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Will Google & Facebook Trade Cash for QoS?
News Analysis | 2/29/2012

Operator CEO says there have been initial approaches from Facebook and Google about sharing revenues in return for mobile QoS guarantees

Ethernet Europe 2012 – Event Preview
Ethernet Executive Council | 2/29/2012

3:00 AM Ethernet Europe Chairman Stan Hubbard tells us what to expect

Eric Schmidt's Sunny World
Craig's A-List | 2/29/2012

2:00 AM Sure, maybe it's true that connectivity can bring peace, love and harmony – but enough, already

Deutsche Telekom Demands OSS Standards
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/28/2012

Fed up with the OSS mess, Deutsche Telekom and other operators want new standards, which DT intends to put into RFPs by 2015

It's a Small World After All ...
Jonestown | 2/28/2012

11:30 AM At Mobile World Congress, small cells appear to have finally found their speedy, cloudy niche

The Telecom CMOs: Ericsson's Arun Bhikshesvaran
iBraue | 2/28/2012

11:00 AM What is the vendor's big message in Barcelona? And what's it costing?

Cisco: We're Doing Small Cells Too
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/28/2012

Cisco CEO Chambers pre-announces small-cell launch at Mobile World Congress, places tiny radios in a larger cloud context

Ericsson CEO Talks Up LTE Lead
News Analysis | 2/28/2012

CEO Hans Vestberg talks about being 'No. 1' in LTE and says the pairing with Telcordia makes Ericsson an interesting market mover

MWC 2012: Mobile Money Buddies
LRTV Interviews | 2/27/2012

Diane Scott, chief marketing officer at Western Union and president at Western Union Ventures, talks about her company's new mobile money relationship with Ericsson

Dell Declares an Enterprise Architecture
News Analysis | 2/27/2012

Going up against Cisco (and, yeah, HP and IBM), Dell knits together its acquisitions, including Force10, for one big honkin' enterprise play

Huawei Cranks the 4-Speed Core
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/26/2012

Chinese handset maker is using its own quad-core chip to build what it's calling the world's fastest, most power-efficient smartphone

Duopoly Money
The Philter | 2/24/2012

4:30 PM AT&T and Verizon are the biggest and they're only going to get bigger. Should we expect them to be the best, too?

AT&T's No. 1 SON
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/24/2012

AT&T is planning to deploy self-healing technology across its network to improve performance

Cisco to Buy Lightwire for $271M
News Analysis | 2/24/2012

Cisco sees optical interconnects using silicon photonics as a way to make routers and switches handle more data at lower costs

Cisco Had a Shot at Skype
News Analysis | 2/23/2012

But Cisco turned down the deal – and that has nothing to do with why it's is now protesting Microsoft's pickup of Skype

The Emerging 100GE Networking Era
Research Analyst Interviews | 2/23/2012

Service providers are embracing 100GE and deployments will ramp as ecosystem development helps drive affordability

MEF Sticks a '2.0' on Carrier Ethernet
News Analysis | 2/23/2012

There's more to the 'New Ethernet' but '2.0' was short enough to fit in a headline

MetroPCS Blames 4G Voice Wait on Qualcomm
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/23/2012

The contract-free carrier plans to launch VoLTE in late 2012 as it says Qualcomm's 8960 chips are not yet 'fully baked'

Meeting the IP Network Challenge
LRTV Interviews | 2/23/2012

Operators face a number of challenges as they build out their IP networks. Heavy Reading senior analyst Stan Hubbard identifies some of those key issues, including convergence, interoperability and network visibility

5 Things We Hope 'New Ethernet' Might Be
The Philter | 2/22/2012

A silly list from two silly people who didn't want to wait until tomorrow to get an angle on the 'new Ethernet'

Video CDNs Will Rock the Cable World
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/22/2012

Major cable operators are now building video-optimized content delivery networks (CDNs) that promise to deliver a full range of IP-based video offerings

MWC 2012: Wireless Tapas
Jonestown | 2/21/2012

5:05 PM Expect words like combo, mixed and multi-mode to be very much in vogue in Barcelona next week

Huawei: $6B Sugar Daddy for US Chipmakers
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/17/2012

Qualcomm, Broadcom and Avago all score renewed three-year OEM deals worth $6B in total to supply Huawei with chips

Brightcove Raises $55M in Nasdaq Debut
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/17/2012

Shares jump 30% Friday as the online video publishing company raises $55M

Sony Mobile's MWC Debut
Que Sera Sarah | 2/16/2012

1:00 PM The newly single Sony Mobile needs to make a big splash when it reintroduces the brand at Mobile World Congress

