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Apple Stops Taking Businesses for Granted
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

After a long history of treating business users with benign neglect, Apple is touting enterprise customers and partnerships as strategic to delivering record-setting third-quarter results.

Is GE Selling Its Digital Business?
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

GE is now looking to sell off pieces of its industrial Internet of Things business, after trying to build it into a top-10 software company, according to reports.

Charter Still Content With No Content
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Unlike such other US pay-TV giants as AT&T and Comcast, Charter still sees no reason to bulk up and diversify with major video programming assets.

IBM & Google Launch 'Istio' Cloud Software, but Amazon & Microsoft Skip the Party
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Istio, an open platform for connecting, managing and securing Kubernetes microservices, hits version 1.0 on Tuesday. But can it fly without Amazon and Microsoft?

Charter to New York: We Ain't Going Anywhere
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Charter Chief Tom Rutledge says company plans to fight state PSC order to sell all its New York cable systems and leave the state behind.

How Lumina Is Redefining SDN
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 7/31/2018

Less than a year after being spun off from parent company Brocade, Lumina Networks has secured over $10 million in Series A funding and caught the attention of industry juggernauts such as AT&T and Verizon. Lumina COO Nitin Serro talks about the future of SDN, and how Lumina is changing the landscape for everyone in the game.

Equinix Grows as Enterprise Strategy Takes Hold
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

By making more cloud/IT resources available in its IBXs, Equinix is moving well beyond data center and interconnection to play a strategic role for large enterprises in the hybrid cloud space.

Harmonic Still Seeking Scale for Its Virtual CCAP
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Showing that the virtual CCAP era is still in the early phases, Harmonic says its new CableOS platform is delivering broadband service to about 400,000 cable modems worldwide.

Eurobites: Fastweb Buys Tiscali's Fixed-Wireless Biz, 5G Spectrum
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telenor CEE sale gets EC approval; Vivendi reveals Telecom Italia write-down; Liberty Global completes Austrian sale.

Huawei Shrugs Off Challenges With Surge in H1 Profit
News Analysis | 7/31/2018

Chinese equipment vendor maintains rate of sales growth and boosts profitability despite an array of competitive and regulatory challenges.

New York State Tells Charter to Get Out
News Analysis | 7/30/2018

State PSC revoked its 2016 approval of Charter's acquisition on Friday and ordered Charter to file plans within 60 days to sell all its New York cable systems to another provider.

Eurobites: ARM Eyes $600M Data Analytics Deal – Report
News Analysis | 7/30/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom begins second phase of 'supervectoring' rollout; BT beefs up cybersecurity in India, loses more TV sports content.

Nokia Reels In $3.5B 5G Deal With T-Mobile US
News Analysis | 7/30/2018

Nokia's $3.5 billion 5G deal with T-Mobile US is the Finnish vendor's biggest 5G deal so far and proves the importance of its 'end-to-end' portfolio, says the company.

Sigfox Loses CFO Martineau – Sources
News Analysis | 7/30/2018

Olivier Martineau becomes the latest senior executive to leave the loss-making IoT company following an exodus of top-level managers in the last 18 months.

Google Pushes Enterprise Strategy Beyond the Cloud
News Analysis | 7/30/2018

With recent initiatives in Internet of Things and on-premises software, as well as its open source, AI and security strengths, Google Cloud Platform is finding its place in a hot market.

5G in the USA: Where We at With Mobile?
News Analysis | 7/27/2018

We now know a bit more about when America is going mobile with 5G, as AT&T and Verizon revealed more details this week.

OSS/BSS Market Poised to Resume Growth
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/27/2018

The OSS/BSS market is changing quickly thanks to the move to network virtualization and, more broadly, by the transformation of communications service providers into digital service providers.

ZTE Racks Up $790M Q1 Loss on US Ban
News Analysis | 7/27/2018

Chinese equipment vendor issues revised earnings report to calculate full impact of US ban that nearly destroyed its business.

Google Cloud Next in Photos, With Gorgeous Giraffe Footwear
Slide Shows | 7/27/2018

Executives in whimsical footwear and oversized gadgets of balls and tubes were side-by-side with the latest open source, AI, IoT and hybrid cloud technology at Google's annual cloud conference.

BT: It's Good to Talk About Profits, but Not Customers
News Analysis | 7/27/2018

Shares in BT rise after it reports an improvement in profitability, but the UK operator has yet to convince everyone that its business is on the mend.

Eurobites: Ericsson Plays Backseat Driver in 5G Auto Antenna Trials
News Analysis | 7/27/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Spotify adds paying customers; Proximus makes progress in Q2; O2 invites everyone into its 5G testbed.

WiCipedia: Feminist Internet, Young Tycoons & Blind Spots
WiCipedia | 7/27/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Uber keeps sticking its head in the mud; Forbes 40 Under 40 list; how the Internet could be feminist-friendly; and more.

Comcast Asks Wall Street: Where Is the Love?
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Number one US cable and broadband provider flexes broadband muscles as it seeks to prove to financial community that it's still got its good-old growth mojo going.

