding more devices to their networks, making M2M a growing, lucrative sector

Would an Apple Set-Top Box Pay Off?
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/17/2012

Also: TW Cable's K.C. hiring spree; lower-cost four-tuner TiVo DVR has Sunday nights covered; Netflix aids binge-viewing

Does Communication Suffer When We Text?
News Analysis | 8/17/2012

As people start to text more and talk less, experts weigh in on how we're changing as a society and whether the telcos have a chance to provide more education

OS Watch: HP Unit Resurrects WebOS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/17/2012

Also: Jolla recruits MeeGo talent; Google snubs Apple on maps; first Windows 8 Nokia phone coming soon; RIM screens some new resolutions

Euronews: QTel Wants All of Kuwaiti Operator
News Analysis | 8/17/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Qatar operator wants rest of Wataniya; rocket boffin resigns after satellites foul-up; NSN gets all sustainable on us

Wait for It! Verizon 4G Deal Still Needs FCC OK
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/16/2012

Verizon is close to wrapping up the spectrum deals it's been working on since December, but the FCC still has to cast its vote

Cable OK to Attack FiOS With Verizon Wireless
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/16/2012

The DoJ will forbid Verizon Wireless from offering cable bundles in FiOS markets but won't place the same restriction on the MSOs

Verizon 4G Spectrum Deal Approval Soon?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/16/2012

The US govt. appears close to approving Verizon's AWS spectrum deals -- with conditions -- as Big Red makes 4G coverage and roaming concessions

Apple's Pay-TV Path May Run Through Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/16/2012

Apple's in talks with some big operators about creating a box that can access cable TV services, reports The Wall Street Journal

Dish Likely to Seek a Wireless Dance Partner
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/16/2012

Also: Dish tees up national broadband plan; Comcast updates on 'Internet Essentials'; S3 signs up for Comcast's set-top software kit

Alcatel-Lucent Puts Its APIs to Work
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/16/2012

Vendor adds a consulting and professional service practice to its application enablement strategy to ease API tension between developers and operators

Slideshow: How Does Cable Use Social Media?
Slide Shows | 8/16/2012

Light Reading Cable breaks down the cable industry's responses to the 2012 social media survey to find out where it goes to socialize

Euronews: VimpelCom Postpones Euro Listing
News Analysis | 8/16/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Russian operator must resolve Telenor dispute; Nokia dismisses S&P pronouncement; Telekom Austria revises outlook

Swiss Bank on Unification
EuroBlog | 8/16/2012

2:00 AM Swisscom hopes to reap the benefits of unifying networks and IT

Cisco CEO Sees Glimmers for the Economy
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Not for Europe. But in the US, there's maybe, possibly a chance that business for Cisco is about to get better

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Is the Pen Mightier Than the iPad?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Samsung tries again with tablets, borrowing pen-based input ideas from its successful Note 'phablet' to take on the iPad

TiVo Plays VoD With Cisco
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

A SeaChange/TiVo software upgrade lets TiVo DVRs run cable VoD on some systems that aren't Motorola's

Cisco Meets Its Q4 Mark
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

After saying Q4 would be muted, Cisco at least didn't add to the disappointment

Retailers Join to Boost (or Fragment) mCommerce
Que Sera Sarah | 8/15/2012

12:25 PM Shouldn't retailers be working with the wireless operators instead of against them?

Verizon Hits 75% of the US With 4G LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

There's a Big Red 4G stain across almost three-fourths of the US today, as Verizon launches 34 new LTE markets

RIM Hopes BB10 Roadshow Will Wow Carriers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

CEO Thorsten Heins shows carriers RIM's "nearly finished" BlackBerry 10 phones and promises a mix of six qwerty or touchscreen devices coming next year

How Long Will Google Keep the Fiber Flowing?
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Google's sweetheart deal with the Kansas Cities includes a clause that lets the company walk away up to two years after construction began

US Broadband Adds Reach a New Low in Q2
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Also: OTT pirate gets jailed; Com Hem CTO sets his exit; analyst sees bleak future for Aereo; Google Fiber partners eye Wi-Fi

4G Small Cells Step Out
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Some operators are ready to roll with tiny base stations in LTE networks

Why Gonzalo Martin-Villa Is Kissing Frogs
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

