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Understanding T-Mobile's Free Video Play
Jonestown | 11/13/2015

T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move is more strategic than altruistic.

Cisco Sanguine About Data Center Success
News Analysis | 11/13/2015

In its Q1 report, Cisco said it is still profiting from its hybrid cloud approach. And it expects sales of next-gen data center equipment to eclipse its previous line sometime in 2016.

Transit Wireless Subway Service Comes to the Bronx
News Analysis | 11/13/2015

WiFi and cell service coming to initial Brooklyn stations and downtown Manhattan next.

Lack of HDR Standards Threatens 4K Market
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Plunging into the 4K era despite a lack of HDR and WCG standards is risky, and might come back to bite the TV industry in the ass.

AlcaLu's Weldon Lands Nokia CTO Role
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Marcus Weldon will be the CTO of Nokia and continue as the President of Bell Labs once the Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent acquisition is complete.

Colt: OSS Can Benefit From Microservice View
LRTV Interviews | 11/12/2015

Malcolm Orr, senior platform architect at Colt, says OSSs don't have to be microservices themselves but need to adopt some of those principles.

Magic Quadrant or Gartner 'Graft'?
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Gartner's Magic Quadrant still holds the tech industry under its spell but some companies have had enough of what they allege is a flawed process that at least one company describes as a 'pay-to-play' model.

Virtualization Challenge: Building Reliable Services From Unreliable Parts
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Components can go down but the service needs to stay up.

Eurobites: 'Uzbekgate' Claims More Victims at Telenor
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica offers Cyanogen phone; Iliad revenues up; Swisscom says 'get on myCloud'.

Carriers Need to 'Take Back Development'
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

The days of trusting vendors to provide innovation are at an end.

Why NFV Makes Sense for Cable Business Services
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/12/2015

With the help of NFV, cable operators can offer new managed services, roll out other services quicker, reduce their equipment load and cut operational costs.

NFV Made IoT Profitable for STC, Says Affirmed
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Will Saudi Telecom's experience of running live M2M services over a vEPC persuade it to make a much bigger push into virtualization?

Cox Takes Comcast X1 Platform National
News Analysis | 11/12/2015

Comcast's X1 video solution is getting a major boost with news that Cox is licensing the platform and plans to deploy it nationally in 2016.

Is There Room for SpiderCloud in Ciscosson's Web?
News Analysis | 11/11/2015

Now that Cisco has Ericsson and its Radio Dot as a powerful partner, does it need its reseller agreement with small cell vendor SpiderCloud?

TI Reported Talking to Maxim
News Analysis | 11/11/2015

With rival Analog Devices said to be considering a linkup with Maxim, TI was bound to come sniffing around.

It Gets Contentious in London: OSS Event Pictures
Slide Shows | 11/11/2015

Service providers and vendors came together in London to tackle tricky issues around OSS for virtualized networks.

OPNFV Wins Hearts, But Faces Challenges
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/11/2015

OPNFV gets a lot of love, but it has a big job to do.

Operators Blunder in Online Video Era
MariNation | 11/11/2015

There's no shortage of bad decisions in online video.

Telefónica Tears Up the R&D Rule Book
News Analysis | 11/11/2015

Tier 1 operator claims massive efficiencies from a new global approach to new product and technology R&D, starting with a new ONT that can be used for FTTH rollouts across Europe and Latin America.

Eurobites: Tele2 Plots Dutch Mobile 'Revolution'
News Analysis | 11/11/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: hack-soiled TalkTalk surprises with dividend; new MTN boss may challenge mega-fine; Google faces EU heat over mapping.

Ciscosson Out to Spoil NokAlu's Wedding
Morris Lore | 11/11/2015

Cisco and Ericsson have been dismissive of their rivals but their partnership could flounder in a number of ways.

Verizon CFO Dismisses Enterprise Sale Rumors
News Analysis | 11/11/2015

Speaking at the Wells Fargo Conference this morning, CFO Fran Shammo said the enterprise unit's efforts are still core to Verizon.

Web-Scale & Content Giants Seek Telco Partners
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Partnerships are all the rage and not just in the vendor community – Google and Time Inc. want to team up with telcos, while China Mobile is seeking international support.

