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With a Little Help From US, Huawei Is Morphing Into a Devices Business
News Analysis | 3/29/2019

The US backlash against Huawei has been good news for the company's smartphone business in the vast Chinese market.

Huawei's Hedge Against Supply Disruption Hits 2018 Cash Flow
News Analysis | 3/29/2019

Stockpiling of components, in the event of a US ban, tore into the Chinese vendor's operating cash flow last year, despite a bumper set of results.

Eurobites: Orange Invests €3M in DevOps Startup
News Analysis | 3/28/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange tackles fake news; Liquid Telecom Kenya chooses Nokia for OTN/DWDM upgrade; Trondheim intends to be a 5G early adopter.

ZTE Says It's Back in the Black
News Analysis | 3/27/2019

After an annus horribilis, Chinese vendor ZTE is expecting to report a net profit for the first quarter of 2019.

Telefónica on Mission to Kill SDN as We Know It
News Analysis | 3/27/2019

Spanish operator wants to get rid of its domain-specific controllers and thinks standardization efforts will make that possible.

Nokia 'Compliance' Issue Immaterial, Still Top 5G Pick – Analyst
News Analysis | 3/26/2019

An MKM partners analyst thinks the compliance issue Nokia flagged in its annual report will cost less than €125 million ($141 million) and still prefers Nokia to Ericsson in the 5G market.

Eurobites: Inmarsat Agrees to $3.4B Takeover Bid
News Analysis | 3/25/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: new UK FTTH player raises £75 million; EU encourages data sharing, says no to US-led Huawei gear ban; Abu Dhabi hub targets UK startups.

In Search of Optical Networking's 'Holy Grail'
Column | 3/25/2019

The optical networking industry is at another inflection point, writes James Kisner, and the chalice some companies drink from next could point the way to everlasting revenue growth.

Eurobites: Have Nokia-Branded Phones Been Sending Personal Data to China?
News Analysis | 3/22/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: MEC and the connected car; Ericsson wants Poles to get their 5G act together; Deutsche Telekom teams up with EWE on €2 billion fiber rollout.

Nokia Unearths AlcaLu Compliance Timebomb
News Analysis | 3/22/2019

Annual report references 'compliance issues' at former Alcatel-Lucent business that could have criminal and financial implications.

Ready Player Stadia: Google's Gaming Platform a Scary Prospect for Telcos
Morris Lore | 3/21/2019

Google's new gaming platform could usher in a new age of cloud gaming, with ramifications for parents and telcos worldwide.

Eurobites: Openreach Seeks Feedback to Further Full-Fiber Plans
News Analysis | 3/21/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Google makes it a hat-trick of EU mega-fines; data-mad customers drive Three UK's growth; Ericsson wins role in South Korean 5G bonanza.

An Extra Week to Enter the Leading Lights
News Analysis | 3/20/2019

You begged... we caved.

Eurobites: US Tries to Strong-Arm UK Over 5G (Again)
News Analysis | 3/19/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson brings home the Danish 5G bacon at TDC; Orange migrates long-distance network, with a Nokia assist; Salisbury fibers up.

Optical Networks for the Next Decade
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 3/18/2019

The ON2020 group is looking to address the optical transport challenges presented by the predicted surge in user traffic on carrier networks.

Telefónica Wrestles With OSM, SDN as Unica Passes Halfway Point
News Analysis | 3/18/2019

The Spanish operator's big virtualization project is over the halfway point and facing up to a new set of technical challenges.

Carriers Shouldn't Panic About Facebook's Wholesale Fiber Service – Yet
News Analysis | 3/18/2019

Facebook's new Middle Mile Infrastructure, providing fiber bandwidth to local and regional telcos, could threaten incumbents. But it's still early days yet.

Had a Great Year? Then Enter the Leading Lights Awards
News Analysis | 3/15/2019

Not entered yet? Then get a move on… there are only days left to submit your entries.

Eurobites: Spain Shines, UK Lags in Latest Fiber Figures
News Analysis | 3/14/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange spreads its fiber offer; GSMA attacks EU's connected-car technology roadmap; German Interior Minister urges caution on Huawei freeze-out.

Source Photonics CEO: Vertical Integration & Lean Models Key to Continuing Success
Telecom Innovators Video Showcase | 3/13/2019

Exciting new applications such as IoT, virtual reality and cloud services all depend on world-class connectivity, and 5G's success will depend on a reliable, next-generation optical networking foundation.