Google Builds Bridge With Microsoft in GitHub Partnership
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Google and GitHub are collaborating on Google's new platform for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), in advance of GitHub's pending acquisition by Google competitor Microsoft.

Verizon Confirms Mobile 5G in 'Early' 2019
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Verizon skates where the puck is going by waiting for standards-based 5G devices to launch its mobile service in 2019.

Spanish 5G Auction Nets €438M for Govt
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Telefonica, Orange and Vodafone divide mid-band airwaves that will support the launch of next-generation 5G services when equipment becomes available.

Qualcomm's $44B Bid for NXP Collapses
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

After Chinese authorities fail to approve the deal, the US chips giant abandons a takeover that would have fueled its IoT expansion.

Orange Bullish in Spain as Convergence Bid Pays Off
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

French incumbent reports growth in sales and profits thanks to a strong showing in Spain and across markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Profits Crash at Nokia's Networks Biz
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Margins at Finnish vendor's networks business are nearly wiped out as it continues to guide for an improvement in conditions in the second half.

Google's Hölzle: Take Your Time With Cloud Migration – We Won't Rush You
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Enterprises can move to the cloud at their own pace with Google's new Cloud Services Platform and GKE On-Prem software, says Urs Holzle, Google's senior vice president for technical infrastructure.

Eurobites: South America Drags Down Telefónica's Q2
News Analysis | 7/26/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sky's good year; KPN's shaky second quarter; ITV pulls shows from Netflix; Man U start streaming.

Your Broadband Sucks, Telecom Italia CEO Tells UK
Morris Lore | 7/25/2018

Italy beats the UK hands down on food and culture, but does it offer a better broadband experience as well?

AT&T Starts to Milk the Time Warner Cash Cow
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Company executives spell out plans to use new WarnerMedia assets to boost subscription, advertising and transactional revenues on all their distribution platforms.

Google: Security vs. Convenience – You Don't Have to Choose
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Google is introducing a physical hardware key to provide platform access for high-priority end users, as well as protections for G Suite and virtualized and containerized apps.

Google Debuts Processor Boosting AI for IoT
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Google is extending AI to the IoT edge and connected devices, including a new Edge TPU chip to run TensorFlow machine learning on IoT devices.

The Great Edge Computing Land Grab
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Schneider Electric, a major supplier to everyone in the data center space, sees a rush to identify and build out edge data centers that sit between the cell tower and a CO or regional data center.

Google Brings the G Suite Heat
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Google adds enterprise appeal to G Suite, including a new Gmail user interface, enhanced enterprise search, enterprise capabilities for Google Voice, and standalone licensing for Google Drive.

Sales Squeeze to Drive Heavier Cutbacks at Vodafone
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Incoming CEO Nick Read is aiming for heftier cost cuts this year than last as Vodafone looks to hit profitability targets in slow-growing markets.

Eurobites: Amazon Prepares for Cloud Push in Cape Town
News Analysis | 7/25/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Poland's Play upgrades with Ericsson; BT lab addresses PSTN switch-off; Germany plans cyber counter-punch.

Infinera's Integration Situation Needs More Explanation
The Philter | 7/25/2018

Infinera's proposed purchase of Coriant for $430 million sounds like a small price for lots of upside. But the integration will be a challenge – this tasty-sounding deal could go together like mustard and pancakes.

Verizon: We'll Still Do Video Our Way
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Big Red pins residential broadband hopes on putting fiber in more markets as its Fios platform continues to score modest gains in data customers while its DSL sub base dwindles further.

AT&T Expects Mobile 5G in 'Parts' of 12 Markets by Year's End
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

AT&T expects to spend $22B in capex for 2018, as it starts to get payments - of around $2M - for FirstNet.

Google G Suite AI Talks With Your Colleagues So You Don't Have To
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Google is adding Smart Reply to Google Hangouts, Smart Compose for autocompleting email and grammar suggestions to Google Docs.

Google Launches Cloud Services Platform, a Toolkit for Kubernetes & Serverless Apps
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Google is integrating disparate open source software into a single platform to make it easier for enterprises to deploy, manage and secure applications across the public and on-premises clouds.

Telecom Italia Says 5G Auction May Force It to Sell Assets
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Italian telecom incumbent is evaluating strategic options for subsidiaries after weighing the impact of a forthcoming 5G spectrum auction.

Google Debuts On-Prem Kubernetes Server
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Google is taking its cloud invasion deep into enterprise territory with server software that runs containerized apps on-premises.

NetScout Data to Power IBM CEM
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Service assurance software company to provide continuous network data and analytics for smarter IBM analytics to CSPs.

KT Flies Higher With Helium Airship
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

South Korea's KT is building a series of autonomous helium airships that can literally spit out drones.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Drinking With CEOs
LRTV Documentaries | 7/24/2018

This week: Scott's befuddled by Ericsson; Jamie Homers in on Iliad; and Ray yanks our blockchain.

Verizon Reveals Third 5G City, as Revenue Climbs 5.4% in Q2
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

But new CEO and Verizon's CFO continue to keep a tight cap on capex, despite its 5G rollout.

