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Cisco Reveals 'Black Hat' Flaw
News Analysis | 7/29/2005

The security hole uncovered at this week's Black Hat conference is now explained in an official advisory

Nexagent Makes Strategic U-Turn
News Analysis | 7/29/2005

Carrier resistance forces VPN interconnect hopeful to revamp as a more traditional systems provider

Alcatel Serges on Triple Play
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/28/2005

CEO Serge Tchuruk details a solid Q2, says there are even better days ahead thanks to triple play and mobile NGN

Alcatel Serges on Triple Play
News Analysis | 7/28/2005

CEO Serge Tchuruk details a solid Q2, says there are even better days ahead thanks to triple play and mobile NGN

CSR Moves on Convergence
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/28/2005

Acquires software vendor UbiNetics for $48M in effort to target unlicensed mobile access market

VocalTec in End Game
News Analysis | 7/28/2005

Time's nearly up for VOIP equipment player as it cuts 70% of its staff and initiates bidding process for quick sale

Telco Systems Buys Integral Access
News Analysis | 7/28/2005

Two of the most generic names in the business join forces on the VOIP equipment front

LR Poll: Shroud Turin, Tank Tazz?
News Analysis | 7/27/2005

Some Light Readers are objecting to the inclusion of Tazz and Turin in our Top Ten Private companies list; they love/hate Huawei

Cingular Spends on GSM
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/27/2005

Carrier invests $227M in second-generation technology as rumors resurface over 3G delays

Undersea Market Resurfaces
News Analysis | 7/27/2005

Transatlantic capacity prices may be on the rise as rumors of a multi-carrier big bandwidth buy surface

Moto Jumps to Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/26/2005

Plans to leapfrog inhouse development of fixed wireless 802.16 services, mirroring rival moves to 802.16e

IMS & Stockholm Syndrome
Light Ranting | 7/26/2005

VSNL Pays $239M for Teleglobe
News Analysis | 7/25/2005

Indian powerhouse VSNL adds to its international business by offering a premium for TDM and VOIP wholesaler Teleglobe

Anagran Attracts $12M
News Analysis | 7/25/2005

The flow-routing startup from Internet pioneer Larry Roberts is closing a $12M funding round

Cisco Muddles on IMS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/25/2005

Heavy Reading report finds network giant is unclear on its commitment to technology

Nextel Mulls Wireless Broadband
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/22/2005

Ahead of impending Sprint merger, carrier touts potential high-speed network on 'fantastically valuable spectrum'

Huawei H1 Sales Hit $4.1B
News Analysis | 7/22/2005

Reports contracts worth $4.1 billion in first six months, with more than 60 percent coming from international sales

Eurobites: So Shrink Me
News Analysis | 7/22/2005

Will Europe's carrier consolidation ever end? The latest M&A news and gossip, plus Telecom Italia's IPTV trials

F5 Shares Get Hammered
News Analysis | 7/21/2005

Was it some bad sushi? Stock dives 18% after revenues in Japan and US federal markets disappoint

Google Moonies
Light Ranting | 7/21/2005

Nords Part Ways
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/21/2005

Ericsson impresses again with second-quarter results while Nokia takes a hammering

AT&T Props Up Avici
News Analysis | 7/21/2005

Core router vendor's stock rises as it posts smaller loss and double-digit revenues – nearly all thanks to AT&T

Microsoft Pulls In FrontBridge
News Analysis | 7/21/2005

Microsoft consolidates its email message by snapping up managed services specialist

Redback's SmartEdge Perks Up
News Analysis | 7/20/2005

SmartEdge platform looks smarter as the company trims losses and beats analysts' expectations

Whyte Quits Net.com
News Analysis | 7/20/2005

Net.com loses one of the industry's leading characters as Hubert 'Bert' Whyte quits as CEO

Moto Phones in a Profit
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/19/2005

Moto's record quarter driven by phone sales and networking

Juniper Meets, But Shares Slump
News Analysis | 7/19/2005

Beats analyst profit estimates by a penny, but shares down in after hours trading on lack of upside surprise

Lucent Snoozefest
Column | 7/19/2005

It's profitable, but it's still in survival mode

SunRocket Smolders During Stall
News Analysis | 7/18/2005

The VOIP carrier says its seven-hour outage last Monday is the result of growing pains

Ellacoya Finds Deep Packets Up North
News Analysis | 7/18/2005

Bell Canada's venture capital affiliate leads new $13.5 million funding round for 'deep packet inspection' gear maker

Wireless Router Startups Wither
News Analysis | 7/15/2005

Starent remains the lone successful independent player as VCs flush away $191M

Cogent: King of Ports
News Analysis | 7/15/2005

Is Cogent really the largest Ethernet service provider in the US?

