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P2P Pre-Runs
Peer Pressure | 7/31/2007

See all the worst new shows before they air!

FCC Straddles Open Access Issue
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/31/2007

The FCC will open up 700MHz wireless broadband auctions

Touching the Third Screen
Cutting Loose | 7/31/2007

Will the Apple iPhone help get more content developers into the mobile game?

Els Haentjens, Product Manager, Data Services, Belgacom
LRTV Interviews | 7/31/2007

Els Haentjens, Product Manager for Data Services at Belgacom, describes the carrier's network transformation and discusses what role Ethernet services has in making that change

Do You IM at Work?
Raynman | 7/31/2007

IM is invading the workplace. Has it invaded yours?

AlcaLu's Russo: We're Under Attack!
News Analysis | 7/31/2007

Alcatel-Lucent has incurred extra costs as a result of rivals trying to unseat it from customer accounts, says CEO Pat Russo

Alcatel-Lucent Slumps on Q2 Loss
News Analysis | 7/31/2007

A second quarter loss, low gross margins, and continued weakness in mobile send AlcaLu's share price down 8% in morning trading

Linksys's Life Span
Craig's A-List | 7/31/2007

It's longer than you think. It's shorter than you think

AT&T's iPhone Deal Bountiful for Apple
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/31/2007

Analysts say Apple could be receiving up to $200 extra in activation fees from AT&T for each phone it sells direct

Cache-ing In on P2P
Peer Pressure | 7/30/2007

Should carriers be afraid of P2P caching?

Verizon Ropes Rural Cellular
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/30/2007

No. 2 US operator shells out $2.67 billion to bulk up coverage in rural areas

KPN Plans $1B IT Acquisition
News Analysis | 7/30/2007

Dutch incumbent joins other major European telcos in targeting the IT services needs of enterprises with planned acquisition of Getronics

Name Games
Craig's A-List | 7/30/2007

Soon, all will be Cisco

Telefónica Raises Growth Outlook
News Analysis | 7/30/2007

Spanish giant is forecasting a better 2007 after a strong first half of the year, but some analysts are cautious

Sprint & Google: Max Headroom
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/27/2007

Sprint says it's exploring WiMax options beyond a mobile portal with the Wi-curious search giant

Entropic Wires Up an IPO
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/27/2007

The chip developer behind the MOCA standard for home networks is ready to go public

John Hoffman, Product Manager, VSNL
LRTV Interviews | 7/27/2007

John Hoffman, Product Manager at VSNL, talks about the challenges of addressing capacity shortages in Asia and the rest of the world

Bad Start for Nokia Siemens
News Analysis | 7/27/2007

Analysts are predicting a weak report from Nokia Siemens Networks next week after Siemens revealed some telling numbers

Level 3 Feels Integration Irritation
News Analysis | 7/26/2007

Shares of Level 3 slide as the company's earnings fall short of expectations

The Doctor Is IMS
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 7/26/2007

IMS might not be the techno-panacea telcos were hoping for, but it's still good for what ails them.

BT Talks Google, IPTV & Collaboration
News Analysis | 7/26/2007

BT announced decent Q1 results today, but attracted attention with talk of Google, IPTV, and collaborations

Apple Preps for Millionth iPhone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/25/2007

Early investor jitters turn to an after-hours rally as Apple says it will sell 1 million iPhones by the end of September

Peer Pressure | 7/25/2007

Inadvertent sharing due to ID-Ten-T errors

Heated Debate on 700MHz Continues
Wireless Bits | 7/25/2007

But it doesn't look as if Google will get the 'open access' it wants...

Committee: P2P a National Security Threat
News Analysis | 7/25/2007

P2P gets called into Congress again, this time over classified documents found on file sharing networks

Hail to the Chief
Craig's A-List | 7/25/2007

Cisco kicks off its Networkers Live! event

V'fone Investors Reject Efficient Demands
News Analysis | 7/25/2007

Vodafone shareholders vote against activist investor John Mayo over the valuable 45% stake in Verizon Wireless

Google's $5B Broadband Bid
Cutting Loose | 7/24/2007

With nearly $5B set aside for a broadband bandwidth bid, its time to start taking Google's wireless ambitions seriously

iPhone Sales Disappoint Apple Watchers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/24/2007

Apple shares fall on iPhone sales news despite a strong wireless quarter for AT&T

Enterprise FMC: Death of the Desk Phone?
LR Mobile Column | 7/24/2007

New approaches to FMC may finally enable enterprises to eliminate the unloved desk phone and put mobile phones in the hands of all their workers.

Amp'd Switches Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/23/2007

Another MVNO bites the dust as Amp'd says it will likely shut US operations by the end of the month

100-GigE, 40-GigE Live in Peace
News Analysis | 7/23/2007

The IEEE Higher Speed Study Group has agreed to develop a dual 40-Gig and 100-Gig Ethernet standard

Chris Nabinger, CTO, Masergy
LRTV Interviews | 7/23/2007

Ethernet everywhere is a good thing, according to Chris Nabinger, CTO of Masergy

Redback Raceway
Craig's A-List | 7/23/2007

Grand ambitions come San Jose's way

Analyst: MSOs Too Wary Over Wireless
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/23/2007

North American MSOs are edging their way into the wireless services market but they aren't giving it enough priority, says analyst

Ooma Takes Aim With VOIP Device
News Analysis | 7/23/2007

VOIP startup hopes to grab users with free voice service over a $400 device

The Ad Race
Craig's A-List | 7/20/2007

Routers meet Madison Avenue, and everyone's happy so far

Turn On Your Leading Light
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Enter the Leading Lights today. Finalists to be announced on October 19. Reader's Choice submissions due August 10

