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mmO2 Gears Up For WLAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/29/2002

To reveal detailed strategies for main European territories early in 2003, and may partner with BT in the U.K.

Chuck Blasts Big Apple Service
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/28/2002

Ericsson head likes the sound of Senator Chuck Schumer's call for better cellphone coverage in New York City

Turkey Awards
Column | 11/28/2002

Light Reading's first annual Turkey awards

VPLS Standard Debated
News Analysis | 11/27/2002

Virtual Private LANs could be a hot offering, but first comes consensus from equipment providers

Alcatel Gets Real in Europe
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/27/2002

Opens another 3G reality center, wins Cegetel deal, and is the surprise package in the GSM/UMTS market

Moto's Cheap Chips
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/26/2002

Late-comer to the ARM market talks up the performance of its wireless processors -- but the real beauty is the price

Alcatel Stars in Multiservice Switch Test
News Analysis | 11/26/2002

Its 7670 RSP delivered excellent ATM, IP, and MPLS performance results in Light Reading's test

Nokia Extends Handset Lead
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/26/2002

The current struggle is for the silver and bronze, with some changes in the pecking order likely in 2003, says the Gartner crew

Headcount: Long Holidays
News Analysis | 11/25/2002

Lights out at AcceLight, Yotta Networks, and Oresis. Is Alvesta next? UPDATED 6:30 PM

LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/25/2002

Orange's Windows-based handset hits black market in time for Crimbo

Siemens One to Watch in UMTS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/25/2002

Siemens holding up well in squeezed market, while Alcatel surprises, finds latest Wireless Oracle

Lucent Shares Rise on Deal Talk
News Analysis | 11/25/2002

Cisco, General Dynamics, GE? Who will it be? Meanwhile, a deal for ATM switching unit has hit some snags

Old Switch, New Tricks
News Analysis | 11/25/2002

Lynx says improvements to its switch will open up new markets, like protection switching in edge routers

WorldCom Ad Raises Hackles
News Analysis | 11/25/2002

A WorldCom advertising campaign claims it has the fewest outages, but Sprint says it's twisting the facts

Market Spanks Brocade Hard
News Analysis | 11/22/2002

Stock plunges 27% after Brocade warns of weak Q1 and discloses management turmoil

Infineon Spins Off AWG Business
News Analysis | 11/22/2002

Signs definitive agreement to transfer its passive components business to Optun, an Israeli startup

Verizon's Slow BREW
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/21/2002

Why are there only four BREW-enabled handsets available in the U.S.? Some folks say Verizon's just slow

Sewer Robots Prepare for Battle
News Analysis | 11/21/2002

A feisty group of suppliers are boring deep into city sewers in an effort to wire up the last mile **UPDATED 11/22 2:00 PM**

Inphi Moves Beyond InP
News Analysis | 11/20/2002

With indium phosphide's promise on hold, a new CEO will help the startup make the shift to CMOS

P-Cube's Party Marred by Interoute Flop
News Analysis | 11/20/2002

Interoute's uncertain future shelves a startup's only customer announcement

Carrier Capex Cuts to Slow a Bit
News Analysis | 11/20/2002

That's the outlook for 2003 as analyzed in this month's Optical Oracle

Enterprises Warm to Mobile Data
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/20/2002

But concerns about security and integration still prey on minds of decision-makers, according to survey

Interoute Goes Into Receivership
News Analysis | 11/19/2002

Alcatel has pulled the plug on the troubled European carrier UPDATED 11/20 7:00 AM

A Fight for Cash at Terabeam
News Analysis | 11/19/2002

Terabeam is sitting on a heap of cash, and a group of investors is pushing the board to disburse it

Summus Takes Shine to Symbian
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/19/2002

App developer Summus looks to broaden its market by moving to the Symbian OS and increasing focus on MMS

Is Lucent Sitting on OEM Surprises?
News Analysis | 11/19/2002

Rampant rumors pair Lucent with Marconi in an OEM deal. Is there anything to it?

Startups Move 10-Gig to Copper
News Analysis | 11/18/2002

A new standards effort tries to make 10-Gigabit Ethernet possible on plain old Cat 5 cable

Walking, Not Running, to PTT
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/18/2002

Everybody wants a piece of Nextel's push-to-talk business. It doesn't seem they'll be there soon

Alcatel Bids for IP Core
News Analysis | 11/18/2002

Alcatel's hoping to seize a piece of shrinking IP router pie from two perennial leaders. Feast or folly?

