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Huawei Seeks Talks Over Indian Lockdown
News Analysis | 5/4/2010

Chinese vendor seeks talks with the Indian government over security worries as details emerge of blocked purchase orders

TWC Taps Microsoft Mediaroom for IPTV Test
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Sources say Time Warner Cable intends to 'pilot' Mediaroom in Los Angeles as it starts to develop a broader IP video migration strategy

PBB-TE Loses Favor in Packet-Optical
News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Some vendors are putting PBB-TE into their packet-optical plans, but all of them plan to support MPLS-TP

Tuning In to Google’s TV Intentions
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Google's rumored Android software for TV continues a trend of ad-targeting, consumer reach, and breaking down closed systems

Nokia Ovi’s App Wizardry
Que Sera Sarah | 5/3/2010

1:10 PM Look, Ma! My first mobile app!

Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/3/2010

QoS may open up new opportunities for LTE operators, but questions remain about how well it works – and whether it will make money

3G iPad: Sales, Hacks & Video Issues
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Apple has now sold over 1M iPads overall, with estimates that it sold over 300,000 3G iPads over the weekend

Apple to Shut Down Lala
Contentinople | 5/3/2010

9:40 AM Does this mean it'll launch a Web-based version of iTunes?

Widevine Locks In Dish 'TV Everywhere' Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Dish swings with Widevine's DRM and adaptive streaming for a new Web-based video hub that complements its 'SlingLoaded' set-top strategy

App Focus: Apple’s Siri
Que Sera Sarah | 5/3/2010

8:05 AM Apple acquired voice-enabled search app Siri to take on Google’s search dominance

3G iPad Proves Popular
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/3/2010

AT&T may be in for a rude awakening if it expects the iPad to be WiFi-driven; the launch of the 3G version brought crowds in NYC and Chicago

Cablevision RS-DVR Gets Limited Deployment
LR Cable News Analysis | 5/3/2010

Somewhere in New York, consumers are recording shows without cluttering their homes with more hardware

Acme Packet's Record Quarter
The Philter | 5/1/2010

10:30 AM Wow

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