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MSOs to Miss Tru2way Date
The Bauminator | 6/30/2009

6:40 PM MSOs that signed a 'binding' tru2way memo of understanding collectively won't have their headends ready by the July 1 deadline

Sprint: We'll Beat AT&T to 3G Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2009

Sprint Nextel claims it will be the first operator in the US to launch a 3G femtocell

Docsis 3.0 Gear Tracker
The Bauminator | 6/30/2009

4:30 PM A newbee from Ubee passes the CableLabs test

Cisco's Cloud Story
Craig's A-List | 6/30/2009

2:40 PM Not surprisingly, it's about the network

China Mobile Swaps Out Datang 3G Kit
News Analysis | 6/30/2009

Lack of TD-LTE support prompts China Mobile to swap out Datang 3G base stations in favor of Huawei and ZTE kit, states local report

DTA Opposition Mounts
The Bauminator | 6/30/2009

1:05 PM A group that includes old cable foe Free Press argues that granting a bunch of DTA waivers will undermine the retail set-top market UPDATED 7/1

Nortel's LTE Patent Goldmine
News Analysis | 6/30/2009

There's a good reason Nortel's hanging on to its LTE intellectual property, reckons one analyst – it could be worth $2.9 billion!

Clearwire Gearing Up for Dallas & Seattle?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2009

The carrier is holding hiring days in Dallas & Seattle, just as it did before the soft launches in Atlanta and Las Vegas

Joost Shifts Focus to Video
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/30/2009

To focus less on Joost.com as an online video destination site and more on selling its technology as a white label video platform

NTT Beefs Up in Europe
News Analysis | 6/30/2009

As rivals boost their capabilities and find new friends, NTT flexes its international muscles with an acquisition and service enhancements

CEA Presses for CableCard Successor
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/30/2009

Consumer equipment trade body wants FCC to help create a portable downloadable security system that would succeed the clunky CableCARD

Huawei Blazing LTE Trail
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2009

As Huawei's LTE trial activity increases in Europe, the vendor looks to Japan with a new R&D lab in Tokyo

Voice Over LTE & the 'IMS Gap'
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/30/2009

LTE is an exciting new technology, but will it ever really take off if it doesn't support voice and SMS?

AlcaLu Dishes Up Mobile Ads
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/30/2009

German operator E-Plus launches an ad-supported service using AlcaLu's new mobile ad server

Comcast Maxes Out in Portland
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/29/2009

Comcast is the first Clearwire partner to offer a piggyback service on the mobile WiMax network in Portland

Jobs Is Back
Contentinople | 6/29/2009

4:35 PM It's official now, Apple's CEO has returned from medical leave

FTTH Firms Eye Merger
EuroBlog | 6/29/2009

2:10 PM European optical cable specialists set to merge

Supremes Stand Clear of RS-DVR Case
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/29/2009

All systems are go for Cablevision's 'remote-storage' DVR after US High Court passes on hearing an appeal led by networks and studios

FCC Reverses SDV Ruling
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/29/2009

Dark cloud hanging over switched digital video could be lifted after FCC 'vacates' earlier ruling against Cox and Time Warner Cable

BSNL Struggles for Subs in May
News Analysis | 6/29/2009

BSNL struggles while Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar gain, as India's operators add 11.6M new subscribers in May

Buy American? Not if It's Broadband
Jonestown | 6/29/2009

12:20 PM NTIA waives home-grown purchasing clause on some broadband gear for the stimulus program

Juniper Goes Green Around the Edge
News Analysis | 6/29/2009

Juniper has announced extra functionality for its edge routers and added a green spin, but how much of it is new?

Vodafone Mulls T-Mobile Bid
Wireless Bits | 6/29/2009

8:45 AM The UK may not have five mobile operators for much longer

Clearleap Jumps on First Win
The Bauminator | 6/29/2009

8:30 AM Startup that lets MSOs bridge Web TV fare to non-IP digital set-tops notches its first cable win

Nortel Creditors Cry Foul
EuroBlog | 6/29/2009

7:25 AM Creditors don't like wireless asset auction terms

Palm Reports $105M Q4 Loss
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/26/2009

Smartphone maker hurt by buyers likely waiting for the Palm Pre

YouTube Sees Mobile Gains
Contentinople | 6/26/2009

4:05 PM iPhone 3GS drives surge in uploads from mobile devices

Recession, Competition Sting CESR Market
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/26/2009

The CESR market declined for the third quarter in a row as the economy worsened, but long-term prospects still look good

Muncie 2.0
Monkey Bidness | 6/26/2009

3:00 PM Home of Ball State U. discovers email

The Jacko Factor
EuroBlog | 6/26/2009

1:45 PM SHAMON!!!!

China Mobile Fast-Tracks TD-LTE
News Analysis | 6/26/2009

China Mobile recognizes TD-SCDMA challenges, and looks to trial TD-LTE services as soon as 2010

Nortel Hangs On to Its LTE Smarts
News Analysis | 6/26/2009

Nortel's wireless sale doesn't include its key LTE access patents. So what's it going to do with that intellectual property – develop 5G?

Nortel: We're Winning New Biz in APAC
News Analysis | 6/26/2009

The head of Nortel's Carrier Networks Asia group talks new business, customer concerns, and the big sell-off

Old-School ITV
The Bauminator | 6/26/2009

9:05 AM It was in black and white, but voice activated!

Canoe Preps ITV Ad 'Template'
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/26/2009

With a targeted ad product shelved for now, MSO-backed venture sets course for the Q4 launch of its first interactive ad campaign

Truveo Gets Revamped
Contentinople | 6/25/2009

5:25 PM AOL's video search engine has a new look

AlcaLu's Recession-Proof Broadband
The Philter | 6/25/2009

4:10 PM What are consumers giving up so they can keep their broadband connections?

