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Headcount: Give Me Liberty
News Analysis | 3/31/2003

Tellabs prepares to cut, Mahi hires sales muscle, Nortel vet founds a startup, and Jedai is not dead yet

Vernier Electrifies WLANs
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/31/2003

Startup says that running power over Ethernet cable can remove hidden costs of WLAN rollout

Cisco Takes On 10 GigE Competition
News Analysis | 3/31/2003

Cisco's new 10 GigE announcement matches competitors on performance and beats them on pricing

Internet Photonics Touts VOD
News Analysis | 3/31/2003

Boasting Cablevision as customer, Internet Photonics unveils new gear for MSO video-on-demand

Sources: Cisco's Sales Light
News Analysis | 3/28/2003

Cisco's orders are light going into the third month of the quarter, according to several sources

Taqua Cuts in on Santera at 1stel
News Analysis | 3/28/2003

Texas carrier confirms it swapped its SanteraOne Class 5 switch for a Taqua box

Nortel Preps 'Security Switch'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/28/2003

Enterprise product to ship in June will take on the wireless LAN startups

Lucent Pays Big to Settle Claims
News Analysis | 3/28/2003

Lucent closes the books on shareholder lawsuits with a $568 million settlement

WaveSmith Wins at SBC
News Analysis | 3/27/2003

WaveSmith's got the break most startups dream of. What's next?

SKOE: A Korean JDSU in the Making?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/27/2003

One of Korea's big industrial conglomerates is aiming to become a big player in components and modules

AT&T Shelves Grooming Test
News Analysis | 3/26/2003

Its halting of trials of VT1.5 grooming switches could be very bad news for startup Polaris

OIF Demos Herald Interoperability
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/26/2003

Carriers say they're encouraged by next-generation optical switching demo conducted by 24 vendors

Pining for PON
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/26/2003

A cheaper PON technology from Hitachi could be heading toward North America

Report: Carrier Capex Cuts Continue
News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Infonetics predicts N.American carriers will continue to slash capital spending in 2003. When will they stop?

Huawei Admits Copying
News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Says a small amount of its router software was copied, but continues to fight lawsuit brought by Cisco

Nortel Beefs Up Ethernet Attack
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Incumbent equipment vendor delves into VLANs, GFP to help carriers blend Ethernet services with Sonet transport

OFC's Plenary Indulgence
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/25/2003

The hot new trend in telecom optics is to get out of telecom optics, according to OFC's keynoters

Carriers Fail Billing Tests
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Alarm bells raised over carrier billing strategies for new data services

VCs Sniff Value in Europe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Ernst & Young believes VCs and private equity investors will be attracted to the European wireless market in 2003

Hitachi Retreads IPv6 Path
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/25/2003

Vendor joins aging IPv6 supporters club, but doubts linger over future rollout

FCC Unphased by UWB
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/24/2003

And AT&T Wireless says any UWB interference issues will be resolved by the time it launches its 3G services

AFC Straps B-RAS on Telliant
News Analysis | 3/24/2003

New remote access server features give Telliant a few more jobs in the carrier central office

XFP Gets the Fast Track
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/24/2003

Vendors at OFC say the next-gen transceiver standard is advancing more quickly than expected

Cisco Peps Up Its Sonet Muxes
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/24/2003

Announces a new customer and some equipment improvements but has yet to score big with an incumbent carrier

Mahi Swims Into the Metro Core
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/24/2003

Targeting the metro core with broadband crossconnect, Sonet ADM, and optical switching functions

F5 Guards Its Cookies
News Analysis | 3/21/2003

F5 Networks is suing Radware and two other companies for infringing on its cookie persistence technology

Vendors Sharpen EDGE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/21/2003

O2 Ireland is considering enhanced GSM technology, saying it may fit some niches for which 3G is unsuitable

CWDM Products Proliferate
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/21/2003

Cheap-and-dirty WDM products hit the streets for the spring tradeshow season, but unresolved issues surface UPDATED 3/24 10:30 AM

OFC: The Show Must Go On
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/21/2003

Some companies are restricting international travel, but OFC officials say they still expect a good turnout

VPLS: The Future of VPNs?
News Analysis | 3/21/2003

This month's Optical Oracle spotlights the protocol that could help drive the next wave of telecom spending

Cisco Buying Linksys for $500M
News Analysis | 3/20/2003

Enterprise networking giant moves in on fellow wireless LAN system vendor Linksys UPDATED 3:00 PM

Cisco Buying Linksys for $500M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/20/2003

Enterprise networking giant moves in on fellow 802.11 kit vendor Linksys UPDATED 3:00 PM

Intel Envisions 'Smart Dust'
News Analysis | 3/20/2003

Microcomputing motes are just one of the out-there ideas being pursued by Intel's newish research division

3Com Taps Huawei in Enterprise Battle
News Analysis | 3/19/2003

Diving straight at Cisco, 3Com has entered a joint venture with Huawei to boost its IP switching and routing portfolio UPDATED 2/20 12:15PM

Extreme to Dump Layer 4-7 Switching?
News Analysis | 3/19/2003

After two years of little action in the Web switching market, Extreme looks to be throwing in the towel

D-Link Aims High(er)
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/19/2003

WLAN player sets its sights on more lucrative markets

Cisco Snatches SignalWorks
News Analysis | 3/19/2003

Cisco's paying roughly $13.5M in stock for a small, cagey maker of voice processing software. Here's why...

