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Class Trip to the VZW Store
Raynman | 10/31/2007

It was a trick, not a treat

AlcaLu Revamps Its Carrier Business
News Analysis | 10/31/2007

The Alcatel-Lucent revamp sees its Carrier Business Group reorganized into seven units, with GSM and WCDMA surviving the shuffle

Cisco's Connected Life
Craig's A-List | 10/31/2007

Contest winners: the good, the bad, the scary

Happy Halloween
Jonestown | 10/31/2007

I'm not dressing as an iPhone, are you?

Syncing With Google
MO Content | 10/31/2007

New Gmail update offers synchronization across devices

UbiquiSys Gets Google Boost
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/31/2007

With Google's backing, UbiquiSys ramps up for femtocell mass production and user trials

Russo Shakes Up AlcaLu's Top Team
News Analysis | 10/31/2007

Two of Alcatel-Lucent's senior management team are leaving, including the CFO, and there could be more

AlcaLu Cuts 4,000 More Jobs
News Analysis | 10/31/2007

Alcatel-Lucent takes its headcount reduction up to 16,500 in an effort to boost its bottom line as the vendor announces a Q3 loss

The G-Phone Cometh
Jonestown | 10/30/2007

Do you care?

Airvana Talks 4G & Femtos
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/30/2007

The CDMA vendor might expand beyond its core technology as the wireless market moves to 4G

Xbox IPTV Frenzy
Craig's A-List | 10/30/2007

Oh, so close

Vodafone Picks Femto Vendors
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/30/2007

Vodafone makes femtocell vendor choices while others near supplier selections

Trick or Treat for Russo?
News Analysis | 10/30/2007

Alcatel-Lucent CEO is presenting a revised business plan to her board today before making a Halloween earnings presentation

Cisco's Triple Play
Craig's A-List | 10/29/2007

Big plans for India get bigger

Slideshow: TelcoTV 2007, Part II
Slide Shows | 10/29/2007

More pics and pans from last week's TelcoTV show in Atlanta

Covad Goes Platinum
News Analysis | 10/29/2007

Private equity firm Platinum Equity is set to acquire Covad for $304M, nearly a 60% premium

iPhone Everywhere
Jonestown | 10/29/2007

A dog's life for the cult gadget

AlcaLu Sells Avanex Stake
News Analysis | 10/29/2007

The book closes on a bit of optical components history, as Pirelli buys a piece of the former Alcatel Optronics

3 Launches Skypephone
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/29/2007

3 and Skype launch cheap 3G phone that offers inexpensive calls for subscribers

Apple's $800 iPhone
Jonestown | 10/29/2007

Analyst raises estimates on how much Apple is making from AT&T's sales of the iPhone

Oracle Lets BEA Go
EuroBlog | 10/29/2007

Oracle's takeover offer expires, leaving BEA hanging

'Open Access' Gets Closer
Wireless Bits | 10/26/2007

Obstacles to 'open access' in the 700MHz C-band lessen

Q3 Tales
Craig's A-List | 10/26/2007

Foundry, Ikanos, Bookham: dealin' heat

SerDes Pays Off
Craig's A-List | 10/25/2007

Aeluros makes its $57M exit

Dr Roberts: The Internet's in Trouble
News Analysis | 10/25/2007

Networking pioneer Larry Roberts says routing economics could threaten the Internet's future

CTIA Show Reel No.1
Jonestown | 10/25/2007

The wireless show with two faces: Dr Jekyll & Mr Mild

TelcoTV: Verizon Targets Ads
Craig's A-List | 10/24/2007

FiOS's owners want to try ad insertion

Facebook (Geezer Edition)
MO Content | 10/24/2007

RIM and Facebook make eyes at wireless show, Google waits in the wings

Broadcom Drops
Craig's A-List | 10/24/2007

That cellphone business is killer

TelcoTV in Space
Peer Pressure | 10/24/2007

Channeling JFK at TelcoTV

How Much Will Cisco Change WiMax?
Cutting Loose | 10/23/2007

As expected, Cisco buys Navini; will it change the nascent market for wireless broadband?