Digital Realty: IBM Deal a Proximity Play
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Getting high-value workloads such as analytics, AI and blockchain much closer to the business customer is increasingly becoming a priority.

Openreach Cuts Prices to Fend Off Infrastructure Challenge
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Sharp cuts to wholesale rates could sap enthusiasm for investment in fiber networks that provide an alternative to Openreach.

Eurobites: European Commission Takes Closer Look at Thales/Gemalto Deal
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Facebook spreads its wings in London; Proximus not happy about prospect of fourth Belgian mobile operator; BT consults on transfer of staff to Openreach.

Big Switch Brings 'As-a-Service' Networking On-Premises
News Analysis | 7/24/2018

Technology gives network operators the ability to rapidly deploy on-premises networks on demand, using the same tools they're now using in the public cloud, the vendor says.

Roam Like at Home: The Impact After One Year
Column | 7/24/2018

What has been the effect of the EC's decision to abolish roaming charges for customers traveling outside their domestic markets?

Google Q2 Booms as EU Fine Worries Loom
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

The search giant reported revenue up 26% in Q2, largely thanks to the continuing strengh of its mobile ad revenue.

Cato Builds Business Priorities Into SD-WAN
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

The SD-WAN provider, which brings its own global networking infrastructure, now allows network operators to prioritize traffic based on the identity of the user.

Infinera, Coriant Hear a $430M Siren Song of Synergy
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Infinera has offered to acquire Coriant for $430 million in cash and stock but the deal is truly complementary, not just a cost-cutting exercise, both companies say.

UK Bumpkins Told Not to Expect Fiber in Their Lifetimes
Morris Lore | 7/23/2018

A UK government plan aims for all-fiber nationwide coverage when many of today's citizens will either be dead or living on Mars.

Comcast, Charter Bail on Sinking Mets
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Two largest US cablecos move to shed their minority stakes in baseball team while keeping their share of SNY, the Mets' premium cable sports network.

Feger Leaves CenturyLink for F5
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Head of operator's virtualization strategy makes a surprising move to join security vendor's service provider unit.

Eurobites: UK Fine-Tunes Its Full-Fiber Future
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Proximus secures digital rollout agreement with Flemish government; Ericsson runs 5G pilot in Singapore; Elisa hosts AI contest.

Qualcomm Unveils New Modules to Power Millimeter Wave 5G for Smartphones
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Qualcomm says new RF modules will help solve the 'proximity effect' problem for 5G mmWave smartphones.

China Tower Plans $8.7B IPO in Hong Kong
News Analysis | 7/23/2018

Chinese infrastructure business is looking to raise funds that could help with investment in next-generation 5G technology.

Senate Republicans Capitulate to Trump's ZTE Deal
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

Attempt to reinstate ZTE components ban is killed in Congress.

AT&T Adds Trio of New Cities for 5G Launch in 2018
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

Ma Bell gets ready to launch its 5G 'puck' in three more US cities by the end of the year, bringing the announced cities to six so far.

VEON: When Transformation Goes Bad
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

Turmoil continues at one of the world's biggest emerging market operators with the announcement of further executive departures.

New Effort Tries to Curb Edge Chaos
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

With a new report, a glossary and an open source effort, small group intends to better define what edge computing is and will become.

Eurobites: Telia Turns Up TV Offer With Bonnier Acquisition
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Virgin Media loses UKTV channels; EU ups the ante with Qualcomm; Proximus teams up for smart buildings.

WiCipedia: Facebook in Diversity Hotseat & US Lagging in Gender Equality
WiCipedia | 7/20/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Facebook reveals latest diversity numbers; Microsoft still in lawsuit battle; African women's tech access; and more.

Digging Deeper Into Three UK's Transformation Program
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/20/2018

UK mobile operator Three UK is undergoing a revamp of its radio access network and supporting IT systems.

Huawei Poses Security Threat, Says UK Watchdog
News Analysis | 7/20/2018

Chinese vendor falls short of industry good practice and its lack of progress on addressing security concerns has been 'disappointing,' says a new report.

Microsoft Soars on Cloud Sales, Reports Record-Breaking $110B in Annual Revenue
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Cloud and intelligent edge are paying off big for Microsoft, as revenue tops $110 billion for the first time ever.

Sensors Working Overtime: T-Mobile NB-IoT Goes Nationwide
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

T-Mobile beats AT&T & Verizon to the NB-IoT punch with nationwide LPWAN LTE network.

Comcast Gives Up on Fox, Focuses on Sky
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Seemingly bowing to the inevitable, Comcast formally withdrew its $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox and said it would now focus all its efforts on buying Sky.

Adtran Will Be a 5G Winner, Says Analyst
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Broadband vendor's NG-PON2 technology could have a major role to play in the 5G networks that service providers are building.

AWS Summit 2018: Why Amazon Is the King of Cloud
LRTV Documentaries | 7/19/2018

All kinds of companies in telecom - such as AT&T and Verizon - and other vertical markets are moving to the cloud at different speeds and for different reasons. So why are so many of them using AWS?