T-Mobile Goes OTT With Free Video Streaming
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

For its latest trick, T-Mobile says that streaming video from HBO, Hulu, Slingshot and others won't eat into its users' available data bucket.

Battle for the Home Network? It's On
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

As broadband speeds rise, a shake-out looms in the home networking market.

'This Industry Will Be Won & Lost In the Next Three Years' – John Chambers
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Cisco executive chairman John Chambers explains the rationale behind the 'next-generation strategic partnership' with Ericsson – it's all about speed.

Ingenu Races Sigfox for US IoT Network Firsts
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Who's king rat of the low-power, proprietary IoT networks in the US?

Vodafone Rules Out Emerging-Markets Spin-Off
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

UK-based operator says there is more value in remaining a single organization but hints it is still open to asset-swap talks with Liberty Global.

Startup Versa Announces 'Carrier-Grade' Multi-Tenant NFV Platform
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Designed to help service providers offer flexible networks and managed services to meet enterprise customer needs.

The Platform's Not Burning
Column | 11/10/2015

Don't panic – the platform isn't burning but is evolving quickly through open source, writes OPNFV director Heather Kirksey.

Eurobites: KPN Cashes In Its German Stake
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson forecasts growth; Orange sells Kenyan stake; posh watches get smart.

Vendors Vie for Programmable Transport Traction
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/10/2015

Many vendors are developing programmable transport network platforms to help operators control dynamic virtualized resources but the industry lacks a unified approach as early adopters move forward.

Microsemi + PMC-Sierra: Drama, Yes, But a Deal?
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

Microsemi announced that PMC-Sierra's board said Microsemi's offer to buy the company is superior to the previous offer tendered by Skyworks.

Intel Aims Xeon at Data Centers
News Analysis | 11/10/2015

The new multi-core SoCs are designed to help accelerate data center communications, all in the service of network virtualization.

What's the Deal Behind 'Ciscosson'?
LRTV Documentaries | 11/9/2015

Light Reading CEO Steve Saunders analyzes the reasons behind, and impact of, the new strategic relationship between Cisco and Ericsson.

Juniper Takes Haircut On 'Ciscosson' Team Up
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

Stock is down following announced team up of competitors.

Irony? Verizon Report Shows Cloud Biz Booming
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

At the same time Verizon is rumored to be divesting its enterprise operations, a regular report shows that cloud is being used to transform businesses.

Should CEO Pay Be Part of Sprint's $2B Shave?
Jonestown | 11/9/2015

Marcello Claure earned nearly $22M for fiscal 2014.

Cisco + Ericsson: Friends With Benefits
Shades of Ray | 11/9/2015

Cisco and Ericsson have been forced into each other's arms by that other courting couple, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent.

Verizon Enterprise Sale Would Signal Big Shift
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

US giant's willingness to divest what was once a core business and key to profits is a sign of what web-scale competition is doing to this space.

BT Plays Down Microsoft-as-Carrier Threat
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

UK incumbent modifies its UC offering to include support for Skype for Business as OTT challenge grows.

'Ciscosson' Aims for Future-Proof Partnership
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

New partners Cisco and Ericsson will need to persuade customers they are committed to a long-term relationship and not just a brief encounter.

Content Security Battle Threatens TV Upheaval
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

The FCC is ostensibly tackling content security but it's really about to make a lot of enemies parsing how broader web access to content will happen.

How Will Cisco + Ericsson Be Viewed From the Front Line?
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

The global partnership between Cisco and Ericsson will require some very close and sensitive management, notes Heavy Reading's chief analyst.

Eurobites: Mega-Fine Topples MTN CEO
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: UK government offers 10 Mbit/s for all; Telenor/VimpelCom latest; 3/O2 deadline pushed back.

Cisco & Ericsson Forge Killer Partnership
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

IP and wireless networking giants announce strategic relationship that includes joint SDN and NFV developments.

Colt Dropping OSS Baton for Smarter Dance
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

Network operator seeks to replace centralized orchestration with less complex choreography of distributed domain intelligence.

Rules Change for Hyperscale Data Centers
News Analysis | 11/9/2015

Hyperscale data center equipment gets obsolete so fast, upgrades are upending the old rules about how markets develop and innovation gets deployed.

