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DT Jumps on Convergence
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/31/2005

German incumbent is latest Euro Tier 1 carrier to unveil fixed/mobile convergence strategy UPDATED 09/01

LUNT Convergence Complete
Light Ranting | 8/30/2005

At noon today, a great harmonic convergence of the telecom world took place.

Telenor to Unveil All IP Plan
News Analysis | 8/30/2005

Like BT, Norway's Telenor is migrating to an all-IP network by 2010. But it's doing things differently, says strategy exec

Juniper & Meru Partner
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/29/2005

Networking firm bumps up WiFi capabilities through partnership with startup

Sonus Chief: Come Fly With Me!
News Analysis | 8/26/2005

Sonus CEO has more than doubled his salary and grabbed some private jet expenses during two turbulent years

Aruba Plucks Ex-Peribit CFO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/26/2005

Wireless switch startup grabs ex-Peribit CFO, primping itself for an IPO and perhaps priming the acquisition rumor mill UPDATED 5PM

Kittu Keeps the Kitty
News Analysis | 8/26/2005

The former Neoteris CEO unexpectedly leaves Juniper but doesn't leave behind a $677K bonus

Levy Leaving Lehman
News Analysis | 8/26/2005

Stephen Levy, one of telecom's top sell-side stock analysts is leaving his post. But was it really his call?

Kineto Scores With Nokia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/25/2005

Startup confirms high-profile network partnership and talks up carrier interest in UMA technology

Lord of the Strings
Light Ranting | 8/25/2005

Cisco employee nabbed for shipping porn to Singapore.

Pitched To and Fro
The Philter | 8/25/2005

Word of the Day
Jonestown | 8/24/2005

I must, I must, improve my word power

Redback's Anti-Panic
News Analysis | 8/24/2005

The company's largest shareholder is having issues and the chairman has departed, but Wall Street says: No worries!

Euro Carriers Eye Investments
News Analysis | 8/24/2005

Deutsche Telekom, Norway's Telenor, and Portugal Telecom are looking to expand their international portfolios

Chips Draw PON Plans
News Analysis | 8/24/2005

Teknovus claims it's helping to sketch the next generation of EPONs, while Passavé announces its GPON ambitions

Cisco & Intel Smarten Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2005

Big boys collaboration could be the first step on the road to smarter standard WiFi clients

Duo Rev Up CDMA
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/23/2005

Sprint Nextel and Verizon prep future launch of EV-DO Revision A networks

ZTE Makes International Headway
News Analysis | 8/23/2005

Higher costs led to lower profits for the Chinese vendor, but its international sales more than doubled

Alloptic Allotted $30M More
News Analysis | 8/23/2005

EPON gear maker finds more funds as carriers of all sorts fiddle with fiber access

Bye-Bye Baidu
Light Ranting | 8/22/2005

Pigs get slaughtered.

Covergence Banks on SIP Risks
News Analysis | 8/22/2005

Startup aims to help service provider and enterprise CIOs secure and manage SIP applications

WLAN Sales Back on the Climb
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/19/2005

Enterprise 802.11 market picks up after a couple of humdrum quarters

WWP Channels Marconi
News Analysis | 8/19/2005

World Wide Packets says Marconi's referral business will drive triple-play deployments for carriers

Kung Fu Confusion
Light Ranting | 8/19/2005

Cutting-edge film criticism from the Herald-Dispatch.com

VOWLAN Startups Battle Cisco
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/19/2005

Unstrung Insider finds a bevy of innovative newcomers attempting to wrest market share from 802.11 titan

SCUR Snaps Up CyberGuard
News Analysis | 8/19/2005

Security rivals Secure Computing and CyberGuard patch things up in $295M deal

Jolly Dee, CMP!
The Philter | 8/18/2005

Here are the top five things I'm looking forward to now that Light Reading is owned by CMP...

Intel Absorbs XML Startup
News Analysis | 8/18/2005

The chip giant acquires Sarvega for an undisclosed amount, bringing some XML switching expertise inhouse

Qualcomm Swallows Elata
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/17/2005

Acquisition-savvy incumbent forks over $57 million for UK service delivery software startup

Switch Sales Boost WLAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/16/2005

Demand for 802.11 switches has put enterprise WLAN equipment market back on track, according to research firm

Shwag Museum Part II
Light Ranting | 8/16/2005

Keep on truckin!

VOWLAN Gets a Kickstart
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/15/2005

Unstrung Insider claims high-profile partnerships will boost wireless VOIP market and drive enterprise FMC

Agilent Launches Extreme Makeover
News Analysis | 8/15/2005

Agilent sells its chip business and makes other moves to trim down to its core test-and-measurement business

Juniper Launches Security Blades
News Analysis | 8/15/2005

Launches new hardware to slot in and boost the firewall/VPN performance of its NetScreen devices

Anritsu Branches Out With NetTest
News Analysis | 8/12/2005

Test-and-measurement mergers continue as the Japanese giant extends its reach into VOIP monitoring

Forecast Sinks Cogent Shares
News Analysis | 8/12/2005

Cogent's revenues jumped 65 percent, but a forecasting folly has taken the stock price down a notch

Qualcomm Calls on Flarion
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/11/2005

CDMA stalwart pays a whopping minimum $600M for Flash-OFDM vendor UPDATED 08/12

Is Skype Worth $3B?
News Analysis | 8/11/2005

While Skype has turned the communications world on its head, few agree that it's worth that much

Finns De Siecle
Jonestown | 8/10/2005

Nokia theatre to open in Times Square; there goes the neighborhood.