Trump Trashes EU's $5B Google Fine
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

The president says that the EU is attacking 'great American company' Google with its $5 billion antitrust fine.

Iliad Grabs 1M Customers by Day 50 of Italian Odyssey
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Iliad has taken the Italian market by storm and an analyst is warning of service revenue declines for the country's existing operators.

Eurobites: Google's Balloon Goes Up Over Kenya
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange extends 5G testing in France; Cisco invests in UK innovation; ADVA revenues down in Q2.

Aryaka's Gary Sevounts: Advantages to Consuming SD-WAN as a Service
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 7/19/2018

The way enterprises consume services is changing. Products and services must be delivered on-demand and in just the right amount. Watch this most recent conversation with Aryaka's Chief Marketing Officer, Gary Sevounts, on how they are delivering SD-WAN as a service to global businesses, along with competing and partnering with service providers in the enterprise networking space.

Amazon: We're Not Selling Commercial Switches
News Analysis | 7/19/2018

Reports of Amazon getting into the white-box switch business are exaggerated. Oh well, that would have been fun.

IBM Rises to $20B in Revenue on Cloud Growth
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

IBM nailed a third consecutive quarter of revenue growth Wednesday, putting its five-year revenue decline farther behind it.

C-Spire Claims to Be First in the US With 5G
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

The C-Spire service is more proto-5G than the real thing, but it still offers dang fast broadband by Mississippi standards.

ECI Reportedly Planning a London IPO
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

After 10 years of private ownership, Israeli media reports suggest optical transport specialist ECI Telecom is planning to list its stock again in a move that would value the company at about $650 million.

Ericsson's R&D Workout Piles 5G Pressure Onto Rivals
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

A turnaround at the Swedish equipment vendor owes as much to a renewed focus on R&D as any cost-cutting activities.

Eurobites: EU Socks Google With $5B Monster-Fine for Android Control-Freakery
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: high marketing costs hit Telekom Austria's earnings; streaming services on the march in UK; Ericsson appoints new digital services chief.

Ericsson Back in Profit After Fierce Cuts & 5G Action
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

Swedish equipment vendor returns to operating profitability after slashing jobs and witnessing more favorable conditions in its main networks market.

Vodafone Gets Set for Gigafast Assault on BT
News Analysis | 7/18/2018

Using networks built by CityFibre, the UK service provider is due to launch its first gigabit-speed broadband service in the next few weeks.

AWS Boosts 'Snowball' Edge Device & EC2
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

'Snowball' now lets users run cloud instances on premises in harsh locations such as factory floors. Meanwhile, Amazon's EC2 cloud computing instances get more powerful.

AWS Speeds Up Machine Learning & Deepens Natural Language Recognition
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

AWS wants to get machine learning out into the field faster, and improve natural language recognition for sentiment analysis and other applications.

5G Will Arrive in South Korea in March 2019
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

S. Korean govt. gets major mobile carriers to co-ordinate on a planned March 2019 5G launch date.

Google Debuts Enterprise 'Grab and Go' for Chromebook Loaners
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

Like the name says: Enterprises can let employees in need of a loaner Chromebook just grab one and go.

Walmart Teams With Microsoft Against Common Amazon Enemy
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

Walmart tapped Microsoft for a five-year agreement to use the cloud, machine learning, AI and other technologies to transform retail, and help both companies take on Amazon.

Get Off My Wireline Lawn!
Rewired | 7/17/2018

Consumers are now shifting away from wireline for broadband, as well as for phone, as more people either prefer wireless access or don't really care.

Google Takes Transatlantic Cable for Solo Swim
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

The Dunant cable, a private cable exclusive to Google, will go live in late 2020 connecting Virginia Beach in the US to the French Atlantic coast.

Eurobites: Telia Bags TDC Norway for $2.59B
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telefonica suffers data breach; Telenor slips in Q2; TalkTalk revenues up but ARPU down; Actility, HERE team up for asset tracking.

Tivo Touts Network Flexibility in Latest Video Win
News Analysis | 7/17/2018

Tivo shows that its new, app-focused IP video platform is device- and network-agnostic.

Coherent Optics Get Close to the Edge
Column | 7/17/2018

Why it makes sense for cable operators to distribute coherent packet-optical technology to the cable network edge.

Europe's Telecom Sector Is Not Perfect, but It's Less Rotten Than America's
Morris Lore | 7/17/2018

The standard narrative that heavy-handed regulation is undermining Europe's telecom sector is a myth that needs busting.

Netflix Is Growing, but Don't Ask by How Much
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Netflix missed its subscriber forecast, which spooked investors, but the company's execs insist that nothing about the business has really changed.

Kontron Uses Open Source to Move Beyond Bare Metal
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Company known for embedded computer technology vendor now serves as integrator as well, combining its hardware with OpenStack and VNFs.

Salesforce Acquires Datorama for Marketing Analytics – Reported Price $800M
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Salesforce is beefing up its toolkit to help enterprises identify customers.