France Considers Le CDMA
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/18/2002

Qualcomm vehicle wants to send Tetra à la sortie

Poll: WLAN Has Limited Life
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/18/2002

Our poll suggests it may be adopted by 90% of enterprises but may have only 5 years of dominance

Router Vendors Look for Bottom
News Analysis | 11/18/2002

There may be enough new buildouts of IP networks to stabilize the router business in 2003

IP Video Uptake by 2004?
News Analysis | 11/18/2002

Respondents to a Light Reading poll say Ethernet, along with less savory factors, will boost packet video

Qualcomm Hints at China Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/15/2002

Unicom looks likely to trial GSM1x technology as top execs visit London to talk about all matters CDMA

OSS Startups Target Cable MSOs
News Analysis | 11/15/2002

Upcoming news points to partnerships between small software companies and cable operators

Japan’s Ethernet Play Goes Awry
News Analysis | 11/15/2002

Internet Initiative Japan seems to be doing everything right - so why isn't it paying off?

Vivato Plans Ambitious WLAN
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/15/2002

Startup has a new way to bring WLAN to the enterprise, but can it compete on price with the big guys?

Poll Paints Bright Future for CWDM
News Analysis | 11/15/2002

Readers of Light Reading say CWDM could actually overtake DWDM in metro networks in the long run

Bay's ATM Chip Heads Into Battle
News Analysis | 11/14/2002

The network-processor startup garners a federal government contract thanks to its high-speed SAR capability

T-Mobile's Merger Mania
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/14/2002

T-Mobile's dance card is apparently open once more...

Hutch 3G Dumps Supplier
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/14/2002

Greenfield 3G operator kicks one of its software providers into touch, and puts the record straight on a few rumors

Trapeze Swings Into View
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/14/2002

New wireless infrastructure startup has quietly built a big team and raised $16M in its first funding round

Trapeze Networks Swings $16M
News Analysis | 11/14/2002

New wireless infrastructure startup has quietly built a big team and raised $16M in its first funding round

Sprint's Deadbeat Descendants
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/14/2002

Society detritus spells bad news for staffers

Pan-European Network Anyone?
News Analysis | 11/14/2002

Teleglobe's got a 3,000km beauty on the auction block -- if you can find it, that is

RIM Lays Off
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/13/2002

Pager firm cuts 10 percent of workforce as it tries to weather the IT spending freeze

China's ZTE Goes All-Optical
News Analysis | 11/13/2002

One of China's biggest vendors appears to be jumping on the all-optical metro network bandwagon

NetScreen CEO Touts Integration
News Analysis | 11/13/2002

Robert Thomas says the company wants to be a one-stop shop for security apps, including intrusion detection

Juniper's Kriens: RBOCs Are Ours
News Analysis | 11/13/2002

Juniper Networks CEO says he's hunkered down for grim spending cycle, with a focus on incumbents

Searching for BobbyMax
Column | 11/13/2002

Searching for BobbyMax - R. Scott Raynovich

DoCoMo Claims 3D First
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/13/2002

Sharp takes screen displays to a new level with DoCoMo; but this 3D ain't for 3G...

MS Hints at Smartphone Strategy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/12/2002

Microsoft's Smartphone OS is coming to US shores in the first half of next year -- but it may just be one of many devices

Nortel Nabs $65M Cable Deal
News Analysis | 11/12/2002

Nortel touts a 3-year, $65M deal to furnish Cox Communications with big pipes

Whitacre: Regulations Will Wither
News Analysis | 11/12/2002

SBC CEO Edward Whitacre proclaims that the end of regulations is near and the RBOCs are victorious

Chambers Thumps Wireless Tub
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/12/2002

Cisco's chief says wireless is an important growth area when it comes to capturing service provider capex

Chambers Fires Up Market
News Analysis | 11/12/2002

John Chambers puts a positive spin on numbers, hopes to increase telecom sales to 40-50% of revenue

AT&T's Dorman Disses RBOCs
News Analysis | 11/11/2002

Dave Dorman acknowledges that UNE-P will likely go away. What's this mean for AT&T's local strategy?

Alcatel Keeps the Cisco Faith
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/11/2002

Set to maintain wireless router deal but looking to service node startups for additional functionality

PalmSource to Go Indie in Q1
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/11/2002

To break away and have separate Nasdaq listing by end of 1Q03, plans all-out assault on China next month

AT&T Acquires Velocita
News Analysis | 11/11/2002

AT&T scoops up Velocita's network cheap. Who says the downturn doesn't have its advantages?

Headcount: Shopping, Lifting, Moving On
News Analysis | 11/11/2002

Tellium gets smaller still, Redback cuts again, and a Zhone-Corona deal may be on the rocks

RIM's Big Score
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/8/2002

RIM's deal with Nokia is the first major success for the licensing program the company announced in April

Chip Engines Drives Toward RPR
News Analysis | 11/8/2002

Recently acquired by Alliance Semi, Chip Engines is revving up a configurable RPR chip for Q1 launch

Alcatel Next for Series 60?
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/8/2002

Could the French telecom poodle be next to license Nokia's handset platform? We think OUI!