China Mobile Cuts Capex
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/19/2003

World's largest mobile operator reports rising profits as it cuts back on spending over next three years

Sprint Gets a 'Restricted' CEO
News Analysis | 3/19/2003

Former BellSouth exec Gary Forsee becomes new Sprint chief, but deal makes him 'CEO-who-can't-do-lots-of-stuff'

Verizon's Surprise Evolution
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/19/2003

EV-DOes it for Verizon Wireless as it catches folk off guard with its next-gen data service offer

ADVA Continues Metro March
News Analysis | 3/19/2003

German metro DWDM equipment vendor scores a fourth-quarter profit and shows market-share gains

Larscom & Vina: 1 Head Better Than 2?
News Analysis | 3/18/2003

Two established carrier equipment vendors seek merger for greater strength. Is it a good plan?

US Data Services Are Awful
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/18/2003

Long session setup delays exposed in tests of Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, and Verizon services at the CTIA show UPDATED 3/19 2:30PM

Motorola Lags Rivals
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/18/2003

Motorola product launches leave observers skeptical over its chances

UTStarcom's Odd Router Move
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/18/2003

Acquisition of lackluster Commworks wireless router bemuses some, but CEO says there's method to his apparent lunacy

AT&T DWDM Hope Dwindles
News Analysis | 3/17/2003

After a three-year RFP process, AT&T looks to be no closer to choosing a vendor for ultra-long-haul DWDM

Verizon to Piggyback Wayport
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/17/2003

Will follow AT&T Wireless in offering customers 802.11 access via Wayport's hotspot network

CeBITTEN by 802.11
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/14/2003

Showgoers who want to use CeBIT's 802.11 hotspots must fork over major wads of cash

AT&T’s New Gods
Column | 3/14/2003

AT&T’s New Gods – Scott Clavenna

OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/14/2003

One more network-processor startup, Cognigine Corp., appears to be closing up shop

3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone?
News Analysis | 3/13/2003

In a surprising development 3Com is said to be getting set to re-enter the enterprise market via major acquisitions

Cisco to Seek Hotspot Partner?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/13/2003

Cisco will probably need outside help with 802.11 hardware for service provider hotspots, says top exec

What's Cookin' at Core Startups?
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/13/2003

Will companies with optical core solutions use coming tradeshows to seek the perfect match? UPDATED 3/14 11 AM

Cisco (Re)Launches SDH Push
News Analysis | 3/13/2003

Says it's now serious about selling SDH multiservice provisioning platforms to European carriers

ECI Moves Deeper Into Metro
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/12/2003

ECI repackages its metro transport and WDM technology for customer premises and access use

802.11 Security Issues Sorted?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/12/2003

Wi-Fi Alliance says true access point security is almost with us. Well it would say that, wouldn't it?

Germans Stalking Finns
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/12/2003

German bully poised to pound the hell out of pasty-faced northerners -- it just doesn't know when

Kichips' Krazy Switch
News Analysis | 3/12/2003

Their funding cut, a group of Korean switch engineers bolt St. Louis for the startup life in Orange County

Radware Bucks the Trend
News Analysis | 3/12/2003

The small Israeli company focusing on Layer 4-7 Web switches is expected to have another solid quarter

Nortel Beefs Up Long-Haul DWDM
News Analysis | 3/12/2003

The OPTera Long Haul DT has new long-haul equipment; the pitch is longer reach for additional channels

Foundry Unleashes Switches
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/12/2003

The company leaps into IPv6 and beefs up its enterprise and wireless offerings

Foundry Unleashes New Switches
News Analysis | 3/12/2003

The company leaps into IPv6 and beefs up its enterprise and wireless offerings

Alcatel Joins CWDM Club
News Analysis | 3/12/2003

Launches product at CeBIT that could give the low-cost access and metro technology a big boost

Virtela Scores $11M for VPN Net
News Analysis | 3/11/2003

A startup service provider? Yes. It's taking advantage of cheap core bandwidth to offer low-cost VPN services

Lehman: As Neutral as Ever
News Analysis | 3/11/2003

Competition and broadband growth are healthy, but capex and several markets are shrinking, says Lehman report

Verizon Appeals to Supremes
News Analysis | 3/11/2003

A pending Supreme Court review could unleash a flood of antitrust complaints against the RBOCs

Network Warning From Nokia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/11/2003

Networks division responsible for declining revenues; further cuts foreseen

Lucent Sticking With UMTS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/11/2003

CEO Russo says it's too early to quit the UMTS infrastructure market, despite Lucent's dearth of contract wins

Russo: Lucent's Getting Steady
News Analysis | 3/11/2003

CEO Patricia Russo offers cautious optimism at CeBIT, talks up DT contract, and says 'Ha ha ha' to Ericsson

Nokia & Huawei Ink Dull Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/10/2003

Deal should bolster WCDMA's prospects in the Chinese market

Headcount: I Want You!
News Analysis | 3/10/2003

Changes at Tellabs, Tropic trims, Quarry looks for quarry, Herring deader than a mackerel, 'decruitment' proceeds

Foundry's Revenue: Rising Again?
News Analysis | 3/10/2003

Foundry Networks seems to be bucking the industry's recessionary trend: What's its secret?

