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Asia Watch: M&A, IPTV & Indian Delays
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

The latest developments from the APAC region, including wireless acquisitions and activity in the broadband TV markets

Predictions & Probabilities for 2010
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2009

Five predictions for the coming year

VMOps Claims Cloud-Computing Creation
News Analysis | 12/31/2009

Turnkey software aims to get service providers into cloud-computing game more quickly

2009 Top Ten: Wireless Stories
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/30/2009

We reveal the top Unstrung stories of 2009

2009 Top Ten: Most Popular Non-Nortel Stories
News Analysis | 12/30/2009

Because there were other things to write about, you know...

Nokia's New Patent Complaint
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/29/2009

Nokia is taking a new patent complaint against Apple up with the ITC

2009 Top Five: Wireless Rumors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/28/2009

Apple and Android top this year's rumor roundup

AT&T Halts Online iPhone Sales in NYC
Jonestown | 12/28/2009

10:20 AM A traffic-calming measure?

Enterprises Tighten Belts, Check Bills
News Analysis | 12/24/2009

Telesoft survey shows enterprises cracking down on inaccurate bills and uncontrolled mobile usage

RIM Suffers Another Outage
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/23/2009

Users are reporting data problems in North America and beyond on the iconic BlackBerry service

Comcast Settles P2P Class Action Spat
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/22/2009

MSO will pay up to $16M to settle the score for its previous use of a network management system that throttled some P2P applications

Top 10: Mobile M&A Mania
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/21/2009

Unstrung tracks the top M&A deals of 2009 that reshaped the wireless industry

Operation Jokehold
Jonestown | 12/18/2009

2:10 PM Fake Steve says, 'This was meant as a joke'

AlcaLu Swaps Out Its APAC Chief
News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Asia/Pacific president Sean Dolan is unexpectedly replaced, though it's unclear whether he's leaving the vendor

Huawei Beats Ericsson to Swedish LTE Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/18/2009

Swedish joint venture of Tele2 and Telenor turns to Chinese vendor for its national LTE rollout, leaving Ericsson to rue a home turf loss

Ubiquisys Femtos Go Soft
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/17/2009

Femtocell pioneer Ubiquisys unveils a new software licensing business model, signaling change across the nascent femto market

AT&T: Don't Choke Us
Jonestown | 12/17/2009

2:00 PM Jokey plan to take down AT&T's network might have 'spun out of control'

Will Green Sell? Telcos Try
News Analysis | 12/17/2009

New AT&T and Verizon initiatives put environmental benefits out front, but still count on bottom-line savings to convince businesses

Broadcom's Thinking Gets Cloudy
News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Visions of multichassis data-center switches were what led Broadcom to buy startup Dune Networks

China Gets Femto Fever
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/16/2009

Huawei supplies femtocells to China Unicom as other vendors look to China to boost the femto market worldwide

There's a Hole in My Data Bucket
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Verizon Wireless's CTO was saying there was no future in unlimited data long before AT&T's latest furor over wireless data plans

MetroPCS Polices LTE With Bridgewater
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/15/2009

Policy management specialist Bridgewater lands its first LTE gig with MetroPCS

Google's 'Mobile Lab'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

The search giant's 'G-Phone' may actually be a test device, or another HTC Android phone

TeliaSonera Prices First LTE Offer
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

TeliaSonera sets introductory tariffs and data usage limits for its commercial LTE service launched today

Verizon Switches On 100G in Europe
News Analysis | 12/14/2009

Using Nortel gear, Verizon upgrades its live Paris-to-Frankfurt link with a 100G wavelength on existing fiber

TeliaSonera First to Go Live With LTE
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/14/2009

TeliaSonera claims a world first as it launches commercial LTE networks in Oslo and Stockholm, and plans further deployments

