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IBM/Morgan Deal Shares the Wealth
News Analysis | 12/31/2002

The $5B agreement between Big Blue and JP Morgan Chase may bring good news to telecom suppliers

2002 Top Ten: News Stories
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2002

We take a look back at our news analysis highlights since Unstrung was relaunched back in June

2002 Top Ten: Static Bursts
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2002

Step right up, sir, we've got the guaranteed cure for your wireless fatigue: an intensive regimen of Dr. Dan's Static Bursts

Compal's MS Maneuver
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2002

Laptop maker signs on for Smartphone

J-Phone's Limited Appeal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/31/2002

Vodafone's Japanese carrier makes little of 3G launch

Long Distance Rates Set to Soar
News Analysis | 12/31/2002

Both MCI and AT&T are raising prices on long-distance services, and Sprint may not be far behind

2002 Top Ten: What Ifs
News Analysis | 12/31/2002

Thought experiments, idle speculation, or unabashed rumormongering? You decide

2002 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories
News Analysis | 12/30/2002

A shortlist of the stories that garnered the most page views in '02

Mobilitec May Have Vodafone Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/30/2002

Reports link elata rival with major deal

2002 Top Ten: Components Catastrophes
News Analysis | 12/30/2002

The components market turned into a smoking crater this year, so we track the ten biggest bombs

2002 Top Ten: Fat Cats
News Analysis | 12/27/2002

Well, 2002 wasn't all bad -- at least if you were sitting pretty like these honchos

2002 Top Ten: Technology Trends
News Analysis | 12/27/2002

Treading water in '02, techies cut through the hype and get down to brass tacks: What really works?

Broadcom Picks a Peck of Patents
News Analysis | 12/26/2002

The $24M deal includes technologies that could boost the chip maker's 802.11 efforts

AT&T Scales Back 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/26/2002

Having seen DoCoMo fall on its face, AT&T decides its original 3G plans may have been a bit too ambitious

2002 Top Ten: Forecasting Follies
News Analysis | 12/26/2002

In a year when no one was right, there were still howlers aplenty UPDATED 12/27 9AM

2002 Top Ten: Monkey Business
News Analysis | 12/25/2002

A selection of morsels from the Light Reading message boards

Cisco Buys Psionic
News Analysis | 12/24/2002

Its acquisition of the security startup highlights the challenges facing all intrusion detection vendors

Analysts Predict More Capex Cuts
News Analysis | 12/24/2002

Carriers won't trim their 2003 budgets by as much as once forecast, but equipment suppliers could still suffer

Unicom Sets '03 CDMA Target
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/24/2002

With nearly 7 million CDMA subs in its pocket, Chinese carrier looks to add 13 million more next year

Erlang Preps Switch Fabric Push
News Analysis | 12/24/2002

With $7.5M in its first VC-funded round, NEC Electronics' former baby aims for a serious product drive in 2003

Spotwave in the House
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/24/2002

Canadian startup says it has the solution to dead zones in the office. Now, if it could just do something about Rob in accounts!

Floridians Bid for CoSine
News Analysis | 12/23/2002

Florida venture firm ups its offer to $95.5 million -- but CoSine's board is playing hard to get

2002 Top Ten: Pink Slips
News Analysis | 12/23/2002

2002 was a bad year for telecom workers as companies large and small continued to tighten their belts & slim down

NetMotion Fills Its Boots
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/23/2002

VPN supplier bags new funding and closes its biggest deal ever -- and it claims to have more wins on the way

Sendo Sues Microsoft
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/23/2002

Alleges that Microsoft had a 'secret plan' to plunder its knowledge and expertise and drive it to insolvency UPDATED 3:30PM

RBOCs Get Long Distance Go-Ahead
News Analysis | 12/23/2002

It's good news for SBC and BellSouth, but is it a blow to telecom competition?

2002 Top Ten: Words of Wisdom
News Analysis | 12/23/2002

Light Reading's top picks from our Quote of the Week feature

Solid Sparks Embedded Systems Dispute
News Analysis | 12/20/2002

Solid Information Technology's new database software has stirred up some antipathy among its competitors

Is Celox Farewell an Omen?
News Analysis | 12/20/2002

Celox Networks shut its doors this week. Are IP service switches on their way out?

Agere Proposes Reverse Stock Split
News Analysis | 12/20/2002

Joining Lucent and Nortel, Agere seeks a way to avoid potential delisting

Alcatel Redefines Itself
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

While employees march in protest, the company hopes 'realignment' will bring it to fighting weight

Riverstone Slapped in Face of Good News
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

Riverstone reported sequential growth on its earnings call last night. So why's its stock down 27%?