Juniper Reports Strong Quarter
TelcoTV News Analysis | 10/23/2007

Equipment vendor beats the street on strong routing and SLT sales

Level 3 Integration Aches Continue
TelcoTV News Analysis | 10/23/2007

Level 3 shares fell more than 20 percent after integration problems forced the company to revise its forecast

Sybase Takes iPhone Email Corporate
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/23/2007

Mobile software firm develops a secure broker between the iPhone's public email connections and the corporate world

TIM Launches HSPA
Wireless Bits | 10/23/2007

TIM offers mobile broadband and new Internet tariff

PVR & VOD Perfect Together
Peer Pressure | 10/23/2007

They're the keys to customer satisfaction

Cisco Buys Navini for $330M
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/23/2007

Cisco buys into WiMax with the acquisition of Navini Networks for $330 million

France Unlocks the iPhone
MO Content | 10/23/2007

Orange must sell unlocked iPhones

America Has a Fat ARPU
MO Content | 10/22/2007

3G takeup means the US now leads the world in average data revenues

Cisco Employees Released
LR Cable News Analysis | 10/22/2007

The head of Cisco's Brazilian operations is among those freed by police as a federal investigation continues

MusicStation Goes to Asia
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/22/2007

Hutchison 3G offers the music download service at less than half the price that European operators charge

Slideshow: Ethernet Expo 2007, Part II
Slide Shows | 10/19/2007

More snapshots from our Ethernet Expo event in NYC

Applications, Access Challenge Ethernet
News Analysis | 10/19/2007

Applications integration promises to be tomorrow's hot topic, while fiber reach and E-NNI remain big today

Ethernet Expo 2007
LRTV Documentaries | 10/19/2007

Ethernet Expo highlights

Greenpeace's Beef With Apple
Jonestown | 10/18/2007

Environmental group details iPhone concerns

Multimedia Phones Have Arrived
MO Content | 10/18/2007

But where are the applications?

Phone Sales Keep Climbing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/18/2007

Nokia and the Apple iPhone help to lift third-quarter handset sales

NSN Products Face Further Cuts
News Analysis | 10/18/2007

Nokia Siemens Networks will slim down its product portfolio further to achieve its additional €500M in annual cost cuts

Avici Profits Rise, Stock Falls
News Analysis | 10/18/2007

Stock slips due to uncertainty over its transition from the core router market to its new software control plane venture

HR Awards Top Ethernet Providers
News Analysis | 10/18/2007

Four carriers take home the top three honors at Heavy Reading's annual awards

BT Gets Windy
EuroBlog | 10/18/2007

British incumbent wants to harvest the wind

iPhone to Get Third Party Apps
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/18/2007

Jobs says Apple will have a third party developers kit in February 2008

Slideshow: Ethernet Expo 2007, Part I
Slide Shows | 10/18/2007

Some snapshots from the show floor at Ethernet Expo

Cisco WiMax: Why Not?
Wireless Bits | 10/17/2007

Plenty of people are ready to weigh in on Unstrung's recent Cisco WiMax coverage

Slovenia Attracts M&A Action
News Analysis | 10/17/2007

Telekom Slovenije expands into Albania with an ISP investment as suitors queue up to buy a slice of the Slovenian incumbent operator

Cisco's Brazilian Offices Raided
News Analysis | 10/17/2007

Authorities reportedly have made 40 arrests related to an alleged scheme of tax evasion

Fuzzy Reception for Mobile TV
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/17/2007

Mobile TV viewing is low in the US and Europe, but the introduction of mobile broadcast networks could increase usage

Cisco MIA
Craig's A-List | 10/17/2007

Ethernet Expo: Look who's missing

Avici Amped Up for Soapstone Launch
News Analysis | 10/17/2007

Avici says its Soapstone control plane software has drawn attention from carriers interested in its PBT management capabilities

Mobile TV Bid Blues
MO Content | 10/17/2007

German carriers miss out on mobile TV platform bid

Slideshow: Leading Lights Awards 2007
Slide Shows | 10/16/2007

A picture perfect evening captured in – wait for it – pictures

Ethernet's Missing Pieces
News Analysis | 10/16/2007

Carrier Ethernet still has plenty of holes to patch, an AT&T keynoter says

iPhone Déjà Vu
MO Content | 10/16/2007

Orange gets the iPhone

iPhone Toxicity Allegations
Jonestown | 10/16/2007

California's Center for Environmental Health files notice

Verizon Expands Euro Ethernet
News Analysis | 10/16/2007

Verizon Business is taking its international Ethernet services into three emerging Central and Eastern European markets

