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AlcaLu Board Backs Russo
News Analysis | 10/2/2007

Alcatel-Lucent's board issues statement saying it supports CEO Pat Russo, and hits out at 'erroneous speculations' in the media

3Com's Slide
Craig's A-List | 10/2/2007

The end of a really bad decade

100-GigE Not Coming Soon Enough
News Analysis | 10/2/2007

Standards for 100-GigE will be arriving too slowly for carriers' tastes, according to panelists at the LR Optical Expo

TI Chips In for Faster Cable Modems
LR Cable News Analysis | 10/2/2007

Three 'major' cable modem brands outfitted with TI chipsets are headed into the first CableLabs Wave to test against Docsis 3.0

Cable Show Consolidation?
The Bauminator | 10/2/2007

Reports say industry leaders are considering a consolidation of events, and the creation of one, big, annual week of cable goodness

Optical by Numbers
Peer Pressure | 10/2/2007

Quick takeaways from the Optical Expo intro

Going Over the Top
The Philter | 10/2/2007

Carriers could cash in on caching

The Killer App
The Philter | 10/2/2007

Here's what's breaking our networks

AT&T Spends Big
The Philter | 10/2/2007

AT&T spends big in Texas

Preaching Packet Optical
The Philter | 10/2/2007

The next big thing?

Swiss Mobile TV Kicks Off
MO Content | 10/2/2007

Swiss want mobile TV for Euro 2008

Italian FMC Face-Off
EuroBlog | 10/2/2007

Voodoo and T Italia go head-to-head

Google Off the Map?
MO Content | 10/2/2007

How will Google navigate now?

Good/Bad News
Craig's A-List | 10/2/2007

The yin and yang of earnings charges

Slapped Wrist for Sky
EuroBlog | 10/2/2007

Shocking news: Watchdog lacks teeth

ECI, Operax Hit Rome
EuroBlog | 10/1/2007

ECI and Operax get jiggy with Telecom Italia

Facebook Defaces France
Red Panda | 10/1/2007

'J'aime mon poo'

Can I Use It Now?
Raynman | 10/1/2007

Screwing with Verizon

Infinera Item
The Philter | 10/1/2007

Many happy returns?

BigBand Lawsuit Brewing
The Bauminator | 10/1/2007

As a reader points out, 'When it rains, it pours'

EBay: Too Much Hype in Skype
News Analysis | 10/1/2007

EBay takes a $1.4 billion charge on Skype, effectively admitting that the company was overvalued

Nokia Nabs Navteq for $8B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/1/2007

Nokia agrees to acquire digital map provider Navteq

More on Halo 3
The Philter | 10/1/2007

How's your network holding up?

BitGravity Weighs In on HD Delivery
TelcoTV News Analysis | 10/1/2007

The content delivery network boasts less 'chatty' routing based on custom-made hardware

Next for Arris: Why Not BigBand?
BroadBananas | 10/1/2007

In addition to filling a hole in its video portfolio, such a deal would allow Arris to go toe-to-toe with Cisco and Motorola

Fairchild Turns 50
Craig's A-List | 10/1/2007

The truth is out there

Siemens Mum on NSN Sale Talk
News Analysis | 10/1/2007

German giant stays tight-lipped over rumors it may consider selling its 50% stake in Nokia Siemens Networks

Nortel's New Money Man
EuroBlog | 10/1/2007

Nortel has a new CFO with telecom experience

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