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Wireless Growth Slowing?
Raynman | 4/30/2008

1.2 million fewer adds in Q1 2008

Clearwire's Rumor Ride
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/30/2008

Unstrung rounds up the rumors and sighs that have been causing Clearwire's stock price to shift consistently over the last month

RadiSys Soars After Q1
News Analysis | 4/30/2008

Stock climbs 20% for the ATCA firm as a rosy Q2 could be in the works

Huawei Brings the Heat
LR Mobile Column | 4/30/2008

Huawei's annual analyst summit provided a sneak peek into the vendor's ambitions for the future

CDMA Hits AlcaLu's Wireless Biz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/30/2008

Drop in CDMA revenues overshadows progress in GSM and WCDMA businesses in Alcatel-Lucent's Q1 results

The $200 3G iPhone?
Jonestown | 4/30/2008

Or maybe a subsidy for the old models

It's Not Sprint's Fault
Wireless Bits | 4/30/2008

But the weak dollar isn't helping

$1B Shopping List
The Philter | 4/29/2008

What AT&T is buying with its $1B capex promise

Hey Cheapskates!
Jonestown | 4/29/2008

Do you really think $400 is going to be enough for a 3G iPhone?

Raynman | 4/29/2008

More earnings season lingo fun

Wireless Camps Prep Fresh 4G Battle
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/29/2008

An ITU call for proposals for IMT-Advanced technologies sparks a new standards battle between WiMax and LTE

Matisse Targets the Enterprise
News Analysis | 4/29/2008

Optical Ethernet specialist targets a market with faster deployment times than the telcos

Extreme for Sale?
Craig's A-List | 4/28/2008

Time to unlock value, apparently

It's All Sprint's Fault
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/28/2008

When in doubt, blame the struggling cellular operator for poor numbers and problem services

All-IP Architectures Square Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/28/2008

Operators need to evolve to flat, all-IP architectures, but how to do it is much debated, finds Heavy Reading

Goodbye SMS, Hello IM?
Wireless Bits | 4/28/2008

Our changing mobile data ways

Foundry vs Nexus
Craig's A-List | 4/28/2008

10GigE envy

Nokia's New Toy
Craig's A-List | 4/25/2008

A WiMax demo in a WiFi world

Is RIM Behind the Curve in 3G Handsets?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/25/2008

Industry watchers are wondering when RIM will unveil its Curve 9000 series

Juniper Sails Through Q1
News Analysis | 4/24/2008

Even with some enterprise spending fading, Juniper says business was good last quarter

Adtran & Tellabs: A Tale of Two Access Stories
News Analysis | 4/24/2008

One is enjoying success while the other is struggling in the unforgiving broadband access space. Why the discrepancy?

The iPhone's Fat ARPU
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/24/2008

AT&T gets 'over $90' a month from the average iPhone user on its network, displaying the ARPU power of integrated devices

Level 3's Upswing
Raynman | 4/23/2008

Should we have seen it coming?

Apple Sells 1.7M iPhones in Q2
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/23/2008

Apple hits iPhone sales targets dead-on

More High-End Pain
Wireless Bits | 4/23/2008

Sony-Ericsson feels the pinch for its fancy phones

Waiting for iPhone
Jonestown | 4/23/2008

Looks like 1.6M sold in Q1

Level 3 Surges on Positive Outlook
News Analysis | 4/23/2008

Are integration woes over? Level 3 share climb 18% on reaffirmed guidance

O2 Germany Rips Out Nortel
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/23/2008

O2 Germany says Auf Wiedersehen to Nortel as it expands its GSM and UMTS networks with Huawei and Nokia Siemens

FCC Snubs Net Neutrality
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/23/2008

Chairman Kevin Martin says no new Internet regulations are necessary, although Comcast remains on watch

NSN Femto Rumors
Wireless Bits | 4/23/2008

No change in femto strategy

Yahoo Exceeds, But Does It Matter?
News Analysis | 4/22/2008

Yahoo's first-quarter exceeded expectations, but it likely won't help it get a higher offer from Microsoft

Nokia Calls for Openness
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/22/2008

A wealth of mobile applications could be tapped if the industry opened up, Nokia's CTO says