Report: Users Lukewarm on IP VPNs
News Analysis | 3/10/2003

Enterprises with frame relay networks aren't rushing to IP VPNs, according to Vertical Systems Group

Exavio Stores $7M for Cable Idea
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/7/2003

Heading into OFC, new startup bags $7M as it strives to make a video-on-demand dream come true

Fortinet Gets More Gigabits
News Analysis | 3/7/2003

Will Fortinet's launch of a new 4-Gbit/s antivirus firewall next week allow it to compete with the big boys?

Europe Set for WLAN Boom
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/7/2003

A survey of 350 IT managers in Western Europe shows that wireless spending is up this year, particularly on WLANs

Cisco Reseller Throws Cold Water
News Analysis | 3/6/2003

A report from a Cisco reseller confirms that enterprise sales in the first quarter of 2003 will be down

Metro Ethernet Gathers Momentum
News Analysis | 3/6/2003

Verizon has put its weight behind the Metro Ethernet Forum, which should accelerate Ethernet service rollouts

The Effect of War on Telecom
News Analysis | 3/6/2003

Telecom recession. War. Doesn't sound like a fun combination, does it?

Kompella vs Kompella
News Analysis | 3/6/2003

Meet Kireeti and Vach Kompella, two amiable brothers on opposite sides of the battle over VPLS standards

France Telecom: Beaucoup Losses
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

France Telecom says it lost a whopping €20.7 billion last year but insists that better times are around the corner

ADVA Slims Product, Wins Customer
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

ADVA intros a smaller version of its FSP 3000 platform and talks up a deal with a German carrier

Ericsson: Damn Yankees!
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/5/2003

While Europe and Latin America offer some hope, North America looks grim for network suppliers, says Ericsson

Sentito Networks Scores $14M
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

Canada's Telus is a new investor in this circuit-to-packet migration startup with an access twist UPDATED 3/6 8AM

A New Chance for Old Startups?
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

NVP Brightstar looks to recycle startups from BT's incubator. It's just the start, says a managing partner

SBC Goes for the Pork
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

SBC has been awarded the right to compete for government contracts worth $35 billion. Will it land them?

UTStarcom Cops CommWorks
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

UTStarcom buys most of 3Com's CommWorks division for $100M in cash to gain access to North American carriers

UTStarcom Cops CommWorks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/5/2003

UTStarcom buys most of 3Com's CommWorks division for $100M in cash to gain access to North American carriers

CeBIT Debate: ATM Versus Ethernet
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

The pros and cons of ATM and Ethernet in access networks will be discussed by leading players on March 13

CeBIT Debate: MPLS and QOS
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

Whether MPLS has got what it takes to deliver on carriers' quality-of-service goals will be discussed on March 12

CeBIT Debate: Location-Based Services
News Analysis | 3/5/2003

The issues surrounding one of the hottest technologies in the mobile market will be discussed on March 15

OMM: The End Is Near
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/4/2003

A symbol of the end of an era? The maker of all-optical switches is preparing to shut down on Friday

Report: IDS Takes Flight
News Analysis | 3/4/2003

Infonetics forecasts strong growth for security product revenues, predicts IDS/IPS products to hit mainstream

Will Cisco Buy Arbor Next?
News Analysis | 3/4/2003

It could be on the cards if you consider how Cisco has cultivated the security and network management startup

Headcount: Tell It Like It Is
News Analysis | 3/3/2003

Mahi gets new blood, Lucent makes cuts, Aralight says Buh-Bye, and execs find new ways to say 'You're fired'

Agere Challenges Amp Champ
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/3/2003

Says its extra cool RF power amplifier chips will cut base station costs and eat into Motorola's market dominance

Is Cisco Long for the Long-Haul Market?
News Analysis | 3/3/2003

Rumors say Cisco may discontinue some of its long-haul DWDM products

Tunable Laser Vendors in a Tiff
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/3/2003

As tunable laser demos are scheduled for OFC, last week's OIF-based mulitsource agreement is disparaged by Agility

NeoPhotonics Buys Lightwave Micro
OFC/NFOEC News Analysis | 3/3/2003

Part of the startup's ongoing effort to survive by adding breadth; set to show its VOA mux at OFC

3 Keeps Europe Waiting
LR Mobile News Analysis | 3/3/2003

3G newcomer misses cheesy marketing opportunity, but it's now only days away from European milestone

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