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Home-Growns Rule Chinese Roost
News Analysis | 8/31/2001

The latest optical transport figures from RHK show secretive Huawei leading a burgeoning optical market

Nanovation Up For Sale
News Analysis | 8/30/2001

Bankruptcy court gives it until Oct 19 to find a buyer or find some new investors. The former appears more likely

The Monster Memo
Column | 8/30/2001

Mike O'Dell Vents – Peter Heywood

Corning Catches Cold
News Analysis | 8/30/2001

A surprise reduction in fiber orders is forcing it to lay off another 1,000. Analysts see no immediate uptick

DeNuccio Joins Redback
News Analysis | 8/30/2001

Former Cisco executive says he's focused on getting Redback back in black

Juniper Hits New Low
News Analysis | 8/29/2001

Stock takes a tumble after Merrill Lynch analyst cuts earnings forecast

Intel Capital Still Looking for Deals
News Analysis | 8/29/2001

10-Gig Ethernet component plays are "especially interesting" to Intel's investing arm

Cogent to Buy Allied Riser
News Analysis | 8/29/2001

Can Cogent profit from the demise of yet another BLEC? Or is it risking all in a bid for customer access?

Optical Crossconnect Surge Seen
News Analysis | 8/28/2001

KMI Corp. says the market will reach $6.3 billion by 2006, when all-optical crossconnects will overtake OEO gear

Lucent Ditches Chromatis
News Analysis | 8/28/2001

Lucent's consigned its Chromatis MSX products to the dustbin of history. About time, you say?

Crossbeam Announces Services Switch
News Analysis | 8/27/2001

Partners with CheckPoint to offer networked firewall and security as its first applications

Temperance at Cisco
News Analysis | 8/27/2001

Cisco's "drink responsibly" signs are observed and mocked by weary workers

Zhone Acquires Nortel's Access Gear
News Analysis | 8/27/2001

Zhone buys bits of Nortel's Universal Edge and AccessNode product lines and will support its installed base

Report Details Component Hot Spots
News Analysis | 8/27/2001

Arrayed wave guides, interleavers, and some types of tunable components are where the action is

Unisphere's Uphill IPO Battle
News Analysis | 8/27/2001

Despite new customers and increased revenue, Unisphere is forced to reduce its IPO price target again

Cisco's DeNuccio Talks With Redback
News Analysis | 8/24/2001

Kevin DeNuccio has quit Cisco and is interviewing for Redback's CEO job UPDATED: 8/24 5:00 EST

From Academics to Entrepreneurs
News Analysis | 8/24/2001

This small stealthy semiconductor startup plans to take its academic research into the commercial world

Reorg Rips Through Cisco's Ranks
News Analysis | 8/23/2001

Russo: down. Kennedy: out. Ullal: up. And Mazzola is promoted over Volpi

Startup Spins Novel Network Processor
News Analysis | 8/23/2001

Cognigine says its architecture will blow the socks off the competition -- sooner or later

Mahi Secrets Surface
News Analysis | 8/23/2001

Mahi has teamed with PMC-Sierra to deliver the mother of all metro God boxes. Is a BellSouth contract in the works?

Maple Nabs New Funding
News Analysis | 8/23/2001

One more push and the startup will have closed a $40M Series C round

Lucent: They're the Tops!
News Analysis | 8/22/2001

The optical equipment market is in decline, but Lucent is gaining market share, according to Dell'Oro

Report Stirs Ethernet vs Sonet Debate
News Analysis | 8/22/2001

Analysts agree that metro Ethernet is coming but argue about when, where, and how

Optical Scythe Continues to Swing
News Analysis | 8/22/2001

4,536 jobs lost in the US at Agilent, Fujitsu, and Metro-Optix

Router Numbers Support Cisco
News Analysis | 8/21/2001

Cisco took 5 percent of the core router market back from Juniper in the second quarter, says Infonetics

Morgan Stanley Report Pounds Stocks
News Analysis | 8/20/2001

Morgan Stanley sees weakness in the Layer 3 market as Cisco gets ready for a pricing war

Riverstone Upstaged by Downgrades
News Analysis | 8/20/2001

A big customer win and a technology first aren't enough to buoy Riverstone's stock on a bleak day for switch vendors

Vitesse Chops Chips
News Analysis | 8/20/2001

Unveils developments aimed at halving the number of chips in grooming switches while boosting performance

Mobile Infrastructure 101
LR Mobile News Analysis | 8/20/2001

Announcing Unstrung Primers, the first in a series of useful overviews of the state of the wireless industry.

