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Verizon Devising Uber Strategy for Home Services
News Analysis | 4/29/2011

The telecom, business and wireless units are jointly developing services that could create new markets for FiOS

NSN Finally Seals $975M Moto Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/29/2011

NSN finally buys Moto wireless know-how for a lower price of $975M after 10 months of international wrangling

Sprint Perks Up in Competitive Q1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/28/2011

Sprint narrows the gap between it and its larger competitors in Q1, but CEO Dan Hesse warns growth would go away in a duopoly environment

Verivue: Cable's Content Delivery Demands
LRTV Interviews | 4/27/2011

Cable MSOs are now asking content delivery networks for more adaptive streaming and content delivery to consumer electronics, according to Verivue's Ganesh Pai

Huawei Aims for $100B Annual Revenues
News Analysis | 4/27/2011

Chinese vendor expands its horizons and targets annual revenues of $100 billion within 10 years

'Defining Paradigms' at Comcast
LRTV Documentaries | 4/27/2011

Comcast's chief software architect Sree Kotay says he wants to compete on capability not compatibility

RIM's Tablet: A Mobile Social Media Machine
Jonestown | 4/26/2011

7:15 PM I'm not as down on the RIM tablet as many in the tech press, but users need to think about how they'll use the gizmo

Arris Touts Whole Home Solution
LRTV Interviews | 4/26/2011

Tom Williams from Arris pitches his firm's 'whole home solution' for combining OTT, linear and user-generated content

Can SON Relieve 4G Broadband Opex Pressures?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/26/2011

The profitability of 4G may depend on the development of self-organizing network technology

Boxee CEO: Why TV Everywhere Won't Win
LRTV Documentaries | 4/26/2011

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen says MSOs are making a mistake by assuming that the TV experience is going to be different from the landscape of other connected devices in consumer homes

Cable's IPTV Motivation
The Bauminator | 4/26/2011

Heavy Reading's Alan Breznick sets the stage for today's LR Live cable event in New York with a reminder of how competition is encouraging cable operators to embrace IP and to reach more devices

Operators Vie for SIM-Based NFC Control
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/26/2011

Wireless operators in the US want to lead the charge for NFC, and they have some distinct advantages that will help their cause

What Color Is Your Cloud?
Rewired | 4/25/2011

12:30 PM Telecom players are chasing the cloud market, but will they embrace the real cloud model, or fall back on old (bad) habits?

5 Reasons SMBs Aren't Using Cloud Services
SMB Services News Analysis | 4/25/2011

Getting stuck with the wrong service or service provider is a big worry being addressed by the IEEE's Cloud Computing Initiative

Why Cox Is Cautious on Clouds
SMB Services News Analysis | 4/21/2011

Its SMB customers want managed security, online backup and other specific service, but aren't clear on 'cloud' as a concept

NSN, Moto Deal Gets Clearance
News Analysis | 4/21/2011

NSN turns a Q1 profit and gets the OK from Chinese regulators to proceed with its Motorola asset buy

Apple iPhone Explodes, iPads Sizzle in Q2
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/20/2011

Apple had a record-breaking second quarter, but it was driven by the iPhone, not its tablet sales

AT&T's iPhone Growth Continues
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/20/2011

But smartphone competition from Verizon and others is forcing AT&T to be less iPhone-dependent

Cisco Contractors Get a Week Off
News Analysis | 4/20/2011

Pre-Easter bonus time! And yes, we're being ironic -- really, it's a bit of cost-cutting during a trying time for the router giant

Juniper Unscathed by Japan So Far
News Analysis | 4/20/2011

Slowed sales due to the Japanese earthquake shouldn't stop Juniper from growing in Q2, officials say

Devices Drive ZTE in Q1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/19/2011

Chinese equipment vendor's sales rose 51 percent in the first quarter on 3G handset gains in Europe and the US

Verizon: Hackers Still Using Old Tricks
News Analysis | 4/19/2011

Verizon's annual data breach study shows smaller firms now at risk as the bad guys look for easy access to valuable info

Ethernet Europe: COLT's Service Wrap
LRTV Interviews | 4/19/2011

Peter Agnew, Director of Network Service Design at COLT, talks about the pan-European operator's ""service wrap,"" the role of Ethernet exchanges, the advantage of owning a network when it comes to offering cloud services and the developments he'd like to see from vendors

Huawei Profits Climb 30% in 2010
News Analysis | 4/18/2011

Huawei's annual report shows growth in revenue and profit for 2010 and the vendor reveals its board members for the first time

RIM May Also Bid for Nortel Patents
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/18/2011

RIM once again has its eye on Canadian LTE 'jewels' and could reportedly top Google's bid for Nortel's 4G assets

Ethernet Europe: Tata Goes All the Way With Its SLA
LRTV Interviews | 4/17/2011

Tata's John Hoffman explains how the international operator is offering an end-to-end service level agreement using monitoring technology