Startup Arrcus Wants White-Hot White Boxes
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Startup Arrcus de-stealthed Monday, with a scalable operating system for white box switches targeted specifically at massively scalable infrastructure for service providers and hypercloud platforms.

Lowering the Barriers to Telco AI With Acumos
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/16/2018

The use of artificial intelligence by telcos is currently limited, but the Acumos AI Project looks set to make machine learning applications more easily created and readily available.

ZoneTV's Video PaaS Arms TV Titans With Custom Programming
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

ZoneTV will try to expand its digital video distribution business with a platform-as-a-service model aimed at pay-TV and OTT TV operators as well as individual programmers and studios.

Roku Pumps Up the Volume
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Roku is about to bring more 'A' to the A/V mix with the launch of premium-quality wireless speakers that are tightly integrated with various Roku TV models.

Eurobites: OBS Buys Basefarm to Reap Multicloud Benefits
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CityFibre thinks there's been a broadband con-trick; Ericsson trumpets 5G breakthrough with Telstra; MegaFon delists from London.

Calix's Shane Eleniak: How Data Analytics & Software Defined Access Are Changing Service Delivery
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 7/16/2018

Calix is helping service providers build next-generation networks by embracing a DevOps operating model and optimizing the subscriber experience by leveraging data, allowing them to become more efficient and successful. Hear from Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of products, about how Calix platforms are enabling this ongoing transformation.

MobiledgeX's Jason Hoffman: State of the Edge
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 7/16/2018

Jason Hoffman is CEO of MobiledgeX, a relatively new company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom focusing on developer-facing edge services and everything that is needed from an edge perspective leading up to 5G. Why is edge important, what services are needed, who is edge for and what is needed to make sure we build an edge for people other than ourselves?

Get Ready for Streaming Video Downloads
Column | 7/16/2018

How subscription streaming video downloads will keep mobile video viewers even more engaged.

ZTE Stock Rises After US Lifts Ban
News Analysis | 7/16/2018

Chinese vendor's share price rises in Hong Kong after the US finally lifts a ban that has stopped it from acquiring US components for the past three months.

Will Amazon White Box Switches Take On Cisco, Juniper & Arista?
News Analysis | 7/13/2018

'Alexa, please add a white box switch, no-show athletic socks and minty toothpaste to my shopping cart.'

SeaChange Wants to Make Waves
News Analysis | 7/13/2018

Video technology specialist revamps video solutions portfolio with new cloud-based platform and software management tools for SPs.

Telecom Jargonosaurus Part 1: Repeat Offenders
Morris Lore | 7/13/2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Light Reading's jargonosaurus, in which we take aim at some of the worst language abuses in the telecom sector.

Eurobites: German Giants Pledge to Extend 4G Coverage
News Analysis | 7/13/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Proximus looks to boost IoT credentials with Codit acquisition; Telit sells automotive unit; Finland starts 5G spectrum auction.

WiCipedia: Open Office Fishbowls & Trans Women in Tech
WiCipedia | 7/13/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Trans women in tech teach bros; benefits rank different importance depending on gender; girls run the (tech) world; and more.

Cable Undergoing Extensive Wireless Transformation
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/13/2018

Cable is moving in on the wireless market, with many exciting opportunities opening up across the board, including in WiFi, mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and 5G.

FCC's Rosenworcel: US 'Falling Behind' on 5G
News Analysis | 7/13/2018

US regulator says the US now lags a host of European and Asian countries on the award of all-important mid-band spectrum for use with 5G services.

Why ISPs Are High on Whole-Home WiFi
News Analysis | 7/13/2018

Premium in-home WiFi service creates new stream of revenue alongside important operational benefits.

Microsoft Whacks Slack With Free Teams Tier
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

The new version of Microsoft's group chat service is free for up to 300 users, turning up the heat on competitor Slack.

Verizon Taps Malady as Acting CTO
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

Kyle Malady is now acting CTO at Verizon, replacing Hans Vestberg.

The US DOJ May Be Appealing the AT&T-Time Warner Merger Trial
The Philter | 7/12/2018

A court filing suggests that the Justice Department is aiming to appeal the court ruling that allowed the merger of AT&T and Time Warner.

FCC Proposes Opening More Spectrum for Mid-Band 5G
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

Using the 3.7GHz to 4.2GHz band could allow for more 5G spectrum harmonization.

Viptela's Kingpins Have a New Stealth Startup
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

Cisco has lost some key SD-WAN staff that came on board with the Viptela acquisition, as they've left to join their former CEO in a new startup.

Pinpricks & Big Sticks: An Anatomy of Telco & Tech Fines
Morris Lore | 7/12/2018

Fines against telecom and technology companies rarely seem effective.

BT Americas: Technology Matters, Customer Engagement Matters More
CxO Spotlight | 7/12/2018

In second of a two-part series, Jennifer Artley, president of BT Americas, says her company is engaged with customers in significantly different ways as it brings cloud-based UC and SD-WAN to market.

Pole Position: A Look at San Jose's Smart City Small Cell Deal
LRTV Interviews | 7/12/2018

The City of San Jose is working with three carriers to unleash the best cell coverage and fastest download speeds its citizens have ever seen. Here's how it happened.