CPacket Tests 10G Monitoring Market
News Analysis | 4/22/2008

The startup specializing in packet inspection has applied its know-how to a 10-Gbit/s monitoring appliance

Data Prices Fall, Usage Booms
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/22/2008

Mobile data prices are falling and usage is way up, finds a new report from Heavy Reading

NSN's Mixed Fortunes
Wireless Bits | 4/21/2008

NSN touts contract, but faces stiff competition from Chinese vendors

GameRail's Gone
The Philter | 4/21/2008

Not enough gamers paid for its lag-free network shortcut

AT&T Preps Telepresence Service
News Analysis | 4/21/2008

AT&T hooks up with Cisco to offer a managed telepresence service that will rely on the class of service capabilities of MPLS

iPhone's Slow Euro Sales
Wireless Bits | 4/21/2008

Apple's device disappoints in Europe

Nokia's Blues
Jonestown | 4/18/2008

They might hurt Apple, but Moto will watch its rival's prediction with fear and loathing

Verizon's Going Strong on GPON
News Analysis | 4/18/2008

Verizon's VP of network planning talks GPON, WDM PON, Tellabs, Docsis 3.0, and all things FiOS

Net Neutrality Gets Its Hearing
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/18/2008

Cheerleaders for Net neutrality came out in (minor) force for the FCC's Comcast-less en banc hearing

Nokia: High-End Hurt
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/17/2008

Profits are up 25 percent for Nokia, but its shares get hammered on its device outlook for the rest of the year

En Banc Shot
The Bauminator | 4/17/2008

Was your mouse finger quick enough to get in on the FCC's free stream of this afternoon's hearing?

FCC En Banc
Craig's A-List | 4/17/2008

My day with the FCC

Ethernet Comes of Age
EuroBlog | 4/17/2008

This is a landmark year for carrier Ethernet

Google Grabber Headlines
The Philter | 4/17/2008

More Yahoo scuttlebutt ahead of Google earnings

Cisco Field 2012
Craig's A-List | 4/17/2008

First pitch is pushed back by a year

Ethernet Expo Europe, Part II
Slide Shows | 4/16/2008

A final look at the seriousness and silliness on display at Ethernet Expo: Europe 2008

Comcast Skipping FCC Funfest
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/16/2008

Neither Comcast nor Pando will be at tomorrow's FCC hearing on broadband management practices

Wireless Security Gets Boost From New Products
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/16/2008

Wireless isn't the problem child it used to be, but authentication and management still challenge enterprises

Ethernet Expo Europe 2008, Part I
Slide Shows | 4/15/2008

Some snaps from the London Design Centre

Comcast, Pando Crafting 'P2P Bill of Rights'
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/15/2008

MSO and P2P partner Pando expect to gather support for the bill this spring and publish results by the end of 2008

T-Mobile USA: 3G, Going on 4G?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/15/2008

A planned summer launch for 3G still puts the operator behind its bigger rivals

CEO Watch
Craig's A-List | 4/15/2008

Conexant loses one; Juniper rewards one

NAB Anecdotes: Day 1
Peer Pressure | 4/15/2008

Things I learned at NAB

Ethernet Gear Market to Double
News Analysis | 4/15/2008

The market for carrier Ethernet switches and routers is set to boom, plus other news from Ethernet Expo in London

iPhone Price Cut
Jonestown | 4/15/2008

Foreshadowing 3G?

Verizon Steps Up Unlimited Data Buffet
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/14/2008

Flat-rate data pricing will take on AT&T's smartphone perks

3G iPhone Leak?
Jonestown | 4/11/2008

A video that purports to show a 3G iPhone has landed on YouTube

FourGone Conclusion?
Jonestown | 4/11/2008

Or, why 4G is like an unmade sandwich

Q1 Thrill Ride
Craig's A-List | 4/11/2008

Foundry's down, and more could follow

Comcast: Feds Not Needed Here
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/10/2008

A test of the P4P protocol shows carriers don't need regulations in order to play nice, or so Comcast says

Opera Goes for Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/10/2008

Mobile mavens unveil the first third-party browser for the Google-backed OS

Google Grabber Headlines
The Philter | 4/10/2008

Who's dancing with Yahoo?

