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Cisco Fakes: A $76M Business
News Analysis | 2/29/2008

The US goverment says it's amasses $76M worth of seizures of counterfeit Cisco components and labels

LRTV Documentaries | 2/29/2008

Sunny and mild

Mobile Video: Slo-Mo(mentum)
LR Mobile Column | 2/27/2008

Despite progress in settling on a single standard, the format issue is still roiling the mobile video market

Slideshow: OFC/NFOEC 2008, Part I
Slide Shows | 2/27/2008

A few snapshots from the annual optical components confab in San Diego

Nortel Slashes 2,100 Jobs
News Analysis | 2/27/2008

In a move that will save about $300M, Nortel said it will cut 2,100 jobs and move another 1,000 positions to less expensive regions

Tough Times at Siemens
EuroBlog | 2/27/2008

German giant cuts back enterprise division with sale in mind

Google's Wireless Wings
Cutting Loose | 2/26/2008

Search giant could use ballons for rural wireless coverage

UK Operators Brace for Spectrum Struggle
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/25/2008

Ofcom proposals for spectrum refarming anger UK operators, and some will consider legal action if the regulator does not change its approach

Cisco Touts Chip Breakthrough
News Analysis | 2/25/2008

Cisco unveils its QuantumFlow silicon, five years in the making and more than four times as dense as its CRS-1 processor

Handsets Accelerating in Emerging Markets
LR Mobile Column | 2/25/2008

Penetration moving from major cities and into the rural areas of emerging regions is driving worldwide cellphone growth

Now Wait for Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/22/2008

Developers and analysts suggest that the Google mobile OS could take years to make it to the handset mainstream

Cisco's Big Splash
Craig's A-List | 2/22/2008

Call it a subtle hint

Google's Balloon Dreams
Wireless Bits | 2/22/2008

Could they bring easy wireless access to rural areas?

Where's the iPhone SDK?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/21/2008

The Apple iPhone SDK, still due 'in February,' is considered crucial to the development of Apple's mobile stature

Legal Eagles Circle Comcast
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/21/2008

Comcast, already facing an FCC probe over its network management practices, is now the target of a class action suit

AlcaLu's Video Nasty
EuroBlog | 2/21/2008

It's amazing what you can find on shared video sites

3Com Takeover in Limbo
News Analysis | 2/20/2008

3Com’s acquisition by Bain and Huawei has been put on hold after a federal committee failed to give the A-OK. 3Com’s stock dives 20%

Flat-Rate Day
Wireless Bits | 2/20/2008

Everybody offers flat rates on Tuesday

Telanetix Touts Telepresence on the Cheap
News Analysis | 2/20/2008

Telanetix says it is aiming for a telepresence setup that all company employees can use

Zayo Doubles Fiber Assets
News Analysis | 2/19/2008

Startup Zayo Bandwidth has acquired the fiber assets of Citynet. The transaction will double Zayo's fiber route miles

Vodafone, Orange Revamp Network Share Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/19/2008

Vodafone and Orange are expected to scrap plans for a network sharing joint venture and announce a revised sharing strategy

Moto & RIM in Patent Spat
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/19/2008

Talks between Motorola and RIM hit the skids as the handset makers claim patent infringments

Moto, RIM in Patent Face Off
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/18/2008

Device firms have set their lawyers on each other

China's Illicit iPhones
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/18/2008

Missing iPhones found in China

ARMed Android
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/14/2008

The first Android phone isn't much to look at

Mushroom Networks Bonds With DSL, Cable
LR Cable News Analysis | 2/13/2008

Startup claims its agnostic broadband box for businesses can download at speeds up to 65 Mbit/s by fusing together six connections

MusicStation's New Groove
MO Content | 2/13/2008

Omnifone now does music phones

Cisco's New CFO
The Philter | 2/12/2008

Storage networking numbers guy takes the big money post

MWC: Mobile Brass Tacks
Cutting Loose | 2/12/2008

Beyond hardware there are still some simple things to be done to fully open the Euro mobile data flood gates

Android in Sight
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/12/2008

T-Mobile wants to launch Google Android phone in Q4

GPON Driving Worldwide Growth of FTTH
News Analysis | 2/11/2008

FTTH homes expected to jump to 90 million by 2012

Nokia: Is It Me You're Looking For?
GSMA News Analysis | 2/11/2008

Nokia takes Google for mapping, Apple and others on handsets, but says it is a friend to the carriers

Nokia: Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Jonestown | 2/11/2008

At least for now

Clearwire-Sprint Deal Soon?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/8/2008

Estranged US WiMax players could find the flame again in Spain, according to ThinkEquity analyst

AlcaLu: No 'Cisco Effect' for Us
News Analysis | 2/8/2008

AlcaLu CEO Pat Russo says her company isn’t experiencing the same slowdown in North America as Cisco

AlcaLu Reports Q4 Loss of €2.6B
News Analysis | 2/8/2008

Revenues are up, but one-time charges take Alcalu way into the red for Q4, and the outlook isn't good either

BT Inches Toward Telco 2.0
News Analysis | 2/7/2008

BT is only months away from launching one of the linchpins of its 21CN strategy

Level 3 Acquisitions Begin to Gel
News Analysis | 2/7/2008

A thicket of acquisitions gave Level 3 some trouble in 2007, but the company says its operations are settling down

Feature Story: Juniper's Enterprise Vision
News Analysis | 2/7/2008

The Ethernet switches are out, but analysts wonder if Juniper's puzzle is still missing pieces

Cisco Sounds Warning Bells
News Analysis | 2/6/2008

Q2 results were good, but signs point to at least one quarter of stunted growth

FCC Auctions Hit $19B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 2/6/2008

The 700 MHz auctions reach almost double the initial dollar expectations

Cox Continues Ethernet Climb
BroadBananas | 2/6/2008

Now No. 4 in the market, MSO continues to gain ground on much larger competitors

AT&T 's Road to 4G
Wireless Bits | 2/6/2008

AT&T prepares for LTE

Apple Has New 16GB iPhone
GSMA News Analysis | 2/5/2008

Will it unveil a 3G model in Barcelona?

What, No Android?
Cutting Loose | 2/5/2008

Google is conspicuously absent at London mobile developer love-fest

SEC Could Shelve Nacchio Case
News Analysis | 2/5/2008

The civil fraud charges against former Qwest boss Joseph Nacchio could get dropped due to 'matters of national security'

Starent Shines in Q4
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Mobile packet core equipment vendor makes good in late 2007

Where Are the Missing iPhones?
LR Mobile Gizmo | 2/4/2008

All over the world, apparently

Redback Goes on the Offensive
GSMA News Analysis | 2/4/2008

Former CEO DeNuccio says he wasn't forced out, and that Redback is on the rise and targeting Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper

Redback's Fate
Craig's A-List | 2/1/2008

They're saying it's not as glum as you might think

Terabit Ethernet
The Philter | 2/1/2008

Bob Metcalfe is thinking big (again)

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