LR Names 2007 Leading Lights Winners
News Analysis | 10/16/2007

The annual Light Reading awards have been handed out at a gala dinner in New York and here's who won

Is Ethernet Becoming Fiber's Friend?
News Analysis | 10/15/2007

As service providers offer Ethernet services in more places, the move to fiber, by some, is seen as inevitable

Ethernet Expo Jokes
Raynman | 10/15/2007

Hilarity ensues... sorta

Unwiring Ethernet
Craig's A-List | 10/15/2007

It's not the answer, yet

Reding Wants 'European FCC'
News Analysis | 10/15/2007

European Commissioner Viviane Reding will shake up the telecom market next month with plans for an FCC-style European regulator

2006 Leading Lights: Where Are They Now?
News Analysis | 10/15/2007

Who soared? Who sank? A look at last year's Leading Lights winners

Cisco May Snap Up Navini
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/15/2007

Cisco's WiMax acquisition plans are moving ahead fast, according to sources

Ethernet Backhaul Battle Brews
News Analysis | 10/12/2007

Wireless backhaul promises to be a major carrier Ethernet market, but vendors claim it's harder than it looks

Ciena's PBB-TE Play
Peer Pressure | 10/11/2007

The company says it's just following the money

Internet2 Completes 100-Gbit/s Network
News Analysis | 10/11/2007

Research and education network enables dynamic circuits and bandwidth on demand with help from Ciena and Infinera

FCC Delays 700 MHz Auction
Wireless Bits | 10/10/2007

But the wireless broadband playing field is more open than ever

Allot's All Alone in Forecast
News Analysis | 10/10/2007

Competitors say the DPI vendor's earnings forecast is not indicative of the market as a whole

Upheaval at BT's 21CN?
News Analysis | 10/10/2007

BT says changes in its 21CN project are part of a planned annual review. The carrier denies there's been any 'cull' of execs

Google Buys Jaiku
MO Content | 10/10/2007

Google acquires microblogging platform Jaiku along with everything else

Allot Shares Sink on Forecast
News Analysis | 10/9/2007

Revenues will fall short again, sending Allot stock downward after hours

Ethernet Expo Keynote Preview
Raynman | 10/9/2007

A day-by-day glance

An Ethernet Expo Rundown
Column | 10/9/2007

Carrier Ethernet will dominate the discussion of Ethernet's future at Ethernet Expo 2007, opening October 15 in New York City

Telefónica Hugs Ovi
MO Content | 10/9/2007

Who's afraid of Ovi?

AT&T Bags 700 MHz for $2.5B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/9/2007

AT&T agrees to acquire 700 MHz spectrum from Aloha Partners for $2.5 billion

Big Bad Chad
The Philter | 10/9/2007

A note on the Alltel pitchman's popularity

The Gold-Plated iPhone
MO Content | 10/9/2007

Get your iPhone 24-carat-gold plated

'Killer' Kriens
EuroBlog | 10/9/2007

Juniper's Scott Kriens gets a job title makeover

IP Traffic Smarts Hit Berlin
News Analysis | 10/9/2007

Deep packet inspection and policy control emerge as early talking points at the Broadband World Forum Europe

The New OSI Stack
Light Ranting | 10/8/2007

Content, the Internet, and intolerable people

VOD Gets Fixed in Italy & Spain
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/8/2007

Vodafone buys fixed-line assets of Tele2 in Italy and Spain for $1.1 billion

Outlook Mixed for WiMax at 700 MHz
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/8/2007

WiMax players could win spectrum in the upcoming FCC auctions, but do the technology's backers have the funds?

BBWF Goes to Berlin
EuroBlog | 10/8/2007

Europe's telco players spew news in Berlin

HR Names Ethernet Awards Finalists
News Analysis | 10/8/2007

In preparation for next week's Ethernet Expo, Heavy Reading names its service provider awards finalists

Verimatrix Scores $5M
Craig's A-List | 10/5/2007

Is there life beyond IPTV?

