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Network Neutrality Rules Poised to Pass
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/20/2010

With Copps and Clyburn on board, the FCC chairman appears to have the votes he needs to get his net-neutrality item passed tomorrow

Dish Still Serving Google TV
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Google's invasion of the TV may be off to a rough start, but all systems are still go when it comes to its integrated Dish offering

Sezmi Still Seeking Telco Partners
News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Eliminating the digital broadcast portion of its service may actually help that effort, Sezmi officials insist

Cricket Comes With Music Too
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Prepaid carrier launches a new unlimited wireless plan that includes unlimited music downloads for $55 per month

Google TV Stumbles Out of the Blocks
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Busy start to holiday week in the cable world, as Google TV and Sezmi deal with setbacks while DirecTV moves forward on targeted ads

CableOne's Hi-Def DTA
The Bauminator | 12/20/2010

10:40 AM Expect to see many more products like this one emerge in 2011

Indian Operators Face Bill Shock
AsiaBlog | 12/20/2010

10:05 AM Nine Indian mobile operators face retrospective bills for 2G spectrum previously awarded for free

A Telecom & Cable CXO Reading List
iBraue | 12/20/2010

9:30 AM Check out what some CXOs are reading for fun and inspiration

AT&T Snaps Up Qualcomm's LTE Spectrum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/20/2010

AT&T is splashing out $1.9B to buy the 700MHz spectrum that Qualcomm's been using for its FLO TV service in the US

NSN CEO Talks Up US Push in 2011
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Rajeev Suri talks to the Executive Club of Chicago about Motorola, competition, consolidation, soft-SIMs, DPI, and more

Euronews: Dec. 20
News Analysis | 12/20/2010

Telenor sticks its oar in, Draka receives unwanted attention, and Swisscom gets its wallet out in today's digest of Euro telecom news

India Telecom 2010: In Pictures!
Slide Shows | 12/17/2010

Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Escorts all featured at the telecom show in New Delhi

Friday Show & Tell: Testing the New Ethernet
Craig's A-List | 12/17/2010

12:05 PM There's more at stake than just a bunch of 10G switches and a box of donuts

Cable News: Dec. 17
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/17/2010

Cox licenses TV Everywhere tech, Level 3 squeezes Comcast, Zillion TV's Website takes a dirt nap, and Cablevision readies a spinoff

OS Watch: LG Gives Android a Dual Core
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/17/2010

LG launches world's first dual-core smartphone, cheap Androids explode, China Mobile updates its OS, and more in this week's OS checklist

Cord Cutting Starts Small
Craig's A-List | 12/17/2010

8:00 AM How many TV cords can you cut, after all?

MTS India Aims for 2011 IPO
News Analysis | 12/17/2010

Mobile operator MTS India is gearing up for an IPO in the new year

Comcast: Level 3 Balks at Trial Offer
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/17/2010

MSO says Level 3 walked away when Comcast wouldn't agree to a 'zero cost' outcome without first testing a 'different architectural approach'

Euronews: Dec. 17
News Analysis | 12/17/2010

Orange avoids all contact, Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs teams up on video, and Vodafone does LTE in today's digest of Euro telecom news nuggets

Netflix Gets Hamstrung on Leased TiVos
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Netflix confirms that some deals prevent it from streaming video to TiVo DVRs distributed by MSOs, but Cox's retail deal is in the clear

Rumor: Microsoft Stuffs IPTV Group Into Xbox
Rumors | 12/16/2010

A move for the Mediaroom organization appears to signal the continuing rise of Xbox as a TV vehicle

Orckit Pledges India Investment
News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Orckit plans to double its investment in India as it seeks a larger share of the country's growing Carrier Ethernet equipment market

Cable News: Dec. 16
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Facebook may power TW Cable's TV Everywhere platform, Dish serves up 3DTV fare, and AT&T sparks 'Cupcake-gate' in DC

Suddenlink Blames Netflix Contracts
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Suddenlink launches a Netflix-free version of TiVo DVR, but says it would 'gladly consider adding' Netflix streaming 'if they allow us'

NSN Revamps SPIT Unit
News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks is reorganizing one of its main divisions and replacing the division's leader

Rumor: NSN Stake Sale Near
Rumors | 12/16/2010

Reliance Lands $1.9B Loan From China
News Analysis | 12/16/2010

One of India's largest mobile operators has secured a $1.93 billion loan from a Chinese bank to pay for its 3G plans

Euronews: Dec. 16
News Analysis | 12/16/2010

Ofcom sticks it to BT, 3 offers all-you-can-eat data, and ZTE is offen for business in today's digest of Euro telecom news

100G Watch: Chips Get Merger Fever
News Analysis | 12/16/2010

It's an M&A frenzy!