TeraXion Scoops Up Phaethon Assets
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

A little bit of consolidation comes to the dispersion compensation market

Sprint Spurns MPLS for Global VPNs
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

Sprint's expanding its IP VPN service offering in Europe and Asia, but MPLS isn't part of the plan

VOIP: Big Promise, Big Wait
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

VOIP ports won't outnumber TDM ports in carrier networks until 2007, according to Optical Oracle

Is a Bubble Building in Asia?
News Analysis | 12/19/2002

Rumors of pricing pressure and fiber glut float westward. Need we fear yet another regional telecom downturn? UPDATED 10AM

Movaz: Go Away, We're Fine
News Analysis | 12/18/2002

CEO says company has plenty of cash and denies rumors that it will partner with or be bought by Lucent

Interoute's Back From the Dead
News Analysis | 12/18/2002

Quick settlement with Alcatel brings the Euro carrier back tanned, rested, and debt-free

Elata Makes Iberian Inroads
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/18/2002

Telefonica rival Amena deploys service management system for its imminent personalized services campaign

Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR
News Analysis | 12/18/2002

Nortel's big win at AT&T shows that Resilient Packet Ring technology is still popular with some large carriers

Cisco and SBC: What's the Big Deal?
News Analysis | 12/17/2002

Today's Cisco/SBC announcement sounds grand for Cisco, but maybe that's not the key focus

White Rock Mines $42M
News Analysis | 12/17/2002

Sonet startup closes a fourth funding round, which may take it to breakeven late next year

Ondax Celebrates First Order
News Analysis | 12/17/2002

Startup gets six-figure purchase agreement for its tunable filters

Euro Edge Creeps Closer
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/17/2002

Nokia names the countries it has delivered EDGE equipment to and says commercial software for the infrastructure is imminent

Touch America Touches Tellabs
News Analysis | 12/17/2002

Tellabs reveals the second customer for its 6400 metro transport box

Forums Double-Team to Push Specs
News Analysis | 12/17/2002

The Metro Ethernet Forum and the MPLS Forum collaborate for adoption of common-interest specs. Should you care?

Headcount: Mississippi Spurning
News Analysis | 12/16/2002

Alvesta is sold, C Speed dissolves, Corona calls back (sort of), and Capellas won't budge

Keith McCaw Found Dead
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/16/2002

One of the brothers that helped to build a cellular empire was found dead at his Seattle mansion on Sunday morning

DigiLens Lands Mitsubishi Contract
News Analysis | 12/16/2002

The startup taps potential in Japan as it sorts out one last funding round

Marconi's First Softswitch Sale
News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Enters the softswitch market with its first sale to the incumbent carrier on the tiny British island of Jersey

Nokia Denies Early Videophone Launch
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Not before 2003, says vendor's cameraphone boss

Europe Gets the Picture
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Picture messaging services are everywhere, but interoperability agreements are only just appearing

European VPNs Ramp Up
News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Europe will see sizeable growth in IP VPN service revenues in the next three years, but caveats abound

The Vertu Vanishes
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Surprise, surprise! $20,000 mobile status symbol gets noticed by the wrong sort of people

CDMA's Blue Secret
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/13/2002

Sprint and Verizon ain't saying when we'll see Bluetooth in their phones. We reckon sometime in 03...

Sprint Guidance: Good to Go?
News Analysis | 12/12/2002

Sprint has improved its guidance for 2002 and 2003, but analysts doubt a telecom recovery is imminent

Verizon's EV-DOn't
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/12/2002

Successful trials haven't convinced Verizon to gamble on data-only

Pogo Bounces Back to Life
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/12/2002

Former Microsoft man takes Pogo from device sales to pure licensing model

Nortel’s Quarter Perking Up?
News Analysis | 12/12/2002

Sales in wireless gear may yet rescue Nortel's quarter, as investors bid up stock and bonds

Lightspeed Gets Big Carrier Turnout
News Analysis | 12/12/2002

More than 90 service provider VIPs were among the 282 attendees at last week's conference in London

Nortel Adds Another Enterprise Chief
News Analysis | 12/12/2002

Another leader takes over Nortel's enterprise business unit UPDATED 1PM

Bluetooth Stateside?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/11/2002

It's happening, but not over here -- we take a look at what's holding up the adoption of Bluetooth in the US

Nokia Stock Rot
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/11/2002

But analysts say it's an overreaction

Lucent's SBC Win: Confusing News
News Analysis | 12/11/2002

What's really new here, and what's it mean for Lucent's product strategy?