Cortina Scores $30M More
News Analysis | 8/10/2005

Pursuing RPR, Ethernet, and multiservice framers, Cortina has done well enough to raise another $30M in funding

LR Museum of Schwag, Part I
Light Ranting | 8/10/2005

Behold! The International Man of IP Networking Mystery!

Cisco Says 'No Way' to Nokia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/10/2005

So, about that merger rumor... what does John Chambers really think?

Cisco Says 'No Way' to Nokia Rumor
News Analysis | 8/10/2005

So, about that merger rumor... what does John Chambers really think?

Cisco Sparkles, Investors Pout
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2005

Cisco meets expectations for its Q4 earnings, but investors are sending the stock southward

Cisco Sparkles, Investors Pout
News Analysis | 8/9/2005

Cisco meets expectations for its Q4 earnings, but investors are sending the stock southward

Kirk Out
Light Ranting | 8/9/2005

In search of... a Star Trek communicator.

Amp'd Gets Cranked
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/9/2005

Startup mobile operator tunes up with $67M of venture funding

Silly Season Kicks Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/8/2005

Analysts dismiss prospect of a Cisco acquisition of Nokia. Gotta love August!

Nortel's Pretty Penny
News Analysis | 8/8/2005

Company surprises the street with 10 percent revenue growth, meets profit expectations with a penny per share

Cedar Point Pockets $15M
News Analysis | 8/8/2005

Cable VOIP vendor gets more funding and goes Dutch

Fire on the Baidu
Light Ranting | 8/5/2005

There's a bid on Baidu.com.

Roll On, Wireless VOIP
LR Mobile Column | 8/5/2005

Roll On, Wireless VOIP
Dualmode phones and A-list vendor support are driving adoption of mobile VOIP in the enterprise

Eurobites: Access All Areas
News Analysis | 8/4/2005

Broadband gains are boosting the bottom lines of Europe's leading carriers

Deltathree Grows, Takes Blows
News Analysis | 8/4/2005

The VOIP services company is growing like wildfire, yet its stock has tanked on today's quarterly numbers

Juniper Vets Aim for Data Center
News Analysis | 8/4/2005

Brothers Ashok Krishnamurthi and R.K. Anand are tackling server efficiency issues at their year-old startup, Xsigo

Cisco Passwords Get Makeover
News Analysis | 8/3/2005

In its latest security-related mishap, Cisco resets user passwords after discovering a Website vulnerability

Tekelec Turns a Q2 Profit
News Analysis | 8/3/2005

Tekelec buys a company, cleans up at Santera, and reports a profitable quarter in Q2

Marconi Treads Water
News Analysis | 8/3/2005

Revenues stable, but there's concern about the impact of BT's rejection and low gross margins

NeuStar Expands in Q2
News Analysis | 8/3/2005

The number portability company beat expectations, even though expansion cut into the profit margins

UTStarcom Unloads Q3 Warning
News Analysis | 8/2/2005

The troubled infrastructure company saw increased revenues but continues to suffer from a decline in handset demand

Former Avici CEO Joins Cisco
News Analysis | 8/2/2005

Former Avici, Convergent, and Polaris exec takes a spot in Cisco's service provider voice department

Iliad's Free Strategy Pays Off
News Analysis | 8/2/2005

French ISP Free is still recording impressive customer and revenue growth in Europe's most competitive broadband market

Nujira Fights for Efficiency
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/2/2005

UK power amp minnow scores $7.75M and talks up major base-station cost savings

Light Readers Torn Over Policy Decisions
News Analysis | 8/2/2005

Light Reading Top 10 Privates poll shows the jury is still out on companies selling policy management solutions to carriers

What Now for Symbol?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/1/2005

Symbol CEO resigns and the firm posts a $30.5M loss for the second quarter

Sonus Finance VP Quits
News Analysis | 8/1/2005

SEC filing says Bradley Miller has left Sonus for a job elsewhere

MetaSolv Turns a Corner
News Analysis | 8/1/2005

OSS firm has healthier financials and a new partnership with Lucent

Comcast VOIP Takes Aim at Telcos
News Analysis | 8/1/2005

Comcast lines up Level 3, AT&T, and Sprint to help it deliver its voice service in 35 states by end of 2006

Bill Huang, UTStarcom CTO
LRTV Interviews | 8/1/2005

UTStarcom's CTO Bill Huang discusses fixed/mobile convergence and more

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