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LR's 14 New Year's Resolutions for Telecom
News Analysis | 12/31/2014

Light Reading is ringing in the New Year by offering up some practical resolutions that can help carriers and vendors better compete, make money and plan their strategic moves in 2015.

US Internet Rolls Out 10Gig in Minneapolis
News Analysis | 12/30/2014

ISP demonstrates the capabilities of its fiber network with the launch of a 10 Gbit/s service to select Minneapolis customers.

Comlink Talks New Apps, Targets Healthcare
LRTV Interviews | 12/30/2014

Comlink COO John Summersett discusses his company's eight-state fiber network from Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit.

Kordia Spies SDN Efficiencies
LRTV Interviews | 12/30/2014

Drew Gilpin, head of sales and marketing at New Zealand telco Kordia, sees SDN as a way to achieve a more efficient use of capital.

Tales of the Gigabit City, 2014 Edition
News Analysis | 12/29/2014

We take a look back at some of the unique Gigabit Cities stories of 2014 and detail what to look forward to in the coming year.

TDS Telecom Keeps Spreading Gigabit Cheer
News Analysis | 12/24/2014

Carrier continues gigabit network expansion, introducing a 1 Gbit/s service in 19 markets across four states.

Verizon Reminds Us That 200G Exists
DOS Attack | 12/22/2014

Verizon quietly rolls out 200G on a single route, meeting its timetable and highlighting the next step beyond 100G.

Paul Bunyan's Giant Gigabit Plans
LRTV Documentaries | 12/22/2014

The CEO and GM of Minnesota rural operator Paul Bunyan Communications discusses the company's 5,000-square-mile gigabit network rollout.

OpenDaylight Establishes Security Team
News Analysis | 12/19/2014

The open source SDN organization has formed a dedicated team following disclosure of a serious security flaw that remained unaddressed for four months.

CenturyLink: Building the Case for NFV
LRTV Interviews | 12/19/2014

At the 2020 Vision Executive Summit, James Feger, VP, Network Strategy & Development at CenturyLink, talks about how the US operator is approaching virtual network functions from an operational and business case perspective.

Tucows Buys Into Gigabit Services
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

The Internet and mobile services company buys an ISP with hopes of adding gigabit services to its quiver.

1-Gig: Coming to a Small Town Near You
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

A tiny town in Iowa enters the Gigabit Cities fray through a public/private partnership.

OpenDaylight Patches 'Serious Vulnerability' – After Four Months
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

The Netdump security flaw, first reported in August, can allow an attacker to take over an SDN network.

HP's NFV Director Merges Physical, Virtual
News Analysis | 12/17/2014

Support for both physical and virtual resources is important to carriers making the transition to NFV while supporting legacy physical assets.

2020 Vision Photos: Night Sight
Slide Shows | 12/16/2014

More pictures from Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Iceland.

How Cox Biz Plans to Keep Growing
LRTV Interviews | 12/15/2014

Steve Rowley, SVP of Cox Business, details how the third-biggest US MSO intends to boost its revenues to $2 billion and beyond over the rest of the decade

Gardner's Departure a Cautionary Tale
Rewired | 12/12/2014

Board of directors allegedly wanted faster pace of change from one of the telecom industry's change pacesetters.

How Cable Biz Services Hit $10B Mark
LRTV Interviews | 12/12/2014

Cable operators reached $10 billion in annual business services revenues by delving deeper into their vertical markets and expanding beyond the smallest firms.

KVH Takes Its Elastic Data Center Service Beyond Japan
News Analysis | 12/12/2014

Japanese data center services specialist has expanded its flexible data center interconnection services to Hong Kong and Singapore.

AT&T Adds Brocade, Ciena, Cisco to Its SDN, NFV Program
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

AT&T has added three more names to the growing list of vendors engaged in its cloud/SDN/NFV program and reiterated that it expects its capex spend to go down as it build out its next-gen network.

Ciena Looks to Shake Off Capex Concerns
News Analysis | 12/10/2014

Ciena will look to distance itself from carrier capex concerns as it reports fiscal fourth-quarter earnings.

2020 Vision: A First View
LRTV Documentaries | 12/9/2014

At the 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Iceland, unique Heavy Reading research shows that comms service providers are optimistic about the next five or so years.

Security Suffers From 'Not My Job' Mentality
News Analysis | 12/9/2014

Security is the most important trend for future networks, according to Heavy Reading's 2020 Vision survey, but it requires organizational changes and a change in mindset.

Who Has 2020 Vision?
Shades of Ray | 12/8/2014

A select group of industry executives has gathered in Iceland to discuss the future of networks, services, skills, strategies and the role of service provider IT.

Comcast Unlocks Ethernet @Home
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Comcast has unveiled a new Ethernet @Home service that extends Ethernet services over HFC lines to employees working at home.

Photos: Velkomin til Íslands!
Slide Shows | 12/8/2014

Light Reading's first 2020 Vision Executive Summit promises to be the 'Davos for telecom' -- but first, some pictures of the event's beautiful backdrop of Iceland.

CESR Vendor Focus Turns to Energy Efficiency
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 12/8/2014

Energy efficiency has long been vital to service providers because of its large and growing effect on their operating costs and earnings.

UNH-IOL Testing Ethernet for Connected Cars
News Analysis | 12/8/2014

Interoperability testing expands for both the OPEN Alliance approach to single-pair Ethernet and what is likely to be new IEEE standards.

Ciena Amps Up Software Play, Attacks VNF 'Agility Gap'
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Ciena deepens its software strategy with offerings to help service providers sell VNFs on demand to enterprises.

Vendors Split Over New Ethernet Specs
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

Industry attention on 2.5GBit/s and 5Gbit/s Ethernet is heating up, but the emergence of two vendor groups, one boasting Brocade and the other Cisco, threatens to slow down interoperability.

CenturyLink Aims Gigabit at Businesses
News Analysis | 12/3/2014

When it comes to Gigabit broadband, CenturyLink means business.

Cable Still Working on Biz Credibility
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Commercial services revenues are flowing for cable operators, but VIP customers in segments such as healthcare still need convincing that MSOs can deliver the business services they need.

Verizon Taps SpiderCloud for Dual-Band 4G Small Cells
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Vendor will provide its dual-mode LTE small cell system for Verizon's enterprise customers and public venue deployments.

Interview: Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes
LRTV Interviews | 12/2/2014

'Networks are back!' is one of the key messages from Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes, who also talks about the vendor's financial rehabilitation.

US Cable Nears $10B in Business Service Revenues
News Analysis | 12/2/2014

Heavy Reading prediction kicks off annual New York event for cable business services sector that highlights continued market growth and success.

Bell Labs Gains 2020 Vision
LRTV Interviews | 12/1/2014

Bell Labs President Marcus Weldon, who is also Alcatel-Lucent CTO, talks about the network of 2020, the role of R&D and his recent brush with U2's Bono.

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