The Telefónica Digital man is spreading his bets in his search for innovative startup partners

Euronews: Nokia Won't Waver on Windows
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: It's not curtains for Nokia's Windows strategy; KPN's BASE sale is off; Netflix goes Nordic

JDSU Pleads the Fifth on Capex
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

Carriers' optical-networking spending is on analysts' minds, but JDSU isn't in the mood to drop any hints

Is Motorola Finally Dying?
Jonestown | 8/14/2012

5:50 PM The jobs cut at Motorola might be the beginning of the end for America's first major mobile maker, but it's been a long time coming

Envivio Shares Fall More Than 50% in 3 Hours
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/14/2012

Envivio stock is down by more than half Tuesday after the video processing vendor said it would miss its Q2 revenue target

Does Cisco Need Nicira?
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

VMWare reportedly outbid Cisco for the software-defined networking startup

What's Your Favorite Mobile App?
Que Sera Sarah | 8/14/2012

10:55 AM Used a game-changing app or service on your smartphone or tablet this year? Nominate it for a 2012 Leading Lights award

Netflix Frets Verizon-Cable Spectrum Sale
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/14/2012

Also: Verizon-cable deal nears the finish line; Comcast slims staff in Chicagoland; thePlatform goes down under

Why Amdocs Is 'Seeing' Microsoft
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

The duo have forged a patent partnership, but what's the backstory? A challenge to Oracle might be the catalyst for this relationship

XO Deploys First Nationwide 100G Network
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

Competitive carrier also chooses NSN over Infinera for its deployment, which is driven by bandwidth demands but also costs

Euronews: S&P Downgrades AlcaLu
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: AlcaLu goes from 'stable' to 'negative'; Deutsche Telekom's mobile money move; Kabel Deutschland Q1 profits rise

Google Job Cuts to Nick Moto's Cable Unit
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/13/2012

Moto says some of the 4,000 job cuts will involve its Home division, but expects the impact at its Horsham, Pa., facility to be 'minimal'

SDN: Start Making Sense
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/13/2012

Software-defined networking is a potential game-changer for telecom networks

Fox Targets an Aereo-Copycat Takedown
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/13/2012

Also: TW Cable and Level strike backbone deal; Comcast streams ESPN to Androids; cable among the Ethernet market leaders

Google to Cut 4,000 Motorola Jobs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/13/2012

Google will slash 20% of Motorola Mobility's workforce as part of a plan to put the phone maker back in the black

Privately Speaking, Who's the Best?
Wireless Bits | 8/13/2012

8:30 AM Light Reading's Leading Lights Awards is looking for the Private Company of the Year

US Wireless Operators' Q2 2012 Scorecard
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/13/2012

Weak subscriber growth was balanced out by high profits in Q2 as operators shook up their pricing and made the move to LTE

Slideshow: Service Providers & Social Media
Slide Shows | 8/13/2012

More than 230 service providers chimed in on our social media survey. Here's what they had to say

Euronews: Red Alert on Orange Cable Ship
News Analysis | 8/13/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Cable-ship fire sparks major rescue operation; Telenet backs off from BASE; Ericsson gets two-for-one in Poland

Outsourcing the Back Office
EuroBlog | 8/13/2012

3:00 AM Attention in the managed services market is turning towards outsourced service provider IT (SPIT) deals, which should yield decent margins

Signs of CCAP
The Bauminator | 8/10/2012

5:15 PM Arris has yet to reveal its first CCAP product to the viewing public, but its E6000 chassis did make an appearance of sorts this week

Rise to the BYOD Challenge
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/10/2012

As mobile broadband usage grows, more enterprise employees are using their own devices to access workplace data

6 SDN Startups to Watch
News Analysis | 8/10/2012

A few names to note before every startup starts saying it does software-defined networking

Latvia Beats US on Broadband Speeds
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/10/2012

Also: Report fans Google Fiber fears; new Xbox speculation swirls; Comcast targets people on the move; Cablevision's new branding iron

OS Watch: Samsung Won't be RIM's Savior
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/10/2012

Also: Apple outsells Samsung like crazy; Qt goes cross platform; iOS 6 does cross-network video chat; First Windows 8 phone pictured

Q2 Video Scorecard: The Winningest Losers
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/10/2012