Mentor Monday: OPNFV's Kirksey Brings Men Into WiC
Que Sera Sarah | 11/9/2015

Kirksey, director of the OPNFV, is passionate about improving the gender balance in comms, and she's bringing men into the equation with an event with WiC next week.

It Lives! Supercomm to Ride Again?
News Analysis | 11/6/2015

TIA, USTelecom set to announce new North American trade show plans Monday, Light Reading hears.

Gigabites: Comcast Makes Gig Service a Community Affair
News Analysis | 11/6/2015

Comcast takes on more MDU customers with the option to offer gigabit broadband.

Cisco NFVi Evaluation: The Full Picture
Shades of Ray | 11/6/2015

The complete story of EANTC's independent test of Cisco's NFV infrastructure (NFVi) is now available as a PDF download.

HP Defends NFV Smarts After Vodafone Attack
News Analysis | 11/6/2015

HP Enterprise insists it is playing a leadership role in NFV orchestration but admits it does not have a recipe to address all of the challenges that operators face.

Time to Cut Those Bloated Media Pay Checks
Breznick Unbound | 11/6/2015

At a time when the big traditional media companies are under assault from new-media upstarts, how can the fat compensation packages of top execs still be justified?

Quotas Wrong Way to Boost WiC – Panel
News Analysis | 11/6/2015

A WiC panel says that encouraging women to consider STEM careers and making it easier for them to enter the workforce may be better options than firm quotas to address the gender imbalance in senior technology jobs.

Eurobites: Ex-VimpelCom Boss Held Over Uzbek Deals
News Analysis | 11/6/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefónica sees recovery in Spain; Telecom Italia disappoints; DT's down on the Farm 2.0.

YouTube Makes VR a Reality
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

YouTube's Android app offers support for virtual reality, even as Google and The New York Times kick off a new series of VR news stories.

5G: Verizon's New Home Invasion?
Jonestown | 11/5/2015

Verizon is getting creative with 5G, Light Reading hears, and examining new ways to deliver broadband to the home.

BT Wrestles With NFV Orchestration Confusion
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

The UK operator argues for more work on standardization and theory to aid NFV rollout.

Testing Times for Our Industry
Column | 11/5/2015

Cisco has once again set the bar and challenged the New IP networking sector by opening its doors and welcoming independent testing, something more vendors should be doing.

Vodafone Calls for End to Five Nines
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

One of the world's biggest operators says the 'five-nines' concept has no place in a virtualized world.

Netflix Nixes Streaming Sports Prospects
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

Netflix wants to win at the TV Everywhere game, but not when it comes to sports.

Major Change Afoot in Managing Virtualization
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

Heavy Reading Analyst Caroline Chappell sees telecom network operators moving away from centralized management toward smarter network elements.

Eurobites: Orange Sets Out Spanish FTTH Vision
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional rollout: Deutsche Telekom soars in Q3; Cellcom Israel agrees to buy Golan Telecom; Finnish emojis.

Cisco Boosts Analytics, Security With Acquisitions
News Analysis | 11/5/2015

ParStream and Lancope provide tools for analytics and security for Internet of Things networks.

Facebook's Zuckerberg Defends Internet.org
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

The service has brought more than 1 million people online in India alone, but still has a long way to go, Zuckerberg says.

Telecoms Pushing NFV, Even Lacking OSS
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

Research shows CSPs haven't got an operations strategy for NFV yet, even as more of them say they are deploying.

Atos Enters UC Fray With $371M Unify Bid
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

Atos is making a play in the growing market for unified communications offerings with a takeover of Siemens' Unify business.

Cablevision Slides Ahead of Altice Buy
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

The Dolan family may be selling at the right time.

Chinese Operators Start Unwinding WiFi
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

China's operators are moving away from WiFi as 4G adoption continues to rocket.

Eurobites: Virgin Sticks 300 Mbit/s Up to BT
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: trouble in Uzbekistan; surveillance laws revamped in UK; Vivacom boss slams EU 'hodgepodge.'

