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Lucent Offshoring Wave Hits Hard
News Analysis | 9/30/2004

Company keeps cutting headcount, shipping jobs to China and India: 'We're dropping like flies,' says one worker

Lucent's Russo Fights Back
News Analysis | 9/30/2004

Strongly worded memo responds to Light Reading's coverage of layoffs, says CBX 3500 is not in jeopardy

Telecom Superstore
Column | 9/30/2004

Fixed/mobile convergence is going to be big

Lucent Adds Riverstone to Roster
News Analysis | 9/30/2004

A new partnership puts Riverstone's Ethernet services boxes next to Lucent's Stinger [UPDATED 4:00 PM]

Headcount: Retro Raises
News Analysis | 9/30/2004

Chambers gets a raise, Jedai in trouble, SpectraSwitch goes on the block, and more

Cable VOIP Could Boost IXCs
News Analysis | 9/29/2004

Cable companies are outsourcing VOIP services to IXCs, CLECs, and others, bringing in new cash

iBasis Lands on Financial Cushion
News Analysis | 9/28/2004

Wholesale veteran cashes in on VOIP exuberance to raise some extra funds, but what's the money for?

VARs Power 802.11 Startups
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/28/2004

Unstrung Insider touts wireless LAN resellers and integrators as critical to 802.11 startup success

Band-X Exits IP Market
News Analysis | 9/28/2004

Sells IP transit business to Arbinet to focus on voice, but the sale has left a bitter taste in one exec's mouth

Security Firms Tackle Content Threat
News Analysis | 9/28/2004

Vendors are facing up to the hackers' latest challenges with multi-layered content-aware security systems

Alcatel Shows Off Tropic Tech
News Analysis | 9/27/2004

Unveils the fruits of the Tropic partnership in the form of a ROADM-enhanced 1696 Metro Span

Avici Target out of Reach
News Analysis | 9/27/2004

Stock tanks as Q3 shortfall means it won't achieve anticipated annual growth

Lucent Cuts Target INS
News Analysis | 9/27/2004

Lays off more employees in its INS division, and sources say the CBX 3500 switching program could be at risk

Juniper's TX Waits Its Turn
News Analysis | 9/27/2004

After two years in the wings, Juniper's multichassis router is still waiting for its grand launch UPDATED 1PM

Symbol's Patent Play
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/24/2004

Analyst reckons that Symbol could be gearing up for an 802.11 IP licensing drive

Telcordia CEO $trikes $ell-Off Deal
News Analysis | 9/24/2004

CEO Matt Desch could pocket millions from the sale of Telcordia, a new SEC filing reveals

Cisco Code Hacker Arrested
News Analysis | 9/24/2004

Earlier this month a British man was arrested and charged with theft of Cisco's IOS source code

News Analysis | 9/23/2004

AT&T measures popularity of VOIP among corporate execs; creates group to develop VOIP tech standards

Net2Phone Shuffles CEO, Board
News Analysis | 9/23/2004

The CEO is swapped out and board members dropped, removing some of the influence of parent IDT

Links 2004 in Pictures (& Words)
Slide Shows | 9/23/2004

Heavy Reading analysts, telecom execs, Jerry Springer, and a monkey made for a lively gathering

Venice Awash With Triple Play
News Analysis | 9/23/2004

Carriers paddle through canals of triple-play marketing at Broadband World Forum

AT&T Pushes VoIP Interop Program
BroadBananas | 9/22/2004

Scuttlebutt: Italtel's Up for Grabs
News Analysis | 9/22/2004

Rumors fly that Alcatel and Cisco might bid for one of Europe's leading softswitch players

DSL Forum: Let's Aim for 1B Users
News Analysis | 9/22/2004

The DSL Forum is figuring out how to truly take broadband to the masses

Wired, Meet Wireless
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/22/2004

“Convergence” dominates at Light Reading’s 2004 telecom executive summit

Executives Converge on Convergence
News Analysis | 9/22/2004

Execs at LR's Links 2004 Executive Summit agree: Converging networks is the next big thing

Tekelec Connects With VocalData
News Analysis | 9/21/2004

The buying binge continues as Tekelec grabs the Texas-based provider of VOIP applications

VOIP Fans Raise Regulatory Issues
News Analysis | 9/21/2004

Panelists at Links 2004 Executive Summit say FCC needs to take a closer look at VOIP regulatory questions

Vendors Claim DSLAM Breakthrough
News Analysis | 9/21/2004

Alcatel and Fujitsu target triple-play hopefuls with their new DSLAMs at Broadband World Forum in Italy

FTTH: Back to the Future
News Analysis | 9/21/2004

Panelists at Links 2004 agree fiber buildouts would be a good thing -- if only consumers needed them