Optical Networking Gets the Football Pulled Away Again
Column | 3/13/2019

Like Lucy always does to Charlie Brown, 5G is likely another new technology that teased optical networking vendors with massive, sustained spending, then quickly yanked back expectations.

AT&T Hints at Possible Decline in Capex in 2020
News Analysis | 3/13/2019

AT&T's CFO didn't directly respond to a question about whether the operator would lower capex in 2020, but he did list all the reasons why the operator might do exactly that.

Eurobites: Merkel & Huawei Hit Back at US Ambassador
News Analysis | 3/13/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: UK sets out plan to curb online giants; Telia Carrier and Telxius combine on capacity; Deutsche Telekom tackles cybersecurity on connected cars.

Nvidia Buying Mellanox for $6.9B
News Analysis | 3/11/2019

Intel and Xilinx had also been linked with bids for the Ethernet and InfiniBand switching components giant.

Juniper's Rami Rahim: Speed Is Everything
CxO Spotlight | 3/11/2019

The CEO of Juniper Networks said that getting companies to market quickly means sharpening the vendor's edge in open source software, cloud computing orchestration, and professional services.

Eurobites: Nokia Extends Jazz's 4G Network in Pakistan
News Analysis | 3/11/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Börse Group invests in Swisscom fintech startup; Russians protest against the unplugging of their Internet; Uzbek telecom turmoil takes another turn.

Altice USA Taps Goldman Sachs to Assess Lightpath Unit – Report
News Analysis | 3/8/2019

Discussions involving fiber-powered business services division could lead to a sale or bringing on an investor, Reuters says.

Vodafone UK Not Radio Gaga About Nokia
News Analysis | 3/8/2019

UK mobile operator is phasing the Finnish vendor out of its radio access network as it embarks on the rollout of 5G technology.

US 'Miles Behind' China & UK on 5G, Says Vodafone UK's CTO
Morris Lore | 3/8/2019

US claims to 5G leadership are nothing more than marketing flimflam, according to Vodafone UK's chief technology officer.

5G Transport, 400ZR Star at OFC19
LRTV Interviews | 3/8/2019

Heavy Reading's optical expert Sterling Perrin discusses some of the major trends in transport network technology at this year's OFC event in San Diego.

Huawei Wages Lawfare Against US
News Analysis | 3/7/2019

Does Huawei know what it's getting itself into by taking the US government to court? This could be a risky move.

Vodafone UK Frets Over Huawei Swap-Out Costs, Urges Testing of All Vendors
News Analysis | 3/7/2019

Banning Huawei would cost 'hundreds of millions' and hold up the UK's 5G deployment, says the UK mobile operator, while backing the Chinese vendor's calls for industry-wide testing.

Huawei Seeks European Allies for 'Long' Fight With US
News Analysis | 3/6/2019

The embattled Chinese equipment maker is gearing up for a major offensive against its US enemies and recruiting Europeans to its cause.

Optical M&A: OFC 2019 Is a Couples Retreat, Not a Singles Cruise
Column | 3/6/2019

More acquisition activity in the optical space is inevitable, but it might not happen for a while until some newly coupled companies get to know each other just a little bit more.

Eurobites: Vodafone Plans to Raise $4.5B With Bond Issue for Liberty Global Deal
News Analysis | 3/6/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Romania's opposition opposes Huawei; Sky launches streaming service in Austria; Openreach invests in Scottish fiber academy.

As Sales Boom, Ciena Hits the 800G Transmission Mark
News Analysis | 3/5/2019

As it ramps its first quarter revenues by more than 20%, Ciena shows off its WaveLogic 5 programmable coherent modem, capable of up to 800 Gbit/s transmission, at OFC 2019.

Eurobites: Nokia Notches Indosat Upgrade Deal
News Analysis | 3/5/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Austrian mobile advertising firm wins big with MTN; Huawei's Hu pleas for cybersecurity consistency; ADVA touts optical transport advance.

Why Cable Operators Need DAA
Column | 3/4/2019

Cablecos must go beyond platform upgrades like DOCSIS 3.1 to stay truly competitive with the growing number of FTTH offerings from rival providers.

Eurobites: 'No Spy' Deal Could Clear Way for Huawei to Play Part in Germany's 5G Rollout
News Analysis | 3/1/2019

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson, MTN extend mobile-money partnership; CityFibre appoints new chief operating officer; extra protection for UK broadband buyers.

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