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AT&T's CDN Dreams
News Analysis | 6/30/2011

AT&T may be a little late to the CDN party, but it's got very different plans for content acceleration

Fujitsu Pokes at MPLS-TP
MPLS-TP News Analysis | 6/30/2011

Here comes Ethernet Tag Switching, claiming operators don't need to learn MPLS in order to have Ethernet transport

Mobile Backhaul: Timing Is Everything
Research Analyst Interviews | 6/30/2011

Migrating your backhaul timing to modern standards enables next-gen applications while significantly reducing costs

Parallels Finding Cash in Clouds
News Analysis | 6/29/2011

Software firm speeds service providers' push into the clouds, automating process of delivering Microsoft apps

The Service Broker Shows Great Potential
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 6/29/2011

Service broker technology meets network operators' need for a flexible way to program real-time orchestration across service portfolios

Microsoft Calls On Telcos for Office 365
News Analysis | 6/28/2011

Local billing and support is one major leg up over Google in the cloud app space

New Data Plans Keep It in the Family
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/28/2011

France Telecom is letting multiple-device families share a bucket of data, a plan that US operators could soon follow

Putting the User at the Core
LRTV Interviews | 6/24/2011

NetScout's Steve Shalita talks about Qos, the importance of consistent user experience and the prospects of more consolidation in the industry

MPLS-TP Camp States Its OAM Case
MPLS-TP News Analysis | 6/24/2011

In a one-sided debate, webinar participants explained why they think the ITU's renegade OAM effort is a bad idea

Pre-Paid Won't Give Tiered Pricing a Boost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2011

As all the big shots move to tiers, Boost Mobile gets a chance to tout its unlimited, pre-paid plans

Verizon Keeps Terremark Brand on Cloud
News Analysis | 6/23/2011

Company is relaunched as hub of Verizon's cloud, managed security and professional services offerings

Verizon Sheds a Tier for Unlimited Data
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/23/2011

Carrier is set to do away with unlimited data pricing month, instead offering tiered plans, potentially with charges for any overages

Euronews: Nokia Seals Symbian's Fate
News Analysis | 6/22/2011

Nokia, the European Commission, Telefonica and TDC are the ingredients in the Euronews secret sauce today

LR Live: Verizon Going All Ethernet for LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/21/2011

As Verizon deploys its 4G LTE network, it's looking to upgrade all its mobile backhaul cell sites to Ethernet over fiber

Euronews: Tapas Snack for Infinera
News Analysis | 6/21/2011

Infinera, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent feature in today's EMEA news parade

AlcaLu Goes to Hollywood
EuroBlog | 6/21/2011

10:45 AM Alcatel-Lucent has ventured into Hollywood thriller territory to publicize its next IP product launch

Level 3 Sweetens Wholesale Video Offer
News Analysis | 6/17/2011

Vendor courts cable companies by combining CDN with Vyvx video service, content formatting and storage, and analytics

RIM Delays 4G PlayBook to the Fall
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2011

Even with a weak Q1, RIM plays the waiting game on 4G versions of its PlayBook tablet and its line of QNX-based superphones

RIM Lowers Guidance Amidst Poor Q1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/16/2011

BlackBerry maker reported a drop in earnings for Q1 on weak demand for its line of smartphones and the PlayBook tablet

Cox: We're Not Selling Our Spectrum
LR Cable News Analysis | 6/16/2011

Cox VP says that reports that it will sell its wireless spectrum are inaccurate, as the MSO is exploring all its options for LTE

Verizon, Tata Push Telepresence Ties
News Analysis | 6/15/2011

It's part of the industry's general effort to make it easier to make telepresence connections

Cox's Jeff Finkelstein: Progress in IP Video Delivery
LRTV Interviews | 6/15/2011

The cable industry continues to celebrate its common next-gen architecture spec as a way to simplify the process of building cable networks that can deliver IP video

Cisco Reacts to CESAR, CMAP Combo
LRTV Interviews | 6/14/2011

Verizon Adds 19 New 4G LTE Markets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/13/2011

Verizon will have LTE in 73 markets this week, matching Sprint's WiMax markets and easily beating AT&T's plans for 2011

Verizon Tries Mobile Payments Solo
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/13/2011

Carrier branches out from the Isis JV to offer mobile payments for online purchases via a partnership with Payfone

The Ugly Side of IPv6: Carrier-Grade NAT
News Analysis | 6/10/2011

Moving network address translation off the customer prem and into the network is inevitable, but the prospect isn't thrilling anyone

Vidyo Aims to Lower Price of Telepresence
News Analysis | 6/8/2011

Cheaper, scalable service ties together telepresence rooms, videoconferencing, desktop and mobile systems

Mobile Games to Place Strain on 3G Networks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/8/2011

3G networks set for new data deluge as gaming-centric smartphones and mobile-centric apps become the new hot trend

There's a Niche in the Mobile Cloud
Jonestown | 6/7/2011

4:00 PM There are bound to be people who don't want to be tied to one ecosystem but want the convenience of the cloud

Cisco Fights Back at the Edge
News Analysis | 6/7/2011

After seeing market share drop, Cisco updates the ASR 9000 and adds some hot terms like 'virtualization' and 'IPv6'

ISPs Might Not Solve Consumer IPv6 Issues
News Analysis | 6/6/2011

When consumers find things that 'break' on World IPv6 Day, the problem might not be something the service provider can fix

Apple's iCloud Lets Wi-Fi Take the Strain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/6/2011

Apple's upcoming cloud service won't bust a hole in your data cap even as it replicates music, video and photos across iPads, iPhones and Macs

Qualcomm Uplinq 2011: In Pictures
LR Mobile News Analysis | 6/3/2011

Qualcomm's annual Uplinq developer show covered more ground than its usual Brew-haha, so we covered more ground with our camera this year

AT&T & LightSquared? Really?
Jonestown | 6/2/2011

9:20 PM Ma Bell is going to have some serious explaining to do if AT&T does end up selling 4G capacity to LightSquared

The Uplinq Outlook
Que Sera Sarah | 6/1/2011

9:00 AM Qualcomm's annual developer confab is all about apps – mobile apps, appetizers and surprise appearances

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