Lucent Breaks Through on Covenants
News Analysis | 8/17/2001

Wall Street shrugs as Lucent has its debt covenants revised and looks forward to profitability in fiscal 2002

Ciena's Nettles: Trends Favor Us
News Analysis | 8/16/2001

As Ciena's stock plummets, Ciena's leader justifies future growth in the optical market

Don't Lose Heart, Says Hundt
News Analysis | 8/15/2001

Former FCC chairman points to fundamentals that indicate the telecom industry will rebound

Caspian Study: The Internet's Exploding
News Analysis | 8/15/2001

Internet guru Larry Roberts says Internet traffic is doubling every six months. Real numbers or just marketing hype?

RPR in the Spotlight
News Analysis | 8/15/2001

Resilient Packet Ring technology provokes a rush of protests, questions, and comments at Opticon 2001

Cogent Bags $200M in Funding?
News Analysis | 8/14/2001

In a grim market, Cogent says it is close to closing a $200 million funding round

Optical Ethernet Angst
News Analysis | 8/14/2001

Opticon's full of Ethernet talk. But IEEE specs are delayed and deployments unannounced. Where's the beef?

Venture Funding Plummets
News Analysis | 8/14/2001

Investing in optical startups continues to drop as corporate funding and vendor financing dries up

Ocular Takes On Tellabs
News Analysis | 8/13/2001

Startup Ocular has plans to take on Tellabs and other digital crossconnect leaders with a higher-density device

A Clear View of DWDM
News Analysis | 8/13/2001

Clear Communications has upped the ante in its aim to rule the optical net management space

Redback Closer to a New CEO
News Analysis | 8/10/2001

Analyst report says Redback will make an announcement within two weeks

Solectron Gets Spanked
News Analysis | 8/10/2001

Just about everyone and their dog has reacted negatively to Solectron's news of a $2.7 billion acquisition

Nortel Feathers Its Nest
News Analysis | 8/10/2001

Nortel shores up its cash position with a $1.5 billion debt offering

Optisphere: Is It Safe?
News Analysis | 8/10/2001

Optisphere says it hasn't been hit by cost cuts yet, though parent company Siemens hasn't finished swinging its axe

Optical Recruitment Gets Real
News Analysis | 8/9/2001

Looking for a fat bonus and a new Beamer? Might want to just think about keeping your job, first

Cisco, Juniper Go to the Mat
News Analysis | 8/8/2001

Cisco's market-share comments bring its rivalry with Juniper back to center stage

Blue Leaf: From Gas to Glass
News Analysis | 8/8/2001

Startup previously involved in gas-detection systems may be developing VCSEL technology for optical networks

Alcatel's Packet Engines Break Down
News Analysis | 8/8/2001

Alcatel halts work on products it acquired through Packet Engines, looks to buy an Ethernet company

Cisco: No Bottom Yet
News Analysis | 8/7/2001

Though it met Wall Street's expectations, Cisco was cautious with financial guidance and growth prospects

ADVA and Siemens Team Up
News Analysis | 8/7/2001

Euro-duo bids to market an optical box to take on ONI Systems and Ciena in the booming metropolitan DWDM market

Codeon Taps Ciena
News Analysis | 8/7/2001

Ties to Corvis CEO David Huber haven't stopped the component startup from becoming Ciena's supplier

LightCross Connects on $30M
News Analysis | 8/7/2001

Components startup led by former Chromatis CEO Bob Barron draws funding from chip foundry

Cabletron, R.I.P.
News Analysis | 8/6/2001

Cabletron ceases to exist, as it morphs into Enterasys after completing the spinoff of Riverstone

Waiting for Cisco
News Analysis | 8/6/2001

Earnings season hasn't been exactly peppy. The market looks for optimism in Cisco's announcement tomorrow

Optical Scythe Swings On
News Analysis | 8/6/2001

The grim reaping continues, with job cuts in the optical industry topping 130,000. Is an end anywhere in sight?

Siemens Weighs Optisphere Options
News Analysis | 8/6/2001

Siemens is scaling back -- and the IPO of Optisphere, it's DWDM equipment subsidiary, is on ice. What next?

Big Bear Comes Out of the Woods
News Analysis | 8/3/2001

Silicon Valley subsystems player names former Tyco executive as CEO, says it plans to build 40-Gbit/s modules

Another Redback Resignation
News Analysis | 8/2/2001

Redback's senior VP of operations Kevin Q. Smith has resigned

Lucent Boosted by Bond Offering
News Analysis | 8/2/2001

Strong demand for Lucent's convertible stock has boosted its stock price and raised hopes for a comeback

Xebeo to Build a Service-Aware Switch
News Analysis | 8/1/2001

Xebeo, a service-aware switch startup, signs a technology agreement with IBM

Kleiner Perkins Scales Back
News Analysis | 8/1/2001

With two of its companies sold and three out of business, Kleiner Perkins winds down its optical keiretsu

Storage Over WANs: No Plans
News Analysis | 8/1/2001

A poll on Byte and Switch reveals that 51% of repondents have 'no plans' to use wide-area nets for storage traffic

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