Clearwire Buys Up Oneida Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/25/2009

Deal gets Clearwire more 2.5-GHz spectrum in California, Virginia, Maryland, and elsewhere

C&W Extends Its NGN
News Analysis | 6/25/2009

Cable and Wireless extends its MPLS-based network across Western and Eastern Europe with AlcaLu and Cisco as its key network partners

Cox Gives Guide Guidance
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/25/2009

MSO expects to deploy a fancy, search-integrated, tru2way-fueled video navigation system by Q4

Huawei Eyes UK LTE Trials
EuroBlog | 6/25/2009

2:10 PM Chinese vendor sees British LTE trials before end of year

The Philosophical Tube
Monkey Bidness | 6/25/2009

NOON A little Sartre in the morning

Ericsson Names New CEO
News Analysis | 6/25/2009

Current CFO steps up to the top job as Carl-Henric Svanberg accepts the chairman role at oil giant BP

Selling Nortel's MEN
The Philter | 6/24/2009

5:45 PM What if no one buys Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks group?

Who's Waving Their Wad at Nortel’s MEN?
News Analysis | 6/24/2009

Who are the nine buyers reportedly interested in the Metro Ethernet division? Here are a few guesses, good, bad, and ugly

New iPhone Costs $179 to Build
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/24/2009

AT&T is still heavily subsidizing Apple's latest iPhone

BitGravity CTO Is Out
Contentinople | 6/24/2009

3:35 PM Co-founder Barrett Lyon has been replaced

Huawei's Funky Femtos
Wireless Bits | 6/24/2009

2:20 PM This is not your father's femto

Will Femtos Fry the French?
Wireless Bits | 6/24/2009

1:55 PM France frets about radiation

China Adds 8M Mobile Subs in May
News Analysis | 6/24/2009

Growth slows for China Mobile and China Unicom, while China Telecom has boom month

T-Mobile in No Rush for Femto Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/24/2009

T-Mobile sticks to its femtocell trial and launch timelines as Vodafone launches a commercial service in the UK

Time Warner, Comcast Team Up for TV Everywhere
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/24/2009

Comcast will launch a test of the online service with 5,000 subscribers in July

Huawei Bags Another Euro LTE Gig
News Analysis | 6/24/2009

Huawei lands a Scandinavian LTE deal at Norway's Telenor, its second next-gen wireless trial in the region

GPON Gets It Together
Craig's A-List | 6/24/2009

10:00 AM Time to see if the stuff actually works

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 6/24/2009

9:30 AM Dr Malone pays up, cable tells the FCC to buzz off, and Verizon and Comcast are now BFFs

Femtocells Kick Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/24/2009

Femtocell firms show off wacky and wonderful apps for the tiny home base stations at Femtocells World Summit in London UPDATED 6/25 10:30 AM

Britain's Broadband Tax
EuroBlog | 6/24/2009

9:00 AM How the UK is tackling high-speed access funding

Nortel's Delisting Date
Craig's A-List | 6/24/2009

8:30 AM The road ends Friday, June 26

Here Comes 'TV Everywhere'
The Bauminator | 6/23/2009

8:20 PM Press conference. Wednesday morning. Brass on hand. Be there

AT&T on Track for Femto Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2009

AT&T is about to expand its femto trial to a few US cities and says it's on track to launch commercially nationwide by the end of 2009

Cablevision Tunes Up With ActiveVideo
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/23/2009

Sources say MSO is gearing up for a system-wide deployment of a platform that allows it to bridge interactive Web-like apps to the TV

Airvana 'Looking Forward' to NSN/Nortel
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2009

CDMA maven cozies up to NSN as that company bids on of one of its biggest wireless customers

NSN, Juniper Converge IP & Optical
News Analysis | 6/23/2009

Partners deepen their relationship, but are they heading down the right path with their packet/optical integration plans?

TiVo, Quantcast Team Up
Contentinople | 6/23/2009

3:30 PM The two combine their awesome powers of audience measurement

APAC's Green Power Play
News Analysis | 6/23/2009

VNL's solar powered base station promises to cut operator BTS opex to zero

How NSN Is Funding Its Nortel Bid
News Analysis | 6/23/2009

Banks back NSN's $650 million bid – big time!

Cable Crafts 'Turbo' Option
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/23/2009

CableLabs is mulling a patent claim on an 'invention' that lets customers temporarily turbo-charge speeds for big movie downloads

Allot Intros DPI to Monetize Video
News Analysis | 6/23/2009

With Allot's new MediaSwift product, ISPs can lower costs and create new revenue streams, the company says

The Waiver Wire
The Bauminator | 6/23/2009

1:40 PM Wisconsin co-op wants one, while RCN and WideOpenWest get extensions... And none have to do with DTAs for a change

Will Others Bid for Nortel's Wireless Assets?
News Analysis | 6/23/2009

Will anyone rival NSN's bid for Nortel's wireless assets? And what's Chinese for 'Stalking Horse'?

Brits Get Femtos From July 1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2009

Vodafone aims to boost indoor coverage in the UK with the first commercial femtocell launch in Europe

NSN Has a Bad Day
Craig's A-List | 6/23/2009

8:55 AM Hate mail that has nothing to do with Nortel

NSN Deal Hits AlcaLu Stock
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2009

$650M deal will help NSN challenge AlcaLu in the CDMA market, but some wonder how much CDMA matters in the longer term

Who's Dialing In for Nortel's VoIP Assets?
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/22/2009

A handful of companies have shown interest, but Sonus is still considered the favorite, while Genband may already be priced out

NSN & Nortel: AlcaLu Loses Out
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/22/2009

There are some obvious winners and losers from NSN's acquisition of Nortel's wireless assets, but none of them is NSN itself

Yahoo Intros DIY Ads
Contentinople | 6/22/2009

5:20 PM Yahoo's new My Display Ads program lets businesses build and target ads themselves

NSN: Is Verizon on the Horizon?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2009

Following a move for Nortel's CDMA and LTE assets, what are Nokia Siemens's chances for getting a piece of Verizon's LTE access action?

