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Content posted in April 2001
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Tellium Hits the Road
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2001  |  32 comments
Tellium trims its IPO size by 25 percent as it starts its investment offering road show
Zuma Integrates the Edge
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2001  |  5 comments
MRV startup uses an open Linux platform to combine application switching and security services
Lucent's $5 Billion Question
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2001  |  2 comments
Lucent's need for cash is driving a deal for its optical fiber unit. Will a dark horse emerge to compete with Alcatel?
Intel's Optical Attack Makes Waves
News Analysis  | 
4/30/2001  |  4 comments
Chip giant's moves worry its portfolio companies -- which may now be competitors
Zhone Rezones
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  16 comments
Zhone is relocating staff in two offices and cutting some jobs in Texas
Cisco Slashes Canadian Operations
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  40 comments
While the industry bemoans U.S. cuts, Cisco quietly eliminates 28 percent of its Canadian workforce
Quarry Mines Another Product
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  2 comments
Quarry's new pint-sized IP service switch is half the size and cost of its predecessor
LuxN: New Customer, New Product
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  20 comments
LuxN is about to announce a contract with Time Warner Telecom and a cost-cutting blade for its existing gear
Corning: Solid Quarter, Sour Outlook
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  1 comment
Quarterly earnings are admirable. But analysts say the company may be leaning too much on fiber
Corvis: No New Customers
News Analysis  | 
4/27/2001  |  13 comments
Uh-oh. Huber isn't expecting to announce new customers until the end of the year
Sycamore: Good News in the Offing?
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2001  |  17 comments
Rumor has it close to signing a big deal with Japan's NTT
Foundry Meets Lowered Expectations
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2001  |  Post a comment
Finally, some good news from Foundry. But analysts are still skeptical
Alcatel Profits, Forecasts Drop
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2001  |  6 comments
Profits down 19% on last year. Annual sales growth forecast trimmed to 5-15%
Marconi Ruffles Former Employees
News Analysis  | 
4/26/2001  |  Post a comment
Typo in severance letters stings some former Marconi workers
New Focus Dials Back
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2001  |  Post a comment
Revenues and losses meet reduced expectations, but the company expects business to shrink next quarter
Net.com Screams to Be Heard
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
4/25/2001  |  2 comments
Net.com has revealed its new Scream platforms and is ready to take on its rivals
What's Next for Avanex?
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2001  |  Post a comment
The component maker's quarterly earnings get mixed reviews. Will a turnaround come soon enough?
Stock Watch: Digital Lightwave
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2001  |  1 comment
Digital Lightwave's stock is hot. That's because the business in DWDM systems monitoring is booming
Transatlantic Bandwidth: Mixed Message
News Analysis  | 
4/25/2001  |  2 comments
Huge amounts of cable capacity are unused, but that's business as usual, says TeleGeography
Intel's 10-Gig Shopping Spree
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2001  |  7 comments
The chip giant's OC192 strategy becomes clearer with the acquisition of three optical components companies
TI Touts Wireless Optics Breakthrough
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2001  |  1 comment
But does the world really need another wireless LAN scheme?
JDSU Deepens Reorg
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2001  |  3 comments
The component maker bites the bullet, announcing massive changes, including the layoff of 5,000
Lucent Loses Billions, Refocuses
News Analysis  | 
4/24/2001  |  2 comments
Investors get hit with $2.7 billion restructuring charge; Schacht says company is refocusing on leading carriers
Kalkhoven's Five-Year Plan
Column  | 
4/24/2001  |  5 comments
Peter Heywood: "A couple of days ago I was having a beer with Kevin Kalkhoven..."
Cisco Socked with Shareholder Suits
News Analysis  | 
4/23/2001  |  78 comments
Shareholders and lawyers are out for blood -- homing in on Cisco's aggressive lending and accounting practices
BrightLink's Prospects Brighten
News Analysis  | 
4/23/2001  |  5 comments
Its grooming switch goes into trials while Sycamore's runs into problems
Atrica Keeps It Simple
News Analysis  | 
4/23/2001  |  24 comments
The optical Ethernet startup entered the picture later than others. Will its straightforward approach pay off?
