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Alcatel Backs the Bubble
News Analysis | 7/31/2000

It's announced an all-optical cross-connect based on Agilent's bubble jet technology

Resonate Readies IPO
News Analysis | 7/31/2000

Load balancing technology continues to attract investment

Nortel Buys Alteon for Big Bucks
News Analysis | 7/28/2000

Nortel plays catch-up with Cisco as it buys its own Web switch vendor for $7.3 billion

Avici and Corvis Make Stunning Debuts
News Analysis | 7/28/2000

Stock prices soar in first-day trading

Startup Joins All-Optical Fight
News Analysis | 7/28/2000

Wee outfit plans to woo customers with switches based on liquid crystal technology

Cisco Puts New Spin on Pirelli
News Analysis | 7/28/2000

The DWDM unit isn't exactly the Ferrari of the industry, but Cisco says it's being put to good use.

Bosco To Go?
News Analysis | 7/27/2000

Lucent set to sacrifice top optical exec in the wake of feeble financials, sources say

Tycom's Big Day
News Analysis | 7/27/2000

Undersea cable operator raises over $2 billion in first day of trading -- despite looming customer lawsuits UPDATED 8:00 PM EST

Alcatel Prepares for a Components War
News Analysis | 7/27/2000

Minting a new class of share will help it join in the merger mania.

Spring Tide Sells Out
News Analysis | 7/26/2000

IP service provisioning vendor takes the money and runs -- all the way to Lucent

Optical IPO Market Sizzles
News Analysis | 7/26/2000

Optical companies such as Avici, Corvis, and Tycom try to book deals before bankers split for vacation

Corvis IPO Terms Increased
News Analysis | 7/25/2000

Company now set to raise $800 million

Avici IPO Heats Up
News Analysis | 7/25/2000

Potential customers AT&T, Enron, and Williams each get a piece of the IPO action

Another MEMS Maker Snapped Up
News Analysis | 7/25/2000

Cypress Semi's purchase of Silicon Light Machines is latest in optical chipmaker's race to acquire MEMS expertise.

Nortel/Corning: Components Paranoia Grows
News Analysis | 7/24/2000

Talk of a $100 billion deal raises questions about the strategic importance of components

Report Forecasts Metro Winners, Losers
News Analysis | 7/24/2000

Sonet sales are set to soar. Things don’t look so hot for DWDM and Ethernet vendors

Corvis Closes in on IPO
News Analysis | 7/21/2000

Company hopes to raise up to $420 million this week

Ericsson Cast-Off Starts to Shine
News Analysis | 7/21/2000

Metro-Optix gets a $63 million second round for its Cerent-like box

Shasta La Vista
News Analysis | 7/20/2000

Changes ahead Nortel's IP services unit?

Extreme's Stock Screams
News Analysis | 7/20/2000

It beat rival Foundry's numbers

RHK Reports 56% Market Growth
News Analysis | 7/20/2000

Shipments of DWDM, Sonet and digital cross connects totalled $12.3 billion in 1999.

Ten Gig Meeting Sparks Optical Flap
News Analysis | 7/19/2000

Carriers, vendors clash over inclusion of cheap, multimode fiber interfaces.

Foundry Stock Founders
News Analysis | 7/19/2000

It announces 27 percent sequential growth, but concerns linger about its routing play

Lucent Faces "Exodus of Nexabit Staff"
News Analysis | 7/18/2000

They'll rush to join Mukesh Chatter's new startup, says ex-Lucent exec

Earnings Jump, but the Market Dumps
News Analysis | 7/18/2000

Despite outstanding growth, investors are content to lock in gains

Nanovation's CEO Gets The Heave-Ho
News Analysis | 7/18/2000

Big-spending startup postpones IPO

Not Your Father's UPS
News Analysis | 7/17/2000

Startup boasts that its mix of fuel cells and software will improve carrier reliability

Oplink Opts for $172 Million IPO
News Analysis | 7/17/2000

E-Tek lawsuit may put a chink in the prospectus

Redback's Qwest Deal: Optical Upside?
News Analysis | 7/16/2000

Redback and Cisco are going head-to-head at Qwest

Alcatel Sues Former Employee
News Analysis | 7/14/2000

Engineer allegedly stole secrets and launched a competing startup while still working for Alcatel

Juniper's Revenues Rocket
News Analysis | 7/14/2000

They're up 77% on the previous quarter - and the new M160 is selling well

PMC-Sierra Struts on the Street
News Analysis | 7/14/2000

Earnings are flush; challenges loom.

Cablevision Pioneers Self Provisioning
News Analysis | 7/13/2000

Most customers install their own cable modems without any help

Optical Switch Market Faces Slow Start
News Analysis | 7/13/2000

Pioneer almost halves its short term forecast

Corvis, Avici Bide Their Time
News Analysis | 7/13/2000

Preparing their road show--and looking to lock in customers?

Bandwidth Bonanza "Won't Happen"
News Analysis | 7/12/2000

Leading researcher says technology can't keep pace with Internet traffic growth

Life-Long Incubator Launched
News Analysis | 7/12/2000

Comstellar targets first time startups

Arrowpoint Gets Mixed Reviews
News Analysis | 7/12/2000

Cisco paid $5.7 billion for the startup. Was it money well spent?

What’s In a Name?
Column | 7/12/2000

What's In a Name?

Celox Networks Nets $68 Million
News Analysis | 7/11/2000

Startups pursues VPNs and IP service switch

Corvis Completes First Field Trials
News Analysis | 7/11/2000

Williams and Broadwing show there's subtstance to the startup's claims

Sycamore's Show-Stopper
News Analysis | 7/11/2000

Its SuperComm demo seized up, but its software wasn't the problem

JDSU/SDL: A Component Powerhouse
News Analysis | 7/10/2000

$41 billion merger with SDL is a go

Juniper To Buy Extreme?
News Analysis | 7/9/2000

An investment banker is preparing a $10 billion deal. Extreme may be the target

Quarry Mines IP For Gold
News Analysis | 7/8/2000

Startup puts some new vim into an old IP pitch. Will service providers notice?

Sycamore Ships Its Optical Switch
News Analysis | 7/7/2000

Contract with 360networks demonstrates that it's catching up with the competition. UPDATED AT 7:00 PM EST

What's a Stock Worth?
Column | 7/7/2000

What's a stock worth?

Salaries Rise In Startups
News Analysis | 7/7/2000

They've caught up with pay levels offered by big vendors

A Stock Fund as Pure as Light
News Analysis | 7/6/2000

Zurich money manager to launch optical mutual fund

Optical Investors Go to College
News Analysis | 7/6/2000

Incubators find funding for campus-based startups

Alcatel Buys Fiber Filters
News Analysis | 7/5/2000

Its acquisition of Innovative Filters Inc. will give it a leg up in DWDM developments

Germany To Push Limits On Scalability
News Analysis | 7/4/2000

Research net will link 700 sites, far more than North American equivalents

Cisco's Other Expansion Strategy
News Analysis | 7/3/2000

Set up next door to the competition and hire away their staff.

Analog Devices Moves into MEMS
News Analysis | 7/3/2000

The semi-conductor manufacturer is set to buy BCO Technologies

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