Verizon Assails Cable With Amped Upstream
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/22/2009

FiOS's new updates emphasize faster upstreams, while new giveaways aim to steal cable subscribers' hearts (and dollars)

NSN Picks at Nortel's Mobile Bones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2009

Nokia Siemens is set to gain big-time customers, some North American clout, next-gen wireless patents, and profitable revenues with its Nortel deal

NSN Misses Nortel's Key APAC Assets
News Analysis | 6/22/2009

Nokia Siemens set to gain from Nortel's CDMA contracts in China, but misses out in Japan and Korea

Tie-Up Talk
AsiaBlog | 6/22/2009

11:45 AM China Mobile and Reliance Communications kick off talks

India Auction Countdown
AsiaBlog | 6/22/2009

11:20 AM India's 3G auction reserve price and details to be set this week

Nortel's LTE Brain Drain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/22/2009

Nortel lost some of its LTE engineering and executive talent earlier this year, Unstrung has learned

Infinera Bolsters COLT's Backbone
News Analysis | 6/22/2009

Pan-European operator deploys Infinera's long-distance optical gear in double-quick time, but Infinera's gain spells bad news for Nortel

Nortel: It's All Up for Sale
News Analysis | 6/19/2009

Nokia Siemens is ready to buy Nortel's wireless assets for $650M, and Nortel is pushing to sell the rest of its business units as well

Huawei's Big Router
Craig's A-List | 6/19/2009

5:20 PM Making a splash at CommunicAsia, or at least on paper

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 6/19/2009

4:45 PM Paul Allen pinches some pennies, FCC closes in on a new boss, some MSOs kick butt, another PolyCipher sighting, and a shameless plug

Jonestown | 6/19/2009

4:00 PM But it is surprising that so many are willing to line up for a mere phone in these recessionary times

Tellabs Heads South
Craig's A-List | 6/19/2009

3:20 PM South African mobile operator Vodacom will be using the 7100 in its core network

Comcast Braces for IPv6
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/19/2009

As the day finally approaches, Comcast says it could start residential tests this year or next

Apple's 3G S Draws Decent Crowds
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/19/2009

But could iPhatigue be setting in?

Operators, Advertisers Sync Up
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/19/2009

Service providers need a more consistent approach to advertising to get in step with the needs of the advertising community

Comcast Tries On 3D VoD
The Bauminator | 6/19/2009

1:45 PM MSO and Lionsgate enter the third dimension to juice up slasher flick My Bloody Valentine UPDATED

CommunicAsia 2009: Day 4
LRTV Documentaries | 6/19/2009

Georgina Burnett finds out whether service providers can make money out of IPTV in the AsiaPac region

Cisco Routers Start Watching Video
News Analysis | 6/19/2009

Linecard-based monitoring capabilities will be a part of Cisco's video vision, starting later this year

Jingle All the Way
AsiaBlog | 6/19/2009

1:00 AM Musical torture on the CommunicAsia show floor

Limelight Claims First
Contentinople | 6/18/2009

4:35 PM But BitGravity and NTT Communications might disagree

AT&T Strengthens iPhone's WiFi Support
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/18/2009

3.0 software allows for seamless transition between 3G network and WiFi hotspots

Canoe Mothballs Targeted Ad Product
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/18/2009

Operational and scaling issues prompt JV to shelve first addressable ad play, but it claims Q4 interactive campaign is still a go

Baby Steps to Green
Jonestown | 6/18/2009

3:35 PM Chatting about energy conservation in the wireless world

Tzu-Han Huang, Chunghwa Telecom
LRTV Interviews | 6/18/2009

Tzu-Han Huang, President of Chunghwa Telecom, talks to Ray Le Maistre about IPTV, VoD, and online banking

DTA Waiver Mania
The Bauminator | 6/18/2009

1:40 PM Thomson and Pace join the waiver-seeking party at the FCC

AlcaLu, HP Combine on IT
News Analysis | 6/18/2009

Alcatel-Lucent to forge a 10-year global alliance with HP to deliver combined telecom and IT systems to carriers and enterprises

Robin Mersh, Broadband Forum COO
LRTV Interviews | 6/18/2009

Robin Mersh, COO of Broadband Forum, talks about broadband growth in the Asia region as well as Forum specifications that carriers want right now.

NSN Sees Managed Services as $277B Market
News Analysis | 6/18/2009

NSN sizes and defines managed services; predicts Asia-Pac leadership and targets No. 1 position

PBB-TE = Standard
EuroBlog | 6/18/2009

NOON PBB-TE has been ratified as an IEEE standard

Does Europe Really Love IPTV?
EuroBlog | 6/18/2009

11:40 AM Europeans are showing an appetite for IPTV, but how hungry are they?

SDV Fines Dropped?
The Bauminator | 6/18/2009

10:45 AM Rumor du jour: Are Cox and Time Warner Cable off the hook?