US pay-TV providers lost a combined 418,000 subs in the always-tough second quarter, offering more fodder for the cord-cutting crowd

Focus on the Global LTE Market
Research Rewind | 8/10/2012

8:00 AM This week: LTE futures; SDN; your daily telecom news fix

Euronews: MRV to Sell Euro Assets
News Analysis | 8/10/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: MRV to focus on optical transport; UK mast-sharing under the microscope; KPN's BASE attracts interest

Tough Going for Subex
AsiaBlog | 8/10/2012

5:15 AM Revenue assurance specialist in doldrums

Sprint Taps Samsung for More LTE Small Cells
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2012

Samsung joins Alcatel-Lucent in helping Sprint fill the gaps in its Network Vision

Photonic Integration Starts Slowly at 100G
News Analysis | 8/9/2012

The technology is almost certain to be a requirement at 400G and beyond, even though it's more of a bit player in 100G systems

T-Mobile Looks Ahead as It Bleeds Customers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2012

T-Mobile stresses cost reductions and 4G network upgrades as monthly subscribers continue to jump ship

Google & Friends Try to Keep AllVid Alive
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/9/2012

Also: Dish thinks it's already winning the AutoHop battle; Google Fiber puts a name on customer service; analyst views NBCU as 'ideal' Starz suitor

Sprint's 4G LTE Testing Tease
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2012

Spotting Sprint's 4G LTE signals in your town doesn't necessarily mean that faster data service is imminent

MVNOs Try Again
Que Sera Sarah | 8/9/2012

8:00 AM A new crop of MVNOs is coming on the scene having learned from past failures, but there's still a bumpy road ahead

Euronews: Nokia Sells Qt's Remains
News Analysis | 8/9/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Elop waves goodbye to apps software unit; Deutsche Telekom on even Q2 keel; Exponential-e goes 'super-core'

Will 4G Voice Silence Indie Talk Apps?
Wireless Bits | 8/9/2012

5:00 AM VoLTE could finally allow carriers a way to compete with popular over-the-top voice apps

Photos: Comcast/NBCU Ultra-HD Demo
Slide Shows | 8/9/2012

A look at the jaw-dropping, pixelicious delights of Super Hi-Vision, a video format that's still years away from retail reality

Dish Chairman Ready to Back Up Wireless Bet
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/8/2012

3:35 PM Charlie Ergen says he's prepared to go ahead with satellite/terrestrial combo handsets no matter how the FCC rules on Dish's spectrum

EZchip Offers a Bad Omen to Cisco, Juniper
News Analysis | 8/8/2012

If the router-chip sales are light, it doesn't suggest good things for the router business

Verizon Reserves Special Tiers for Big Spenders
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/8/2012

Both AT&T and Verizon will have their shared data plans in place this month, and Verizon's offering a few by-request-only plans for those who crave more data

Some FiOS TV Goes Set-Topless on Samsung
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/8/2012

Also: Cablevision's TV app catches Fire; Dish misses in Q2; MaxLinear countersues Silicon Labs; Liberty eyes Starz spinoff

A Glimpse of Ultra-HD
The Bauminator | 8/8/2012

9:15 AM Comcast and NBCU offered an early look at the eye-popping (and bandwidth-gobbling) Super Hi-Vision video format

Euronews: Summer Scandal Special
News Analysis | 8/8/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Skulduggery in Spain and Kazakhstan; half-year results a-go-go; Russian satellites fail to fly

SDN Startup Traces Roots to Cisco
News Analysis | 8/8/2012

Plumgrid's founders gave Cisco a taste of software-defined networking a few years ago. Now they've got the VC backing to try it on their own

TiVo's Stream for Every Screen
LRTV Interviews | 8/7/2012

TiVo's David Sandford outlines its whole-home DVR strategy and how a new IP video transcoding device will help cable operators stream their TV lineups to any IP-connected screen

Cavium Takes Its Thunder to HP
News Analysis | 8/7/2012

Having announced a plan to develop chips for the cloud, Cavium joins other chip companies in working on HP's future cloud vision

4G Finally Gets a Voice
Jonestown | 8/7/2012

6:00 PM SK Telecom's launch of VoLTE will likely offer plenty of lessons to other carriers still working on 4G talk capabilities

