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Analyst: MSOs Too Wary Over Wireless
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/23/2007

North American MSOs are edging their way into the wireless services market but they aren't giving it enough priority, says analyst

Ooma Takes Aim With VOIP Device
News Analysis | 7/23/2007

VOIP startup hopes to grab users with free voice service over a $400 device

Harry Potter & the Unstoppable Torrents
Peer Pressure | 7/23/2007

Wizard latest 'victim' of P2P file sharing

A Random Thought on Nicholas Cage
Jonestown | 7/20/2007

This guy really has been in some godawful tripe over the years

What's in a Name?
Nearpoints | 7/20/2007

I’m no longer sure

Raynman IPO
Raynman | 7/20/2007

The Initial Public Offering of yet another LR blog

Virgin Guns for $506M US IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2007

Virgin Mobile USA now says it wants to raise $400 million more than previously stated in its US IPO

Airvana Makes $58M in IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2007

CDMA vendor prices IPO below initially planned price range, shares flip-flop in after hours

The Ad Race
Craig's A-List | 7/20/2007

Routers meet Madison Avenue, and everyone's happy so far

Motorola Seals Up Terayon
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/20/2007

The book closes on one of the cable industry's most colorful and controversial vendors

Spice Makes Tasty Market Debut
News Analysis | 7/20/2007

Indian mobile operator's share price gains as much as 46 percent in its IPO

Cable's All-Upset Over All-Digital
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/20/2007

US cable pressure groups say the FCC's digital TV transition proposal is absurd and expensive

Witch's Brew
Monkey Bidness | 7/20/2007

Grounds for prosecution

Femtocell Startup Pockets $25M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2007

UbiquiSys has landed $25 million from a group of investors as it prepares for mass production of its home base stations

Google Pledges $4.6B for Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/20/2007

Search giant says it will meet FCC reserve for prime 700MHz wireless broadband if its 'open access' conditions are met

Google Invests in 3G Startup
News Analysis | 7/20/2007

Google adds to its broadband access technology investments by joining the B round funding of femtocell startup Ubiquisys

Ikanos Joins GPON Arms Race
News Analysis | 7/20/2007

The VDSL chip vendor plans to build gateways for big fish like Verizon and France Telecom

Henry Nicholas, Party Animal?
Craig's A-List | 7/19/2007

Suddenly, stock options are the least of his problems

Turn On Your Leading Light
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Enter the Leading Lights today. Finalists to be announced on October 19. Reader's Choice submissions due August 10

Clearwire & Sprint Team on WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Sprint and Clearwire will work together to deploy mobile WiMax in the US

First Post!
Peer Pressure | 7/19/2007

Oh Lord, what hath LR wrought?

Leave It to Beaver!
Red Panda | 7/19/2007

Police say, 'Don't Fear the Beaver'

Set-Top Switch Could Soften Moto's 2H
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Cable's rapid prep for the integrated security ban could affect Moto margins

Vodafone CEO Seeks Cheap Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin is excited about femtocells, but he wants them at rock-bottom prices that won't excite vendors

Juniper Shows Growth (& Potential) in Q2
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Driven by new products, the router manufacturer's momentum should continue, say analysts

Verizon Biz Net Promotes Caring, Not Sharing
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Verizon Business's new optical network delivers up to 440 Gbit/s via either Sonet, DWDM, or Ethernet

Green Light for Google Rival
EuroBlog | 7/19/2007

EC has OK'd funding for a Google rival

Moto: Hello Zero
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2007

With EPS close to nothing, Moto's slumping handset sales drag down the networking giant

Avici: Going Out on a High
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Avici, which is quitting the core router sector, sees its stock jump 28 percent in pre-market trading after raising guidance

Top 11 of 2007, So Far
The Philter | 7/19/2007

Our most popular stories this year

Reding Riles Mobile TV Players
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2007

European Commissioner Viviane Reding riles mobile TV players by encouraging the use of DVB-H

AT&T's Foggy FMC Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/18/2007

BlackBerry FMC support prompts questions on AT&T's strategy

A $110 Paperweight
The Bauminator | 7/18/2007

Congrats to eBay buyer 'legendofgame'! You just wasted some hard-earned ducats on a CableCARD that probably won't do jack

BT Sells PBT-Based Backhaul Service
News Analysis | 7/18/2007

BT will use PBT-based Ethernet service to backhaul T-Mobile UK's wireless traffic as part of a major five-year deal

