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Calix Boosts Management Muscle
News Analysis | 11/30/2001

The optical access startup hires a former Xircom exec as CFO and names Cisco's Carl Russo chairman

Appian Scores Deal With NTT
News Analysis | 11/29/2001

Is Asia where the money is? Startup Appian Communications seals a deal with a major Japanese carrier

Sun Shines on Packet Design
News Analysis | 11/28/2001

IP technology incubator gets a few million bucks from Sun Microsystems

Ex-Lucent Exec Builds New Career
News Analysis | 11/28/2001

Last year at this time, Nina Aversano blew the whistle on Rich McGinn. Now, she's at a startup

Riverstone Edges Out Cisco at Cox
News Analysis | 11/28/2001

Riverstone's focus on Ethernet for the service-provider market helped it land the deal with Cox

BitBlitz Pushes Partnership Program
News Analysis | 11/26/2001

Startup aims to make it easier for 10-gig Ethernet module makers to incorporate its SerDes chip

Lucent Drops on Downgrades
News Analysis | 11/26/2001

After rebounding off its lows, Lucent stock has some short-term hurdles on the road to recovery, say analysts

Interest Grows in Wavelength Conversion
News Analysis | 11/23/2001

A growing number of companies are developing all-optical wavelength converters

Cisco Clarifies Ring Strategy
News Analysis | 11/23/2001

It'll offer two solutions for resilient packet rings -- SRP (proprietary) and RPR (standardized)

TeraXion Trots Out FBGs
News Analysis | 11/21/2001

Startup gets an $8 million loan to further the manufacture of its fiber Bragg grating-based components

Cisco in U-Turn on RPR
News Analysis | 11/20/2001

It's Aladdin vs Gandalf, as Cisco changes tack on the proposed resilient packet ring standard

Optovation Brings in $20M
News Analysis | 11/20/2001

Optovation raises $20 million in a second round of funding

Edgeflow Becomes Meriton
News Analysis | 11/20/2001

Core switch startup uses new name to solidify strategy, tout alliances with Vitesse and ExceLight

AcceLight Scores Major Change
News Analysis | 11/19/2001

Optical switching startup raises a $60 million round, claiming it's got a God-box that will work

JVP Raises a $400M Fund
News Analysis | 11/19/2001

Who says there's no money left? Jerusalem Venture Partners raises $400M and will put much of it into networking

Shareholders Reward Layoffs
News Analysis | 11/19/2001

Corvis and Tellabs cut more jobs, while their stocks bounce upward: It's all about preserving cash

Downgrades Flow From LaFountain
News Analysis | 11/16/2001

Needham & Co. downgrades Cisco and Juniper as stocks climb toward target prices

Lucent Cuts Deal on Fiber Unit
News Analysis | 11/16/2001

Furukawa and CommScope shaved 16 percent off their Lucent fiber offer UPDATED 11/16 3:30PM

Dueling Interconnects Unmasked
News Analysis | 11/15/2001

HyperTransport and RapidIO both aim to improve chip throughput: But what's the difference between 'em?

Juniper CFO Addresses Acquisition
News Analysis | 11/15/2001

Juniper CFO responds to questions regarding the acquisition of Pacific Broadband. More questions remain

Listwin Joins Redback Board
News Analysis | 11/14/2001

Former Cisco big wheel and Openwave CEO Don Listwin forges ties with Redback; Bibb is out as sales VP

Would Cisco Buy Brightlink?
News Analysis | 11/14/2001

Word on the Street is that Cisco may be poking around BrightLink for the startup's optical switch

Sparkolor Secrets Surface
News Analysis | 11/14/2001

Tomorrow's announcement of a tunable laser isn't the full story, says company from the same stable as Gemfire

German Companies Seek Access
News Analysis | 11/14/2001

A bevy of optical players in Germany look to make inroads in America with do-it-all DWDM access gear