Cablevision Packs More Video Into the Cloud
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/7/2012

Cablevision plans to offer its network DVR service and a new cloud-based video navigation system in all east coast markets by year's end

Brocade Wins Judgment Against A10
News Analysis | 8/7/2012

Three of nine patent-infringement claims get upheld as Brocade wins a $112M jury decision against the Layer 4-through-7 startup

BroadSoft Bucks Trend, Invests Boldly
News Analysis | 8/7/2012

Not only has BroadSoft attracted carrier investment while others have suffered, it has opened its wallet to capitalize further

Charter Narrows Video Losses in Q2
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/7/2012

Also: Cable guys give high marks to IMJ's set-top-on-a-stick; FourthWall launches data division; Arris gets an upgrade

South Korea Hears First 4G Voice Service
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/7/2012

SK Telecom launches the world's first voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service, but only one smartphone supports the new offering so far

Euronews: Will DT Buy Back Into Cable?
News Analysis | 8/7/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Deutsche Telecom to bid for PrimaCom?; Ericsson's up against it; ARM's new chips; CDN firm's Russian R&D gambit

Leap Wireless Promises Results After Weak Q2
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Prepaid carrier lowers its LTE coverage target for 2012, but says it's exploring all options to return to growth

T-Mobile Hunts for Voice-Over-LTE Talent
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2012

T-Mobile is looking for a senior engineer to help it implement VoLTE as it looks ahead to faster 4G in 2013

Sprint Turns Chryslers Into Mobile Hot Spots
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Companies are teaming up to add Wi-Fi, 3G and eventually 4G connectivity to Chrysler's cars for infotainment and safety apps

Google Preps Sale of Motorola Home
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Industry sources say Google could put Motorola's cable assets on the block this fall and have a deal wrapped up by the end of the year

Sprint's First to Deploy Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Network Vision carrier will leverage the mini base stations to plug indoor coverage gaps in its growing LTE network

Google Fiber Sizes Up More Territory
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Also: Pressure builds on Verizon/cable bundle; NCTA chief shoots down mayoral rumor; more changes at SeaChange

IT's Tough in Managed Services
EuroBlog | 8/6/2012

7:50 AM Competition is even tougher for the major vendors in the IT outsourcing services space

Comverse Sells Roaming Unit
News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Strikes deal to sell Starhome subsidiary as the service provider IT giant executes its ownership strategy

Euronews: Moody's Has a Downer on AlcaLu
News Analysis | 8/6/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Vendor downgraded to 'negative'; Zain profits up, a bit; Nigeria may reallocate spectrum; BT's Cornish claims

AT&T: Say Goodbye to 2G in 2017
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Ma Bell reveals that it plans to shut down its 2G network by 2017, encouraging remaining customers to switch now

Mediacom Unleashes Usage-Based Broadband
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Mediacom joins Comcast with a policy that charges $10 for an extra bucket of 50GB when customers exceed their monthly data limits

Verizon's Elby Leads LR Voting
Craig's A-List | 8/3/2012

4:45 PM In our informal poll for the LR Hall of Fame, Qualcomm's founder was a favorite. But he's getting outbid

TW Cable's Wi-Fi Rolls With Ruckus
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Ruckus scores again as TW Cable plans to showcase its Wi-Fi during the Democratic National Convention

Aereo Offers a Free Taste
The Bauminator | 8/3/2012

1:00 PM But is that enough to help it win its battle with broadcasters as Aereo strives to serve the 'public interest'?

AsiaBites: LTE's Business Edge
News Analysis | 8/3/2012

LTE is boosting business services development in South Korea plus other snippets from Asia/Pacific

Japan Has an SDN Startup, Too
News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Midokura is pretty much unknown, even in software-defined networking circles, but it claims to have a unique scope in its approach

Regulators Aim to Restrict Verizon/Cable Spectrum Sale
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Also: Boston mayor piles on Verizon/Comcast deal; Netflix traffic normalizes after Olympics 'blip'; CEA hates on cable's video encryption proposal

OS Watch: RIM Revisits Licensing BB10
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Also: Ice Cream Sandwich melts; Windows Phone captures more market share; analyst predicts a Zune-like flop for Surface; Google opens its wallet

FreedomPop in 911 Call Location Limbo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Just how do you locate an emergency call on a 4G data device with a VoIP client? FreedomPop is working on it...