Where's My TV Caller ID?
TelcoTV Thoughts | 6/18/2009

10:30 AM SureWest is on board, finally

DirecTV Looks at Local Ads
TelcoTV Thoughts | 6/18/2009

9:50 AM Satellite providers seek targeted ads to keep up with cable and the telcos

CommunicAsia 2009: Day 3
LRTV Documentaries | 6/18/2009

Georgina Burnett finds out how important having a green strategy is for telecom companies in Asia

BlackBerry Squash
AsiaBlog | 6/18/2009

8:00 AM Smartphone frottage on the CommunicAsia show floor

ZTE Pumps Its LTE Credentials
News Analysis | 6/18/2009

At CommunicAsia, ZTE claims LTE bragging rights with talk of impending field trials with major carriers in Spain and Hong Kong

Broadband Use, Prices Rise Together
News Analysis | 6/18/2009

The good news is that broadband adoption among consumers is increasing. The bad news? They're paying more for it

Skirting the Issue
AsiaBlog | 6/18/2009

7:25 AM Big stands = short skirts at CommunicAsia

Dan Jones: Mobile Carriers Going Green
LRTV Soundbites | 6/18/2009

Dan Jones: Mobile Carriers Going Green

Bauer: Telecoms Should Be Green Leaders
LRTV Documentaries | 6/17/2009

BetterWorld Telecom's president Matthew Bauer says the telecom industry is in the right place to serve as an example to other industries in cutting consumption, and using network services to reduce commuting, traveling, and building expenses

Verizon's Chuck Graff: Heat Seeker
LRTV Documentaries | 6/17/2009

During his keynote at the Green Telecom East event in New York, Verizon's Chuck Graff announced a new program to curb the amount of heat put out by telecom equipment in its network

Green Lights, Big City
Jonestown | 6/17/2009

5:15 PM The ironies of being green (or not)

Massa's List
The Bauminator | 6/17/2009

5:00 PM Is your company (or broadband ISP, as the case may be) on it?

Green Telecom East: Can Mobile Go Green?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Steady steps to power reduction, rather than bold strides into alternative energy, are the future for 'green' mobility

Verizon's Chuck Graff: Green Power
LRTV Interviews | 6/17/2009

Verizon's director of corporate network and technology, Chuck Graff, discusses his company's approach to reducing the power used by legacy telecom equipment. He also weighs in on industry efforts to find a common way to measure energy efficiency and power consumption

YouTube Not as Bad as We Thought
Contentinople | 6/17/2009

4:25 PM According to a report from RampRate it may not lose half a billion dollars this year

Bill Could Kill Broadband Meters
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/17/2009

'Broadband Internet Fairness Act' calls for 'major' broadband ISPs to submit metering plans for approval by the Federal Trade Commission

Cisco, Moto Go for DTA Waivers
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Cable's biggest suppliers send their simple one-way channel zappers to the FCC for approval, but the opposition has 10 days to respond

Asian Broadband CEOs: Invest in Us!
News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Telekom Malaysia and fellow Malaysian service provider PacketOne talk up Asia's investment potential and lay out their broadband plans

Tata's Greg Adgate: Telepresence Transformation
LRTV Interviews | 6/17/2009

Greg Adgate, the Director of Managed Services for Tata Communications weighs in on how telepresence technology has taken off inside Tata, as well as provided the carier a valuable managed service to sell to enterprise customers. What was once a speculative technology bet is now saving the carrier hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in travel costs and employee downtime

Heavy Reading's Stan Hubbard: Measuring Green
LRTV Interviews | 6/17/2009

Heavy Reading analyst Stan Hubbard cautions that measuring energy efficiency in telecom equipment is not as easy as it sounds. While we wait for a set of industry standards, some telecom operators are already pushing ahead with their own ways of influencing the telecom supply chain

Heavy Reading's Jim Hodges: Green Thoughts
LRTV Interviews | 6/17/2009

Heavy Reading analyst Jim Hodges sets the scene for Light Reading's Green Telecom East event in New York by describing how carriers in both emerging markets and developed nations are motivated to try alternative power sources

Green Telecom East: Verizon's Thermal Ware
News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Verizon intros new energy consumption-related scheme for its vendors at Light Reading event in NYC

Alvarion Lands Largest Gov't-Backed WiMax Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Alvarion nets $100M contract as Open Range kicks off US government-funded broadband season with a national WiMax deployment plan

Dish Working on Another Work-Around
The Bauminator | 6/17/2009

10:55 AM Charlie Ergen & Co. are mulling yet another way to get around TiVo's 'Time Warp' patent

BlackBerry Love
LRTV Soundbites | 6/17/2009

Ray Le Maistre makes a BlackBerry sandwich

Finding Nemo
LRTV Soundbites | 6/17/2009

Ray Le Maistre finds something fishy at CommunicAsia 2009

Short Skirts Equal Big Players
LRTV Soundbites | 6/17/2009

Georgina Burnett examines hem length at CommunicAsia 2009

Corporate Jingles
LRTV Soundbites | 6/17/2009

Georgina Burnett hears one encore too many

Yahoo Mobile
LRTV Documentaries | 6/17/2009

Mattheus Kuntzer, Managing Director of Yahoo Mobile APAC, talks to Georgina Burnett about his company's partnership with Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom and the Yahoo Mobile strategy for the Asia/Pacific region

Sports News
Monkey Bidness | 6/17/2009

9:40 AM PETA strangely silent

Bridgewater Joins Rush to Apps Store
News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Policy control specialist unveils iPhone and BlackBerry apps that allow users to manage their data consumption and tackle 'bill shock'

Huawei Unveils Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/17/2009

Chinese networking giant makes good on smartphone promises with an Android phone and a Windows handset

A Femto First
Wireless Bits | 6/17/2009

7:55 AM Vendors prep live demo of new femto standard

CommunicAsia 2009: Day 2
LRTV Documentaries | 6/17/2009

It's day two on the CommunicAsia 2009 show floor, where Georgina Burnett talks to executives from Tandberg TV, Idirect, Intelsat, and Function Group about the technology options for rural coverage in the Asia/Pacific region

Cisco Banks on Video Growth
News Analysis | 6/17/2009

The company's consumer video ambitions have less to do with router sales and more to do with meeting that 12 to 17 percent growth target

AT&T Jabs at Cable With More Perks
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/16/2009

Latest round of U-verse upgrades boost 'Max' DSL speeds, while new video features shine light on telco's whole-home DVR advantage