Huawei Earmarks $2B for India R&D
News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Seeking to find favor with local operators and decision-makers, Huawei lays out a five-year investment plan for India

Vitesse's Story Continues
Craig's A-List | 12/15/2010

3:45 PM Not something we would have predicted in 2005

A10 Countersues F5
News Analysis | 12/15/2010

The embattled data center vendor starts the formal process of fighting back

Google Delays Fiber Picks
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Says it needs more time to pick sites for its super-speedy network as it hires an old cable hand to take the reins of the project

Might NSN Choke on Its Moto Morsel?
EuroBlog | 12/15/2010

12:30 PM The NSN/Motorola merger stew is nearly cooked, but what will it taste like?

T-Mobile, NSN Team for Faster 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Companies coin the concept of 'Long Term HSPA Evolution' (LTHE?) and promise speeds of more than 650 Mbit/s by 2013

Cable News: Dec. 15
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Wall Street digs Comcast, TW Cable shakes up the ranks, the NFL could call an over-the-top play, while Docsis 3.0 plays more small ball

Making Nice in Maine
Rewired | 12/15/2010

11:00 AM New legislation and new attitudes keep a fiber network on track to bring broadband service to rural Maine

A Blow to India's 3G Vanguard
AsiaBlog | 12/15/2010

9:50 AM India's authorities have dealt a blow to the country's early 3G movers by banning certain services, including video calls

What's Inside Comcast's Parker Box?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Industry sources say the innards initially include an Intel chip, a custom interface from Vividlogic, and Nokia's Qt app framework

O2 Germany Preps LTE Event
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Don't head off for the holidays just yet -- there's more LTE news from Europe's biggest market coming this week

Ericsson Wins SPIT Managed Services Deal
News Analysis | 12/15/2010

The Swedish vendor is breaking new ground in Italy with a deal to upgrade and manage 3 Italia's service provider IT (SPIT) infrastructure

Euronews: Dec. 15
News Analysis | 12/15/2010

Ericsson, NSN, and Transmode give it some Nordic know-how in today's roundup of European news nuggets, with Deutsche Telekom in a supporting role

Rumor: Is This Comcast's 'Parker' Box?
LR Cable Rumors | 12/14/2010

Broadcom Opens Gateway to IP
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/14/2010

Broadcom squares off with Intel with all-singing, all-dancing chip for souped-up IP-capable video gateways

Happy Birthday, LTE!
Wireless Bits | 12/14/2010

2:00 PM World's first LTE network launched a year ago today

Nokia Delays & OS Plays
Que Sera Sarah | 12/14/2010

12:40 PM Nokia delays the E7 and cuts more jobs, but promises a Symbian overhaul

Cable News: Dec. 14
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/14/2010

Comcast gets more interactive, Charter speeds up, Viacom frets about Comcast-NBC, and Mediacom's go-private deal has lawyers seeing green

Sprint Squelches Clearwire Acquisition Talk
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2010

Sprint says it's considering its options for additional investment or reduction of its voting rights at Clearwire

Comcast Tests Broadband-Fed Xcalibur Service
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/14/2010

WSJ says Comcast is testing a blended Web-TV service in Augusta, Ga., as MSO looks to defend against over-the-top rivals UPDATED 7:30 PM

Euronews: Dec. 14
News Analysis | 12/14/2010

BT, Portugal Telecom, Telekom Serbia, and Wipro lead the charge in today's race for the euronews finishing line

Reliance Com Joins India's 3G Club
News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Reliance Communications is the second private operator to launch 3G services in India, and is boasting of the affordability of its services

CableLabs Braces for ITV Data Tsunami
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Meet 'Mux 3.0,' a budding project that looks to apply video-style bandwidth efficiency to ITV applications

Cable Goes Back to the Future
The Bauminator | 12/13/2010

5:40 PM A 60 Minutes story by Mike Wallace from 1970 offers a prescient view of the cable industry

ITU Backtracks on '4G' Definition
Que Sera Sarah | 12/13/2010

5:10 PM Perhaps it was swayed by T-Mobile's 'HSPA+ as 4G' marketing?

