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At Futurecom: A Peek at Brazil's Potential
iBraue | 10/27/2010

6:50 PM Here's what everyone is talking about at Futurecom in Brazil

BBWF 2010: What's With BT's 21CN?
LRTV Interviews | 10/27/2010

President of BT's 21CN, George Nazi, provides an update on the British incumbent's next-generation network program, and tells Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre that it absolutely hasn't been mothballed

Telx Early to Ethernet Exchange Expansion
News Analysis | 10/26/2010

Exchange provider ahead of schedule with five US locations now live, also announces nine new service provider customers

Google's Apology, Remixed
The Philter | 10/25/2010

3:40 PM So sorry about all the data we unintentionally collected when we photographed your home while you were away

4G World: Cisco's Smart Pipe Suggestions
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/19/2010

Former Starent CEO and general manager of Cisco's mobile Internet group explains what mobile services will make money

Verivue Buys CoBlitz to Help Telcos
LR Cable News Analysis | 10/19/2010

Verivue snaps up a media distribution switch to help telcos optimize over-the-top traffic on their broadband networks

Docsis Gets Its EPON On
LR Cable News Analysis | 10/18/2010

CableLabs is close to releasing a spec for business services that grafts Docsis provisioning to EPON

Cable Guys Buck Up for BNI Video
LR Cable News Analysis | 10/15/2010

Comcast, Time Warner Cable invest millions in video back-office firm that's poised to help cable compete with Netflix and other OTT threats

AOL to Buy Yahoo?
Contentinople | 10/14/2010

10:00 AM The word is out that AOL is circling the search giant

Metaswitch CEO: VoIP + Mobility = $$
News Analysis | 10/14/2010

Voice isn't irrelevant yet and VoIP is in its infancy, says Metaswitch CEO Kevin DeNuccio, who predicts much bigger things to come

Dragonwave Snaps Up Pseudowire Specialist
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/14/2010

Microwave backhaul vendor shells out for pseudowire technology specialist Axerra, a move that brings it in line with its rivals, says analyst

Cisco ASR 9000: Nonstop Video
Video Resources | 10/14/2010

Cisco ASR 9000 delivers non-stop video experience as has been proven by Miercom test. When Miercom removed a controller (RSP) card from an active ASR 9000, traffic continued to flow as if nothing had happened. Cisco is so confident we show it live.

NTT POPs Into Europe
News Analysis | 10/13/2010

Adding VPN points of presence as its DiData acquisition progresses will put more pressure on incumbent international operators

Operator Views on Next-Gen ROADMs
LRTV Documentaries | 10/12/2010

Executives from AT&T and Verizon talk about the drivers and their requirements for next-generation ROADMs, including colorless, directionless, and contentionless functionality

Cisco Umi: Self-View Demo
LRTV Soundbites | 10/11/2010

From the Umi press launch: a demo of the self-view mode, where you can see how you look to the other person

CTIA 2010: The Show in Pictures
Slide Shows | 10/8/2010

On the last day of CTIA, we leave you with another set of images from the show floor

CTIA 2010: Vlingo Takes On Oprah
Que Sera Sarah | 10/7/2010

3:05 PM Oprah says no phones at all in the car; Vlingo has an alternative

CTIA 2010: Mary Dillon's Belief Project
LRTV Interviews | 10/7/2010

U.S. Cellular Corp. CEO Mary Dillon talks about how she aims to keep mobile customers loyal

CTIA 2010: Mobile Challenges for CIOs
LRTV Interviews | 10/6/2010

InformationWeek's Bob Evans speaks with Light Reading's Sarah Reedy about the balance among enterprise security, personal productivity, and unfettered mobility

CTIA 2010: Sybase, CTIA Trash-Talk Regulation
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/6/2010

For mobile commerce to make a difference for the unbanked, the industry needs standardization without regulation, Sybase CEO says

CTIA 2010: Location Apps Go Cross-Carrier
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/6/2010

AT&T and Verizon Wireless let Loc-aid in to help app developers take their location-based services across different carriers

CTIA 2010: Interop Preps for 4G Messaging
Que Sera Sarah | 10/6/2010

9:00 AM Interop introduces SMS to 4G

CTIA Update: Day 1 at CTIA E&A
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/6/2010

Here is our first look at what is making headlines so far at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications show in San Francisco

Cisco Turns Up the Apps Delivery Dial
News Analysis | 10/5/2010

With its Application Velocity pitch, Cisco tackles four key areas: app delivery, customer experience, the 'cloud,' and pro services

A Brave New Frontier – in an RV
News Analysis | 10/5/2010

Frontier execs are going local, meeting with new employees and customers in the Verizon territories they purchased

Verizon Throws Millions at Mystery Data Fee Furor
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/4/2010

A ghost in the machine caused the mystery data fees that fired up Verizon customers; FCC looking into the matter

Rise & Shine
The Philter | 10/4/2010

11:25 AM Our daily newsletters are getting to your inbox earlier. Starting now

PCI Compliance Lagging, Study Says
News Analysis | 10/4/2010

Verizon study finds only 22% of companies adhere to standards for protecting credit card information

EarthLink Back in the Game, Buys ITC
News Analysis | 10/1/2010

Joins CLEC consolidation trend with $516M grab of regional Southeastern carrier

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