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AT&T's All-IP Tests Won't Answer Key Questions
Rewired | 2/28/2014

Dropping circuit-switched voice in a rural Alabama area and a Florida suburb doesn't address competitive interconnection issues

The New Resonant Relationship Between NEPs & Their Customers
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/27/2014

Operators and network equipment providers are facing uncertainty together, pooling their understanding of what the future might look like. For network equipment providers, this uncertain future has meant becoming even more responsive to the needs of their operator customers, and responding to the network functions virtualization (NFV) challenge.

Cisco Watchers Blinded by SDN
News Analysis | 2/26/2014

Cisco can prosper even if every datacenter stops buying its switches.

CenturyLink Cloud Goes Hyper
News Analysis | 2/26/2014

New Hyperscale offering and expanded footprint is first look at what the combined cloud operation will be able to deliver.

Cisco CEO: It's Early Days for Virtualization
News Analysis | 2/26/2014

But SDN and NFV will be important for Cisco as part of an architecture, says the big boss.

CenturyLink Drives a Nail Into Osmine’s Coffin
News Analysis | 2/24/2014

Ericsson signs up a major customer for its new service provider IT (SPIT) offering, freeing CenturyLink from some of its OSS servitude.

Telefónica Unveils Aggressive NFV Plans
News Analysis | 2/23/2014

Carrier's CTO says the Spanish giant can't wait any longer for the benefits that network functions virtualization (NFV) can bring to its international network.

Juniper Expands Its Virtual World
News Analysis | 2/23/2014

Juniper offers to help carriers become telco 'cloud builders' with an expanded range of network management tools, virtualized functions and router capacity upgrades that build on its SDN story.

Ericsson Steps Up Network Security Push
News Analysis | 2/23/2014

Swedish giant decides it's time to start talking about network security issues and the capabilities it already has in its portfolio.

Juniper Bows to Investor Pressure, Refocuses
News Analysis | 2/21/2014

Juniper Networks unveils a new operating plan that pleases activist investor Elliott Management and brings Kevin DeNuccio on board.

CommScope Suffers Broadband Slump
News Analysis | 2/21/2014

Equipment vendor reports steady wireless market gains but declines in both enterprise and broadband segments for fourth quarter.

Cogent Gearing for Another Peering Battle
News Analysis | 2/20/2014

Cogent's Dave Schaeffer says he doesn't like to fight, but he's not backing down from war with Verizon over Netflix traffic.

Understanding the Market for Network Virtualization
Column | 2/20/2014

Network virtualization is emerging as a potentially key carrier datacenter trend, but what's it all about?

Vendors Catch NFV Fever
Shades of Ray | 2/19/2014

Only days before Mobile World Congress, NFV is a hotter industry term than LTE.

IPoDWDM the Star of Ericsson-Ciena Show
News Analysis | 2/19/2014

A joint development between Ericsson and Ciena suggests a new day for IPoDWDM, courtesy of SDN's multi-vendor management capabilities.

Accedian Steps Up Cable Business Drive
News Analysis | 2/19/2014

Vendor introduces new NFV-powered module for delivering Ethernet service over DOCSIS coaxial cable networks without need for a plant upgrade.

ADVA Adds Fronthaul for Mobile Versatility
News Analysis | 2/19/2014

New AnyCell system designed to future-proof fiber-to-the-tower deployments by wireless operators or mobile backhaul providers.

UNVEILED! California's Hottest SDN Startup, Versa Networks
News Analysis | 2/19/2014

Led by engineering talent formerly of Juniper Networks, the company is working to bridge enterprise LANs with service provider cloud networks.

Alcatel-Lucent Lays Out Its NFV Plans
News Analysis | 2/19/2014

Alcatel-Lucent's transition from boxes to the cloud is designed to help providers offer more scalable networks to customers, with flexible pricing and greater innovation.

Where Are We With NFV?
LRTV Documentaries | 2/19/2014

With NFV set to be a major topic at this year's Mobile World Congress, Heavy Reading chief analyst Graham Finnie says it's a case of when, not if, carriers virtualize their network functions.