Charlotte's Flaming Web
Red Panda | 7/18/2007

Spiders save in Saginaw

Charter Takes Video to the Web
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/18/2007

Charter's new customer Web portal is placing a heavier emphasis on streaming video content

Goodbye, i-mode... Hello, iPhone?
EuroBlog | 7/18/2007

O2 UK and Telstra have killed their i-mode service

French WiMax & Japanese Speed
Wireless Bits | 7/18/2007

France pilots mobile WiMax and Japan tests LTE

Huawei M&A Rumor
The Philter | 7/18/2007

One source says Huawei is looking at Carrier Access

E-911 Proving Essential
BroadBananas | 7/18/2007

Cable's decision to support E-911 out of the gate has been vindicated once again

Ericsson Scores $2B at Bharti
News Analysis | 7/18/2007

Ericsson signs its largest ever network expansion contract with India's Bharti

Myopic Monkey Thievery
Monkey Bidness | 7/18/2007

Hey. We're not insured for eyecare

CDNetworks Pushes Into US
News Analysis | 7/18/2007

Korea's largest content delivery network looks to make a splash in the US market

RIM Goes WiFi
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/17/2007

RIM delivers its first WiFi-enabled cellphone

Nortel Wins Dakota PBT Contract
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

The Canadian vendor scores another contract win for Provider Backbone Transport from Dakota Carrier Network

Air Power
Nearpoints | 7/17/2007

Should I move out of the way?

Google's Mobile Content Plans
Jonestown | 7/17/2007

Will carriers be happy with a Google mobile content payment system?

Ericsson Cements IMS Credentials
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

Two deals with Vodafone, most notably a single-supplier contract in Germany, solidify Ericsson's position as IMS front runner

CEA Continues CableCARD Fight
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/17/2007

The Consumer Electronics Association and US cable's top lobbying arm are clashing again over downloadable conditional access systems

Nuvio Picks Through SunRocket Debris
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

Nuvio offers a 'safe landing' for SunRocket customers

The Femto Sell?
Cutting Loose | 7/17/2007

What we don't know yet about home base stations

Yipes! Here Comes a Spending Spree
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

Yipes CEO John Scanlon is expecting a $200 million investment from Reliance once the Indian carrier completes its acquisition

Reader's Choice Rules
The Philter | 7/17/2007

The Leading Lights are on again

Truphone Wins Injunction Against T-Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/17/2007

UK court orders T-Mobile to interconnect with mobile VOIP provider Truphone

Catch Me if You Can!
Red Panda | 7/17/2007

Red panda sneers at her captors

Waiver Central
The Bauminator | 7/17/2007

Who got FCC waivers and who did not? Here are the results in bite-sized form

A Rare Taste Treat
Monkey Bidness | 7/17/2007

Endangered snack food

Reding Rattles Regulatory Saber
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

There's talk of a 'super regulator' for the European telecom sector, but is the EC's Viviane Reding just rattling her saber?

McGinn Alert!
EuroBlog | 7/17/2007

Remember Rich McGinn? We do. And he's back

Alien Donut Circle
Monkey Bidness | 7/16/2007

Homer: the 21C fertility symbol

Cracked in Athens
Jonestown | 7/16/2007

Its all Greek to me

Verizon Creates New CTO Position
News Analysis | 7/16/2007

Dick Lynch is being named the new CTO of all of Verizon Communications

Is AT&T Putting Out Femto Feelers?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2007

The No. 1 cellular operator in the US is said to be latest to put out RFP for home base stations

Vendors Offer Super SIP Bundle for SMBs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/16/2007

A vendor bundle may kick-start cable's entry into the SMB voice market

Grouper Gets Battered, Fried
The Philter | 7/16/2007

Users don't generate good content

40 GigE Could End Standards Spat
News Analysis | 7/16/2007

IEEE study group could propose a joint 40-Gigabit and 100-Gigabit Ethernet standard

Help the Aged
EuroBlog | 7/16/2007

Mobile phones for the elderly user. I SAID, MOBILE PHONES... oh never mind...

