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700 MHz Auctions Hit 'Open Access' Threshold
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/31/2008

Whether it is bidding or not, Google has just achieved its aim of a national block of 'open access' wireless broadband spectrum

Juniper's EX in Pictures
Slide Shows | 1/30/2008

Live, from New York, it's photos of the Juniper enterprise launch

iPhone Data Booms at T-Mobile
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/30/2008

Deutsche Telekom CEO says German iPhone users consume up to 30 times more data than its other subscribers

Juniper: EX, Not Extreme
Craig's A-List | 1/29/2008

'Build' won over 'buy'

Juniper Storms Into Ethernet Switching
News Analysis | 1/29/2008

Juniper comes roaring into the Ethernet switching market with high-speed gear and partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle

Juniper EX Bits
Craig's A-List | 1/29/2008

The EX is out. Quick, find quotes!

T-Mobile Boasts Subscriber Growth
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/29/2008

T-Mobile reports strong subscriber growth in 2007 and T-Mobile USA is the international operator's biggest contributor

Cisco's Nexus Targets Data Center's Future
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Cisco's biggest product since the CRS-1 combines Ethernet and storage switching to target a new era in data center technology

Packet Design Studies VPNs
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Packet Design adds VPN traffic analysis capabilies to its popular Route Explorer product

Catalyst Gets Older
Craig's A-List | 1/28/2008

A switch has got to know its limitations

YouTube Goes Big-Time Mobile
MO Content | 1/28/2008

YouTube's entire catalogue now available on mobile

Google Says Mobile Ads to Take Off in '08
Jonestown | 1/28/2008

This is the year, says Google

Nokia Acquires Trolltech
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/28/2008

Nokia to acquire Norwegian firm Trolltech to speed cross-platform software development

CacheLogic Scores More Funding
News Analysis | 1/28/2008

P2P-based content delivery network 'caches in' with $25 million funding round

The 700 MHz Race
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/25/2008

The FCC raises $3.7B in the early stages of the 700 MHz auction

PBT Key to Ciena Acquisition
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

World Wide Packets acquisition wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for carrier Ethernet technology PBB-TE, says Ciena's chief technologist

700 MHz Auction, Day 2, Round 3
Wireless Bits | 1/25/2008

Provisional bids are now up to $3.2B

Verizon Beefs Up Video Conferencing
News Analysis | 1/25/2008

Verizon Business's new HD video conferencing is no telepresence, but the price of $0 could be attractive

Juniper Scores in Q4
News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Earnings top estimates by 3 cents per share as Juniper closes out 2007

Nokia Grabs 40% Handset Share
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/24/2008

Q4 profit up 44% as Finnish titan cements its top-dog handset status

AlcaLu Pushes Backhaul Features
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Wireless backhaul is a hot market, and AlcaLu wants the 7750 router to get its share

AT&T to Filter Traffic?
Peer Pressure | 1/23/2008

CEO says company could try to stop piracy

Juniper Flatlines Redline
News Analysis | 1/23/2008

The DX line of data center products from the former Redline Networks is getting the ax

Cisco Invests in ip.access
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/23/2008

Cisco becomes a strategic investor in picocell and femtocell vendor ip.access

The iPhone's Business Mullet
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/22/2008

Still waiting for corporate email

Ciena Takes Out World Wide Packets
News Analysis | 1/22/2008

World Wide Packets agrees to get bought by Ciena for a package worth about $305M

700MHz Jitters
Cutting Loose | 1/22/2008

Will a wobbly stock market affect the 700MHz auctions this week?

LTE Specs on Track
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/22/2008

Next-gen broadband wireless technology Long-Term Evolution specifications are on track to be completed with 3GPP Release 8

TeliaSonera Preps Femto Trial
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/21/2008

Swedish operator plans to launch femtocell trials in two markets this spring with two unnamed vendors

T-Mobile Trials Femtos
Wireless Bits | 1/21/2008

T-Mobile tests femotcells in three markets

XO Sweats Its Optical Assets
News Analysis | 1/21/2008

XO is putting its new Infinera optical gear to work by extending its '10 Gigs in 10 Days' wholesale service guarantee

TWC to Test Broadband Toll Booth
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/17/2008

Time Warner Cable is gearing up a usage-based billing model that could replace 'all-you-can-eat' offerings

David Lynch on Mobile Video
MO Content | 1/17/2008

Driving the lost superhighway

Arbor & Ellacoya Team Up
News Analysis | 1/17/2008

The deep packet inspection space gets another security infusion as the two vendors pair up in a 'merger of equals'

AdMob: Mobile Internet Growing
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/16/2008

The wireless Web continues to grow, according to new mobile ad research

CES: Wireless Reprise
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/16/2008

This year's CES focused on widescale wireless technology, rather than hip new gadgets