Android Trounces RIM at Verizon
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Android accounts for 80% of Verizon's smartphone sales, while RIM falls to less than 20% and the iPhone looks to shake up the equation

Cable News: Dec. 13
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Chicago stations join ivi TV's lineup, Time Warner chief doesn't buy the Netflix hype, and Qwest seeks statewide TV franchise in Colorado

Paul Allen Suit Down, Not Out
The Bauminator | 12/13/2010

10:35 AM Judge dismisses his patent lawsuit against biggies like Apple, Google, and Netflix, but Allen intends to amend the complaint

Rumor: Apple, Google Eye Nortel Patents
LR Mobile Rumors | 12/13/2010

Cablevision May Take Security for a Spin(off)
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Remember PolyCipher? The MSO has a similar downloadable system, but it's actually been deployed and could be poised to become an SCTE standard

Mobile Operator 4G Plans
LRTV Documentaries | 12/13/2010

Four of the world's leading mobile operators highlight their 4G network plans, contrasting their choice of spectrum bands and initial technology deployment

Euronews: Dec. 13
News Analysis | 12/13/2010

Telecom Italia, TeliaSonera, and BT strut their stuff in today's digest of handy-sized Euro telecom news gobbets

Operator Roadmap to an All-IP 4G Network
LRTV Documentaries | 12/11/2010

Three operator keynotes from the Heavy Reading Summit at 4G World present their roadmaps to implement their 4G mobile broadband networks in the US, Australia, and Japan

Angry Birds Like Carrier Billing
Que Sera Sarah | 12/10/2010

12:30 PM Frustration with Android has the angry birds flying to the carriers

Cable Catchup
The Bauminator | 12/10/2010

12:15 PM Com Hem's on the block, word emerges about cable's latest 'Netflix-killer,' Snapstick ties Web video to the big screen, and more

SeaChange Ships Some Server Costs Overseas
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/10/2010

SeaChange moves most of its server R&D to China and the Philippines as it looks to make that division profitible or attract a buyer

Opnext CEO Opts Out
News Analysis | 12/10/2010

Chief executive Gilles Bouchard resigns after a down year for the stock, prompting the return of Harry Bosco

Mobile Operators Hot for Policy Control
Policy Management News Analysis | 12/10/2010

Mobile ops just can’t get enough policy control these days, but it's not clear how far they will take their policy management plans

LTE Backhaul? It's Complicated
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2010

Operators face myriad decisions and challenges when it comes to developing an LTE backhaul strategy

OS Watch: Device Makers Sound Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2010

Execs from all the major operating systems sound off on long-term plans, past mistakes, and their competition in this week's OS musings

Giving EPON the Vote
The Bauminator | 12/10/2010

9:00 AM Comcast VP Doug Jones explains why EPON was picked over GPON when cable looked to tie in Docsis provisioning for biz-class services

AT&T Applies Peering Pressure
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/10/2010

Comcast finds an ally in AT&T as the telco giant throws its weight into the Level 3-MSO kerfuffle

India Telecom 2010: Power to the Broadband
AsiaBlog | 12/10/2010

6:15 AM In New Delhi the show floor is dominated by talk of mobile broadband and stands of power systems

India Telecom 2010: AlcaLu, ZTE Win at BSNL
News Analysis | 12/10/2010

In India, Alcatel-Lucent and ZTE look to have landed deals worth $600M in the controversial GSM tender at state-owned carrier BSNL

Euronews: Dec. 10
News Analysis | 12/10/2010

TeliaSonera, Elisa, and NSN get the party started in today's digest of Euro telecom news nibbles