Reliance Bags Yipes for $300M
News Analysis | 7/16/2007

Indian giant strikes $300M deal to buy Ethernet services pioneer Yipes with plans to boost coverage in US and globally

Verizon's Share Price Boomerang
News Analysis | 7/16/2007

A report of a possible $160B bid by Vodafone for Verizon added $14B to the US carrier's capitalization in pre-market trading Monday

As the RS-DVR World Turns
The Bauminator | 7/16/2007

Another party has chimed in on the Cablevision RS-DVR debate, arguing that an appeal court agrees with an earlier, unfavorable ruling

Verizon Set-Top RFP Could Be Worth Billions
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/13/2007

Winners could be in line for a 26.5 million set-top contract, and give telco a path toward complying with FCC ban on integrated security boxes

Genband Streamlines Exec Team
News Analysis | 7/13/2007

Amid a flurry of promotions, four members of the company's management team, including its COO and CTO, have stepped down

The UI Problem
Nearpoints | 7/13/2007

I’ll show you a gesture…

YouTube Mood Ring
Jonestown | 7/13/2007

Friday's Mood

MTC Revenues Grow 49 Percent
News Analysis | 7/13/2007

MTC, a heavyweight in the Middle East and Africa, reports revenues of $2.77 billion in the first half of the year

Weird WiMax
Jonestown | 7/13/2007

The first wave of strange WiMax ads arrives

Down With Koreoke!
Red Panda | 7/13/2007

Kim crushes enemy scheming

Reliance Shifts Expansion Strategy
News Analysis | 7/13/2007

Its plans for a nationwide GSM network stalled, India's Reliance is building out its regional network and turning back to CDMA

DoCoMo Tests 'Super 3G'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/13/2007

NTT DoCoMo has begun testing of 'Super 3G' technology, or LTE, in its labs, and has started taking proposals from infrastructure vendors

New Circle of Hell Opened
Monkey Bidness | 7/13/2007

And it's filling fast

A Wii Bit Fun
The Philter | 7/12/2007

Wii's so cute. So simple. Could carriers do something with it?

Moto Losing Ground
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2007

Analysts reckon No. 2 handset vendor will be overtaken by rivals

All the Lonely People II
Jonestown | 7/12/2007

A customer service reprise

Nortel Resells Genband Gateways
News Analysis | 7/12/2007

Partnership allows Nortel to migrate carriers from legacy DCO and EWSD switches to VOIP gear

TV Takes Bathroom Break
Red Panda | 7/12/2007

You are safe nowhere

CommScope Gets a Boost
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/12/2007

CommScope shares got a healthy bump Thursday following an analyst upgrade tied to its pending deal for Andrew Corp.

Monkey Bidness | 7/12/2007

More dating for dummies

Up for Bid on eBay: CableCARDs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/12/2007

You, too, can buy a CableCARD for the low, low price of $139.99. But buyer beware – you may be purchasing what amounts to stolen property

French JV Pushes on With WiMax
News Analysis | 7/12/2007

A French joint venture is pushing ahead with plans to deploy WiMax networks in Paris and the wealthy Southeast region using AlcaLu gear

FT's Paris Protest
EuroBlog | 7/12/2007

Says plans for free WiFi in Paris are illegal

CableLabs Issues FMC Specs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/12/2007

New fixed/mobile convergence specs detail how voice calls can hop between cellular and WiFi connections using dual-mode handsets

Managed Security: A Hot Ticket for Carriers
News Analysis | 7/12/2007

As carriers look to protect their businesses against industry downturns, could managed security be their security blanket?

Motorola Warns Again
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Networking giant now says its mobile devices unit won't turn a profit this year

Level 3 Expands CDN
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Latest acquisition adds video streaming and management to Level 3's content delivery network

Qwest Debuts Its VOD Service
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

As part of a multi-faceted approach to delivering consumer video, Qwest has teamed with Microsoft to deliver a VOD service via Windows Live

Save the Kitties!
Red Panda | 7/11/2007

Meow: That's cat language for, 'don’t eat me'

Broadband Freedom?
Wireless Bits | 7/11/2007

FCC proposals could help reshape the US wireless broadband market

Ericsson Adds to Euro GPON Action
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Support for GPON is growing in Europe, but the continent looks likely to adopt multiple fiber access strategies

BSNL Expansion Delayed Yet Again
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

BSNL's much-delayed mobile expansion is being held up again, this time by India's new communications minister

Going High-Def
Cable Guy | 7/11/2007

Two new studies show that HDTV fever is sweeping the nation

BigBand Rebounds
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/11/2007

BigBand shares gained back some lost ground in the wake of an analyst's upgrade

Flipping The Bird... On
BroadBananas | 7/11/2007

Will DirecTV's new HD-heavy satellite be the 'Death Star' cable has long feared?