BT: Social Media Use Fuels Cloud Interest
LRTV Interviews | 2/15/2012

BT Group VP Mark Bagley says businesses wanting to use Facebook and mobile are looking to cloud services to help them ramp quickly

NTT's Builds Global Virtual Data Centers
LRTV Interviews | 2/14/2012

NTT Americas CTO Doug Junkins discusses how it has linked its data centers around the globe with an optical IP backbone to deliver Virtual Data Centers to multinational enterprises

Verizon Revamps BSS for the Cloud
LRTV Interviews | 2/14/2012

Verizon is building a new billing system to enable attribute-driven OSS/BSS that lets it bill for third-party products, as well as its own

5 Takeaways From Carrier Cloud Forum
Rewired | 2/14/2012

3:00 PM Standards are needed and there are challenges in addition to the cost savings businesses see when adopting cloud services

Cisco: Tiered Pricing Drives More Data Usage
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2012

The vendor's latest data-deluge warning says LTE and Wi-Fi offload are offsetting some of the tremendous growth in tiered data usage

Verizon LTE Gets Spoofed
Que Sera Sarah | 2/13/2012

12:50 PM 'It's an old person's worst nightmare,' says SNL's clever, yet accurate, commercial spoof

AlcaLu CEO 'Not Selling the Family Silver'
EuroBlog | 2/13/2012

12:35 PM Patent licensing is a positive move, insists Ben Verwaayen

It's More Than Just a Number
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 2/13/2012

Enterprises of all sizes are turning to cloud IP-PBX systems

Deploying 100G Transport Networks
Research Analyst Interviews | 2/10/2012

Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Sterling Perrin and representatives from Reliance Globalcom, Level 3, and XO talk about the benefits and challenges of deploying 100G today

AlcaLu Reports €1.1B Annual Profit
News Analysis | 2/10/2012

Revenues are down but share price soars as Alcatel-Lucent reports a full-year profit, targets more cuts and predicts a healthier 2012

Can NSN Offload Its Carrier Ethernet Assets?
News Analysis | 2/9/2012

NSN's Carrier Ethernet gear and management system are on its 'for sale' list, with joint venture partner Juniper seen as the most likely suitor

Metcalfe to Unveil 'New Ethernet'
News Analysis | 2/9/2012

Bob 'The Father of Ethernet' Metcalfe is to announce 'A New Ethernet' on Feb 23. Could this be a case of the Emperor's New Clothes?

Cisco Reaches a Happy Place
News Analysis | 2/8/2012

Q3 revenues might actually be less than Q2's, but Cisco is still claiming victory

Cisco Earnings Shine in Q2
News Analysis | 2/8/2012

Earnings per share beat the consensus by $0.04, but investors might be more interested in what happens next quarter

OpenFlow Doesn't Always Mean Commodity
Craig's A-List | 2/8/2012

9:15 AM That's what premium chipmakers are going to argue, and they might have a point

Photos: MPLS & Ethernet World Forum
Slide Shows | 2/8/2012

We got snap-happy at the packet network love-in -- see who posed for our pics

It's a 4G World
iBraue | 2/7/2012

5:30 PM Joe's reasons why UBM TechWeb is buying 4G World from Yankee Group

Operators Get an iCloud Competitor
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/7/2012

Security vendor F-Secure wants to help mobile operators get into the game of syncing, storing and streaming digital content

RAD Brews MPLS-TP Storm
EuroBlog | 2/6/2012

RAD Data CTO Yaakov Stein set to detail how Ethernet trumps MPLS-TP in the access network

It's Open Season for OpenFlow
Craig's A-List | 2/6/2012

Tired of hearing about software-defined networking? Too bad

Carrier Capex Could Rebound Quickly
News Analysis | 2/6/2012

Amid a season of weak forecasts, one analyst thinks carrier spending isn't going to be so awful

What's Your Mobile Lifestyle?
Que Sera Sarah | 2/6/2012

7:00 AM Take Light Reading's survey on your own mobile life and learn how the rest of the industry uses mobility

Carrier Bug Bypasses Infinera, Bites Acme Packet
News Analysis | 2/3/2012

One equipment vendor after another is predicting weak carrier spending, but there's a way to get around that

HP Takes OpenFlow Commercial
News Analysis | 2/2/2012

It's not the first vendor to do this, but the it's first switch vendor to go this big with the technology

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