Avici's Incredible Shrinking Router
News Analysis | 12/11/2002

Avici chops its router in half -- again. It also adds denser line cards and ships its Nonstop Routing feature

Juniper Sells T- Router in China
News Analysis | 12/10/2002

China Telecom has deployed its T320 core router, but analysts differ on the deal's importance

Tahoe Trials With Finns
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/10/2002

Names GPRS operator Radiolinja as one of five from the GSM world trialing its next-gen wireless router

Japan's Oki Gets in the Groove
News Analysis | 12/10/2002

Says it can halve the cost of optical modules by using lenses that are so tiny they can sit in optical V-grooves

Laurel, Redback Score in Router Test
News Analysis | 12/10/2002

Their edge routers produced blistering MPLS VPN performance in Light Reading's record-breaking test

Centerpoint's Yard Sale
News Analysis | 12/9/2002

Centerpoint CEO confirms that the company is shutting down and liquidating assets

Padcom Roams Too
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2002

Seems there's more than one way to roam between different networks -- but does it really matter 'til we get the chips?

Headcount: Workplace Weirdness
News Analysis | 12/9/2002

Centerpoint Broadband winds down, Corvis VP steps aside, and Alfalight gets alfa-lighter

Orchestream Goes for Peanuts
News Analysis | 12/9/2002

Erstwhile competitor MetaSolv's offering $12M for Orchestream, the chameleon of IP VPNs. Well, you were warned

Lucent Harbors UMTS Hope
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/9/2002

Restructured vendor moves towards breakeven and remains upbeat about UMTS, despite seeing no revenues yet

Seranoa Hires CEO, Touts Betas
News Analysis | 12/6/2002

Graham Pattison, late of Verilink, says his startup's got a winner despite the ongoing downturn

Orange Shackled by FT
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/6/2002

Parent puts the major squeeze on mobile group's spending patterns for three years, and Alcatel may feel the pain

Components Standards: Key to Survival
News Analysis | 12/6/2002

Multisource agreements will help the components industry progress, but they are not easy to set up

Startup Renaissance in Cable Market
News Analysis | 12/5/2002

Optinel and Ellacoya are two former telecom startups that have made inroads with cable operators

Osmine's Startup Cowboys
News Analysis | 12/5/2002

The complexity and cost of Telcordia's Osmine process have generated a market of consultants aiming to help

Cisco Lands SBC
News Analysis | 12/4/2002

Cisco signs an exclusive deal with SBC for its core IP routers. Will other RBOCs soon follow?

Alcatel's Submarine Prospects Sinking
News Analysis | 12/4/2002

A vanishing submarine cable market is responsible for over 600 layoffs, says vendor

Post-Bubble Arrogance
Column | 12/4/2002

Post-Bubble Arrogance – R. Scott Raynovich

Rainbow on the Horizon?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2002

Intel et al are readying technology announcements around the WLAN project, say sources UPDATED 12/4 12:11 PM

Cisco Shouts Out for Voice
News Analysis | 12/3/2002

Still trying to win telcos' hearts, Cisco launches voice-minded interoperability initiatives

Nortel Expands Metro SDH Line
News Analysis | 12/3/2002

Release of the OPTera Metro 4150 raises questions about the SDH market and key competitors

Lucent Fat Cats Gorge in 2002
News Analysis | 12/3/2002

While thousands of Lucent workers were laid off, top execs reaped million-dollar salaries and even got raises

Positive Outlook for Handsets
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/3/2002

Outlook for 2003 looks positive for the handset market, especially for Nokia and Samsung, say Lehman analysts

Juniper Targets Carrier Services
News Analysis | 12/3/2002

Juniper has added some ATM, QOS, and management features, as it rolls out a new marketing plan

Are Startups Necessary?
Column | 12/3/2002

Are Startups Necessary? – Scott Clavenna

Alcatel Centers on Cost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2002

Success in 3G networking is all about cost control and a focused strategy, says Alcatel. Contracts would help, too

Casting a 'Stressed Eye' on 10G Tests
News Analysis | 12/2/2002

Circadiant's contribution to an upcoming university test speaks to unique nature of both the tester and the test

Better Days on the Horizon
LR Mobile News Analysis | 12/2/2002

...for the US wireless industry, says Morgan Stanley, as it issues a note upgrading its outlook

Interoute at Dead End?
News Analysis | 12/2/2002

Liquidation at Interoute seems imminent, with the market thumbing its nose at broken carriers

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