The Important Question
Jonestown | 7/11/2007

What everyone wants to know about the iPhone

Megasoft Bids for Boston Comms
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

India's Megasoft makes a $65 million play for billing services specialist Boston Comms to add to its growing telecom assets

Wind & 3 to Cast Off Masts
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Wind and 3 Italia have signed a memorandum of understanding to combine their tower assets and sell them to a third party

Startups See More Cache in Carrier P2P
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Peer-to-peer traffic is a problem; is caching the solution?

FCC Wants Open Broadband
Jonestown | 7/10/2007

New FCC moves could make the US market more like Europe's

TiVo Shores Up End Run
The Bauminator | 7/10/2007

Ordering movies on the TV screen... Where have I heard of that before?

Bundling Mesh
Cutting Loose | 7/10/2007

Bigger operators getting involved in municipal mesh WiFi could help to give such services a longer lifespan

Lonely, Lonely People
Jonestown | 7/10/2007

Your call will be ignored in the order it was received

Gemstar Sale Could Shake Up IPGs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/10/2007

A sale of Gemstar-TV Guide International could shake up the interactive program guide market

Preacher Plays Prank
Red Panda | 7/10/2007

Do you believe in magic?

Huawei Wins at TIM
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/10/2007

With wins at Telecom Italia and Vodafone, Huawei is making headway among tier one European mobile operators

7-Eleven: We Really Do Suck
Monkey Bidness | 7/10/2007

Home of the Squishee!

UMass Trusts in VOIP
News Analysis | 7/10/2007

The University of Massachusetts is deploying VOIP using Cedar Point's Safari C3 Multimedia Switching System

OSS Firm Raises $14M
News Analysis | 7/10/2007

OSS vendor Celona lands £7 million ($14 million) as it ramps up to meet demands for telco-specific data migration system

Google to Buy Security Specialist
News Analysis | 7/10/2007

Google has opened its wallet again and laid down $625 million in cash for hosted security specialist Postini

Jonestown | 7/9/2007

More eagerly awaited WLAN phones get the green light

Waiver Fallout
The Bauminator | 7/9/2007

The US ban on set-tops with integrated security may have gone into effect, but this story is far from over

AT&T Goes Muni in Riverside
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2007

Ma Bell launches its first WiFi mesh network in California

Blyk Stalls UK Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2007

The launch date for Blyk's UK ad-funded mobile service has slipped as startup gets to grips with business model and being an MVNO

Femto Players Gun for Gateways
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2007

Major vendors such as Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent are looking to integrate femtocell technology into home gateways

A Palm Time Line
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/6/2007

SEC filings reveal how the PDA pioneer ended up with PE firm Elevation

Report: Identity Crisis Looms for Telcos
News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Telcos could miss out on a revenue opportunity by not deploying identity management offerings quickly enough

Stock Spike Threatens Cablevision Deal
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Cablevision shareholders may be reluctant to approve a deal to take the MSO private following a stock surge

AlcaLu Touts IP Upgrades
News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Fixed-line chief says DPI and policy management features in its edge routers will help in the battle against Cisco and Juniper

BBT Exits Alpha
The Bauminator | 7/6/2007

Beyond Broadband moves closer to a downloadable conditional access system and an 'open' set-top platform

Moto to Take $101M Charge
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Second-quarter job cuts leave Motorola with a $101 million charge

Afghans Bhan Smoking
Monkey Bidness | 7/6/2007

Progress: Taleban nannies

Sandvine Profit Jumps
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

DPI vendor announced record profits on a 171 percent revenue increase

AT&T: We'll Have HD VOD Too
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

AT&T plans to offer an HD VOD service on U-verse. But will its slower FTTN network handle it?