Digital Britain Disappoints
EuroBlog | 6/16/2009

5:45 PM UK aims low with 2-Mbit/s national broadband plan

Zhone Releases Son of MALC
News Analysis | 6/16/2009

The company expects the new MXK platform to handle video bandwidth needs for PON and active Ethernet

IPv6 Is in the House
The Bauminator | 6/16/2009

5:15 PM Of Comcast, anyway

BNS's IPTV App Adds a Legacy Touch
News Analysis | 6/16/2009

Telco TV integrator develops an interactive e-commerce application for IPTV service providers, but it's not all about fancy new technology

Cisco Ships 'FlipShare'
Contentinople | 6/16/2009

4:35 PM Cisco puts Pure Digital Technologies acquisition to work

Telekom Malaysia CEO Talks FTTx, IPTV
LRTV Interviews | 6/16/2009

Telekom Malaysia CEO Dato' Zam Isa talks to Light Reading jet-setter Ray Le Maistre about his plans for high-speed broadband, IPTV, and multimedia applications development

Ciena Nets PBT Man
Craig's A-List | 6/16/2009

2:50 PM John Hawkins has moved. Pretend you didn't know that already

Caught Short at CommunicAsia
AsiaBlog | 6/16/2009

2:15 PM Bare flesh halts show floor entry...

APAC Carrier Consolidation: Red Alert!
News Analysis | 6/16/2009

At CommunicAsia 2009 talk of operator consolidation across Asia/Pacific, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, is rife

Mile High Tease
The Bauminator | 6/16/2009

12:40 PM TV ads suggest Comcast is about to launch Docsis 3.0 in Qwest's corporate back yard

CommunicAsia 2009: Caught Short
LRTV Soundbites | 6/16/2009

There's more than one way to get turned away by show floor security at CommunicAsia 2009 in Singapore

Huawei Seals Russian WiMax Deal
Wireless Bits | 6/16/2009

NOON Chinese banks offer $100M loan for Russian WiMax rollout

Clearwire Goes Live in Atlanta
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2009

Clearwire parties in Atlanta today to celebrate WiMax launch with equipment from Motorola

Singapore Makes FTTH Strides
News Analysis | 6/16/2009

Singapore's IDA updates on the technology and wholesale pricing strategy for its national FTTH initiative, and sells its experience overseas

Acme Racket
The Philter | 6/16/2009

9:15 AM Get ready to hear more stock buzz surrounding the VoIP equipment sector

CommunicAsia 2009: Day 1
LRTV Documentaries | 6/16/2009

Day 1 of CommunicAsia 2009, and Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre looks out for the hot topics at the show

Soapstone Washes Out
News Analysis | 6/16/2009

An 11th-hour deal could still save the company, but Soapstone's board says it's ready to liquidate

CommunicAsia: Fever Pitch!
AsiaBlog | 6/16/2009

2:40 AM Swine flu is a hot topic at the Asia/Pacific event

CommunicAsia 2009: Fever Pitch
LRTV Soundbites | 6/16/2009

Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre checks out the impact swine flu is having on the CommunicAsia show in Singapore

The Importance of the Mobile Uplink
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2009

Why uplink speeds become more important as we move toward 4G

Tru2way Enters 'Open' Era
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2009

As promised, CableLabs releases a tru2way 'reference implementation' that aims to stoke retail activity and gain support from developers UPDATED 6/16 11 AM

IBM Gets Cloudy
Craig's A-List | 6/15/2009

5:45 PM Clouds are slowly becoming less scattered

Silverlight Takes Wimbledon
Contentinople | 6/15/2009

3:45 PM NBCU will live stream the tournament using Microsoft's Silverlight

Cablevision Holds Firm
The Bauminator | 6/15/2009

3:05 PM MSO to start supporting digital boxes with downloadable security in 'Phase I' areas starting July 1

The Cloud, Defined
Craig's A-List | 6/15/2009

2:30 PM The bad news: It comes from the government

iPhone 3G S Is Already a Hit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/15/2009

Launch day pre-order units of the device are already sold out

Broadstripe Gets Its GEPON On
The Bauminator | 6/15/2009

12:05 PM Mid-sized MSO starts to attack incumbents with new fiber-fueled business services play

Debating Green Ethernet
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/15/2009

Calculating the energy efficiency of carrier Ethernet solutions isn't as easy as you think

BroadLogic Chip Targets Altera, Xilinx
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/15/2009

Comcast-backed startup pursues new market with a dense, low-power chipset that, it claims, could produce sub-$100 'universal' edge QAMs

CommunicAsia Preview: Green Is the Color
News Analysis | 6/14/2009

Green telecom issues are set to dominate this week's CommunicAsia event in Singapore, with IPTV and mobile services not far behind

Can Cable Still Cash In on DTV?
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/12/2009

How well cable fared – or didn't – as a result of today's big broadcast TV transition won't be known until MSOs post Q3 numbers

AT&T Femto: No News Yet
Jonestown | 6/12/2009

5:05 PM No-show Femto so far at AT&T

Cisco Sends Video RSVP
News Analysis | 6/12/2009

A multicast capability championed by Juniper and AlcaLu will finally find its way into Cisco routers UPDATED 6/17 1:45 PM

Down Goes YouTube?
The Philter | 6/12/2009

3:55 PM Why no videos? It's Friday afternoon for gosh sakes

Sprint Is iDone With Some iDen Assets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/12/2009

Court mandate says that the carrier must sell off iDEN assets in the Midwest

IndiaWatch: Rising Stakes
AsiaBlog | 6/12/2009

1:05 PM All the latest from India's mobile market

Symmetricom to Shed Another 4%
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/12/2009

Having cut 100 employees in January, Symmetricom says it's going to chop 30 more this year

Cisco Won't Join FCC's DTA Dance
The Bauminator | 6/12/2009

10:40 AM Not yet, anyway...

BBC, BT Lock Horns Again
EuroBlog | 6/12/2009

10:20 AM The bell sounds for another round of sparring...

