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9 Wireless Quotes of Note
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/31/2012

The summer news lull was filled with hot talk and hot air from the world's top wireless executives and, mostly, their lawyers

Will the iPhone 5 Be a North American Roamer?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/29/2012

Business deals will probably squelch local roaming, but the next iPhone should hop most international markets with ease

Pay TV's Existential Crisis
Rewired | 8/29/2012

10:00 AM Content owners may realize the current pay-TV model is broken, but that doesn't mean they'll give it up, says Heavy Reading analyst

Cisco Preps 'Arista Killer'
News Analysis | 8/28/2012

The Insieme team's fingerprints are on Cisco's next low-latency Nexus switch

Meet the Next 4G: LTE-Advanced
Jonestown | 8/28/2012

8:00 AM LTE-Advanced is a tech buzzword you'll need to know in 2013, so get a head start with this primer

Apple Patent Win Puts Carriers in Driver’s Seat
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2012

The ripple effect of the Samsung/Apple trial will be far reaching, but it could have operators taking a more active role in accelerating a third mobile operating system ecosystem

Apple vs. Samsung: Who Is the Biggest Loser?
iBraue | 8/27/2012

2:10 PM Apple’s device competitors have been knocked to the mat, but mobile operators have been staggered, too

Verizon Manages Its Own Data Destiny
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2012

While the carrier keeps the policy management of its Share Everything plans private, policy vendors suggest more pricing changes are to come

Broadcom Switches Push Into Terabit Range
News Analysis | 8/27/2012

As Cisco (supposedly) works on its next switching ASIC, Broadcom continues to push merchant chips forward

Nokia, 21 Others Explore the Great Indoors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2012

New In-Location consortium plans to improve indoor location accuracy and launch new apps to make mall walking more fun

AT&T Plays FaceTime Defense
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/22/2012

Dismissing the 'knee-jerk reactions' that limiting Apple's video chat service to Mobile Share plans is a net neutrality violation, the carrier says it's in the clear

How to Lose Customers & Alienate People
Que Sera Sarah | 8/21/2012

9:10 AM Changes that AT&T and Verizon keep making to their data plans could send customers into their competitors' arms

Big Switch Claims Its Place in SDN
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

The OpenFlow startup says it's playing a key role in spreading SDN to the masses

5 Ways the Verizon Spectrum Deal Could Affect You
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Verizon's concessions on the AWS deal could help to unlock 4G device and carrier choices for American consumers in the coming years

Et Tu, Telefónica?
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

In developing Tu Me, the Spanish giant's digital division adopted an applications development model that's more Google than telco-like

Ethernet Group Starts to Talk Terabit
News Analysis | 8/20/2012

Higher-speed Ethernet, be it 1Tbit/s or 400Gbit/s, gets one step closer to starting the IEEE standards process

Samsung: This Note's for You?
Jonestown | 8/17/2012

3:00 PM The Note 10.1 will win some fans with its pen-based input, but will it unseat the iPad as the top tablet?

Distracted Driving: Where's the Data?
The Philter | 8/17/2012

2:00 PM When wireless operators decry distracted driving, I'm reminded of what really kills people on roadways and how long we've lived with it

Does Communication Suffer When We Text?
News Analysis | 8/17/2012

As people start to text more and talk less, experts weigh in on how we're changing as a society and whether the telcos have a chance to provide more education

Alcatel-Lucent Puts Its APIs to Work
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/16/2012

Vendor adds a consulting and professional service practice to its application enablement strategy to ease API tension between developers and operators

Cisco CEO Sees Glimmers for the Economy
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Not for Europe. But in the US, there's maybe, possibly a chance that business for Cisco is about to get better

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Is the Pen Mightier Than the iPad?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

Samsung tries again with tablets, borrowing pen-based input ideas from its successful Note 'phablet' to take on the iPad

Cisco Meets Its Q4 Mark
News Analysis | 8/15/2012

After saying Q4 would be muted, Cisco at least didn't add to the disappointment

Retailers Join to Boost (or Fragment) mCommerce
Que Sera Sarah | 8/15/2012

12:25 PM Shouldn't retailers be working with the wireless operators instead of against them?

RIM Hopes BB10 Roadshow Will Wow Carriers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2012

CEO Thorsten Heins shows carriers RIM's "nearly finished" BlackBerry 10 phones and promises a mix of six qwerty or touchscreen devices coming next year

Does Cisco Need Nicira?
News Analysis | 8/14/2012

VMWare reportedly outbid Cisco for the software-defined networking startup

T-Mobile Looks Ahead as It Bleeds Customers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2012

T-Mobile stresses cost reductions and 4G network upgrades as monthly subscribers continue to jump ship

MVNOs Try Again
Que Sera Sarah | 8/9/2012

8:00 AM A new crop of MVNOs is coming on the scene having learned from past failures, but there's still a bumpy road ahead

Dish Chairman Ready to Back Up Wireless Bet
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/8/2012

3:35 PM Charlie Ergen says he's prepared to go ahead with satellite/terrestrial combo handsets no matter how the FCC rules on Dish's spectrum

Verizon Reserves Special Tiers for Big Spenders
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/8/2012

Both AT&T and Verizon will have their shared data plans in place this month, and Verizon's offering a few by-request-only plans for those who crave more data

Sprint's First to Deploy Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2012

Network Vision carrier will leverage the mini base stations to plug indoor coverage gaps in its growing LTE network

AT&T: Say Goodbye to 2G in 2017
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/3/2012

Ma Bell reveals that it plans to shut down its 2G network by 2017, encouraging remaining customers to switch now

AsiaBites: LTE's Business Edge
News Analysis | 8/3/2012

LTE is boosting business services development in South Korea plus other snippets from Asia/Pacific

RIM's LTE PlayBook: Better Late Than Never?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

RIM's tablet is finally getting LTE, with the first versions going on sale in Canada on Aug. 9

Nokia Puts Itself on the Map
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2012

With its future in smartphones unclear, the Finnish company is pushing its advantages in maps and location-based services

LR Reader Poll: Nokia's Takeover 'Joke'
Que Sera Sarah | 8/1/2012

12:40 PM Lenovo thinks the prospect of acquiring Nokia is hilarious, but would another company want to snatch up all of Nokia now?

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