Pica8 Adds Muscle to ABC – 'Anybody But Cisco'
News Analysis | 2/18/2014

Pica8 adds to its arsenal of SDN switches but still has work to do on its go-to-market strategy, believes one industry analyst.

Brocade's Datacenter Push Paying Off
News Analysis | 2/14/2014

Brocade's fiscal first quarter earnings show a rise in datacenter fabric sales that validates a recent strategy shift.

How Will Ciena + Ericsson Play Out?
Shades of Ray | 2/14/2014

Could they be more than just friends with benefits?

Ciena, Ericsson Embark on SDN, Optical Love Affair
News Analysis | 2/14/2014

Will they swap line cards over a Valentine's Day glass of champagne? Ciena and Ericsson are joining forces to develop packet/optical technology for the SDN era.

Euronews: Europe Gets an All-IP Network
News Analysis | 2/14/2014

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: European M&A puts brakes on Liberty Global; Swisscom's data-security mess; Maroc Telecom numbers hit by tax bill.

Hello, Components – We're Back!
Shades of Ray | 2/13/2014

We're getting jiggy with components and making out with modules. That's just how we roll.

New Citrix Box Lands Amid WAN Optimism
News Analysis | 2/13/2014

Citrix unveils a WAN optimization appliance with virtual Windows app servers, while WAN optimization market hopes build.

Cyan Packs One-Two Product Upgrade Punch
News Analysis | 2/12/2014

On the heels of financial results that left Wall Street unimpressed, the vendor announces major new features for its SDN and metro optical gear.

Salary Survey: What's It Worth to You?
Que Sera Sarah | 2/12/2014

Light Reading is now accepting responses to its fourth annual telecom industry salary survey, exploring hiring, firing, raises, job satisfaction, and opportunities in the space.

How Do You Get to SDN From Here?
News Analysis | 2/12/2014

New report from ONF Migration Working Group details migration strategies for SDN based on experience of pioneers Google, NTT, and

A Géant In Europe's Science Community
Column | 2/10/2014

Dr John Chevers describes what he gets up to in the course of a week as chief business development officer at DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe).

TWC Sees Competitive Edge in CE 2.0
News Analysis | 2/7/2014

Time Warner Cable becomes North America's most notable Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service provider, certifying for all six business service classes.

Verizon: Security Compliance Coming Up Short
News Analysis | 2/7/2014

New report due out next week shows compliance with industry standards for payment cards is still sorely lacking.

MWC: 10 Things That Could Melt Your Mind
Slide Shows | 2/7/2014

Here's some stuff that could make you barking mad in Barca.

Alcatel-Lucent Shifts Up a Gear to End 2013
News Analysis | 2/6/2014

Margins and share price are up, costs are down and a buyer for the Enterprise division has been found as the Shift Plan kicks in.

Bross Takes On Cisco with Router Startup
News Analysis | 2/5/2014

Matt Bross is back in town and heading up a router startup that's hedging its bets on on-chip photonics.

Light Reading's Back in California
Shades of Ray | 2/4/2014

After a brief hiatus, Light Reading has a West Coast Bureau again -- meet one man and his dog…

Shedding Light on Heavy Reading
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/4/2014

Why Heavy Reading is at the heart of the 'reborn' Light Reading.

Digging Into Mobile Security
Shades of Ray | 2/4/2014

Mobile operators need to figure out how to protect their networks and their subscriber data in an all-IP 4G world – and they need to do it now.

Mobile Security: The Snowden Fallout
LRTV Documentaries | 2/4/2014

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, Heavy Reading senior analyst Patrick Donegan talks about how mobile operators are reacting to customer privacy concerns post-Snowden and how they're dealing with potential network threats in an all-IP 4G world.

Beal's New Gig: Integrating Vodafone & Tata?
Que Sera Sarah | 2/3/2014

Matt Beal's new job description could expand greatly if Vodafone is to acquire all of Tata's telecom assets, as rumored.

Short Shift: Analyst Doubts AlcaLu's Cost-Cutting Ability
News Analysis | 2/3/2014

Despite recent moves, a Jefferies analyst says Alcatel-Lucent could fall well short of its Shift Plan cost-cutting goal for 2015.

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