Nokia: Touching 3G
Jonestown | 4/10/2008

But not for a while...

Starz Shops IPTV Service
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/10/2008

The direct-to-consumer Vongo service is getting an MSO/telco spin under the name Starz Play

Yahoo to Test Google AdSense
News Analysis | 4/9/2008

In a two-week test, Yahoo will carry Google AdSense ads alongside its own search results

Moto Board Gets New Dorman
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/9/2008

Former AT&T CEO takes role as non-executive chairman of the Motorola board

Cisco's OS War
Craig's A-List | 4/8/2008

The 'comical' quest for One True OS

Cisco Wraps Up Nuova
News Analysis | 4/8/2008

Former Andiamo vets get a $678M deal to help fuel Cisco's plans for the virtualized data center

AT&T Brings in New CTO
News Analysis | 4/8/2008

AT&T is bringing in John Donovan, formerly of Verisign, to take over as chief technology officer

Cisco's Nuova News
Craig's A-List | 4/8/2008

Nuova takes the stage

BT Fusion Revival?
Wireless Bits | 4/8/2008

Next-gen Fusion looms

Back to the Drawing Board
The Bauminator | 4/8/2008

Group at University of Colorado withdraws blocking charge, agrees to 'update our analysis' of Comcast's network management techniques

CTIA at the Crossroads
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/7/2008

At CTIA proved last week, there are no easy answers as wireless moves into a new era

University Study Takes Comcast to Task
The Bauminator | 4/7/2008

Just when you thought all of this talk of Net Neutrality and network management might simmer down for a few days...

Nokia N-Gages With Mobile Games
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/7/2008

Nokia launches mobile games service and bolsters its mobile Internet services strategy

T-Mobile: 700 MHz Wallflower
Jonestown | 4/4/2008

Does the smallest of the big four US carriers have a 4G plan?

A Great Conference Name
EuroBlog | 4/4/2008

Can anyone better the Canadians for great conference names?

AT&T & Verizon Make 700 MHz Plans
CTIA News Analysis | 4/3/2008

Verizon will run LTE over 700 MHz spectrum

AT&T & Verizon to Use 700 MHz for 4G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/3/2008

Verizon confirms plans to run LTE over 700 MHz

Ad-Vantage TiVo
The Bauminator | 4/3/2008

Comcast accepts 'initial version' of DVR pioneer's interactive ad management system for deployment... someday

Huawei Sets Bumper Sales Target
News Analysis | 4/3/2008

While other major vendors tripped up in 2007, the Chinese vendor ramped revenues to possibly more than $11B

A Quick Thought
Jonestown | 4/3/2008

On the Clearwire-Sprint talk

MSOs Making Business Connections
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/3/2008

Charter and Cox are teaming up to keep telcos from sniping at business customers, and other MSOs may soon follow suit

Verizon Eyes Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/3/2008

CTO sees limited applications for midget base stations

Controlling Doc$is 3.0
The Bauminator | 4/2/2008

Comcast's new Wideband offering in the Twin Cities isn't exactly priced to sell… and that's probably by design

Comcast Enters the Wideband Era
LR Cable News Analysis | 4/2/2008

The Twin Cities get Comcast's first Docsis 3.0 rollout, with downstream speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s

India Extends Network Sharing Rules
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/2/2008

India's telecom body aims to cut operator costs by extending network-sharing rules to active infrastructure

ZTE, Vodafone Get Closer
CTIA News Analysis | 4/2/2008

ZTE and Vodafone build on their existing relationship with new agreement for network equipment

Vodafone Puts ZTE in the Frame
LR Mobile News Analysis | 4/2/2008

ZTE signs global framework agreement with Vodafone for network equipment

Adtran Adds GPON
News Analysis | 4/2/2008

Adtran is finally offering GPON, but has it missed the boat with Verizon and AT&T?

Comcast Fires Back
The Bauminator | 4/1/2008

MSO exec finds Martin's reaction to Comcast's coming answer to P2P questions 'perplexing'

Google Goes Nuclear
News Analysis | 4/1/2008

The 'not being evil' company moves into new and frightening territory by declaring it has developed nuclear capabilities

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