UTStarcom Cuts 2,300 Jobs
News Analysis | 6/12/2009

Vendor to axe more than half its staff, cut annual operating costs to below $100M, and focus primarily on IPTV in China and India

Green Telecom Preview
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/12/2009

Green Telecom East 2009 will address some outstanding questions about the transition to environmentally responsible networks

Blow to Digital Britain
EuroBlog | 6/12/2009

9:05 AM -- Chief architect behind UK's digital plan set to quit

CableLabs to Patch Up Enhanced TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/12/2009

Embryonic 'I05' specs will standardize the tricky EBIF set-top 'user agent' and handle shortcomings for 'unbound' apps and advanced ads

World's Largest EPON Tender?
AsiaBlog | 6/12/2009

8:55 AM Report suggests China Unicom has tendered for 11M EPON lines

Mobile 2012: Symbian Opens Wide
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/11/2009

Symbian's futurist talks up three levels of openness at Light Reading's first-ever virtual tradeshow, jet pack not included!

Huawei, ZTE Strike New Funding Deals
News Analysis | 6/11/2009

ZTE pulls a European partner into its global expansion funding arrangement, while Huawei helps out Middle East giant Etisalat

Sprinting Toward Level 3
Craig's A-List | 6/11/2009

2:30 PM The telecom matchmaking story du jour

DTV Transition Eve: 2.2M Still Unprepared
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/11/2009

About 2% of TV viewing households still won't be ready when the the rest of the nation's full-power stations pull the analog plug tomorrow

Palm CEO Departs After 16 Years
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/11/2009

Former Apple hardware chief Jon Rubinstein will take over for Ed Colligan

EANTC's Carsten Rossenhövel, Part II
LRTV Interviews | 6/11/2009

EANTC's Carsten Rossenhövel discusses Light Reading's latest test of Cisco's IP video network infrastructure. Topics covered include the test complexity, takeaways for service providers, and why so many different elements are required to provide IP video applications

Qwest Taking a Run at Wideband?
The Bauminator | 6/11/2009

12:45 PM Report: Telco is readying to launch a VDSL2 tier that tops out at 40 Mbit/s down and 20 Mbit/s upstream

Blurred Vision at BT
EuroBlog | 6/11/2009

10:50 AM CEO of BT's video-over-broadband service quits

T-Mobile's App Store Angst
Wireless Bits | 6/11/2009

9:50 AM Operator worries about app store 'silos'

Cisco & AlcaLu vs. 'Buy American'
Craig's A-List | 6/11/2009

9:40 AM The flip side of the Zhone argument

India's Airtel Outsources Again
News Analysis | 6/11/2009

Airtel adds to its outsourcing deals by signing one with mobile apps specialist Comviva, which will manage its value-added services to set another outsourcing first

PCs: Hidden Hurters
Monkey Bidness | 6/10/2009

6:00 PM They're wreaking holy heck in the home

Liao Puts the CE in CableLabs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/10/2009

Brought in from Panasonic, new CableLabs CEO Paul Liao will be charged with strengthening ties with the consumer electronics world

Sprint Takes Femtos Wholesale
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/10/2009

Samsung femtocells become available to Sprint's partners, but not the pay-as-you-go type

Last.fm Leaders Depart
Contentinople | 6/10/2009

4:30 PM Felix Miller, Richard Jones, and Martin Stiksel leave the company

Report: Broadband Still a Luxury for Many
News Analysis | 6/10/2009

A new report from Leichtman Research Group shows that the digital divide is widening for US broadband subscribers

Is Nortel Buyout in the Cards?
EuroBlog | 6/10/2009

3:20 PM Ex-Nortel execs seek backing for buyout

Hitachi Revamps Its Communications Strategy
News Analysis | 6/10/2009

Hitachi integrates its IT and telecom businesses and targets international growth as it attempts to reverse a decline in sales

Turning the Tables
The Bauminator | 6/10/2009

12:15 PM Discovery urges OpenTV board to buy out Kudelski's stake in the set-top software specialist

Brits Bask in Mobile Broadband
Wireless Bits | 6/10/2009

11:40 AM Average mobile broadband speed is about 1 Mbit/s

Analyst: New AT&T Policy Puts Vendors at Risk
News Analysis | 6/10/2009

AT&T has devised a new technology purchasing policy that, says one industry analyst, puts mid-sized vendors at risk

Ericsson Thinks Green for Routers
News Analysis | 6/10/2009

There might be a better way to measure edge router greenness, especially if the SmartEdge is placed on top

Panasonic's Liao Is New CableLabs CEO
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/10/2009

Panasonic CTO Dr. Paul Liao is set to take the top spot at CableLabs, a move that should boost cable's credibility in the consumer electronics world UPDATED 11:55 AM

Intel's ROI
Craig's A-List | 6/10/2009

8:05 AM Tales not for the squeamish

ATN Gets Some Alltel Leftovers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/9/2009

Massachusetts-based carrier spends $200M for Verizon licenses covering 800,000 subscribers in rural areas

Vyatta Finds Friends
Craig's A-List | 6/9/2009

5:30 PM Forget the cloud. What happens to the blogs?

