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Supercomm Returns?
The Philter | 8/28/2008

Supercomm 2009 is on someone's mind

Sprint Plots WiMax-Powered Location Services
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/28/2008

Let your fingers do the walking as Sprint unveils location service that will map nearby 'points of interest' for mobile users on WiMax

Shrinking Bell Labs
Craig's A-List | 8/28/2008

Basic research takes another hit

Nominum Caches In
News Analysis | 8/27/2008

The DNS company says it's got a better response to the latest cache poisoning trick

Femto Vendor Lands $28M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2008

RadioFrame closes $28M funding round and will use the money to speed its femtocells to market

China Mobile to Unleash 3G Next Year
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2008

China Mobile sets timeline for a big 3G TD-SCDMA commercial launch next year and reports stellar first-half results

Does Apple Bite?
LR Mobile Column | 8/27/2008

The iPhone 3G could have some huge problems on the horizon, as we learn from the story of Handset X

Carrier Scorecard: T-Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/27/2008

T-Mobile International gets downgraded to a B- in Unstrung's latest carrier scorecard

AlcaLu CEO Rumor Reprise
EuroBlog | 8/27/2008

Report says Mike Quigley is favorite

UK iPhone Ad Misleads
Wireless Bits | 8/27/2008

Apple forced to stop TV commercial in UK

Foundry Plays PBB Card
News Analysis | 8/26/2008

The NetIron family gets a little brother in the form of edge switches that play up Provider Backbone Bridging

Wherever i Roam
Jonestown | 8/26/2008

AT&T eyes biz travelers with new iPhone plans

Cisco Does Thai WiMax
Wireless Bits | 8/26/2008

Vendor deploys WiMax for Thai university

Clearwire Has Cash for 'at Least' 12 Months
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/25/2008

Latest SEC filings say that Clearwire's funds will last 'at least next 12 months' with expected $3.2B cash influx

Level 3 Delivers Dems' Convention Video
News Analysis | 8/25/2008

Level 3 provides both online video delivery and broadcast backhaul services for the Democratic National Convention

The WiMax State of Play in the USA
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/22/2008

WiMax is popping up across the US even as we wait for the 'new' Clearwire to get rolling

Sandvine: We're Fine
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/22/2008

The FCC's wrist-slapped Comcast, but that might not mean Sandvine gets cut off from the operator

Cisco/Brocade Rumors Pop Up
News Analysis | 8/21/2008

Stuck for near-term growth, could Cisco make a run at buying Brocade?

Canada Gets Bold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2008

Hometown hero RIM plots northern exposure for first 3G BlackBerry

Wild About 'Widgets'
The Bauminator | 8/21/2008

Comcast teams with Intel, but will these 'widgets' show up on a set-top near you anytime soon?

Where Is Verizon's Open Access?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/21/2008

Cellular giant is silent on the status of its 'open access' project; analysts suggest that it could be waiting for Android

WDM-PON Faces 10G Challenge
News Analysis | 8/20/2008

Some believe WDM-PON is the FTTH endgame, but AlcaLu isn't convinced

T-Mobile Adds More 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2008

Houston, we have a connection!

FCC Puts Comcast on the Clock
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/20/2008

Comcast has 30 days to comply with a new FCC order that bans P2P app throttling... or else some vague things will happen to the MSO

Ericsson Joins Mobile Chip Challenger
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2008

Ericsson and STMicroelectronics join forces to create a new joint venture mobile platform and chipset company

Order Up!
The Bauminator | 8/20/2008

The FCC today posted the official order that calls on Comcast to stop its 'discriminatory network management practices'

2010: Year of the Femto
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2008

Most operators plan femtocell deployments for 2010 or later, according to a new survey from Heavy Reading

Android Arriving November 10?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/19/2008

Docs filed with the FCC suggest a Fall launch for the Android handset, but T-Mobile's slow 3G rollout could be a fly in the ointment

IPv6, Anyone?
Craig's A-List | 8/19/2008

Tap the news meter, see if it flickers

Force10's C-Craze
Craig's A-List | 8/18/2008

The C-series finds a friend in IBM

Google Hiring Android Designers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/18/2008

Collaboration is the key as search giant buffs up team prior to Android handset launch

Clearwire: We're Still on Track
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/18/2008

Clearwire says that it's on track to close Sprint Nextel deal in Q4 despite AT&T's complaints about spectrum holdings

Say Wah Way
BroadBananas | 8/18/2008

Will Huawei's US moves put the squeeze on traditional cable suppliers?

