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ONI Bucks the Trend
News Analysis | 10/31/2000

Good Q3 results bring some relief to nervous investors

Alcatel Optronics: How High Can It Fly?
News Analysis | 10/31/2000

Great quarter, but is its parent pulling strings?

Sparkolor Plays Catch Up
News Analysis | 10/31/2000

David Huber is betting on a startup catching up with the competition on indium phospide integrated circuits

Optical Train Wreck?
Column | 10/31/2000

Optical Train Wreck? — Stephanie Cooke

Cisco Caught by Capex Concerns
News Analysis | 10/30/2000

Share price falls 5 percent on fears of a slowdown in carriers' capital spending

Netrake Develops a Tool for the Edge
News Analysis | 10/30/2000

Using a new network chip technology, Netrake hopes to provide quick QOS at the network edge

McGinn Not Alone in Two-Timing Lucent
News Analysis | 10/30/2000

Others, including Dan Stanzione, former president of Bell Labs, backed a competitor while still at Lucent

Ocular Sees a Single Fabric
News Analysis | 10/30/2000

Metropolitan optical player plans a single switching fabric for multiple voice and data traffic types

Lynx Claims Optical Switch Advance
News Analysis | 10/27/2000

Startup says its solid state switch beats MEMS and bubbles on several counts

JDSU: There's No Industry Slowdown
News Analysis | 10/26/2000

Leading optical components vendor beats the street estimates by two cents, sees no sign of weakening demand

Optical Death Greatly Exaggerated
News Analysis | 10/26/2000

George Gilder still believes. Can you?

Nortel's Optical Halloween
Column | 10/25/2000

Nortel's Optical Halloween -- R. Scott Raynovich

Nortel's Fright Night
News Analysis | 10/25/2000

Nortel last night reported a slip in optical growth, sending the optical market into the gutter. Was the reaction extreme?

Analyst Report Defends Optical
News Analysis | 10/24/2000

Morgan Stanley's report on capital spending sheds positve light on optical equipment.

McGinn Backed Lucent Competitor
News Analysis | 10/24/2000

As Lucent's share price fell, the CEO was mining Zhone Technologies for startup gold

Out of the Lab: Fiber Dispels Dispersion
News Analysis | 10/24/2000

French researchers have developed a fiber that could slash the cost of correcting for dispersion

Qwest Comes on Strong
News Analysis | 10/24/2000

Qwest provides some relief for the beleaguered telecom sector

Raza Raises Fast Cash
News Analysis | 10/23/2000

Networking investment and development firm raises $125 million investment from a group led by Cisco

Corning Still High in Fiber
News Analysis | 10/23/2000

Optical components growth was considerable, but fiber still fuels the bulk of Corning's business

Bye-Bye BrightLink Blimp
News Analysis | 10/23/2000

Zany zeppelin vanishes before recruitment fair; Cisco suspected in Telecom Corridor caper

McGinn: McGone
News Analysis | 10/23/2000

Lucent's Chairman and CEO Rich McGinn is history. It may be a long road to recovery

Is Cisco Buying CacheFlow?
News Analysis | 10/20/2000

Rumors are swirling that Cisco wants CacheFlow -- analysts think it'd be a good combination

Appian Peps Up Provisioning
News Analysis | 10/20/2000

Software platform aims to provide carriers a way to point and click toward profits

SignalSoft Knows Where It's At
LR Mobile News Analysis | 10/20/2000

Location, location, and customers: the three most important things in wireless.

Optical Stocks: Panic? Schmanic!
Column | 10/20/2000

Optical Stocks: Panic? Schmanic! -- R. Scott Raynovich

New Kid on the Cisco/Juniper Block
News Analysis | 10/19/2000

Tony Li has set his startup's sights on domination of the router market. His track record speaks volumes

Zhone Files for IPO
News Analysis | 10/19/2000

Company aims to put another $345 million into its coffers

Sycamore Ships Sirocco Product
News Analysis | 10/19/2000

The Sycamore and Sirocco products are fully integrated and shipping to customers

Telcordia's Osmine Gold Mine
News Analysis | 10/18/2000

Is Telcordia abusing its ownership of the integration process for Osmine management software?

Ixia's IPO Blooms
News Analysis | 10/18/2000

Shares of the network measurement firm jump 80 percent during its first trading day

Nortel's $1 Billion Pipe Dream
News Analysis | 10/18/2000

Nortel is providing up to 50% of the financing for Aerie's optical network buildout: Who'll pay for the rest?

Swedish Carrier Suffers Setback
News Analysis | 10/18/2000

Business case for rolling out broadband to millions of homes comes into question

Marconi Debuts on Nasdaq
News Analysis | 10/17/2000

Looking to boost its U.S. profile, Marconi is listed as an ADR on the Nasdaq

Astral Point Plays Survivor
News Analysis | 10/17/2000

A $100 million deal with Time Warner Telecom is just what the IPO bankers ordered: Was equity involved?

Optical Boosts Tellabs Quarter
News Analysis | 10/17/2000

Company shows 50 percent growth in quarterly sales. Can it keep pace with the changing market?