Siemens Converges in Venice
News Analysis | 9/21/2004

German vendor rolls into the Broadband World Forum with its convergence plan

Alcatel to Tango With Datang?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/20/2004

Chinese 3G ambitions raise prospect of TD-SCDMA partnership

P-Cube: We Can Kill Zombies
News Analysis | 9/20/2004

P-Cube intros application to detect and quarantine infected PCs launching zombie attacks

Ellacoya Stands Alone
News Analysis | 9/20/2004

With $7M more in the bank, the traffic-managing startup hopes to stand up against Cisco and P-Cube

General Bandwidth Drafts New CEO
News Analysis | 9/20/2004

Charlie Vogt, known for his Taqua turnaround, has taken top job at General Bandwidth

Report: MSOs Scoring With VOIP
News Analysis | 9/20/2004

Cable operators are eyeing mobile VOIP services and more subscribers in the years ahead

Alcatel in M&A Frenzy
News Analysis | 9/17/2004

It's Va Va Voom on Vendredi for Alcatel as it buys two SIP system vendors and sells its power systems unit

OSSs Need Convergence, Too
News Analysis | 9/17/2004

The shift to converged networks means a chance to converge network management, but it won't be easy

Alcatel Lands Spatial for $250M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/17/2004

French giant buys its way into next-gen mobile core network with $250 million acquisition of Spatial Wireless

C&W Has $150M Broadband Plan
News Analysis | 9/17/2004

UK operator to ramp up its local loop unbundling program, with Alcatel well placed to benefit

Ericsson Waits on WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/16/2004

Swedish giant remains in no hurry to commit to market forum

Euro VOIP Gets Edgy
News Analysis | 9/16/2004

Increasing action in the Class 5 replacement market, as Sonus sees RFPs and Ericsson revs its Engine in Egypt

Cisco Leads Fight for Options
News Analysis | 9/16/2004

Cisco and other companies offer regulators an alternative way to expense options

AirMagnet Finds Finisar
News Analysis | 9/16/2004

Sniffer startup has a totally wired new partner

Carriers Prep DSL Wave Part II
News Analysis | 9/15/2004

All the talk of fiber to the home is nice, but DSL's low cost makes it the more immediate choice for carriers

Telcordia: Bye Bye Borden
News Analysis | 9/15/2004

Influential CEO of Granite Systems, Jay Borden, goes flying, literally, following acquisition by Telcordia

Carriers Lobby for Asian Price Breaks
News Analysis | 9/15/2004

Carriers all over gripe: Asia's incumbents are charging too much to come in and compete

Niche Chip Players Move Up the Stack
News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Cavium joins Hifn in producing a 'services processor,' leading to the possiblity of one-chip appliances

VOIP: King of New Services
News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Light Reading's NGS conference yields lots of chatter on VOIP, VOIP, and... VOIP

Qwest Quenches Fraud Probe
News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Carrier will pay $250 million to make SEC investigation go away

BT Pushes for Flexibility
News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Systems suppliers are finding it tough to be open and flexible in the shift to NGN, says BT bigwig

Moto Leans on Huawei
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Conducts research with Chinese vendor on core UMTS network kit

Czechs Czoose NetSpira
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Scores carrier deal in Eastern Europe to lead rival startups

Video Smokes in Amsterdam
News Analysis | 9/14/2004

Vendors battled for the carriers' attention at this year's IBC show, with Kasenna in particular making some noise

Cisco Drafts Dynamicsoft
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

SIP software vendor will add to Cisco's carrier VOIP capability

Fortinet Chases Carriers
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

New high-end security appliances put Fortinet in the Juniper/NetScreen league of chassis-based products

Lucent Closes on Cingular 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/13/2004

Analyst report says first UMTS win is on the horizon

Lucent Joins WiMax Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/13/2004

Incumbent takes low-profile approach to market commitment

Kagoor Lands Another $9M
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

New funding as session border controller vendor boosts customer support, looks to pull away from the pack

Cisco Takes Apps on Board
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

With three new enterprise platforms, Cisco makes security, VOIP, and other apps part of its routers

Force10 Goes Terabit
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

It's got a terabit-capacity switch/router with 672 GigE ports... but does the market need that much?