Verizon Sells C&W Stake
News Analysis | 11/8/2002

Verizon plans to sell its 5.4% stake in C&W to help pay down its $52 billion debt

Qualcomm Claims GSM1x Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/8/2002

Says a top five GSM operator is to trial technology that allows CDMA1x radio access using GSM core

Lucent: All Sizes Fit All
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/7/2002

In the post-SpringTide world, Lucent wants to be "a pretty girl for everyone," according to analysts

Riverstone Heads to Sacto
News Analysis | 11/7/2002

Its latest customer, SureWest, is an example of the many independent carriers that are flying under the radar

Sendo Dumps MS for Nokia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/7/2002

Handset vendor says access to sourcecode is the catalyst, but analyst sees legal or financial factors

Lighting Out From Telecom Town
News Analysis | 11/7/2002

A growing number of disappointed workers are putting their skills to use outside the telecom arena

Report: Security Spending Soars
News Analysis | 11/7/2002

An Infonetics report says spending on network security products will rise dramatically in the next five years

Vendors Add Security to MIPS Chips
News Analysis | 11/7/2002

IDT, PMC, and Broadcom may add security functions to their MIPS processors

Cisco Beats by a Penny
News Analysis | 11/6/2002

Reports $4.8B revenues and a hefty profit, sees revenues as flat to down slightly next quarter UPDATED 5:50PM

Marconi's Switch Gets Tolly-fied
News Analysis | 11/6/2002

A Tolly Group test says the BXR-48000 is indeed big and fast. But what about those MPLS features?

3G Giants Strike Patent Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/6/2002

Talk of greater cooperation in the industry leads to royalty agreement among various holders of WCDMA patents

Lucent Silences SpringTide
News Analysis | 11/6/2002

No more development or marketing for the services switch that Lucent bought for $1.3B in 2000

Metro-Optix Adds Another Customer
News Analysis | 11/6/2002

US Signal has bought some Metro-Optix gear, but the startup isn't pushing Cisco out

We Want Our Packet TV!
News Analysis | 11/5/2002

News from the likes of Tut, Internet Photonics, and Optical Solutions foretells new video-over-IP products

Pics'n'Prices: The Nokia Set
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2002

Market leader keeps pressure up on competitors, but it may be getting complacent about its Asian rivals

Foundry Broadens Its Market
News Analysis | 11/5/2002

Foundry offers new midrange switching products to push gigabit-over-copper and 10-GigE into the enterprise

Packet Design Intros BST
News Analysis | 11/5/2002

Claims a new routing protocol that can improve communication between network routers UPDATED 6PM

Furukawa Slumps, Slashes
News Analysis | 11/5/2002

Faced with sinking revenues from an industry-wide decline in optical sales, Furukawa cuts capacity, jobs

Logica and CMG To Merge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/5/2002

Rivals in IT services and wireless messaging systems to create firm with $3 billion in revenue

Take the Slow Train to MMS
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2002

Strategy Analytics says that lack of devices or standardized content security system will hinder growth of MMS

Verizon Does Enterprise Data
News Analysis | 11/4/2002

New data strategy was highly anticipated. But it turns out the plans aren't accompanied by new spending

We're Open – But Not to Microsoft
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2002

Nokia commits to openness, but with notable exceptions

Nokia in Release Frenzy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2002

Needs press release to list press releases

Nokia Promises EDGEy 2003
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/4/2002

Plans to deliver EDGE-capable mobile devices for Europe as GSM operators look to squeeze more from networks

Headcount: Scary Times Continue
News Analysis | 11/4/2002

A new CEO at Williams, another layoff at Alcatel, and Zhone may be sucking up Corona

WaveSmith Gets New CEO
News Analysis | 11/4/2002

Board member Thomas Burkardt, late of Unisphere, has taken the helm. Bob Dalias stays as CTO

Verizon Talk Stokes Stocks
News Analysis | 11/1/2002

Equipment vendors' stock prices rise on buzz that Verizon will launch an enterprise initiative on Monday

Roaming to Where the Money Is
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2002

GSM carriers could make more money from roaming by allowing users to hook into affiliated networks, says Roamware

Telecom Dollars at Work in Washington
News Analysis | 11/1/2002

Service providers have spent some $86M since 1989 on federal campaigns. The spending continues in 2002

China Telecom's Big Plans
News Analysis | 11/1/2002

As the carrier tries to relaunch its IPO, a company subsidiary is entering the US market. Courage or hubris?

Trying to Do the DO
LR Mobile News Analysis | 11/1/2002

Airvana has the technical specs, the customer trials, and the partnerships. Can it get the customers?

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