Eurobites: Comcast Ups Its Bid for Sky
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT shareholders revolt over Patterson's package; ECI lands backbone deal in Lithuania; Exponential-e tackles multicloud.

ZTE nearly back in business after inking US 'escrow' deal
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

Chinese equipment vendor's stock gets a boost after it signs important escrow deal with US authorities, but doubts remain over the company's future.

Huawei Embroiled in Santa Clara Whistleblower Court Case
News Analysis | 7/12/2018

A former Huawei employee is suing the Chinese giant over allegations he was sacked for highlighting corporate espionage efforts in which he refused to participate.

Broadcom Buys CA – Huh?
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Chipmaker Broadcom is buying CA Technologies for $18.9 billion, according to a Wednesday announcement. There's an odd pairing.

Broadcom Buys CA Technologies for $18.9B
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Chipmaker transitions to enterprise software.

First 5G-Specific US Spectrum Auctions Coming November
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Get set, and grab your VR helmets! FCC chairman promises first 5G-specific auctions will start mid-November.

Rogers Sparks 'Ignite TV' Using Comcast's X1
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

The Canadian operator has quietly started to roll out an IP-delivered video service that is underpinned by Comcast's X1 platform.

Smart Cities: Orange Sticks Its Neck Out on Transylvanian Testbed
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Successful trials in the Romanian city of Alba Iulia could have big implications for Orange's European smart city strategy.

AT&T Invests in Magic Leap, Strikes Exclusive Consumer Deal
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

AT&T will let consumers check out Magic Leap's augmented reality platform in stores as it sees a strong link with its developing 5G network strategy.

Eurobites: Vodafone Greece Extends Network With CYTA Acquisition
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Com Hem profits down in Q2; Virgin adds BT's 4K UHD sports channel; Sky sells online betting stake; UK fines Facebook a pittance for data breaches.

Salesforce Sprays AI to Get the Stink off Customer Service
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

The updated Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein is designed to help enterprises make customer service interactions better and more productive for everyone, and reduce customers' desires to punch someone in the face.

Ericsson Offloads 700-Strong Field Service Biz
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Swedish equipment vendor says divestment of its field services unit supports its focus on restoring profitability.

Fox Trumps Comcast With $32.5B Bid for Sky
News Analysis | 7/11/2018

Analyst says the bidding war looks set to run and run.

Google Facing 'Multi-Billion Fine' From EU Over Android – Reports
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Google expected to be slapped with fine over Android OS by European Union by end of July.

China Mobile Taps Huawei & Intel for Interop Testing Ahead of Big 5G Plans
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

China Mobile gears up for swathes of domestic 5G in China in 2020.

Fox Aims to Outfox & Outspend Comcast for Sky – Report
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Fox reportedly is about to pull the trigger on a bigger bid for Sky that could thwart Comcast's play for the coveted UK-based service provider.

Ericsson Rebadges Media Unit, Eyes Smart Cities, M&A
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

The media business that Ericsson is relinquishing has a new name and aspirations to consolidate the media networking sector and build a business with smart cities.

Nokia Lands Big Deals in China, UK
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Finnish equipment vendor lands a $1 billion deal with China Mobile and is named as one of Openreach's two fiber vendors in the UK.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: It's Coming Home
LRTV Documentaries | 7/10/2018

This week: 5G in Romania; ZTE latest; sport in the spotlight.

AT&T's Stankey serves up a stinker at HBO
Morris Lore | 7/10/2018

Telco wades into successful content business and tells award-winning staff to get their act together.

Eurobites: Openreach Turns to Nokia, Huawei for 'Fibre First' Aid
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: UK Treasury wonks present fiber to-do list; T-Mobile Austria gets EU nod on UPC buy; Orange and Europol become partners in cybercrime.

AT&T Locks Up AlienVault for Better SMB Security
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Privately held firm brings crowd-sourced threat intelligence service and open source SIEM to the AT&T security portfolio.

Philo Fills Coffers With $40M More
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Philo has locked down a big round of funding as it wages a campaign to appeal to cord-cutters with an sports-free, skinny TV service bundle.

5G Will Transform the Enterprise Cloud
Column | 7/10/2018

5G's speed, latency and improved connectivity will bring a quantum leap to enterprise cloud capabilities for mobile users.

5G Will Spur More Fixed-Mobile Convergence – Ovum
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

5G spells opportunity for FMC upsell, reckons the Ovum team.

Istio: The New Open Source Cloud Hotness
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Istio is a year-old open source project for orchestrating applications built on microservices, and it's gaining steam, says Cisco's Kip Compton.

Telcos Still in R&D Shadows as Spending Falls
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Telcos say they want to seize the technology initiative from their suppliers, but R&D spending by some of the world's biggest operators has fallen in the last few years.

Coriant Makes White Box Bid
News Analysis | 7/10/2018

Known for mobile backhaul routers, the vendor is making a bid for a bigger piece of the router pie in the era of white boxes.