Tellium's Pure Optical Play
News Analysis | 10/16/2000

Astarte acquisition yields MEMS technology and intellectual property

Velio Claims Switch Silicon Breakthrough
News Analysis | 10/16/2000

Startup's chips promise to delay the deployment of all-optical switches by making electrical core ones more attractive

Choosing Light
Column | 10/16/2000

Choosing Light -- Scott Clavenna

IPOs Will Test Market's Optical Optimism
News Analysis | 10/13/2000

A six-pack of optical outfits could IPO over the next few weeks -- but only if Friday's market comeback continues

OIF Specs Component Standard
News Analysis | 10/13/2000

Docs could accelerate the commoditization of switches and routers with Sonet interfaces

Lucent Supernova
Column | 10/12/2000

Lucent Supernova -- R. Scott Raynovich

Juniper Grows Like a Weed
News Analysis | 10/12/2000

Juniper has another stellar quarter, but components worries linger

Stock Swap M&A: Is the Price Right?
News Analysis | 10/12/2000

The market is changing the value of many optical deals -- and not for the better

Cidra IPO Raises Eyebrows
News Analysis | 10/12/2000

Cisco and Corvis are listed as key customers of the company chaired by Corvis CEO David Huber

Weiss Peck & Greer Becomes Lightspeed
News Analysis | 10/11/2000

VC firm changes name, tools up for optical investment with billion dollar fund

Redback Blows Away the Numbers
News Analysis | 10/11/2000

Optical networking drives growth in an $80 million quarter, and the company announces an unexpected profit

Sorrento's $40 Million Deal
News Analysis | 10/11/2000

Sorrento's deal with Cox Communications shows management is serious about improving the company's plight

Next Gen Carriers Cash In
News Analysis | 10/11/2000

Why are the VCs throwing money at next-generation Ethernet-based service providers like Yipes and Cogent?

Lucent Warns -- Again
News Analysis | 10/11/2000

Stock plummets 30 percent as confidence slips and the credibility gap grows (UPDATED 10/11/200 10:30 am ET)

FCC Examines Colocation Conflict
News Analysis | 10/10/2000

Federal agency sets out to redefine which type of competitors' boxes should be allowed at colocation facilities

Gotham Networks Joins Crowd on the Edge
News Analysis | 10/10/2000

Startup focuses on network processors and management software for low-fat edge switch/router

Litton, Corning to Settle Suit
News Analysis | 10/9/2000

Litton Systems and Corning will discuss fiber amplifier patent infringement out of court

Sycamore Stuck on Signaling Standard
News Analysis | 10/9/2000

Its efforts to breathe new life into the ODSI's signaling spec aren't going well

Fujitsu Execs Flee
News Analysis | 10/9/2000

Is the party over for the dominant Sonet player?

Iris Group Attracts $60M
News Analysis | 10/9/2000

Ex-Monterey founders lead a group of four optical networking startups that plan to share a common architecture

ATM: Over and Out?
Column | 10/9/2000

ATM: Over and Out? -- Stephen Saunders

Market Sell-Off Clips Optics
News Analysis | 10/6/2000

The stock market knocks between 5 and 15 percent off optical company valuations

Component Lawsuit: What's It Mean?
News Analysis | 10/6/2000

Stanford U. and Litton Systems are suing all major vendors, but the fallout may be less than feared

Cisco's Cloudy Forecasts
Column | 10/6/2000

Cisco's Cloudy Forecasts -- Phil Harvey

Optical Access Bids for $108 Million IPO
News Analysis | 10/6/2000

MRV spawns another offspring

Metro Access: A Mixed Bag
News Analysis | 10/6/2000

Surging popularity of gigabit Ethernet and native IP will lead to bandwidth bottlenecks in the metro space

What's Spooked Juniper Investors?
News Analysis | 10/5/2000

As it gets closer to reporting quarterly earnings, Juniper shares are dropping steadily: Is something wrong?

Astral Point Explores Its Options
News Analysis | 10/5/2000

The company is said to have hired an investment bank to help consider offers

Wavesplitter Files for $155 Million IPO
News Analysis | 10/5/2000

With Corvis as its main customer, analysts have a good feeling about the company's prospects

Optical Power Trip
News Analysis | 10/5/2000

Big switches like Tellium's Aurora are drawing attention to the growing problem of power consumption

Lucent Gets a Shot in the Arm
News Analysis | 10/5/2000

A $1 billion contract with SBC and a $180 million Brazilian deal are just what the doctor ordered

Oplink Soars on Market Debut
News Analysis | 10/4/2000

Its share price nearly doubled in the first hour of trading, but stormy waters may lie ahead

Maple Gets $50M for MPLS Box
News Analysis | 10/4/2000

Its "multi-service optical system" aims to run IP directly over fiber, eliminating Sonet and ATM

Component Spinoffs: Dynamite or Duds?
News Analysis | 10/4/2000

Alcatel, Lucent, and Nortel will use the public markets to spin out the unknown value of components

Avici's Qwest for a Contract
News Analysis | 10/3/2000

Avici announces Qwest as a trial customer; but no contract amount is disclosed, and Qwest holds Avici stock

Test Gear Shortage Snags Startups
News Analysis | 10/3/2000

A dearth of power meters, tunable lasers, and other test devices could slow the progress of optical networking

Village Unveils "Optical Packet Node"
News Analysis | 10/3/2000

New product category puts IP routing and wavelength switching in the same box

Cisco's Optical Customers Face Delays
News Analysis | 10/2/2000

Cisco has struggled to keep up with shipments of its ONS 15454 optical platform, and carriers are complaining

C&W Bets $1.4 Billion on VOIP
News Analysis | 10/2/2000

Nortel gets $1.4 billion; Cable & Wireless builds an all-IP service infrastructure

Eyes on Redback's First Optical Quarter
News Analysis | 10/2/2000

Analysts expect first revenues from its SmartEdge products in results to be announced next week

Ellacoya Elaborates
News Analysis | 10/2/2000

Ships products. Announces customers. Outlines architecture

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