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Roger, Tango, WLAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/4/2003

European aviation authorities clear in-flight WLAN services for takeoff

Telcos Tackle Triple Play
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/4/2003

New access products, video compression, and DSL technology are making 'triple-play' more realistic UPDATED 3PM

BellSouth Chooses Cisco (and Lucent)
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

Cisco's marketing arrangement with BellSouth sweetens its first RBOC customer win

Atheros: A Tasty Target?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2003

Chip designer has new product and a brace of contracts, making it more attractive to potential buyers

Agere Launches Line-Card Kits
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

New program absorbs some of the R&D done by OEMs, part of a trend of increased handholding by chip vendors

MCI Vouches for Nortel's VOIP
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

MCI plans to migrate all of its long-distance traffic to IP by 2005; it will use Nortel softswitches

TiMetra Shoots for Service Edge
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

Router startup TiMetra, to be acquired by Alcatel, reveals the details of its products and announces a customer

Lucent's 3G Bit Part
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2003

3G 'support' role reflects vendor's lack of UMTS success

AT&T Needs New 'Underware,' Says CEO
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

Dorman says AT&T is doing something about getting all tangled up in its own OSS software

MCI in OSS Chaos
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/3/2003

If it emerges from bankruptcy, MCI faces an OSS challenge of epic proportions

Carriers Converge on Ethernet
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

A crowd of over 200 service providers puts metro Ethernet under the glass at Light Reading event in Atlanta

New FCC Rules: 600 Pages?
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

The new rules are said to be voluminous and confusing. Will new services suffer while the fine print is sifted?

Proxim Offers Dual-G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Enterprise AP vendor looks at twin 802.11g radios as way to help users speed – even in traffic

AMCC, Cortina Chip Into Multiservice
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

AMCC and Cortina are producing multiservice line-card chips to ease carriers' headaches with spare components

Cisco Pads B-RAS Offering
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Unveils faster routing engine for the Cisco 10000 and adds B-RAS functions to the Cisco 7600

Oak, Soros Buy Excel From Lucent
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Lucent dumps another high-priced acquisition in favor of pursuing a reseller strategy

Oak, Soros Buy Lucent's Excel
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Lucent dumps another high-priced bubble acquisition in favor of pursuing a reseller strategy

Cisco's Path to Switchdom
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Cisco is dipping a claw in the WLAN management market and promising switch support in 2004

Redback Sharpens SmartEdge
Supercomm News Analysis | 6/2/2003

Redback has added broadband aggregation to its edge router to better compete with the likes of Cisco and Juniper

Civcom to Merge with Xlight
News Analysis | 6/1/2003

Israeli startups making optical switches and widely tunable transponders to join forces

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