Capex Growth Will Double for Internet Content Providers
News Analysis | 7/9/2018

OTT and cloud companies will grow their capex by 100% over the next five years, according to Ovum. That will have them soon spending more on infrastructure than fixed-line telcos.

Dish Sues to Stop Stores Selling Shava TV Streaming Set-Tops
News Analysis | 7/9/2018

Dish's lawyers are taking aim at several retail stores in the NYC area as the pay-TV giant attempts to keep rampant video piracy in check.

BT Americas President Artley: Geopolitics Disrupts Digital Transformation
CxO Spotlight | 7/9/2018

Large multinationals struggle to modernize their companies, but new tariffs, data security worries and geopolitical wrangling add more layers to an already complex problem.

What to Expect From Nick Read, Vodafone's Next CEO
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/9/2018

On July 27, Nick Read will become Vodafone Group CEO designate before assuming the role of Group CEO on October 1. What can we expect from the operator's current CFO once he's in the hot seat?

Eurobites: BT in Cloud Talks With China's Alibaba
News Analysis | 7/9/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: MegaFon opens up new route; Three fibers up for 5G; Deutsche Telekom soups up its cloud.

Locking It Down: Securing Multicloud IT Across Industries
Column | 7/9/2018

As healthcare, financial services, and education move to multicloud they face different security requirements.

IBM Racks $1.24B in Deals With Australian Feds & Italian Bank
News Analysis | 7/9/2018

Australia inked a AU$1 billion (US$740 million) deal for services across the whole government, while Italy's Banca Caribe and IBM are launching Dock, a US$500M joint venture for AI, big data analytics and cognitive tools for the bank and its clients.

CableLabs Clears Coherent Optics for Takeoff
News Analysis | 7/6/2018

New specs from CableLabs aim to help cable operators bulk up fiber capacity as they start to distribute their access networks.

AT&T to Show Off Standards-Based 5G in Austin
News Analysis | 7/6/2018

More tests, using standards-based 5G this time, as commercial launches draw ever closer.

Carriers Awkwardly Embrace San Jose's Small Cell Success
The Philter | 7/6/2018

There are political games a-plenty as carriers put all their 5G expansion cards on the table without showing their hand.

Switzerland Sets $222M Base Fee in 5G Auction
News Analysis | 7/6/2018

Switzerland kicks off its 5G auction process and will announce the final winners by June next year.

The US 5G 'Lead' Over Europe Is Bluster
Morris Lore | 7/6/2018

Industry concern that Europe has already fallen behind the US in 5G seems massively overblown.

WiCipedia: VMware Goes to Mount Kilimanjaro & Barbie Gets Geeky
WiCipedia | 7/6/2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Welcome Robotics Engineer Barbie; VMware CEO hikes Mount Kilimanjaro; Zillow aces hiring practices; and more.

Eurobites: EU Reads US the Riot Act Over Privacy Shield
News Analysis | 7/6/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Internet copyright proposals rejected; Ericsson confirms Wind Tre win; Inmarsat says no to second EchoStar bid.

5G Backhaul Vendors Have Opportunity, Work to Do
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/6/2018

More than half the communications services providers surveyed for this report expect to have 5G backhaul ready by 2020, even though they still do not know which vendors they plan to use for this step.

Starry Scores $100M More for Wireless Broadband
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

Starry has salted away a big stack of cash as it moves ahead with a plan to disrupt the consumer internet services market.

Apple Reportedly Drops Intel for 5G Modems
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

Apple reportedly ditches Intel for 5G iPhones in 2020.

Rodriguez Bolts Tivo to Be Liberty Global CTO
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

Exec is exiting Tivo less than a year after taking the helm and as Tivo eyes options that could lead to the sale of the company.

Juniper's Koley Sees Advantage at the Edge
CxO Spotlight | 7/5/2018

CTO says Juniper is ready to out-do the competition when it comes to edge-cloud, both for 5G buildouts and latency-sensitive IoT apps.

Netflix Kicks Tires on Pricier 'Ultra' Tier
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

Netflix subscribers may soon have to ante up to enjoy the visual pleasures of Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range.

India's RJio Charges Into Fiber, Unveils New 4G Phone
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

India's RJio has already shaken up the country's mobile market: now it's turning its attention to broadband.

ZTE Appoints New CEO – Report
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

According to unconfirmed reports from South-East Asian media, the vendor's head of telco cloud has been appointed as its new CEO.

Eurobites: Telefónica Considers Sale of Fixed-Line Stake to Reduce Debt Pile
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Tencent teams up with Nokia on 5G testing; Ericsson benefits from ZTE's misfortune; German regulator still has its eye on online giants.

Orange Ups 5G Broadband Stakes in Romania
News Analysis | 7/5/2018

The use of 5G technology could help Orange to overcome its broadband challenges in Romania – but only if the economics stack up.

Ovum Survey Shocker: OTT Video Calling Is More Popular Than OTT Voice
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/5/2018

Mobile operators may find that all their investments in VoLTE and RCS are for naught as OTT providers win and they are left monetizing the data pipe.