Is Bing a Big Deal?
Contentinople | 6/9/2009

5:00 PM Contentinople publisher Scott Raynovich doesn't think so

IPTV to Grab Euro Pay TV Share
News Analysis | 6/9/2009

The cable sector is losing out in the race for European pay TV market share

Ed Whitacre to Helm GM
News Analysis | 6/9/2009

The U-verse man becomes a car dealer

Has CableLabs Found Its Man?
The Bauminator | 6/9/2009

4:30 PM The rumor du jour holds that CableLabs could announce a successor to Dr. Richard Green late today

Cisco Sees Video Gone Wild
News Analysis | 6/9/2009

Cisco's new traffic research says that all forms of video could consume 90% of Internet traffic by 2013

Comcast Trims Wideband Pricing
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/9/2009

The MSO takes a shot at high-speed competitors by dropping its 50-Mbit/s service to about $100 when bundled with other services

O2 Under Fire for iPhone Pricing
Wireless Bits | 6/9/2009

1:30 PM New iPhone plans don't go down well

Bottleneck Buster
The Bauminator | 6/9/2009

11:20 AM thePlatform attempts to address a non-sexy, albeit important, issue faced by VoD and Web TV alike: automated ingest

DoCoMo Shells Out on LTE
News Analysis | 6/9/2009

Japanese giant set to invest up to $4 billion on LTE during next five years in a market awash with next-gen wireless technologies

Juniper's Cloudy View
Craig's A-List | 6/9/2009

8:45 AM There must be more to life than video

The Future's Calling
The Philter | 6/8/2009

5:55 PM U-verse Voice may be the future of residential telephone service: It's feature-filled, all IP, hard to explain, and tough to install

Apple's New Speedy iPhone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/8/2009

Apple upgrades phone, will support AT&T's forthcoming 7.2-Mbit/s 3G upgrade

KDDI Wants NTT to Do the Splits
AsiaBlog | 6/8/2009

5:20 PM KDDI calls on NTT to separate facilities from services in its fixed unit reorg

Palm Pre Supply Worries
Jonestown | 6/8/2009

4:45 PM You read it here first

Sneak Peek
Contentinople | 6/8/2009

2:25 PM Contentinople gets an early look at Epix, the joint venture from Paramount, MGM, and Lions Gate

Intel Pumps Millions Into Japanese WiMax
News Analysis | 6/8/2009

Intel keeps the mobile WiMax faith with a $43M investment in Japanese service provider UQ Communications

Mobile 2012 Virtual Tradeshow Preview
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/8/2009

Light Reading explores the future of mobile networks in its first ever 'virtual tradeshow'

Europe's Hot 100G Action
EuroBlog | 6/8/2009

1:20 PM On the Old Continent, next-gen optical trials are de rigeur

Cisco Put to the Video Test
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/8/2009

The test team at EANTC put Cisco's IP video monitoring solution through its paces – but did it deliver on its promises?

Passing the LTE Test
LR Mobile Column | 6/8/2009

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is quickly gaining momentum as the next world telecom standard, with most estimates placing commercial release in early to mid 2010

India's Operators Set for Spectrum Windfall
News Analysis | 6/8/2009

Indian operators get spectrum boost as Indian Defense Ministry releases 45 MHz in 2G and 3G bands

Juniper Claims 100-Gig First
News Analysis | 6/8/2009

The T1600 gets graced with what appears to be the first 100-Gbit/s interface on a router, and Verizon seems happy about it

Palm Pre-Day: Crowded, But Not Frenzied
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/6/2009

Unstrung finds a 30-minute wait at Sprint's flagship Flatiron store in New York as the Palm Pre goes on sale

Risky Business
Contentinople | 6/5/2009

5:20 PM TV networks may be risking their ad revenues by adding their content to the Web

MSOs Closing PolyCipher Headquarters
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/5/2009

Joint venture collapse suggests Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner aren't close to a downloadable system that replaces CableCARDs

WiMax & LTE: Kissin' Cousins
Jonestown | 6/5/2009

4:50 PM -- Or why I don't care which is best

iSuppli: Palm Pre Will Sell 1M-Plus in 2009
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/5/2009

Analysts says that Palm should open up the operating system to sell more

Shanghai Switches to Fiber Diet
AsiaBlog | 6/5/2009

2:30 PM Shanghai Telecom unveils plans for a massive FTTH rollout

Panel Session 2.0
Craig's A-List | 6/5/2009

2:00 PM Potential for heckling abounds

SeaChange Swipes at VoD Foes
The Bauminator | 6/5/2009

1:30 PM SeaChange chief calls out Flash flaws and notes he isn't seeing 'much competition' from Moto these days

Sprint: How Soon Is '4G Now'?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/5/2009

More mobile WiMax markets coming this summer, the operator says, while Unstrung notes that no network can really claim to be '4G' yet

This Bird Don't Tweet
Monkey Bidness | 6/5/2009

12:50 PM Cardinal's manager sues Twitter

'Smartbooks': A Dumb Idea
LR Mobile Column | 6/5/2009

Get ready for even smaller 'computers'

NSN, Juniper Plan Ethernet Marriage
News Analysis | 6/5/2009

Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper are forming a joint venture to address the Carrier Ethernet transport market – but why?

Taiwan Tastes China's 3G Flavor
News Analysis | 6/5/2009

Datang is to promote the development of TD-SCDMA devices by deploying a test network for Taiwan's chipset and handset vendors

EANTC's Carsten Rossenhövel, Part I
LRTV Interviews | 6/5/2009

"EANTC's Carsten Rossenhövel discusses Light Reading's latest test of Cisco's IP video network infrastructure. Topics covered include the test complexity, takeaways for service providers, and why so many different elements are required to provide IP video applications "

Evolution Guns for HD Box Waiver
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/5/2009

Supplier intends to seek approval of simple hi-def devices that could give smaller MSOs the drop on telco and satellite TV foes

Cisco Gears Up for RS-DVRs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/4/2009

Cisco says a new video server platform, launching later this year, will be capable of ingesting more than 2,000 channels simultaneously

Hulu Slows Down
Contentinople | 6/4/2009

5:00 PM Is the video site losing ground to competitors like TV.com?