BigBand Shares on Downward Swing
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Nervousness about BigBand's involvement with two big customers – Verizon and Comcast – appears to be contributing to a stock slide recent weeks

Broadband Comes Home
Wireless Bits | 7/5/2007

Femtocells: Wireless broadband – this time it's personal

Father Freakshow
Red Panda | 7/5/2007

Everybody's got a brand

Spirent Loses on Wireless Unit Sale
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Only 18 months after buying it for $51 million, Spirent sells wireless video quality test business SwissQual for just $3 million

Flags R US Dammit!
Monkey Bidness | 7/5/2007

More vitally important legislation

Vodafone RFP Fuels Femtocells
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Vodafone issued an RFP for femtocells about six months ago and an analyst says it's the one the industry is watching

i Caramba! iPhone Hacked Already
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Researchers find bugs in iPhone browser, Bluetooth, and WiFi connections

IBM Almaden Preps Spinoff
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Possibly eyeing Internet video, IBM is turning its IceCube storage project into a company

Mixed Fortunes for Test Vendors
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Radcom slumps, EXFO flies, Spirent speaks out on PBT testing, and more

TEF Let Off the Hook
EuroBlog | 7/4/2007

EC tickles guilty Telefónica with tiny fine

India's Spice Sets IPO Date
News Analysis | 7/4/2007

Regional mobile operator raises $129M from its IPO and is set to begin trading by July 20

More Mideast M&A Mania
News Analysis | 7/4/2007

A review of recent financial activity in the bustling Middle East telecom market

Summer Reading
Craig's A-List | 7/4/2007

It's all torpo and flexo and TCP/IP

iPhone Fever Hits Europe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/4/2007

Deutsche Telekom's stock gets a boost from a report that its mobile operator T-Mobile has won iPhone distribution rights in Germany

Airvana Plots $83M IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/3/2007

The CDMA maven eyes a Nasdaq float

Got FiOS? Say Goodbye to DSL
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

Verizon's fiber access service leaves cut copper connections in its wake. Should CLECs worry?

Google's Web Convergence
Jonestown | 7/3/2007

Search giant buys GrandCentral in 'one number' play

Silly Season Gets Serious
Cutting Loose | 7/3/2007

Summer is no longer the preserve of lightweight stories about wireless or iPhone fashion pieces

Goddess Demoted
Monkey Bidness | 7/3/2007

Still, it looks good on the resumé

Independence Day Celebration
BroadBananas | 7/3/2007

CEA marked July 1 as sort of an Independence Day for consumers

Google Buys Unified Services Startup
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

Google has acquired California startup GrandCentral Communications

Nokia Siemens Lands $900M India Deal
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

NSN signs contract to expand Bharti Airtel's mobile and fixed networks in a deal worth around $900 million

Flat Is Back: Toward the All-IP Mobile Network
Column | 7/3/2007

Mobile operators worldwide are evaluating how best to adopt a flat, IP-centric network architecture

FT Preps Femtocell RFP
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/3/2007

France Telecom issues an RFP for 3G femtocells, but warns that the technology is not yet mature enough for large volume orders

Marvell's Options Drama
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

The chip company got its revised earnings filed, but it appears the process wasn't exactly pretty

Neuf Makes Acquisitions Count
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

Neuf Cegetel's broadband-focused acquisitions have made it second only to France Telecom in its domestic high-speed access market

AT&T to Buy Dobson for $5.1B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Buyout of the nation's third largest operator will bolster AT&T coverage

Flat Is Back: Toward the All-IP Mobile Network
LR Mobile Column | 7/2/2007

Mobile operators worldwide are evaluating how best to adopt a flat, IP-centric network architecture.

ECI Bought Out in $1.2B Deal
News Analysis | 7/2/2007

The optical equipment manufacturer agrees to a buyout price of $10 per share

Mobile Phones Generate Passwords
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2007

New app puts two-factor authentication on handset

Birdie Beat Down
Red Panda | 7/2/2007

Vampire-bird starts trouble at Burger King

MRV Sags on Fiberxon Buy
News Analysis | 7/2/2007

MRV's merger with Fiberxon is done, despite questions looming over Fiberxon's books

Trading Journalism
The Philter | 7/2/2007

Blogging trends have a shilling effect on journalism

Industry Forms Femto Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Femto Forum forms to take on standards and marketing for the home base station market

Cisco Field Update
Craig's A-List | 7/2/2007

Do garbage dumps make good neighbors?

Slideshow: C-COR Global IP Summit
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Cable Digital News invaded the third annual C-COR Global IP Summit. Here's visual evidence of our trip to Cannes

Bell Canada Goes Private
News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Bell Canada agrees to be acquired by the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan in the largest takeover in Canadian history

Carlyle Eyes Virgin
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Reports put possible bid for cable giant by private equity firm Carlyle Partners at up to $11.7 billion before debt considerations

Verizon & Others Get Their Waivers
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Verizon and more than 100 others obtained special waivers Friday, just ahead of the FCC's ban on set-tops with integrated security

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