Will 5G Trial Action Now Shift to the Core?
News Analysis | 7/4/2018

The latest 5G standard included specifications for next-generation core platforms, so expect to hear plenty about service-based architecture in the coming months.

Sprint + T-Mobile = Security Risk?
Shades of Ray | 7/4/2018

What isn't a security risk these days?

Eurobites: Telenor Made Europe's Designated Driver for 5G Journey
News Analysis | 7/4/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: real-world 5G in Hungary and Russia; Euro boffins test Huawei's cloud fabric; Tele2 embraces eSIM technology.

US Lifts Some Restrictions on ZTE
News Analysis | 7/4/2018

US authorities will allow the Chinese vendor to maintain existing networks and other equipment while it tries to meet the conditions for a full reprieve.

Google Cloud COO Diane Bryant Exits After 7 Months
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

She was a rising star at Intel. Maybe headed back for the vacant CEO job?

The Telecoms.com Podcast: That's a Fact, Jack
LRTV Documentaries | 7/3/2018

This week: Huawei's Rubio rumpus; Scott's smartphone stress-test; and Telecom Italia's top-table tussles. All washed down with a swig of Jack Daniels.

Robotic Automation Specialist Raises $250M
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Robotic process automation (RPA) specialist Automation Anywhere, which boasts the likes of AT&T and Comcast among its customers, has raised $250 million in a Series A round that values the company at $1.8 billion.

Charter Unleashes Spectrum Mobile… Without the iPhone
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Charter Communications has launched Spectrum Mobile using pricing and packaging that closely mirrors that of Comcast.

FCC Poised to Gut '96 Telecom Act
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Smaller ISPs head to DC to fight for continued access to unbundled loops but compromise by large incumbents may spell doom for UNEs.

Blocking China Mobile: Trump Team Is Missing a Trick
Column | 7/3/2018

Donald Trump's administration is denying China Mobile a US comms license on security grounds, but there's a much better reason to deny the giant Chinese operator access to the US market.

Juniper CTO: Open Source Software Can Be Profitable
CxO Spotlight | 7/3/2018

Moving to open source changes the business model but Juniper is ready to succeed selling software and the services required to support it.

VEON Sells Wind Tre Stake for €2.45B
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

International operator VEON has decided to exit the Italian market and raise some cash to pay down its debts and focus on emerging markets.

Looking for 5G's Killer Apps? Make a Start Here
Column | 7/3/2018

Connected cars and industry will help drive 5G's first wave of 'killer' applications.

Eurobites: BT Faces Shareholder Revolt Over Outgoing CEO's Bonus
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Telecom Italia nails procurement deals; Sudatel tests 5G and more with Nokia; satellite link-up heads into the cloud; IBM trumpets European wins.

Qualcomm Q&A: Dr. Max Welling on How AI Will Impact the World
Column | 7/3/2018

'I think as we get better at learning from distributed data sources, it becomes less and less important that all of that data is located in a central place. It could live in many different places as long as we can easily train models in a distributive way.'

Skinny TV Services Pack on Some Pounds
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Sling TV, DirecTV Now and Sony's PlayStation Vue have all announced price increases during the last several weeks.

Orange Romania Weighs Fixed 5G for Broadband Expansion
News Analysis | 7/3/2018

Following successful trials with Cisco and Samsung, Orange is considering whether 5G could be used as a fixed-line broadband alternative in Romania.

HTC Lays Off 1,500 as Device Star Fades
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

HTC lays off 1,500 as it slowly fades from smartphone market.

No Customer Downside in Dell's Wall Street Return
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

Dell is swapping its own stock for VMWare's tracking stock and returning to the public market with a $21.7 billion valuation.

Verizon's Go90 Shakes Hands With Eternity
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

Verizon is scuttling Go90, the free, ad-supported mobile video service that was launched in 2015. It focused on (and failed to attract) young audiences.

Getting Real About Mobile 5G Speeds
Jonestown | 7/2/2018

Mobile 5G networks probably won't be delivering gigabit downloads right off the bat. But they won't be sitting still, either.

India's Reliance Industries Snaps Up Radisys
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

Reliance Jio, Reliance Industries' disruptive 4G operator, will get its own in-house telco cloud vendor.

Eurobites: Opera Files for Nasdaq IPO
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: TalkTalk sale collapses; DT will bring fiber to Stuttgart; Micro Focus sells off open source infrastructure software unit; the smartphone made of cork.

Charter Goes on Big Gig Spree
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

Still playing catch-up ball with other major US MSOs, Charter extends DOCSIS 3.1 service to a dozen-plus new markets with more than 4 million homes.

NGON: The Software Tide Creeps Up on Optical
LRTV Documentaries | 7/2/2018

Quick, someone move those damn sunbeds further away from the water! Ray Le Maistre hits the beach in Nice to wax lyrical on what this year's NGON event has been all about: transport for 5G and the deployment of software in optical networks.

ZTE Unveils New Board in Effort to Appease US Lawmakers
News Analysis | 7/2/2018

In line with US demands, ZTE has appointed a new board of directors.

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