This Week in WiMax
Kaps Korner | 12/11/2009

2:30 PM Why 'hybrid' plans make sense

The Art of Shutting Up
Craig's A-List | 12/11/2009

1:45 PM Amazing news: A day without Twitter is entirely possible

VoLGA: Dead or Alive?
Jonestown | 12/10/2009

5:30 PM If it is dead, nobody told T-Mobile

Ciena on a Slow Rebound
News Analysis | 12/10/2009

Fourth-quarter revenues are up 7% sequentially and about flat from a year ago, but the full year's sales are down nearly 28%

60GHz Can Too Run a Home Network
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2009

The oft-disparaged band is considered a one-room wonder, but the WiGig and WirelessHD camps say it can (un)wire the entire home

Cisco's Bid for History
Craig's A-List | 12/9/2009

7:20 PM John Chambers isn't playing for just 12% to 17%

AT&T Mobile Boss: NYC & San Fran Are 'Underperforming'
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2009

AT&T's de la Vega says 3G issues are being addressed in two major markets right now

BT, Cisco Claim Cloud Coup
News Analysis | 12/9/2009

BT turns to Cisco to build a set of 'global' cloud-based IP telephony services, but what does global mean these days?

'Ocean' Washed Up Already?
Jonestown | 12/8/2009

6:00 PM 2010 is going to be a year of intense competition for mobile OS share

Facing Dumb Pipe Fears
Rewired | 12/8/2009

5:45 PM Qwest is taking the road less traveled when it comes to video services

AlcaLu Lands LTE Gig
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Exclusive French trial for French vendor – quelle surprise!

Could LTE Offer Better Battery Life?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

Verizon talks up modulation technique used in LTE as a potential battery-saver

WiFi Faces Video Challenger
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/8/2009

It's a battle of the 5GHz bands as the Wireless Home Digital Interface gets ready to roll

Force10 Strikes at the Core
News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Set the controls for the heart of the network: Force10 adds MPLS and starts working on IPoDWDM

ZyXEL Intros LTE SOHO Router
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Targets US markets with 700 MHz support in new LTE customer premises equipment

Ericsson Quits Voice-Over-LTE Forum
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/7/2009

Ericsson withdraws its membership and touts IMS approach – but VoLGA Forum says it's still alive and kicking

When Will Verizon Launch LTE in 2010?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/4/2009

A Verizon LTE Website possibly reveals some speed details, but a spokesman says there's no date yet for network launch

TWC's Outlook: Cloudy, With a Chance of Ethernet
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/4/2009

'Ethernet Everywhere,' software as a service, and mobile broadband are on Time Warner Cable's business services agenda

ST-Ericsson Plans Further Cutbacks
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2009

Another 600 jobs are in danger as the wireless chips firm targets an additional $115 million in annual savings

AT&T & Verizon End Map Scrap
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

AT&T & Verizon drop lawsuits around the 3G map dispute as Verizon continues with coverage campaign

Nokia's Not Giving Up on Symbian
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Nokia pledges commitment to the Symbian operating system for its smartphones and plans a new mobile computer

Getting Down to Virtual Business
The Bauminator | 12/2/2009

11:40 AM Even if you won't be in NYC for our BIG cable biz event Thursday, you can still catch part of it live via the Intertubes

Nokia: Device Volumes up 10% in 2010
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2009

Nokia said today it expects overall industry mobile device volumes to be up 10 percent next year, compared to 2009

Cisco's Nordic Gap
EuroBlog | 12/2/2009

7:50 AM Cisco is close, but not quite there, in its bid to buy Tandberg

If Google Is Building a Phone...
Jonestown | 12/1/2009

3:20 PM Why aren't they hiring more hardware people?

AsiaWatch: Upheaval at Telstra
News Analysis | 12/1/2009

Telstra's changing shape by the minute, plus other news and speculation from Malaysia, India, China, and Thailand

LTE Core Action Heats Up
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/1/2009

In LTE packet core networks, many vendors are lining up to challenge Ericsson and Nokia Siemens, a new Heavy Reading report finds

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