CEO Chat With Ori Gerstel, Sedona Systems
Between the CEOs | 11/4/2015

On a recent visit to Israel, Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders had a chance to speak with Ori Gerstel, CTO of Sedona Systems, about Sedona's multi-layer control solution.

Yes, We GaN! New Chips for Cable Networks
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

Anadigics, Macom, and Qorvo are turning to gallium nitride to support the performance improvements that MSOs need to add bandwidth to their HFC networks with a minimum of fuss.

Sprint to Take $2B Shave
News Analysis | 11/4/2015

No stone will be left unturned in Sprint's quest to cut operating expenses.

Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015 Day 2
Slide Shows | 11/3/2015

Further pictorial coverage from the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015 in Hong Kong.

LTE-A Components Deliver on Bandwidth, IoT
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 11/3/2015

The latest LTE components support the LTE-A functions required to deliver high bandwidth up to 600 Mbit/s at one extreme, and very low-power, sub-1 Mbit/s for IoT/M2M applications at the other.

FreedomPop & Intel Take On Google Fi
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

FreedomPop will use a GSM partner -- either AT&T or T-Mobile -- to support Intel's SoFIA's phones in the US.

Comcast Seeks to Learn From Descartes
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

Descartes is a new machine-learning system developed by Comcast. Call it algorithms for innovation.

Intel's Sckipio Investment Could Pave Way for Takeover
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

Sckipio plans to use funding from Intel Capital to make G.fast improvements, allowing operators to use the technology over much longer distances.

Juniper Bets Big on White Box & NFV
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

Juniper threw ambivalence to the wind Tuesday and fully embraced white box networking and NFV.

NFV Startup Could Challenge Incumbents
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

Core Network Dynamics is one of a new breed of virtualization suppliers whose technology could spur a shake-up in the mobile sector.

Eurobites: MTN Shares Suspended After $5.2B Fine
News Analysis | 11/3/2015

Also in today's EMEA roundup: Volvo boost for Nokia's HERE; TDC's profits down in third quarter; 'blingphone' company sold to Chinese.

Testing Times for Our Industry
From the Founder | 11/3/2015

Cisco has once again set the bar and challenged the New IP networking sector by opening its doors and welcoming independent testing, something more vendors should be doing.

Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015
Slide Shows | 11/2/2015

UPDATED! Find out which top level industry executives graced this year's Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Hong Kong and the hot topics they discussed during the first day of the event.

New Star Trek Series Beaming to Streaming
MariNation | 11/2/2015

A new Star Trek series is boldly going to CBS All Access, with access only available to subscribers.

Cable Opens Up to Open Source
News Analysis | 11/2/2015

Once the very definition of closed and proprietary, the cable industry is slowly coming around to open source technologies.

NFV – a Catalyst for Business Services Growth
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 11/2/2015

Watch Justin Paul, Head of Network Product Marketing in Amdocs, talk about the opportunities cable operators have in the business services domain leveraging NFV (network functions virtualization) technology. Hear about the challenges operators face in introducing, delivering and operating services for their enterprise customers and how great opportunities await those who act quickly to roll out virtualized services. Find out more now.

Eurobites: Kudelski Unit Sues Verizon
News Analysis | 11/2/2015

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Vodafone customers exposed in UK; M&A moves in Israel; Nokia's cmWave trial; movie-streaming heaven.

SK Telecom Pays $440M for Cable Stake
News Analysis | 11/2/2015

South Korean operator is looking to strengthen its broadband and TV services as revenues from traditional service offerings decline.

MTS India Merges With RCom
News Analysis | 11/2/2015

A long-awaited tie-up between Reliance Communications and MTS India could trigger a wave of consolidation in India's telecom market.

Metro 100G In Demand
LRTV Interviews | 11/2/2015

Vodafone Germany's WDM Team Leader Jakob Pojda talks about the catalysts for metro 100G deployments and other trends in the optical transport market.

Mentor Monday: SAP's Lise Tcheng
Que Sera Sarah | 11/2/2015

Quotas backed up by KPIs are the best way to level the playing field for women in comms, SAP's SVP says as she provides a global perspective.

How Secure-24 Keeps Employees in Michigan
News Analysis | 11/2/2015

Keeping talented tech staff local is a predicament when 60% of college graduates leave Michigan within 60 days.

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