Astral Point Slims Down
News Analysis  | 
4/23/2001  |  6 comments
Metro networking startup Astral Point cuts headcount by 45 and drops its ON 2000 product line
Veeco Looks to Automate Optical
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2001  |  1 comment
Metrology and manufacturing player reports strong numbers and sees optical business as focus of future growth
Cisco VP: M&A Slowdown is Temporary
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2001  |  11 comments
After the churning's done, Cisco plans to go right back to eating other firms for lunch
Hyperchip Hires Ericsson's Barry as CEO
News Analysis  | 
4/20/2001  |  4 comments
Core router startup lures Ericsson Canada president
Nortel: Losses and Layoffs, Eh?
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2001  |  34 comments
As expected, Nortel posts a loss, cuts more staff, and shrugs off the need for financial guidance UPDATED 4/19 7:30pm
Ripples Spread From Cisco Write-Off
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2001  |  9 comments
Competitors fear that Cisco equipment may find its way back onto the market. Analysts smell a rat
Don Smith's Mitel Shocker
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2001  |  Post a comment
Smith, late of Nortel, rejoins pal Terry Matthews at Mitel Networks --a new version of their old Mitel
Crunch Time at Avici?
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2001  |  51 comments
With Avici burning through cash at a rate of $30M per quarter, the need for new customers looms large
Quantum Bridge Stays the Course
News Analysis  | 
4/19/2001  |  4 comments
A year after it raised $102 million in private funding, Quantum Bridge waits for the IPO window to reopen
Extreme Keeps a Stiff Upper Lip
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  8 comments
Despite reverting to losses and reporting a sequential decline in revenue, company sees profitability in 2001
Winstar Sues, Lucent Scoffs
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  13 comments
Lucent calls Winstar's $10 billion lawsuit "frivolous," as the two companies point fingers at each other
Axerra Aims for Missing Link
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  3 comments
Startup says it can groom individual channels of legacy traffic, including circuit-switched voice, onto IP backbones
Tellabs Regroups
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  Post a comment
Dumping 6 percent of workforce and cancelling softswitch, Tellabs looks to optical networking for growth
Rate Cut Supercharges LR Index
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  Post a comment
Surprise action by Federal Reserve boosts spirits in the beaten down optical sector
Cisco Circles the Wagons in Texas
News Analysis  | 
4/18/2001  |  31 comments
Cisco's scaling back its planned Richardson expansion
Reality Bites at NGN Conference
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2001  |  25 comments
Startups and venture capitalists convene at a Silicon Valley optical conference, coping with the industry slowdown
ONI Beats Numbers, Boosts Guidance
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2001  |  1 comment
Metro optical systems company heads in a novel direction: Its numbers are rising, not falling
Nortel Does a Metro Shuffle
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2001  |  3 comments
Nortel's undergoing a massive reorganization that emphasizes optical networking and especially the metro market
Gilder Backs Corvis
News Analysis  | 
4/17/2001  |  24 comments
The influential technology newsletter editor picks up Corvis. But what happened to Lucent and Nortel?
Cisco's Inventory Woes Mount
News Analysis  | 
4/16/2001  |  11 comments
Cisco swears off a price war even as product demand dives and inventory piles up
LuxN Expands DWDM Access Options
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
4/16/2001  |  3 comments
LuxN plans will dip into its recent $55 million in funding to help launch metro access products at Supercomm
Nortel: Inventory Garage Sale?
News Analysis  | 
4/16/2001  |  10 comments
Analysts are scrutinizing Nortel's suppliers for signs that its inventories have been returned or sold at steep discounts
Supercomm 2001 Preview
Supercomm News Analysis  | 
4/16/2001  |  7 comments
It's not too soon to look at how the June 5-7 trade show will cover trends in broadband networking
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