Ericsson Snips 100 in Silicon Valley
News Analysis | 4/15/2011

Shifted priorities led to a trimming of less than 10% at the prized San Jose center

Ethernet Europe: EANTC Tells It How It Is
LRTV Interviews | 4/15/2011

Jonathan Morin, project manager at independent test center EANTC, provides the lowdown on the latest Carrier Ethernet Interconnect demo

RIM PlayBook: LTE & HSPA+ Versions Coming
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/15/2011

RIM launches its first tablet as a Wi-Fi device but WiMax, HSPA+ and LTE versions will follow

Ethernet Europe: BT Preps Backhaul for LTE
LRTV Interviews | 4/15/2011

BT's Director of Product Solutions, Rob Thomas, provides an update on the British carrier's mobile cell site backhaul strategy, and discusses the impact of LTE and mobile network sharing on backhaul network planning

Reading Cisco's Signage
Craig's A-List | 4/15/2011

7:20 AM Whatever happened to Cisco Field? (Actually, don't ask. Just ... don't ask)

Euronews: April 15
News Analysis | 4/15/2011

AlcaLu scores in Tunisia and Egypt's interim government comes in for criticism in today's roundup of telecom headlines from the EMEA region

Ethernet Europe: Happy Snaps, Part 3
Slide Shows | 4/14/2011

Photos from Day 2 of Ethernet Europe, warts 'n' all

Ethernet Europe: When Larry Met...
Slide Shows | 4/13/2011

Is this a primate party or can anyone join in?

Ethernet Europe: Happy Snaps Part 2
Slide Shows | 4/13/2011

More photos from Ethernet boot camp in London

Huawei & Motorola End Trade Secrets Dispute
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/13/2011

End of IPR legal dispute opens the door for NSN to complete its buyout of Motorola's wireless networks unit, which now has a lower price of $975M

Mobile Data Packaging: A Policy-Driven Revolution?
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 4/12/2011

New policy control tools are enabling major innovation in mobile data pricing schemes and packages

AT&T Woos T-Mobile's Pre-Paid Customers
Que Sera Sarah | 4/12/2011

3:05 PM AT&T makes pre-paid calling cheaper and introduces it first phone for the market, which happens to be T-Mobile's forte

SP Execs Crave Speed But Resist Change
News Analysis | 4/12/2011

Survey shows carriers want services faster but are cowed by market complexities from making necessary internal changes

ANDA Still on the Block
Rumors | 4/12/2011

Ethernet Europe: Happy Snaps, Part I
Slide Shows | 4/12/2011

It's been a busy Day One at Ethernet Europe 2011!

Ethernet Europe: Interoute's 10G Explosion
LRTV Interviews | 4/12/2011

Interoute CTO Matt Finnie says the demand in Europe for 10Gbit/s wavelengths has gone through the roof – so is he ready to order some 100Gbit/s gear?

Cisco Flips on Consumer Business
News Analysis | 4/12/2011

Cisco restructures its consumer business by shutting down Flip and burying umi into another part of the company

Ethernet Europe: Star Turns
EuroBlog | 4/12/2011

9:30 AM Big-name carriers, a top European barista and two high-profile stuffed toys show up at Europe's annual Ethernet event

Euronews @ Ethernet Europe: April 12
News Analysis | 4/12/2011

Comin' at ya live from Ethernet Europe 2011, Euronews hears the latest from Omnitron, Equinix, ADVA and others, plus the usual EMEA roundup

OS Watch: Verizon Bests AT&T With iPhone 4
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/8/2011

Verizon's iPhone drops less calls than AT&T's and Android defends its openness as it preps to overtake Symbian in this week's OS watch

Cloud Rolls In to Ethernet Europe
EuroBlog | 4/7/2011

11:15 AM Ethernet in the cloud and top-drawer coffee are going to be hot at the annual Ethernet Europe event

Metaswitch Makes Its LTE Apps Move
News Analysis | 4/6/2011

IP applications vendor acquires Norwegian rich communication suite specialist Colibria to beef up its next-gen mobile services offering

Cisco Signals Major Restructuring
News Analysis | 4/6/2011

CEO John Chambers tells Cisco staff that the company's 'operational execution' needs a shake-up and that 'tough decisions' are imminent

Mobile Ops Make Policy More Popular, Less Punitive
News Analysis | 4/5/2011

Mobile operators are putting policy into practice and that's good news for consumers, according to Telesperience and Volubill

T-Mobile Brings HSPA+ to 10 New Markets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/5/2011

Promises 42Mbit/s service will cover 140 million Americans by mid-year as it continues faster mobile broadband deployment

AlcaLu Wants the Data Center, Too
News Analysis | 4/5/2011

The company doesn't want to be left out in the fabric wars of 2011

ATIS: Carrier Regulation Threatens IP Transformation
News Analysis | 4/4/2011

New report says arcane rules could force incumbents to operate two networks and slow the reach of more efficient broadband

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