Macworld Keynote: Photos
Craig's A-List | 1/16/2008

Apple's annual frenzy

PeerApp 'Caches In'
News Analysis | 1/15/2008

Vendor receives financing from existing investors as P2P caching market heats up

Craig's A-List | 1/15/2008

Steve Jobs was pretty good, not insanely great

FCC Probes Comcast
Peer Pressure | 1/15/2008

Promised investigation set to begin

T- Mobile Busts Backhaul Bottleneck
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/15/2008

T-Mobile rolls out an Ethernet-over-DSL backhaul solution to support its European HSDPA networks

Google's Android Gets Smart
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2008

A developer says it's got apps up and running for the Linux-based OS

Opnext Bounces Back
Craig's A-List | 1/14/2008

The 'buy low' theory kicks in

Femtocells Brace for Big 2008
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/14/2008

Femtocells face a critical year in 2008 as operators scrutinize their business cases and plan for commercial launches later this year

Juniper COO Elopes With Microsoft
News Analysis | 1/11/2008

After just one year, Stephen Elop is leaving Juniper for an executive post at Microsoft

CES: Cisco's 'Human Network' Has Bones
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/10/2008

Here in Vegas Cisco says its 'any device, any network' content delivery system is in trials

Rivulet Hires a Kennedy
News Analysis | 1/10/2008

Well, Ed Kennedy. Yes, the former star of Tellabs and Ocular Networks is back on the startup scene

Verizon Goes Femto?
Wireless Bits | 1/9/2008

Verizon preps 2G femto launch

FCC Eyes Comcast's P2P Policies
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Commissioner says the agency will investigate claims Comcast is blocking peer-to-peer traffic

Aruba Snaps Up AirWave
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Aruba acquires multi-vendor network management startup AirWave for $37M

Frontline Folds
Wireless Bits | 1/9/2008

Wireless startup is closed for business

Ciena Enhances 4200 With Ethernet
News Analysis | 1/9/2008

Ciena joins the packet-optical brigade with new modules that add Ethernet switching functionality

Juniper Fits Chunghwa's New Plan
News Analysis | 1/9/2008

The router firm says policy management was at the heart of its latest T-series win

Reliance Takes Stake in Stoke
News Analysis | 1/8/2008

Which sure beats a pig in a poke

The Telco Investment Dilemma
Heavy Lifting Analyst Notes | 1/8/2008

Should 21st-century telcos prioritize investment in the best possible infrastructure or the best possible services?

Au Revoir, Alice?
EuroBlog | 1/8/2008

Telecom Italia mulls sale of French unit

AlcaLu's Stock Drop
EuroBlog | 1/8/2008

AlcaLu's share price is still on the slide

NSN Lands Monster Saudi Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Nokia Siemens Networks wins five-year greenfield 2G and 3G network contract from Zain worth $935 million

Unstrung's Hot Picks at CES
Cutting Loose | 1/7/2008

We highlight the big trends and cool gizmos you'll want to see at the Consumer Electronics Show

Cisco Debuts IP Hubs for the Home
LR Cable News Analysis | 1/7/2008

New gear announcements from Cisco include set-tops, and modems, and gateways. Oh, my!

Microsoft Adds VOD, IPTV Extras
News Analysis | 1/7/2008

Bill Gates shares the stage with Slash as he riffs on software's future and hosts a Microsoft VOD-fest

CES Slideshow: Bill Gates Keynote
Slide Shows | 1/7/2008

Bill Gates shares the stage with a Guitar Hero and updates on the software giant's video developments

Six More Months
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2008

Cisco just can't let go of Charles Giancarlo

Meraki Offers New SF Muni Hope
LR Mobile News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Meraki wants to try – once again – to unwire San Fran

Le iPhone Update
LR Mobile Gizmo | 1/4/2008

French sales hit 70,000, while reports put UK at 200,000

SA No More
Craig's A-List | 1/4/2008

Cisco's CES treat: A new name for set-tops

2007 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories
News Analysis | 1/4/2008

Here's the list of the 10 stories that most captured the hearts and minds of our readers in 2007

The Cisco Split
Craig's A-List | 1/3/2008

Adding value the Icahn way

Kriens Speaks
Craig's A-List | 1/3/2008

Release the exaflood!

AlcaLu: Only Way Is Up?
EuroBlog | 1/3/2008

From €4.95, surely AlcaLu's share price can only go up?

2Wire Connects the Home
News Analysis | 1/2/2008

The company is betting that service providers will want to extend media control beyond the set-top box

The IPTV Trap
Craig's A-List | 1/2/2008

Right network, wrong idea

Android, Nevada
MO Content | 1/2/2008

CES should deliver more details on Google's new OS

Everyone Loves FiOS
Peer Pressure | 1/2/2008

Anecdotal evidence from my family

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