Carrier Ethernet 2.0
LRTV Documentaries | 8/16/2008

Carriers and equipment vendors the world over are starting to talk about a new generation of Ethernet services. More than just a connection, they're using the term 'Carrier Ethernet 2.0' to describe a service that's aware of the applications running over an Ethernet connection – a managed service that can even extend service levels to third-party networks

Phyworks Works It
Craig's A-List | 8/15/2008

A bubble survivor that's even profitable

Traveling Light
BelkBlog | 8/14/2008

With hordes of devices!

Unicom Plans Capex Blowout
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/14/2008

Chinese operator estimates $14.6B in wireless capex in 2009-2010, by which time it should be holding a 3G license

Man Bites Phone
Jonestown | 8/13/2008

Or, are Apple's 3G problems really such a big surprise?

Funding? Brilliant!
Craig's A-List | 8/13/2008

Another round for the former Luminous crew

NCTA Counters Verizon's Tru2way Claims
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/13/2008

NCTA chief challenges Verizon's argument that tru2way will throw a big monkey wrench into the telco's FiOS TV platform

Max on, Max off
Jonestown | 8/12/2008

AT&T's double-think on WiMax

3G iPhone Connection Complaints Arise
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/12/2008

Users of the device outside of the US report poor connections

Improving Its Cable 'Image'
The Bauminator | 8/12/2008

A 'micro-client' architecture from Silicon Image deemed 'complementary' to tru2way gets the vote at CableLabs confab

Phones Go Boingo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/12/2008

WiFi aggregator appears to have backed the right horse by betting on a crush of 802.11-enabled smartphones

Steve Jobs Confirms Apple Can Kill Apps on iPhones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/11/2008

The Apple CEO says it would be irresponsible not to be able to deactivate a malicious program sold through its App Store

SeaChange: Internet Mindset for TV
LRTV Interviews | 8/11/2008

SeaChange on Internet TV Mindset for Cable

UBS: iDEN Sale on the Table
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/8/2008

Analyst firm predicts that the withdrawal of Sprint's $3B private placement of preferred stock could signal iDEN sale

Videotron Gets the Urge to Converge
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/8/2008

Launches TV caller ID to subscribers for another $2 per month, and gives Integra5 its largest customer announcement so far

'Bringing Sexy Back' to Hacking
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/8/2008

DefCon session will feature iPhones running WiFi scans and sophisticated spear-phishing tricks

Clearwire Loss Grows as Revenue Rises
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/7/2008

WiMax upstart has its eyes on the fourth quarter as it preps for mobile WiMax and mobile broadband venture

T-Mobile's 3G Craving
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/7/2008

Operator posts lowest new subscriber numbers per quarter for two years; could they be hurtin' for 3G?

Sprint Posts $344M Loss for Q2
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/6/2008

It's another predictably dismal quarter for the US's third-largest carrier, but are there green shoots on the horizon?

Verizon: Labor Strike Won't Affect FiOS
News Analysis | 8/6/2008

Even if its union workers end up on strike, Verizon says it's got a plan to keep FiOS rolling

Cisco: Economic Troubles Aren't Over
News Analysis | 8/5/2008

Slow growth will continue through the next two quarters at least, CEO John Chambers says

'Start Over' Pioneer Restarts at ActiveVideo
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/4/2008

John Callahan, a top software and video engineer with Time Warner Cable, has been named CTO of ActiveVideo Networks

AT&T: WiMax Is Top Candidate for Rural Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/1/2008

Confirming an Unstrung scoop of yesteryear, AT&T CTO says that the carrier puts WiMax 'top of the list' for potential rural wireless

FCC Throttles Comcast
LR Cable News Analysis | 8/1/2008

In a divisive 3-2 vote, the Commission orders Comcast to cease the use of its existing bandwidth management platform by year-end

Quick Draw McWeb
The Bauminator | 8/1/2008

Was your mouse finger quick enough to get free access to the FCC meeting?

CDMA, Charges Knock Nortel
News Analysis | 8/1/2008

Charges and CDMA hit Nortel's Q2 profits, but revenues and operating profits are up, and it's still on course to hit full-year targets

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