Siemens Fined, Unhappy With NSN
News Analysis | 10/5/2007

New Siemens CEO expresses dissatisfaction with the Nokia Siemens joint venture

Pressure Grows on ALU
EuroBlog | 10/5/2007

Stock slides on reports of more wireless woes

Swiss Tap Into IP Smarts
EuroBlog | 10/5/2007

Swisscom makes use of FastWeb's IP experience

Tellabs Trips Over Wireless
News Analysis | 10/5/2007

The company's less-than-banner year continues as Q3 promises to disappoint

Cisco Pooh-Poohs Packet Optical
News Analysis | 10/5/2007

While other vendors are going the way of packet optical transport, Cisco says there's an alternative

Redknee's Ready to Buy
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/4/2007

Mobile billing company wants to expand in 2008 through targeted buyouts

Web v Wireless
The Bauminator | 10/4/2007

Is the Web, not wireless and mobility, cable's true path to the coveted 'quad-play'? Liberty Global's new CTO thinks so

Russo Should Go
Column | 10/4/2007

Pat Russo's time has come. It ain't working

BT FONs in WiFi Hotspots
Wireless Bits | 10/4/2007

Are you ready to share?

Microsoft Alumni Do a 180
TelcoTV News Analysis | 10/4/2007

Veterans of Microsoft's IPTV middleware group have formed 180Squared to build services on the Mediaroom platform

Gateway to WiMax
Jonestown | 10/3/2007

More thoughts on how Cisco's WiMax plans might evolve

Len Meets Larry
Craig's A-List | 10/3/2007

No, not the monkey

Verizon's 'Trendy' Play
Raynman | 10/3/2007

Cellphones and MLB Playoffs

Vendors Clash Over PBT
News Analysis | 10/3/2007

As the PBT vs MPLS debate rages on, test center EANTC shows how the two technologies can live together

LR Names Leading Lights Finalists
News Analysis | 10/3/2007

Here are the finalists for the fourth annual Light Reading Leading Lights Awards

Level 3: Video Will Drive Optical Spending
News Analysis | 10/3/2007

Video is attracting advertisers and carrier spending to increase capacity

Internet: Chimp or Champ?
Light Ranting | 10/2/2007

Don't look now – the Internet is evolving

Analyst: Embarq Is Cheap
News Analysis | 10/2/2007

While AT&T and Verizon have dazzled with their stock success, Embarq may be getting dirt cheap

Cisco's WiMax Ambitions
Cutting Loose | 10/2/2007

If Cisco does enter the WiMax market it will have more of a fight on its hands than it did with enterprise WiFi

Ciena Falls in PBT Camp
Peer Pressure | 10/2/2007

Has Ciena finally picked a side in the PBT vs. MPLS battle?

Verizon: A Narrowband Horizon?
Wireless Bits | 10/2/2007

Safety startup wants Verizon kicked out of the 700MHz auctions in 2008

AlcaLu Board Backs Russo
News Analysis | 10/2/2007

Alcatel-Lucent's board issues statement saying it supports CEO Pat Russo, and hits out at 'erroneous speculations' in the media

Google Off the Map?
MO Content | 10/2/2007

How will Google navigate now?

ECI, Operax Hit Rome
EuroBlog | 10/1/2007

ECI and Operax get jiggy with Telecom Italia

Can I Use It Now?
Raynman | 10/1/2007

Screwing with Verizon

EBay: Too Much Hype in Skype
News Analysis | 10/1/2007

EBay takes a $1.4 billion charge on Skype, effectively admitting that the company was overvalued

Nokia Nabs Navteq for $8B
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/1/2007

Nokia agrees to acquire digital map provider Navteq

BitGravity Weighs In on HD Delivery
TelcoTV News Analysis | 10/1/2007

The content delivery network boasts less 'chatty' routing based on custom-made hardware

Siemens Mum on NSN Sale Talk
News Analysis | 10/1/2007

German giant stays tight-lipped over rumors it may consider selling its 50% stake in Nokia Siemens Networks

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