RealChip Turns to Redwood Rajs
News Analysis | 11/14/2001

Raj Sing and Raj Parekh take over RealChip, probably to guide the company toward an acquisition

Atoga, Village Networks Scale Back
News Analysis | 11/13/2001

Atoga Systems and Village Networks say they're unbowed by recent layoffs

Juniper Buys Pacific Broadband
News Analysis | 11/12/2001

Deal for Pacific, for $200M, marks a more pronounced move into edge routing and cable UPDATED 4:15 PM ET

Prabhu Joins Morgenthaler
News Analysis | 11/12/2001

Alcatel's former COO becomes a venture partner with Morgenthaler

Value Is Key to Ethernet Service Growth
News Analysis | 11/12/2001

Yankee says storage, VPNs, and content delivery will fuel the metro Ethernet services market

MPLS: Keeping it Real
News Analysis | 11/9/2001

The word from the NGN show in Boston is that MPLS isn’t dead; it’s just been a little under the weather

Down and Out in Texas
News Analysis | 11/9/2001

Layoffs and hiring freezes add to the chill in the air here in Telecom Corridor

Netscreen Goes for an IPO
News Analysis | 11/8/2001

The startup's got an impressive firewall, but will that be enough to impress investors?

Report From NGN: An Industry Adrift?
News Analysis | 11/8/2001

It's the health of the carriers, stupid!

Lucent Unveils Product Lineup
News Analysis | 11/7/2001

In a two-hour conference, execs intro new optical gear and describe the products that will shape Lucent's future

White Rock Feeds on More Funding
News Analysis | 11/7/2001

White Rock's cheap Sonet box gets a $60 million vote of confidence from investors

Mindspeed Claims SerDes Superiority
News Analysis | 11/7/2001

Chip maker says it has the best chip for 10-gig Ethernet, but Broadcom and Marvell disagree

Cisco's Volpi: Back to Basics
News Analysis | 11/6/2001

Companies need to pick their shots and focus on making a profit, Cisco's Mike Volpi tells NGN delegates

Opthos Gets a Jumpstart
News Analysis | 11/6/2001

Metro DWDM startup says it's now got sufficient funds to complete first-product trials by 2Q02

Bookham Claims Integration Milestone
News Analysis | 11/6/2001

It's developing an advanced subsystem for Nortel that combines switching, demultiplexing, and detecting

The Fall of Fibre Channel
Column | 11/6/2001

The Fall of Fibre Channel – Stephen Saunders

Lucent Gears Up for Product Blitz
News Analysis | 11/6/2001

Industry observers speculate the company is preparing to announce two new products

Calient Captures a Contract
News Analysis | 11/6/2001

Startup looks set to sell a 'double digit' number of its all-optical switches to Japan Telecom

Cisco Beats Estimates
News Analysis | 11/5/2001

Cisco beats the Street by two cents and pledges confidence in its battered optical business

Tellabs Pulls a Switch
News Analysis | 11/5/2001

Company continues to struggle with its optical strategy, discarding its high-end 6700 switch. What next?

MPLS Spurs Metro Ethernet Debate
News Analysis | 11/5/2001

Plans to use MPLS to build protected metro Ethernet sparks debate among analysts and service providers

Agilent Hits the Field
News Analysis | 11/5/2001

Its new publicity campaign is drawing attention to a small but growing market for optical field test equipment

Qwest Slowdown Spooks Investors
News Analysis | 11/2/2001

The shutdown of sub-contracting work at Qwest scares the market; Juniper and Tellium fall the hardest

PMC-Sierra Pulls Packet Silicon
News Analysis | 11/2/2001

PMC-Sierra disbands its Internet routing division, invents an alternate strategy in double-quick time

Ibsen, Act II
News Analysis | 11/2/2001

The Danish photonics company is a startup again, after completing a management buyout from ADC

Telseon: Running out of Road?
News Analysis | 11/2/2001

Telseon is scaling back its metro Ethernet plans and may be running out of money. Sound familiar?

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