Clearwire & Sprint Team on WiMax
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Sprint and Clearwire will work together to deploy mobile WiMax in the US

Juniper Shows Growth (& Potential) in Q2
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Driven by new products, the router manufacturer's momentum should continue, say analysts

Verizon Biz Net Promotes Caring, Not Sharing
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Verizon Business's new optical network delivers up to 440 Gbit/s via either Sonet, DWDM, or Ethernet

Green Light for Google Rival
EuroBlog | 7/19/2007

EC has OK'd funding for a Google rival

Avici: Going Out on a High
News Analysis | 7/19/2007

Avici, which is quitting the core router sector, sees its stock jump 28 percent in pre-market trading after raising guidance

AT&T's Foggy FMC Plans
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/18/2007

BlackBerry FMC support prompts questions on AT&T's strategy

French WiMax & Japanese Speed
Wireless Bits | 7/18/2007

France pilots mobile WiMax and Japan tests LTE

Nortel Wins Dakota PBT Contract
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

The Canadian vendor scores another contract win for Provider Backbone Transport from Dakota Carrier Network

RIM Goes WiFi
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/17/2007

RIM delivers its first WiFi-enabled cellphone

The Femto Sell?
Cutting Loose | 7/17/2007

What we don't know yet about home base stations

Truphone Wins Injunction Against T-Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/17/2007

UK court orders T-Mobile to interconnect with mobile VOIP provider Truphone

Reding Rattles Regulatory Saber
News Analysis | 7/17/2007

There's talk of a 'super regulator' for the European telecom sector, but is the EC's Viviane Reding just rattling her saber?

McGinn Alert!
EuroBlog | 7/17/2007

Remember Rich McGinn? We do. And he's back

Is AT&T Putting Out Femto Feelers?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/16/2007

The No. 1 cellular operator in the US is said to be latest to put out RFP for home base stations

Vendors Offer Super SIP Bundle for SMBs
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/16/2007

A vendor bundle may kick-start cable's entry into the SMB voice market

Help the Aged
EuroBlog | 7/16/2007

Mobile phones for the elderly user. I SAID, MOBILE PHONES... oh never mind...

Verizon's Share Price Boomerang
News Analysis | 7/16/2007

A report of a possible $160B bid by Vodafone for Verizon added $14B to the US carrier's capitalization in pre-market trading Monday

The UI Problem
Nearpoints | 7/13/2007

I’ll show you a gesture…

DoCoMo Tests 'Super 3G'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/13/2007

NTT DoCoMo has begun testing of 'Super 3G' technology, or LTE, in its labs, and has started taking proposals from infrastructure vendors

Moto Losing Ground
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2007

Analysts reckon No. 2 handset vendor will be overtaken by rivals

Motorola Warns Again
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Networking giant now says its mobile devices unit won't turn a profit this year

Broadband Freedom?
Wireless Bits | 7/11/2007

FCC proposals could help reshape the US wireless broadband market

BigBand Rebounds
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/11/2007

BigBand shares gained back some lost ground in the wake of an analyst's upgrade

The Important Question
Jonestown | 7/11/2007

What everyone wants to know about the iPhone

Startups See More Cache in Carrier P2P
News Analysis | 7/11/2007

Peer-to-peer traffic is a problem; is caching the solution?

Google to Buy Security Specialist
News Analysis | 7/10/2007

Google has opened its wallet again and laid down $625 million in cash for hosted security specialist Postini

AT&T Goes Muni in Riverside
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2007

Ma Bell launches its first WiFi mesh network in California

Femto Players Gun for Gateways
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/9/2007

Major vendors such as Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent are looking to integrate femtocell technology into home gateways

Report: Identity Crisis Looms for Telcos
News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Telcos could miss out on a revenue opportunity by not deploying identity management offerings quickly enough

AlcaLu Touts IP Upgrades
News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Fixed-line chief says DPI and policy management features in its edge routers will help in the battle against Cisco and Juniper

Moto to Take $101M Charge
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/6/2007

Second-quarter job cuts leave Motorola with a $101 million charge

Sandvine Profit Jumps
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

DPI vendor announced record profits on a 171 percent revenue increase

Vodafone RFP Fuels Femtocells
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Vodafone issued an RFP for femtocells about six months ago and an analyst says it's the one the industry is watching

IBM Almaden Preps Spinoff
News Analysis | 7/5/2007

Possibly eyeing Internet video, IBM is turning its IceCube storage project into a company

iPhone Fever Hits Europe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/4/2007

Deutsche Telekom's stock gets a boost from a report that its mobile operator T-Mobile has won iPhone distribution rights in Germany

Silly Season Gets Serious
Cutting Loose | 7/3/2007

Summer is no longer the preserve of lightweight stories about wireless or iPhone fashion pieces

Google Buys Unified Services Startup
News Analysis | 7/3/2007

Google has acquired California startup GrandCentral Communications

AT&T to Buy Dobson for $5.1B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Buyout of the nation's third largest operator will bolster AT&T coverage

Flat Is Back: Toward the All-IP Mobile Network
LR Mobile Column | 7/2/2007

Mobile operators worldwide are evaluating how best to adopt a flat, IP-centric network architecture.

Industry Forms Femto Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Femto Forum forms to take on standards and marketing for the home base station market

Cisco Field Update
Craig's A-List | 7/2/2007

Do garbage dumps make good neighbors?

Carlyle Eyes Virgin
LR Cable News Analysis | 7/2/2007

Reports put possible bid for cable giant by private equity firm Carlyle Partners at up to $11.7 billion before debt considerations

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