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A. Bell: Phone Inventor Patent Pilferer?
The Bauminator | 12/31/2007

But we still landed on the moon, right?

2007 Top Ten: Sprint Shockas
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2007

Ten hard knocks for the struggling operator

iPhone Clone
LR Mobile Gizmo | 12/30/2007

A touch of the clones

2007 Top Ten: Technologies to Watch
News Analysis | 12/28/2007

What technologies are going to make a big splash in the next 12 months? We've made our list and checked it twice

2007 Top Ten: Techs That Flopped
News Analysis | 12/28/2007

What's more fun than failure?

2007 Top Ten: Wireless Stories
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/27/2007

The top topics that got the wireless market jumping in 2007

2007 Top Ten: Stock Rockets
News Analysis | 12/27/2007

Some next-gen communications stocks sizzled in 2007. Here's our list of the year's biggest gainers

Changes Run Deep at Cisco
LR Cable News Analysis | 12/26/2007

With Charles Giancarlo stepping down, there's no clear successor to Cisco CEO John Chambers

Cisco's Next Heir
Craig's A-List | 12/21/2007

Or, 'Life After Charlie'

2007 Top Ten: Googly Moments
News Analysis | 12/21/2007

For a company in the business of shoving ads down our throats, Google sure covered a lot of odd terrain in 2007

ANDA Files for $86M IPO
News Analysis | 12/21/2007

We told you so! Ethernet access equipment vendor plans to raise $86.25 million from an IPO on Nasdaq

Report: VimpelCom to Buy Golden
News Analysis | 12/20/2007

Word of a $4.3B deal between the Russian carriers is making the rounds

Danger Plots IPO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/20/2007

The 'Sidekick' designer has decided to float in 2008

Giancarlo Quits Cisco, Paddles to Silver Lake
News Analysis | 12/20/2007

The No. 2 exec and chief development officer is off to the world of private equity

Security Disclosure
Craig's A-List | 12/20/2007

Juniper's still not telling

Telecom Blooms in the Middle East
News Analysis | 12/19/2007

Our look at the 15-country region profiles the ownership and services of nearly 60 carriers

FCC Names 700 MHz Applicants
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/19/2007

The 226 applicants include some names even more far afield than Google

Oldest. Telepresence. Ever
Raynman | 12/19/2007

A look at the original

Knight Time for BT
EuroBlog | 12/19/2007

BT's CEO gets the nod from the Queen

Emcore Beefs Up
News Analysis | 12/18/2007

Intel sells off its tunable lasers and transponders for $85M, and Emcore's the richer for it

RIM Growth 'Peaking'?
Jonestown | 12/18/2007

Nomura Securities analyst says so

Sources: ANDA Preps IPO
News Analysis | 12/14/2007

ANDA wants a second shot at going public, but sources say it's being tempted by buyout offers

Huawei's Core Euro Breakthrough
News Analysis | 12/14/2007

Multi-market deal with T-Mobile is the Chinese vendor's most significant European engagement to date, says analyst

Teliris Trash-Talks TelePresence
News Analysis | 12/14/2007

Cisco's videoconferencing gains aren't all they're cracked up to be, claims the IP giant's No. 1 competitor

Stealthy Zeugma Pockets $22.5M
News Analysis | 12/13/2007

Startup lands a B round of funding as it prepares to come out of stealth mode

Cisco C-Scape Slides
Slide Shows | 12/13/2007

Does TelePresence PhotoGraph well?

Why Do We Need Muni WiFi?
Jonestown | 12/13/2007

It 'mitigates frightening "I'm out-of-doors" feeling'

Ciena's Q4 Beats the Street
News Analysis | 12/13/2007

Ciena beat earnings estimates and its own gross margin target in its fourth quarter and landed a new 21CN deal with BT

Ericsson Stalls on 3G Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2007

Ericsson says it won't introduce a 3G femtocell until the market is ready in 2009

AT&T Prepares CDN Push
News Analysis | 12/12/2007

Ma Bell is moving into Akamai and Limelight turf with a sixfold increase in caching and streaming capabilities

Unik 3G
Wireless Bits | 12/12/2007

Orange France plans to launch a 3G version of its dualmode GSM/WiFi service next year

Cisco's Kool-Aid
Craig's A-List | 12/12/2007

Routers? What routers?

