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4G World 2012: More Photos!
Slide Shows | 10/31/2012

The expo hall opens here at 4G World and the sessions keep going. Here are some more pics from the show's second day

5 Key TelcoTV Takeaways
Rewired | 10/30/2012

1:00 PM Here's the view of the show from behind the podium

4G World 2012: Photos!
Slide Shows | 10/30/2012

4G World 2012 is under way in Chicago. Here are some scenes from the first set of sessions and keynotes

Sandy & Communications
Jonestown | 10/30/2012

8:20 AM It's still early days for this storm, sadly, but – to me – mobile networks seem to be holding up better than they used to in disasters

4G World 2012: Does LTE Add New Jobs?
The Philter | 10/30/2012

7:30 AM Our salary report is making the rounds here at 4G World and carriers may need to fill very different types of jobs as more consumers start using LTE

4G World 2012: The 4G Disruptor
LRTV Documentaries | 10/30/2012

Erik Prusch, president and CEO of Clearwire, delivers his keynote at 4G World in Chicago

4G World 2012: Getting Small Cells Under Control
News Analysis | 10/29/2012

Service providers need the tools to integrate and manage the proliferation of small cells and Wi-Fi

TelcoTV 2012: Windstream's Big OTT Play
LRTV Interviews | 10/26/2012

Windstream CEO Jeff Gardner explains how his company's Merge service is driving higher broadband tiers with over-the-top video

2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Best Product (Mobile)
Jonestown | 10/26/2012

4:00 AM In the third of our 2012 Leading Lights awards shortlist blogs, we look at the companies that made the cut in the mobile products category

Juniper Struggles Continue Past Q3
News Analysis | 10/23/2012

A flat outlook and yet another executive transition keep the 'interesting' times rolling

Apple Adds 4G LTE Flavors as It Shrinks iPad
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/23/2012

The device's LTE support is good news for Sprint and its new big brother, too, as Apple spreads out to more 4G frequencies

Building Transport Networks for the Cloud
Research Analyst Interviews | 10/23/2012

Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin and Colt's Mirko Voltolini discuss opportunities and challenges for network operators in the cloud era as well as some of the key enabling technologies for adapting transport networks to cloud demands

Carriers Collaborate on Network of the Future
News Analysis | 10/23/2012

A new Industry Specifications Group has been created to identify the communications network architecture of the future.

2012 Leading Lights Finalists: Best Product (Telecom)
Craig's A-List | 10/23/2012

11:00 AM Kicking off a series of blogs about the 2012 Leading Lights awards, here's the reasoning for the six telecom product finalists we picked

Google: SDN Works for Us
News Analysis | 10/23/2012

Software defined networking using OpenFlow has worked so well for Google's inter-data center network it's going to adopt it elsewhere

Ethernet Expo 2012: Record Number of Experts Lined Up
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 10/22/2012

Heavy Reading offers a preview of Ethernet Expo Americas, which will take place this November in New York

TelcoTV: More Than Just Video in Vegas
News Analysis | 10/22/2012

Broadband strategies will be showcased at the 11th annual event, keynoted by execs from AT&T, TDS Telecom, Verizon and Windstream

SoftCOM: Huawei's Take on SDN
News Analysis | 10/19/2012

Huawei has a vision to take wide area comms networks to 'all IT'

Top 5 Mobile M&A Deals in 2012
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/19/2012

The quintet of deals that will reshape the mobile world in 2012 and beyond

Cisco SDN Expert Leaves for Brocade
News Analysis | 10/19/2012

The shuffling of top engineers continues as SDN creates new opportunities in networking

AlcaLu Job Cuts to Hit 5,500
EuroBlog | 10/18/2012

9:00 AM Many Alcatel-Lucent jobs to go in France as restructuring details are released

Cricket Leaps Into 4G in Vegas
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/17/2012

LTE isn't just for Tucson anymore

Ericsson CTO: Let's Redefine SDN
News Analysis | 10/16/2012

Ericsson's CTO Ulf Ewaldsson sets the tone at the Broadband World Forum by proposing a new definition of SDN (software-defined networking)

MobileCON 2012 Photos: Faces in the Crowd
Slide Shows | 10/15/2012

Can you spot yourself in this last batch of photos from the fall CTIA show in San Diego?

Chips Race to Absorb the Line Card
News Analysis | 10/12/2012

The network processor is expanding its reach up to applications and services, possibly intensifying the rivalry between two chipmakers

Cisco Piles Pressure on Huawei
News Analysis | 10/12/2012

General counsel's blog highlights discrepancies in Chinese vendor's interpretation of the Cisco vs Huawei intellectual property dispute

Why Arista Doesn't Like ASICs
News Analysis | 10/11/2012

Andy Bechtolsheim shares some thoughts about Moore's Law, networking chip design and the state of 100G

2013: Richer Services on 4G?
Jonestown | 10/11/2012

8:05 AM 2013 might just be about more capacity and coverage on LTE networks in the U.S.

Raco Blesses T-Mobile's Marriage to MetroPCS
LRTV Interviews | 10/11/2012

John Horn, president of M2M services firm Raco Wireless, says a merged T-Mobile and MetroPCS means increased 2G capacity, a broader customer reach and infinite connected device possibilities for M2M

tw telecom Rails Against AT&T's Proposal
News Analysis | 10/8/2012

If the FCC grants AT&T's request to lift wholesale requirements, companies could lose out on advanced services, a CEO tells Comptel

How EMC Could Declare War on Cisco
Craig's A-List | 10/5/2012

5:50 PM There's no sign it would actually happen, but one analysis of EMC buying Juniper brings up some interesting ideas

Huawei Mulls IPO
Rumors | 10/5/2012

2 Execs Become Cisco Presidents
News Analysis | 10/4/2012

If you're keeping score in Cisco's chain of succession, you knew Rob Lloyd and Gary Moore were already near the top of the list

T-Mobile, MetroPCS to Merge
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/3/2012

T-Mobile and MetroPCS to merge to create a 42.5M subscriber US mobile operator pushing toward unlimited 4G

Is MetroPCS DT's Magenta Exit?
Jonestown | 10/2/2012

5:35 PM A T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger could be Deutsche Telekom's way to lessen its stake in the US market, one analyst reckons

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