Telica/Lucent Combo Bags Oz Deal
News Analysis | 9/13/2004

Lucent notches up VOIP gear win at Telstra, where Ziggy and Mr. Pretty are upbeat on IP telephony

Caspian Adds P2P Punch
News Analysis | 9/10/2004

Not to be outdone by the Cisco/P-Cube duo, Caspian partners with upstart Cachelogic

Lucent Numbers Raise Pension Question
News Analysis | 9/10/2004

Lucent's financials may have stabilized, but impact of reduced pension credits could whack margins

AOL Ambles Into VOIP
News Analysis | 9/10/2004

Online service starts testing consumer VOIP service as a way to hang onto customers

Microsoft IPTV: Now That's Italian!
News Analysis | 9/10/2004

Software giant lands major Euro carrier for IPTV trial as vendors converge on IBC2004 show

Cisco Nabs NetSolve
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

Want Cisco to manage your IT infrastructure? The routing giant busts out its checkbook to enter the services space

AT&T Edge Deployment Slips
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

Alcatel is a winner in AT&T's IP/MPLS build-out, but the bad news is that deployment is set back until 2005

CoSine Cuts to the Bone
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

While exploring 'strategic alternatives,' the company realizes it doesn't need its employees anymore

FNC Drops CoSine Real FASST
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

Now that CoSine has imploded, FNC says it will no longer resell the company's gear

Huawei Eyes Super Sales Growth
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

Chinese vendor set to see 30% year-on-year revenue gains, thanks to its massive R&D workforce

VOIP Boom Boosts Ulticom
News Analysis | 9/9/2004

Signaling software player beats estimates as VOIP and wireless drive demand from its vendor customers

FCC Probe Pops Primus
News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Primus pays $400K on a telemarketing beef. Long-distance woes prompt carrier to add more VOIP muscle

ECOC Is 30 (Did You Notice?)
News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Party on! Polymers, ROADMs, and electronic dispersion compensation will get play at the Conference

Broadband Myths Debunked
News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Two conferences feature keynoter Andrew Odlyzko, who says carriers aren't the source of next-gen services

Honey, I Shrunk the Price
News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Tellabs will now pay $1.5B, $400K less than first agreed, for AFC. Could it go down further? Could it be called off?

T-Mobile Flashes Flarion Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Flarion's OFDM equipment lands on European shores

Interoute Buys Fiber-to-the-Pope
News Analysis | 9/8/2004

Pan-European carrier acquires Roman network that gives it FTTP – Fiber-to-the-Pope

Nortel's WiMax Coming Out
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/7/2004

Nortel joins other big names in the second – or is it third? – coming of fixed wireless networking

The Softswitch Name Game
News Analysis | 9/7/2004

Too many 'softswitch' definitions spells slow progress, according to a Heavy Reading report

Convedia Thrives on Asian Base
News Analysis | 9/7/2004

IP media server player has built a solid user base through an OEM deal in Asia. Now Europe's looking bright

Verizon Keeps RNC Connections
News Analysis | 9/7/2004

Parts of Verizon's massive RNC network will stick around to aid NYC commuters

Brits Prepare for VOIP Deluge
News Analysis | 9/6/2004

Regulator opens way for VOIP battlefield in the UK with geographic numbers and a hands-off approach

Iliad Ramps Up Broadband to the Homer
News Analysis | 9/6/2004

French local loop unbundler has an epic first half in its odyssey to reach one million households

Telica: Lucent's Good Buy
News Analysis | 9/6/2004

Lucent did the right thing (for once) in acquiring the softswitch vendor, says Heavy Reading analyst

Convergence Specs Emerge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2004

Big-name new industry group publishes cellular/WLAN coverage specification

Cisco Joins WiMax Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/3/2004

Signals intent to compete in nascent 802.16 wireless MAN market

Inventory Bugaboo Haunts Chips
News Analysis | 9/3/2004

Buildup of inventories has led four semiconductor firms to lower estimates for the September quarter

Nortel's Owens Joins Fat Cat Club
News Analysis | 9/3/2004

CEO of troubled Nortel signs up for $1 million a year, and a potential $1.7 million bonus

Cisco Skips Class 5
News Analysis | 9/3/2004

Without a softswitch of its own, Cisco leans on Italtel and Ericsson for a market foothold

Cisco Sticks With CSG
News Analysis | 9/2/2004

P-Cube deal won’t replace its own network kit – for now, at least

Flextronics Isn't Soft on Software
News Analysis | 9/2/2004

Contract manufacturer could become a design powerhouse with the acquisition of two software groups

Cisco Sticks With CSG
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/2/2004

P-Cube deal won’t replace its own network kit – for now, at least

Lucent Expects Monster Tax Rebate
News Analysis | 9/2/2004

Good news for the bottom line: The vendor is one congressional approval away from an $816 million refund

Z-Tel: Lost in Transition
News Analysis | 9/2/2004

The shift from UNE-P service provider to facilities-based VOIP carrier has caused endless problems

WPA2 Secures Support
LR Mobile News Analysis | 9/1/2004

Vendors team with Wi-Fi Alliance in support of latest security specification

Struggling B-RAS Vendor for Sale
News Analysis | 9/1/2004

Shrinking revenues and carrier indecision force Copper Mountain into a corner. It's no great surprise

VoIP Inc: From Tea to Telecom
News Analysis | 9/1/2004

Formerly known as Millennia Tea Masters, the Florida-based VOIP provider prepares to take on Vonage

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