Skyfire Sets Sights on iPad, Carriers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2010

The company that brought Flash to the iPhone is connecting with carriers eager to reduce data strain through an alternative browser

FCC: 'Broadband' Is Scarce
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/9/2010

Commission says 68% of connections fall short of its broadband speed benchmark of 4Mbit/s down, 1Mbit/s up

Android vs. Chrome
Craig's A-List | 12/9/2010

12:40 PM It's all peace, love, and indifference

Another Opening for Aepona
EuroBlog | 12/9/2010

10:50 AM British service provider IT (SPIT) vendor helps Rogers open up its APIs

Packet Backhaul Busts the 'Pain Barrier'
News Analysis | 12/9/2010

Mobile operators have enough confidence in packet backhaul now and are rolling it out in volume, according to Heavy Reading analyst

The Next Billion
The Bauminator | 12/9/2010

9:00 AM Kristine Faulkner outlines Cox's plan to reach $2B in annual business service revenues

Euronews: Dec. 9
News Analysis | 12/9/2010

The EC, Transmode, Eircom, and YouView are the gang of four in today's digest of Euro telecom news nuggets

India Telecom 2010: In the Shadow of Scandal
AsiaBlog | 12/9/2010

4:45 AM India's telecom trade show has opened under a cloud

CxO Downloads: AboveNet's Rajiv Datta
iBraue | 12/8/2010

3:25 PM More vendors means more complexity

Google Chrome in Pictures
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2010

Because Eric Schmidt was there, and we had a camera

AT&T Dives Deeper Into the Smart Home
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2010

AT&T buys home automation player Xanboo and partners with Elster on smart metering tech as the battle for the connected home heats up

Why Cable Hearts EPON
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/8/2010

Comcast exec says economics and interoperability are among the key reasons why cable is applying Docsis-style provisioning to EPON

WiMax Means Business
The Bauminator | 12/8/2010

11:30 AM Clearwire's Teresa Elder says WiMax offers much more than just a residential play for cable operators

Orange Woos Mobile Apps Developers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2010

Operator aims to entice more developers to the Orange App Shop with a revenue-share deal and marketing support

NSN, ZTE Bag 3G Deals in India
News Analysis | 12/8/2010

Nokia Siemens Networks and ZTE are confirmed as two of the 3G suppliers at Indian mobile operator Aircel

Ericsson Puts Its Own Spin on 100G
News Analysis | 12/8/2010

The technology doesn't match the OIF framework for 100G optical transport, but Ericsson still thinks it could be on to something useful

Euronews: Dec. 8
News Analysis | 12/8/2010

Rostelecom, Samsung, Orange, and so much more in today's trot through the European telecom news headlines

Comcast Readies iPad Video Streaming
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/7/2010

The fancy Apple tablet will be able to stream video from premium networks soon, the MSO's president says

Google Notebooks Come With Verizon 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2010

The companies get even cozier, as Google says its highly anticipated notebook computer will come with a Verizon 3G modem

The Big Picture
Technically Speaking With SCTE | 12/7/2010

3:30 PM SCTE chief Mark Dzuban talks up the Society's new Ivy League ed program and runs down the org's priorities heading into 2011

The PlayBook Play-by-Play
Que Sera Sarah | 12/7/2010

3:00 PM RIM's PlayBook opens for apps, ponders 4G and Android

VZW CTO Moves Up to Verizon Communications
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2010

More C-level shuffle at the Big Red

ACA: No Stopping Comcast-NBC Merger
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/7/2010

But smaller cable MSOs want the FCC to impose conditions that protect them from paying stiff programming fees from the combined entity

LTE Meets the 'Cord Cutters'
Jonestown | 12/7/2010

2:35 PM Does anyone now doubt that LTE and other mobile broadband services could serve as cable or DSL replacements?