News Bites From APAC
AsiaBlog | 6/4/2009

3:00 PM News snippets from the Philippines and China

Intel Tries the Comms Market, Again
News Analysis | 6/4/2009

The $884 buyout bid for Wind River is Intel's latest attempt at cracking the embedded processor market – particularly in communications

In Slovenia, IPTV Is Hot
EuroBlog | 6/4/2009

2:20 PM Telekom Slovenije has an enviable IPTV uptake rate

India's ITI Is up for Grabs
AsiaBlog | 6/4/2009

12:45 PM Government-owned vendor is being carved up for sale

Ericsson Wants Slice of Netbook Pie
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/4/2009

Swedish vendor to intro 3G netbook radio module, certified in 75 countries worldwide, in August

Vietnam Moves Toward Open Market
News Analysis | 6/4/2009

Vietnam will fully open up its telecom services market by 2012, a move that should heighten competition and spur M&A activity

Xbox 360
TelcoTV Thoughts | 6/4/2009

11:15 AM TelcoTV friend or foe?

Verizon Broadcasts Its TV Visions
News Analysis | 6/4/2009

Some keynote daydreaming shows the kind of TV industry Verizon wants FiOS to help create

Charges Drag Ciena Deep Into the Red
News Analysis | 6/4/2009

Even without the massive goodwill impairment charges, Ciena lost more money than expected in its fiscal second quarter

Kudelski Walks Away… Sort Of
The Bauminator | 6/4/2009

8:50 AM Withdraws bid for set-top box software specialist but plans to pressure OpenTV board

Core Network Challenges LTE Vendors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2009

Vendors jostle for position in LTE as they upgrade their packet core network products to support the new mobile broadband networks

Japan Sets Mobile TV Pace, Seeks Standard
News Analysis | 6/3/2009

Japan's operators are already profiting from their mobile video services, but would benefit further from specialist broadcast systems

MTNL Launches Low-Cost Pre-Paid 3G
News Analysis | 6/3/2009

In New Delhi, MTNL's customers can buy a 3G SIM card and a pre-paid data services coupon for less than US$9

Comcast Pulling Remote Shopping Trigger?
The Bauminator | 6/3/2009

11:50 AM MSO says iTV is on the radar but won't confirm report that it's testing an EBIF-based HSN app

EchoStar, Dish to Pay TiVo $103M
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/3/2009

Patent infringement update: Federal court orders Dish and EchoStar to pay TiVo and to disable the DVR function in about 4 million set-tops

Orange Denies T-Mobile Bid
Wireless Bits | 6/3/2009

8:30 AM Or, why orange and magenta don't match

OpenTV Rejects Kudelski Bid
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/3/2009

Offer of $1.35 per share is 'inadequate,' says set-top box and interactive advertising software specialist

Microsoft, AlcaLu Battle in Court
EuroBlog | 6/3/2009

7:20 AM Patent dispute lingers in appeals court, with a $511M payout at stake

Brocade vs. Unified Cisco
Craig's A-List | 6/2/2009

7:00 PM Execs state their case for sticking to a multivendor data center universe

Facebook Dominates
Contentinople | 6/2/2009

4:05 PM The site was No. 1 in April, with users spending 13.87B minutes there

AlcaLu Gets Interesting
EuroBlog | 6/2/2009

3:30 PM No, really!

Brocade Converges
Craig's A-List | 6/2/2009

3:15 PM Why the data center is a lot like Sonet

T-Mobile Preps Next Android Phone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2009

HTC Magic likely to be on the T-Mob network by early summer

FCC Believes in Evolution-ary DTAs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/2/2009

Delivering another blow to the CEA, the FCC grants a waiver to Evolution Broadband for simple, one-way digital terminal adapters

Cortina Builds off Acquisitions
News Analysis | 6/2/2009

The chipmaker claims it's still healthy after ingesting a chunk of Intel and a couple of smaller businesses

BBC Hits Out at BT
EuroBlog | 6/2/2009

1:20 PM Broadcaster cries foul over BT's traffic-shaping techniques

Comcast Puts Radiance to Work
The Bauminator | 6/2/2009

Comcast Media Center launches an all-digital system that aims to take ad delivery out of the Stone Age

Test Results Raise Femto Service Concerns
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2009

You're breaking up! Femtocell service tests reveal ISP policy management techniques can degrade voice call quality

Cablevision Girds for Remote DVRs
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/2/2009

Scaling problems could choke Cablevision's RS-DVR at its summer launch, but SeaChange is reportedly 'betting the farm' on being able to fix it

Clearwire Goes Soft in Vegas
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2009

Residents of Sin City can now buy mobile WiMax services from Clearwire to get unwired on the Strip

NetLogic Joins Processor Race
News Analysis | 6/1/2009

The $175M bid for RMI would move NetLogic from 'knowledge' processors to regular ones

RMI's Long Strange Trip
Craig's A-List | 6/1/2009

3:00 PM You haven't heard the last of Atiq Raza

India Tops 400M Mobile Subs
News Analysis | 6/1/2009

India's mobile sector broke through the 400M users barrier in April, according to the latest stats from regulator TRAI

The New Puritans
Monkey Bidness | 6/1/2009

NOON Krusty drove me to sin

Satellite No Match for RS-DVR?
The Bauminator | 6/1/2009

11:00 AM Satcos will be at a 'clear disadvantage' if MSOs follow Cablevision's path, analyst says

Starent at Core of Cox's 3G Push
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/1/2009

Cox opts for Starent at its mobile core as it prepares to offer 3G wireless services

Indian Market Grows 20%
AsiaBlog | 6/1/2009

9:25 AM India's telecom systems market grew by 20% in the past year, says survey

Huawei Rakes In WiMax Sales
Wireless Bits | 6/1/2009

9:15 AM Vendor sees $1 billion in WiMax sales in 2010

Clearwire Opens Up With mFormation
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/1/2009

WiMax operator prepares to manage casual, ad hoc customers on its 'open access' network with software from mFormation

Cisco to Pay Up
Craig's A-List | 6/1/2009

8:50 AM It's just a couple cents off GAAP earnings

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