Telecom's Fraud Problem
Research Rewind | 8/3/2012

This week: Telecom theft; who's buying or merging with NSN; Netflix's Latin American adventure; telecom news in your inbox

Euronews: Vodafone Courts UK Startups
News Analysis | 8/3/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: Mobile giant opens hi-tech hatchery in east London; Inmarsat suffers LightSquared effect; Turkcell versus MTN

Rumor: Huawei Ousts NSN in Sweden
LR Mobile Rumors | 8/3/2012

Rumor mill hits Sweden

Google Unloads Some Moto Engineers
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Some say it's another sign Google wants to sell Moto's cable assets. Moto says otherwise

Could Sprint Be Next to Sell WCS Spectrum?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

UBS analyst suggests that Sprint could be the next operator to sell off WCS spectrum to AT&T

TW Cable Vows Video Improvements
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Cloud-based guides, IP set-tops and all-singing/all-dancing video gateways are part of TW Cable's 2013 video game plan

AT&T to Buy NextWave for 'Alternative' 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Ma Bell will offer up to $50M for NextWave's capacity in the WCS bands, opening up 4G opportunities if interference worries are removed

How 4G Apps Can Kill Old Gear
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

4G LTE applications could bust up older networking equipment that isn't built to handle smaller packet sizes, according to Stoke

Olympics Sink Netflix Streams
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Also: DirecTV gets dinged in Q2; Roku signs CE pals; Amazon streams to the iPad; Google spreads the fiber gospel

RIM's LTE PlayBook: Better Late Than Never?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

RIM's tablet is finally getting LTE, with the first versions going on sale in Canada on Aug. 9

TWC's Video Subs Attrition
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/2/2012

Churn hammered TW Cable's video totals, but the cable operator grew in other areas and pulled in better-than-expected Q2 results

Matchmaking NSN
EuroBlog | 8/2/2012

7:05 AM Forget Alcatel-Lucent – NEC could be the best bet to merge with Nokia Siemens Networks

Euronews: BT Claims Wi-Fi Gold
News Analysis | 8/2/2012

In today's Olympics-tinged EMEA roundup: BT's Wi-Fi hits the spot; Russian mobile merger talk; Telecom Italia returns to profit

Nokia Puts Itself on the Map
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

With its future in smartphones unclear, the Finnish company is pushing its advantages in maps and location-based services

Cavium Customizes for the Cloud
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

The chipmaker says it's developing new processors, from scratch, with secret ingredients apparently engineered for data centers and clouds

Who's Going to Buy NSN?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 8/1/2012

The fate of Nokia Siemens will shape the landscape of the global telecom infrastructure market during the next 10 years

Comcast Faces Broadband Cap Flap
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Pressure group tells the FCC that Comcast's data policy for the Xbox 360 violates a condition of its NBCU merger

Huawei Hits Back at Hack Attack
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Vendor says its security policies are rigorous, but test lab insists processes are flawed

LR Reader Poll: Nokia's Takeover 'Joke'
Que Sera Sarah | 8/1/2012

12:40 PM Lenovo thinks the prospect of acquiring Nokia is hilarious, but would another company want to snatch up all of Nokia now?

Comcast's Cloud TV Service Rolls Into Atlanta
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Comcast will try to bring some mojo back to video as it makes plans to launch its X1 service in five 'major' markets this year

Google Fiber Promises Phase II Rollout
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Also: Skewering NBC's Olympics coverage becomes a sport; BlackArrow targets TV ads to all screens; SDV catches on with small cable

Comcast Q2 Profits Climb, Video Subs Fall
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2012

Comcast net income was up 6.1% in the second quarter while it lost a less-than-expected 176,000 video subscribers

Euronews: Alcatel-Lucent Admits Faults
News Analysis | 8/1/2012

In today's EMEA roundup: CEO's mea culpa; Nokia directors bag their cut-price shares; Russian carrier tires of Apple's retail control

Texts Are Too Over the Top
Que Sera Sarah | 8/1/2012

12:05 AM Olympic officials are asking viewers to find alternatives to texting but aren't people doing that anyway with OTT apps?

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