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Mgmt World: Battle of the Cloud Gurus
Rewired | 5/26/2011

1:00 PM -- Joe Weinman and Randy Bias are both very pro-cloud but are forecasting very different weather ahead

Forum Tackles Connected Home Management
News Analysis | 5/24/2011

New diagnostic tools help service providers pinpoint problems that are likely to emerge as more devices are broadband-enabled

Cisco's China Syndrome Reopens
Craig's A-List | 5/23/2011

The business of building China's networks is not always pretty, and the tough questions aren't going away

T-Mobile Shakes Up Pricing Sans Unlimited Data
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2011

New rate plans offer a variety of data caps, but slow data speeds once the max is reached instead of charging overages

LightSquared: Testing in 2011, Launch in 1H '12
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2011

LightSquared will work on test markets in 2011, as more early details about its GPS work in Vegas trickle in

Mgmt World: Telstra Sees ASP Future
News Analysis | 5/23/2011

Moving to cloud-based services that are device- and network-agnostic is the best way to ensure a profitable future, exec says

Battle of the Carrier Innovation Centers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/23/2011

It's a face-off between AT&T and Verizon's application and LTE innovation centers as the operators strive to attract developers

POTE 2011: In Pictures
Slide Shows | 5/20/2011

You know there's plenty to talk about in optical. Now see who did the talking at our recent Packet Optical Transport Evolution conference

Tracking the End of the TDM Era
TDM Replacement News Analysis | 5/20/2011

Only 21 years after the last analog switch was retired, TDM switches are being displaced by IP technology at a quickening pace

WAC Leading Telcos to Digital App Success
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 5/19/2011

The Wholesale Applications Community represents a credible solution to the challenges posed by telcos' rivals

Level 3's Paul Savill: Not Hot on the Cost of 100G
LRTV Interviews | 5/18/2011

Level 3's Paul Savill talks about the carrier's struggle with the economics of 100G and provides a network update for his metro customers

IPv6 Day Could Stress-Test Small ISPs
News Analysis | 5/17/2011

World IPv6 Day could swamp unprepared customer service centers as test reveals 'broken' IPv6 connections

The Pirate Bay Saga
The Bauminator | 5/13/2011

1:30 PM Comcast was wrongly blamed for blocking the file-sharing site, so who was at fault?

Google Chromebooks & Me
Craig's A-List | 5/13/2011

1:00 PM It's not a life-changer for everyone, but a Chromebook can be a fun and even useful toy

US Wireless Q1 Scorecard
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/13/2011

Light Reading Mobile breaks down the key metrics for US wireless operators during the most recently reported quarter

Interop 2011: Show Photos
Slide Shows | 5/12/2011

Our Interop pic story features big boxes, exclusive booth access and some helpful tips on surviving the world's most vibrant enterprise tech show in Las Vegas

Intel to Cut Its Stake in Clearwire
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/12/2011

Chipmaker plans to shed some of its stake in Clearwire as the wholesale WiMax provider mulls a transition to LTE

Cisco Preps for Layoffs
News Analysis | 5/11/2011

Staff will be told the plan by the end of the summer, as Cisco tries to prune the branches and refocus the business

Cisco's Profits Shrink in Q3
News Analysis | 5/11/2011

The numbers beat expectations but didn't beat the 3Q 2010 mark

Synchronization Still a Mobile Backhaul Challenge
Mobile Backhaul News Analysis | 5/11/2011

New Light Reading Briefing Center will track industry progress toward deploying 1588v2 standard to scale

Microsoft to Monetize Skype With Video Ads
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/10/2011

Skype sees video ads as one of the biggest opportunities for monetizing chat, and Microsoft plans to provide the man power to make them happen

AT&T Plunges $1B More Into the Enterprise
News Analysis | 5/10/2011

This time around, AT&T's earmarks cash for cloud services, mobile apps and devices and – a new one – the health-care industry

A Straight Look at BT's Vertical Clouds
LRTV Interviews | 5/10/2011

BT's Scott Cain discusses his company's approach to cloud computing, the challenges it faces in bridging the chasm between IT and network groups and what investments might come from the surge in cloud computing's popularity

Cloudscaling's Bias: Telcos Show Cloudy Thinking
LRTV Interviews | 5/9/2011

Cloudscaling CTO Randy Bias says telcos should take a more Internet-centric approach to cloud computing by using commodity hardware and getting to market quickly

Going Gaga Over OTT
OTT Video News Analysis | 5/9/2011

Internet video is reshaping networks, federal policies and careers in telecom, so let's take a closer look

Cyan Aiming High With Management Play
News Analysis | 5/9/2011

Company drops "optics" from its name and annnounces a broader focus on network planning and management software and services

Why OpenFlow Isn't Like Active Networking
News Analysis | 5/6/2011

Get used to hearing about the common control plane for switches and routers, because the cloud has made OpenFlow all the rage

T-Mobile Suffers in Competitive US Wireless Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/6/2011

Competition in the US had a negative effect on T-Mobile in Q1, but provided support for Deutsche Telekom's sale of the unit to AT&T

The Dwindling Case for Saving TDM
TDM Replacement News Analysis | 5/6/2011

Dwindling spares, retiring talent and higher power costs all make aging TDM switches an increasingly risky proposition

AT&T Gets Its Fastest Smartphone Yet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/5/2011

Samsung Infuse will launch next week on AT&T's HSPA+ network, promising to be the carrier's largest, thinnest, fastest smartphone yet

Patent Firm Wants In on Nortel Auction
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/5/2011

RPX Corp joins RIM and Google as potential bidders for Nortel's patents, which are getting pricier as they get more hotly contested

Cisco Cuts Down on Councils
News Analysis | 5/5/2011

Many investors seem to despise the councils-and-boards structure, but Cisco's reorg won't do away with it entirely

100GE Service-Enabling Architectures
LRTV Documentaries | 5/4/2011

Service providers tackle a variety of new technology challenges such as using existing fiber to provide higher-capacity networks

Leap Makes Gains But Reports Q1 Loss
LR Mobile News Analysis | 5/4/2011

Regional CDMA carrier gains subscribers and decreases churn, but the cost of upgrading consumers to smartphones causes an operating loss

Carriers Can't Take the Credit
Que Sera Sarah | 5/4/2011

12:45 PM AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are scaling back their NFC joint venture, giving away their one competitive differentiator

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