Regulating Netflix
The Bauminator | 12/7/2010

11:10 AM Canadian company claims Netflix, Hulu, and Google are hurting its ability to pay for domestic content and siphoning off revenue

India's Carriers Edge Toward Network Sharing
News Analysis | 12/7/2010

In an effort to cut their capital and operating expenditures, India's operators are aggressively exploring network sharing opportunities

Euronews: Dec. 7
News Analysis | 12/7/2010

BT, Deutsche Telekom, the European Commission, and some Angry Birds are what's shakin' on the Euro news scene today

TW Cable Chief Disses Netflix Streaming
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Glenn Britt says Netflix's new streaming-only tier leaves a lot to be desired, and that's why it's so cheap

Cloud Watch: Cisco, Juniper Keep Stockpiling
News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Acquisitions and partnerships continue to stack up as the router giants try to boost their cloud computing mojo

Javelin's CEO & CTO Make Their Exits
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/6/2010

A new CEO is coming on board as company seeks fresh funds and just days after two top execs depart the bandwidth-boosting tech startup

Android Bakes Its Gingerbread
Que Sera Sarah | 12/6/2010

1:45 PM Google's OS release 2.3 is here with NFC support, video calling, and much more

Google Tries Unlocked Again With Nexus S
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Google is taking retail route with unlocked Nexus S, following the failure of online sales for the Nexus One

Liberty Global Expands in Poland
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Operator beats out Vectra to land Aster for $292M and deepen Liberty Global's European cable presence

Grid Net Taps LTE to Rev Up Smart Grid
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Traditionally WiMax-focused smart grid software vendor adds support for LTE, which it says will become more common in the smart grid

Sprint Ready to Leapfrog to Multi-Mode
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Working with Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, and Samsung on 'Network Vision' to combine 3G and WiMax in single 'seamless' base station

Top 10 Apps LTE Will Super-Charge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2010

LTE will make everything faster and with lower latency, but there are certain apps it'll really amp up. Data caps beware

Down & Out
The Bauminator | 12/6/2010

9:10 AM DNS server issues appear to be culprit of another big Comcast Internet outage

Cable Gets Down to Wireless Business
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/6/2010

MSOs have started to serve businesses with wireline services, but they're positioned to add wireless to the commercial mix, too

Euronews: Dec. 6
News Analysis | 12/6/2010

Vodafone, France Telecom, and the UK government are on the register in today's Euro telecom news digest

Analyst: LTE TDD Will Reach India in 2011
News Analysis | 12/5/2010

India is set to witness the launch of LTE TDD networks by the middle of 2011, believes Heavy Reading analyst

Google Acquiring Widevine
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2010

After a flurry of deals for its DRM and adaptive streaming technology, Widevine lands what sounds like a nice new home

OS Watch: Samsung, King of Androids
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2010

Samsung leads the Android pack, WP7 readies massive changes, and Moto spills iPhone secrets in this week's OS digest

Level 3: This Is Not a Peering Dispute
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2010

Comcast's characterization that dispute is about peering 'could not be more misleading,' Level 3 insists UPDATED 12/4

Cable's Newest Billionaire: Cox Business
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2010

MSO's business unit will be cracking open the bubbly next week when it breaks the annual $1B revenue barrier

Verizon FiOS App Streams NFL Games to iPads
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/3/2010

Linear TV programming live on your iPad? And it's football? Pinch us. We're dreaming

Euronews: Dec. 3
News Analysis | 12/3/2010

Skype, Yahoo, Neelie Kroes, and TeliaSonera jostle for position in today's digest of Euro telecom news snippets

Deal Watch: Motorola Heads for 4Home
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2010

Motorola's purchase of a home automation and control vendor tops off what's been a busy week of M&A

TW Cable Eyes 20% Jump in Business Revenues
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/2/2010

MSO's Craig Collins says businesses with 100 employees or less are now the 'sweet spot' for TWC's commercial services unit

Cox Hires Interim CTO
The Bauminator | 12/2/2010

3:35 PM Don Hallacy, late of Sprint and BellSouth, will lead MSO's tech org until it hires a permanent chief technology officer

Is Cable Ready for the Business Big Leagues?
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/2/2010

Optimum Lightpath's president says MSOs planning to serve mid-sized and enterprise customers will need to step up their game

MPLS-TP Could Be Headed for a Split
News Analysis | 12/2/2010

The fight over Ethernet OAM could be headed to a two-sided standard, given the immobility of both sides

RIM Acquires TAT
Que Sera Sarah | 12/2/2010

1:00 PM To up the ante on PlayBook and BlackBerry user interfaces

Boom Time for Policy
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/2/2010

Policy management is on a roll in the mobile sector, but will it go on to assume a wider role in the network?