2008: A Fractured World for Developers
Cutting Loose | 12/11/2007

The entrance of Apple and Google into the mobile OS arena means more platforms in an already crowded market

Perfect P2P Partners?
Peer Pressure | 12/11/2007

Does P2P caching equal better traffic management?

Cisco's Window
Craig's A-List | 12/11/2007

Bad lighting and a Kool-Aid demo

Cisco Fumble II
Craig's A-List | 12/11/2007

Hilarity ensues

Cisco Fumbles Kickoff
Craig's A-List | 12/11/2007

When video goes wrong

The $1500 WiMax Handset?
LR Mobile Gizmo | 12/10/2007

The cutting edge of wireless broadband may not be cheap

EdgeCast Scores Hollywood Cheese
News Analysis | 12/10/2007

Content delivery network takes $6M in venture financing from Disney-affiliated Steamboat Ventures

Dutch Feast on Fiber
EuroBlog | 12/10/2007

And they're keen on Cisco's flavor of FTTH

Cisco Confirms AT&T Core Win
News Analysis | 12/10/2007

As Light Reading reported back in April, AT&T has picked Cisco as its new core router supplier

Juniper Opens Up to Apps Developers
News Analysis | 12/10/2007

Partners will get a chance to build their own JunOS applications, but only under Juniper's watchful eye

Verizon Spells Out 100 Mbit/s
News Analysis | 12/10/2007

The carrier explains the reality behind its high-speed hopes

Cisco, Juniper Ready Data Center Assault
News Analysis | 12/7/2007

A possible Catalyst 6500 replacement and an MX960 follow-up are targeting the high-end enterprise, sources say

Police Raid Huawei Offices in Brazil
News Analysis | 12/7/2007

Brazil's federal police raid Huawei's offices on suspicion that the vendor has illegal immigrants working there

Great White North
Craig's A-List | 12/7/2007

Broadband to the icecaps

CESR Sales Crack $500M
News Analysis | 12/7/2007

Carrier Ethernet scores a record Q3; meanwhile, PBT still fights for carriers' hearts

A Conference on Video
Craig's A-List | 12/7/2007

Well, what would you call it?

Cisco, Nortel Tee Off in Telepresence
News Analysis | 12/6/2007

Cisco and Nortel both claim to deliver the most 'immersive' telepresence experience. Here's a breakdown

Cisco's CTO Train
Craig's A-List | 12/6/2007

A count of past CTOs, all three of them

AT&T's Open Fire
LR Mobile Gizmo | 12/6/2007

We're opener than thou

The New Cisco
Craig's A-List | 12/6/2007

Fresh paint, same color

Cisco's Telepresence
Raynman | 12/6/2007

How does it stack against Nortel?

FastWeb Goes Mobile
EuroBlog | 12/6/2007

FastWeb names its MVNO partner

Telecom Italia Dumps UMA for FMC
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/5/2007

Telecom Italia cans UMA in favor of SIP for its fixed-mobile convergence service Unica

FT Boasts iPhone Sales, Higher Dividends
News Analysis | 12/5/2007

France Telecom boasts early iPhone sales success and sees better 2008 dividends for investors as it steadies its financial ship

Why Open Is Important
Cutting Loose | 12/4/2007

Opening up cellular networks is one way to find the next killer app

Schnell! Lock das iPhone!
MO Content | 12/4/2007

T-Mobile wins court case to sell exclusive iPhones

Carriers Say Bandwidth Glut Is Gone
News Analysis | 12/4/2007

Recent network upgrades and capacity purchases are signs that bandwidth expansion should continue

Nokia Snaps Up Avvenu
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/4/2007

Nokia makes yet another acquisition to bolster its Internet services strategy, with file sharing specialist Avvenu its latest buy

700 MHz Deadline Looms
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2007

Major wireless carriers intend to bid but aren't saying much more

Attention Drug Dealers
Raynman | 12/3/2007

Where have all the payphones gone?

Craig's A-List | 12/3/2007

Dilbert gets set free

UMA Nears 3GPP Approval
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2007

Unlicensed mobile access gets closer to becoming an official 3G standard

Killer Blames Mobile Handset
EuroBlog | 12/3/2007

It wasn't me, it was an exploding phone – honest!

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