VPLS Emerges as a Triple-Play Tool
News Analysis | 7/15/2005

Riverstone announces string of deals as service providers take advantage of VPLS for triple play

China Outage May Involve Cisco
News Analysis | 7/14/2005

Reports from China say an outage that affected 200,000 Internet users is being traced to a Cisco router

Aastra Ups Its Euro Telephony Assault
News Analysis | 7/14/2005

Canadian vendor makes its third European acquisition in two years as it buys system supplier and integrator DeTeWe

Vodafone Takes on VOIP
News Analysis | 7/14/2005

Global mobile giant moves on 3G with a plan to outmaneuver wireline phone providers

VeriSign Snaps Up iDefense
News Analysis | 7/14/2005

VeriSign buys security specialist to boost its managed services story and win government market share

Wireless Router Startups Wither
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/14/2005

Starent remains the lone successful independent player as VCs flush away $191M

Colin Powell Advises VCs
News Analysis | 7/13/2005

VC firm Kleiner Perkins adds to its celebrity factor by hiring former Secretary of State, Colin Powell

Kineto Phones It In
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/12/2005

FMC startup snags more cellphone vendors for its UMA technology

LR Poll: Cisco Likely to Make VOIP Buy
News Analysis | 7/12/2005

The masses expect Cisco to continue a VOIP offensive, according to an LR poll

ZTE: Future WiMax Hero?
News Analysis | 7/12/2005

Chinese vendor talks up WiMax efforts at London roadshow event

Procera Picks New Path
News Analysis | 7/12/2005

Hardware vendor looking for leg up in hardware space. M&A or strategic investment welcome

Headcount: A Cooler Crowd
News Analysis | 7/12/2005

Staff shuffling at Reef Point Systems, UTStarcom, Megisto, Mahi, and Nortel

Covad to Serve 'Pre-WiMax'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/11/2005

DSL specialist won't wait for official WiMax products as it plans to offer a high-speed fixed wireless service in 2006

Cisco, Sprint Renew Vows
News Analysis | 7/11/2005

The companies extend their formal alliance, indicating Sprint's new IP plans will continue to involve Cisco

Eurobites: VOIP's Hot
News Analysis | 7/11/2005

It's summertime, and Europe's come out in a rash of VOIP services, with France and Portugal the most afflicted

The Philter | 7/8/2005

Sun Shines on IPTV
News Analysis | 7/8/2005

Sun's forthcoming Streamstar Video Server will be the linchpin in its new IPTV pitch to carriers

Poll: Cisco's Next Move?
News Analysis | 7/7/2005

Cisco's next acquisition could be in security, but an LR poll points to a few other likely candidates

NeoPhotonics Expands in China
News Analysis | 7/7/2005

Back from the brink, NeoPhotonics wraps up its Chinese acquisition, giving it a foothold in both Asia and North America

The WiMax LeapFrog
LR Mobile Column | 7/7/2005

The WiMax LeapFrog
As the IEEE 802.16e spec for 'Mobile WiMax' nears completion, chipset developers and equipment providers are jockeying for position

Telecom's New Star
Column | 7/6/2005

Phone numbers have been liberated, and that means big things for NeuStar in particular and the industry in general

Softbank Focuses on UTStarcom's mVision
News Analysis | 7/6/2005

Japan's largest broadband provider uses UTStarcom gear to power its IPTV solution

Juniper Shopping for Atrica?
News Analysis | 7/6/2005

Reports have Juniper eyeing an Atrica acquisition, but with $170M invested, Atrica might not sell

Eurobites: Big Guns Fire Salvos
Column | 7/6/2005

The continent's major operators are all jostling for position to be Europe's dominant next-generation services player

Woven Weaves 10-Gig
News Analysis | 7/5/2005

Execs from Brightlink and Caspian turn their hand to Cisco-challenging 10-Gbit/s switch

VoluBill Cranks Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/5/2005

Lone data charging platform startup touts bevy of new deals and eyes '3-digit' exit strategy

IMS Taxes Mobile Voice
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2005

Mobile VOIP services could require up to four times the bandwidth needed for current cellular voice

Megisto Sells Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 7/1/2005

Sources cite previous partner ITHL as mystery buyer

Cisco Sniffs Out NetSift
News Analysis | 7/1/2005

Why did Cisco spent $30M on a barely out of the lab university project?

M&A Activities Firm Up BT Global
News Analysis | 7/1/2005

UK carrier has pulled together all its international bits and pieces, says there could be more acquisitions on the way

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