Verizon: NY Grounding Grind Cost $30M
News Analysis | 12/2/2010

Telco says it shelled out big bucks to correct FiOS installation issues in New York and now it wants to conclude its review process

Clearwire Grabs $1.1B in Debt Funding
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2010

WiMax provider grabs much-needed funding; Sprint puts forward three new independent candidates for the operator's board

Cable's $5B Biz Services Bonanza
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/2/2010

US cable's poised to hit a big commercial services revenue milestone while still leaving plenty more to siphon away from the telcos

VZW LTE: What's Coming Down the Fat Pipe?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2010

No smartphones yet, but early adopters could expect a speed bump over the oft-quoted average download speeds for Big Red's '4G' service

Euronews: Dec. 2
News Analysis | 12/2/2010

Ofcom, Iliad, and Genband are the attention-grabbing pop-ups in today's digest of Euro telecom news headlines

AlcaLu Targets Egypt With Mobile Ads
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2010

Egyptian wireless operator Mobinil sees 35% response rate for personalized, interactive mobile ads

FLO TV Alive, But Not Well
Que Sera Sarah | 12/1/2010

5:35 PM Qualcomm CEO says mobile TV will happen, but who knows how

Verizon Plays It Safe With LTE
Jonestown | 12/1/2010

5:20 PM The pricing plans are very much business-as-usual compared to Clearwire and MetroPCS

Plugging the Revenue Leaks
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/1/2010

To combat revenue leakage, operators must adopt a centralized and integrated fraud and revenue assurance strategy

Verizon's LTE Debut: Keep It Simple, Stupid
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2010

Bucking expectations, Verizon intros LTE at a lower price than current 3G laptop data plans

Net Neutrality Sweep: Everyone's Ticked
News Analysis | 12/1/2010

Consumer groups say new framework is a sell-out, Republicans say it's not necessary, and Verizon wants a broader overhaul of the rules

FCC Swaps TV Spectrum for Mobile Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2010

FCC puts forth a plan for TV broadcasters to make more efficient use of their spectrum, freeing it up for mobile broadband services

Verizon to Launch LTE on Dec. 5
Jonestown | 12/1/2010

12:30 PM '4G' LTE coming this Sunday

Cisco Reels In LineSider
News Analysis | 12/1/2010

Network management software firm appears to give Cisco some smarts in offering computing and storage as a service to network operators

CxO Downloads: Calix's Carl Russo
iBraue | 12/1/2010

12:00 PM Pick your Ethernet chipset wisely

Virgin Media Sets TiVo Price
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/1/2010

UK MSO's broadband-connected, TiVo-powered offering will cost £199 and be subject to a monthly service fee

About Us -- Carol Wilson
LRTV Soundbites | 12/1/2010

Cloud Watch: WikiLeaks Goes Virtual
News Analysis | 12/1/2010

Infamous file-disclosing site takes to the cloud; 2011 predictions start warming up; and more cloudy ideas

SCTE Goes to School
The Bauminator | 12/1/2010

9:30 AM Society to help groom cable engineers for leadership roles via partnership with the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Ericsson Buys Another Bit of Nortel
News Analysis | 12/1/2010

Nortel says sale of Chinese R&D unit to Ericsson for $50M marks the last of its big asset divestitures

Euronews: Dec. 1
News Analysis | 12/1/2010

TeliaSonera, O2, and Orange do LTE, while BT looks skywards in today's digest of Euro telecom news headlines

Moto to Split in Two on Jan. 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2010

The consumer and government units will go their separate ways just ahead of CES in 2011

China Mobile Opens Up on LTE TDD Trials
LTE TDD News Analysis | 12/1/2010

In the biggest LTE TDD market, China Mobile reveals its trial plans and expectations for chipset development and device availability

Going WiMax to LTE Down Under
Wireless Bits | 12/1/2010

4:30 AM Australian WiMax operator tests LTE TDD

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